Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's 45 minutes to show time at the SOTUS. I'm hardly sitting on pins and needles with anticipation. Frankly, I'm already sick of the hype drummed up by lame Democrats who think sitting next to Republicans will subjugate the will of the freedom loving American public. Do they honestly think changing the seating arrangements will placate some irrational lunatic assassin who is not likely watching the SOTUS anyway? Really. What is the point. Does the seating arrangement change the ideology of the committed? Or, as I can easily see, the seating arrangement ploy is conjured up to create high comedic, patronizing relief for those participating in the charade. It is, after all, pretty much a joke to see anyone with a spine sitting next to a progressive Democrat...assuming there are Republicans there who have spines.

The one thing I look forward to this evening is Paul Ryan's rebuttal speech. There are reasons for the differences between the Marxist view and the Constitutional view of our country. The Constitution is morally correct. The Marxist is corrupt, immoral, and completely anti-American. Paul Ryan is what I would call a great American.

Paul Ryan is a Constitutionalist. He loves the principles of America. Unlike Obama, who lives to destroy (transform) America into his Marxist father's dream.

American Thinker Article Re: Paul Ryan Written by K. E. Campbell

"The more I learn about Rep. Ryan, the more apparent it becomes why he is the Democrats' new whipping boy: he's a bright, formidable foe and a strident critic of crony capitalism, which, as Timothy Carney wrote, is the "unhealthy collusion of Big Business and Big Government that has always been the essence of Obamanomics."

"According to Carney, author of Obamanomics, this president and Democrat leaders have been advancing crony capitalism by disguising it as progressive reform. In a May 2010 article, Rep. Ryan expressed similar sentiments:
"From an ideological perspective, big government can combine with big business to advance a more progressivist society. For self-described "progressives," the agenda is straightforward: expand government; co-opt big business; direct the capital markets from Washington to pursue "social justice." Think Fannie and Freddie by much higher orders of magnitude." Paul Ryan

So on with the show! Some of us know grease paint from reality.
Paul Ryan has the courage to state the obvious, that Obama is a cronie capitalist, Marxist using Facsist methods to get to his final destruction of the country.

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