Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As I watched the Obama SOTUS speech last night, I was relieved. Strange reaction maybe, but the over-all feeling for me was that he hit all the wrong notes. His speech was flat. He tried to throw a few crumbs at the Constitutionalists, but all in all, he just reiterated the only thing he knows how to do....that is steal other people's money to spend on idiotic programs that will only further destroy America. I can't help but think the American people are able to see through Obama's obfuscations at this point. His accomplishments are destruction, hardly something to celebrate. His attachments to Socialist ideology are apparent to all by now.

But to give you something to celebrate after all, here are two videos of honest, truthful, energetic, enthusiastic supporters of our Constitution. If you didn't catch them last night, you may watch them here. Enjoy!

Paul Ryan is a gifted speaker who conveys the heart of the Republic. As the left tries their best to take him down, those of us who are looking for a bright light at the end of this horrid 4 year dark tunnel, Representative Ryan is that bright light.

And to put the exclamation point on the evening, Rep. Michele Bachmann nails the coffin shut. (oops, was that uncivil? Excuse me if that offended anyone.) She was more specific in showing the path off the cliff with Obama driving the car.

I thank God for both of these patriots who have put their energies into saving the country from the Marxists who have infiltrated our government. We need more like them. And notice that both of these great Americans are in the House of Representatives where the voices of the people are heard above the aristocracy of the corrupt executive branch.

No, we will not sit down and shut up.


  1. Isn't it amazing that The One only knows one song. He learned that song from his mentors in Chicago, the bastion of the American way. Sigh!

    I agree with your assessment of Ryan. He might make a good candidate in 2012, don't you think?

  2. Since I wrote this piece this morning, I have read two other articles where the authors thought just the opposite of my take. They each thought Obama's pretense of shifting to the middle probably appealed to a lot of independents and this would assure his re-election in 2012.

    I see a poser and a liar, someone else sees a "gee whiz, so sincere guy." The authors I mention did assert they know he is lying through his teeth, but they think Americans will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

    I really do admire Paul Ryan. And don't I wish he would be the candidate to go after Obama! But he swears he is not running on the grounds he would not put his young family through it. And I can't blame him for that.

    I'd be happy to get Michele Bachmann in the White House, too.

    Hang on for the ride. Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Those who are being brainwashed and falling for his snake pit charm should read Dreams of my Father to have a better comprehension of how the Messiah thinks... I wake up each and every morning wanting to believe we are in a terrible dream though I quickly realize reality is where I stand and that wishful dream I had hoped for is in fact is a nightmare ...