Monday, August 8, 2011


This seems so simple, even a caveman could understand it. But since the Soros media machine is trying its damnedest to place the S&P downgrade on the shoulders of the Tea Party movement, I thought some truth should show up somewhere out here in blog world.

The acronym for Tea in Tea party stands for "Taxed Enough Already." The Tea Party movement in America is all about taking extreme tax burdens off of Americans who are paying for the insane social and economic experiments of Socialists in America. Tea Partiers know the Federal government of the U.S. has grown so out of control that billions of dung beetles could not carry the weight of the tax burdens placed on Americans. So, while the mainstream media is blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade from S&P, it is actually the Tea Party who stood for greater financial responsibility from our government.

Leading up to the 2008 election, our country was heading toward financial trouble for a myriad of reasons. The Tea Party was rumbling around in fits and starts with small groups of people across America at that point. Enter Obama in campaign mode talking about Hope and Change. Hmmm. Was Obama talking about fiscal responsibility? No. He was talking about wealth redistribution, nationalized healthcare, killing the energy industry, kissing up to Iran and other Muslims, bringing the troops home and closing Gitmo. Soon after election, he proceeded to sign the most crushing stimulus bill (government give-away to his cronies) ever seen. Then he proceeded to annul contract law by taking over GM with government money. Next he managed to ruin the best healthcare industry in the world through government interference and economic theft. He proceeded further to destroy energy independence by shutting down oil exploration and drilling in the Gulf. Nothing he said would have led you to believe that there would be fiscal sanity under the Obama regime. Nothing he has done would lead you to believe that he is trying, even a little bit, to put the USA out of massive debt. Except for one thing....he wants to tax the "rich." (In Obamaland, if you live better than his half brother in the hut in Kenya, you are "rich.")

So in order to pay for Obama's massive debt spree, he wants to increase taxes and add more taxes on top of taxes. He wants desperately to steal your money to pay for his fake utopia that he is selling like the worst car salesman you ever met. Do you think S&P would have shown favor on us if we allowed Obama his taxes? I don't think so. Why? Because Obama's debt spree has destroyed GDP to the point of near complete insolvency. There are not enough sources to tax that would ever pay for Obama's debt spree. And the more he wrecks things, the hastier American corporations run off shore to any place that saves them from Obama's destruction. His economic rape of America is not complete, but has been on the fast track since the day he took office. He's definitely getting there. And 16 months left to the lame duck session. Who is surprised our credit rating is now downgraded? Not me.

There are only two ways to go here. Obama is going to tax the living daylights out of anything that moves in order to pay for his socialist utopia, which will lead to further wealth destruction in America. Or the Tea Party movement is going to grow in numbers, continue to stand up, and take the socialists out of our government. One way leads to financial destruction. The other way dismantles the socialist monstrosity that is our government and puts us back on reasonable financial footing. Which way would you like?

The Tea Party movement had nothing to do with the S&P downgrade. If anything, the Tea Party has held Obama back from his race to the bottom of the world. The Soros media operations lose credibility with every socialist talking face they put out there spewing lies. No one believes their blame game any more anyway. The great thing about all of this is the light is shining on their inanity. The ironic thing about all of this is that Soros would like nothing better than Americans be punished for what Soros has designed, i.e. Obama's excesses. Which was the point of the excesses in the first place. The White House orchestrated complaints about the downgrade are pretty much a joke, since Obama and his mentor, Soros, have been working to do exactly what they are complaining about, i.e. the destruction of America as we knew it. It's not a comedy of errors. It's tragedy by design.

It is the Tea Party trying to save the nation. It is the Obama administration taking it down.

So simple a caveman can understand it.


  1. "It's not a comedy of errors. It's tragedy by design. "

    Perfect! There is nothing more that need be said.

  2. It is the tea party that brought us to the brink and the deal that they passed was not enough to convince the financial markets we are serious about the LONG TERM debt. The Tea Party Keeps confusing Long term and short term debt. Yes we have a major problem with both but only way we are going to get back in the black is through spending cuts and tax increases. Their was a deal offer by the President that cut 3.5 trillion of Medicare and Defense for a 1.5 trillion in tax increase. Three to One in is a great trade off.

  3. He got just what he wanted. Just check your IRA account.

  4. Rex, Hi.
    "It is the tea party that brought us to the brink" ??? Says you. Obama has spent us into oblivion by doubling our debt and spending more money than all previous presidents combined. So what exactly did the tea party do to bring us to the brink?? Also, I don't think the Tea Party is confusing long term and short term. But I do think you can't keep astronomical and unsustainable spending in the short term and expect the long term picture to get better. Now that the president has spent more than all other presidents, he wants to tax "the rich" to pay for his spending spree. The federal government simply cannot keep sucking the life out of everything in our country with taxes and ponzi scheme entitlements and not bankrupt the country. Evidently Obama has no understanding of that. Tax increases don't fix this problem. The only thing that fixes it is massive spending cuts and the elimination of unconstitutional Czars and agencies.

    Maybe you do not understand that the Tea Party is not supporting tax increases...period. The goal is to shrink the federal government, not keep funding a monstrosity of tyranny.

  5. Bunker...yes, he is well on his way. On my IRA...I just don't contribute to it any more. It's a mutual fund that has gone up and down and up and down and just sits there for our amusement. I expect O will get his hands on it sooner or later. 16 mos. + lame duck. He can do a lot more before he is gone.