Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Fellow American,

Climate Change equals money.

That's all it is. Money. Green is not environmental. Green is greed. All of those draconian regulations and tax incentives are about money, not our environment. I hate to break it to you. Especially if you are one of those heartstrings-pulling greenies who just wants to save the swamp for the alligators and the forest for the owls. But it isn't about owls and alligators. It's about the transfer of property and wealth. And you got sucked into it because you thought it was some altruistic plan to save the earth.

So let's start all over again from the top.
A bunch of United Nations power hungry zealots got together with some global environmentalists over two decades ago and figured out how they could soak the public by scaring everyone to death with a climate message, i.e. that all of us bad humans are wrecking the earth's climate because we eat and breathe and use resources for shelter, energy, and some creature comforts. They figured out if they could just make people feel guilty enough, scare people enough, and use every act of nature as evidence, they could start taking the bribes from everyone. Whoo hoo! What a great idea. So they grabbed the film industry, the media, the politicians at all levels of government, the American Planning Association, corporations, non-profits, the education system, the churches, and every other institution who would join in the scam for money. And it was going along at a pretty good clip until we all found out the IPCC scientists were lying to get grant money from the UN and all of the governments donating to the UN. Oops. Now what.

Not to be deterred, they are clinging to the lie like a tick on a dog. They won't let go. They already put the revenue stream in place over these many years and it's just now, the last ten years or so, beginning to actually ruin people's lives and financially ruin the United States of America. But no matter, as long as the players involved get the MONEY.

They thought up cap and trade, the scam to sell carbon credits. That didn't fly very well. They have thought up the land conservancy scam. Unfortunately, that one is still actively percolating. They thought up RFID chips in recycling bins. They thought up "Smart Meters" for your house. They thought up "Smart Growth" for your city. They thought up "Green Build" for the architecture industry. They thought up electric cars and GPS monitoring of how many miles you drive. They thought up squirrelly CFL light bulbs and handed GE tax free status. They thought up windmills killing birds. They thought up solar panels no one can afford. They thought up using corn for ethanol. They thought up methane studies for cows. They thought up greenways and bike lanes. They thought up Cash for Caulkers. They thought up land banks. They handed out non-profit status to everyone and anyone promoting "green" anything. And all the while, the U.S. government is going straight down the tubes financially while we are funding all of this insanity based on lies from the IPCC, Al Gore, and whoever else stands to gain....MONEY.

They figured out how to make states and local governments buy in through offering federal grants. They figured out how to bribe politicians with campaign funds and foundations. They figured out how to put energy stars on appliances. That worked so well, they have now figured out how to give "stars" to local governments who comply with the draconian regulations, property takings, and stupid declarations of how "green" they are.

And as if you thought it was about the environment, it also became a vehicle for diversity. Obama brought on Van Jones to start up a green jobs program...only for people of color, mind you. Reparations comes in a new color! "Green." You see it isn't about saving the environment at all. To Obama, it is an excuse to keep white people out of the revenue stream by hiring blacks and browns and unions for the "green" jobs.

You don't honestly think Clinton, two Bushes, and Obama actually are sick with worry over the environment, now do you? What would tweak their cooperation do you think? Would it be power and money? Oh, no. Not our Presidents. They wouldn't be enticed by power and money, now would they??

The "green" corporate / government industry has grown so huge by now that it will take a massive amputation to cut out the gangrene infecting the country.

AL FIN has the latest information on the science.

"Massive redistribution-of-wealth schemes have somehow become tied to the global warming agenda at the highest levels of government and inter-government. Literally $trillions are on the table in this high stakes game of faux environmental poker. And yet the basis of all of this hoopla! -- alarmist climate models -- are seemingly not ready for prime time. What is worse,
the very ground-level data which is fed into climate models is unreliable."

So, I'm sorry to break it to you, but we've been had. Actually, you've been had. I've been soaked. And so has every tax payer in America. When they come to put the Smart Meter on your house, and the micro-chip in your recycling bin, I hope you'll remember to tell them you are very sorry you helped lay the groundwork for the largest heist ever taken place in the world.

Yours truly,
Cheryl A. Pass


  1. A great rap up that anyone should be able to understand. And just because you did such a nice job, I'm going share some news that will make your day. Bunkerville tipped me to this post. It seems our next President (Perry) is a fan of Agenda 21. I knew there was something I didn't like about that guy. Here's the link and I apologize for being the bearer of bad news.

  2. It's all so frustrating, isn't it Jim? I have heard all of that on the transnational corridor with Perry, but thought it had been killed. I don't know what gulag is talking about with P3's. No idea what that is. From reading through that article, it sounds like the same ole crony corporatism, same ole same ole. I have also read that he has met with the Bilderbergers, so that is a problem. I hope someone during the debates will ask him on this. Just yesterday he said he does not believe in I was trying to be hopeful. BUT, as I just pointed out, Climate Change/Global Warming is not about environmental protection, but about money. So he could say that about AGW, but still be promoting the globalist agenda. If he has the Bilderberg money behind him, he'll be hard to stop.

    So we are back to Bachmann...yes?? She seems to be the only one standing with mostly clean hands and the spine to stand up for America. I still like her best for the job.

    What choice will we have though ...whoever goes up against Obama ...we can't let Obama have it again. We're stuck...unless we get Bachmann in there.