Thursday, January 27, 2011


One of the main themes of Obama's SOTUS speech was his ad nauseum support for "green" energy (supposed) solutions to getting America out of buying foreign oil. If you honestly believe that "green" energies are going to fuel our country by any reliable or cost efficient manner, you might want to go soak your head. The best thing you can do is research the subject on your own and realize the POTUS is lying straight through his teeth.

If you are one of those who think if we stop buying foreign oil we will put all of the bad guys out of business, you might want to rethink that. China is the Middle East's Favorite Customer

"China is the largest importer of Middle Eastern oil, buying just over a tenth of the crude oil exported by Gulf states. It's also Iran's top customer, taking 23 percent of Tehran's oil."

If you are one of those who think "green" energy will create jobs in the United States, you might want to rethink that one, too.
Obama's Green Energy Proposals Will Bankrupt America
"The 11 US-based wind farms that received cash grants from the US Treasury have imported 695 of the 982 wind turbines that are to be installed. Since the manufacture of turbines is by far the largest employment generator in wind energy, it is estimated to have created 4,500 jobs overseas – far in excess of the jobs created in the US from these grants. And in Spain, $30 billion has been spent using taxpayer monies on “green” jobs… those positions ended up costing $855,000.00 each."

If you are one of those who think we need to be so cool like the Europeans and take on their oh so enlightened view on saving the planet with "green" energy, you might want to check out just how that worked out for Spain.

"Spain is a country President Obama says the U.S. should replicate when it comes to energy policy, saying, “they’re making real investments in renewable energy.” But real investments aren’t necessarily good investments. Another IER-commissioned study coming out of King Juan Carlos University in Madrid by Gabriel Calzada found that, for every green job created, 2.2 jobs in other sectors have been destroyed. Furthermore, Spain’s government spent $758,471 to create each green job and used $36 billion in taxpayer money to invest in wind, solar, and mini-hydro from 2000-2008. The country’s unemployment rate is currently at 19.4%."

If you are one of those who think windfarms are just so "ducky" and will save our wildlife through our use of "green" energy, you might want to take a flyer into the real consequences by reading the article below.
Effects Of Windfarms On Wildlife - Avian Cuisinarts
"The avian mortality problem of wind power is different from bird mortality from stationary objects. As explained by the CEED Study, p. 2-15: 'Wind farms have been documented to act as both bait and executioner -- rodents taking shelter at the base of turbines multiply with the protection from raptors, while in turn their greater numbers attract more raptors to the farm."
"In one week the Sekano and Barracuda found 19 tawny vultures dead under a wind farm of 11 wind turbines in the Landmark Wheel area (Zaragoza, Spain). The Department of Environment was notified and the immediate closure of the park and a moratorium on the installation of wind farms has been requested ."

There is no "green" pie in the sky. There is zero truth to Obama's assertions that "green" energy will save America from anything. There is nothing but dead birds, higher unemployment, higher energy costs, and an even more bankrupt America at the end of this rainbow.

Pass the word along and wake up the zombies!

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  1. I think the green pie is not in the sky but in the eyes of Soros, Immelt, Gore and other big crony investors in green energy. Logic and common sense have no role in Obama's energy policy.
    Don't worry. I'm sure you will enjoy taking trips in your modified golf cart.