Saturday, August 6, 2011


I guess that is the "change" Barack Obama meant, i.e. breaking the bank. First, understand me when I tell you I believe the bank was cracked and barely holding together prior to Obama's election. The federal government had grown so large and unwieldy already that it wasn't going to take much to shatter it altogether. Humpty Dumpty was about to fall anyway. He just needed pushing a lot harder by Barack Obama. Bush, appeasing Democrats in order to fund the Iraq war, signed onto two more huge federal spending and regulation bills in return for military funding. He sold his Republican soul to wage that war, whether one agrees the war was correct or not. Bush signed the "No Child Left Behind Act" giving more power and money to the NEA. And if that were not insult enough, he then signed the "Prescription Drug Bill." adding billions more to the deficit spending and adding another entitlement. Thank you George Bush. (sarcasm intended)

So here we are, a few years later with Obama the Destroyer at the helm who is gleefully taking the bank and slamming it day after day until it finally just busts into thousands of unrecognizable pieces. Well, that's "change" alright.

As Obama has added more entitlements, regulations, fees, and junk onto the backs of the American people, Standard and Poors has now decided we can't go on like this. Hallelujah and pass the ammunition!! Obama turned Humpty Dumpty into the fat and unreasonable tyrant that is finally falling off his wall. Finally, a financial agency has said what we all know. And that is; America cannot survive Barack Obama. I would add further, American cannot survive the outright insane spending from both parties that has driven our country to the edge of the cliff.

So now what? I'm not counting on politician bozos in the "Gang of Twelve" to save us, frankly. Bi-partisanship has laid us to waste already. Why would we expect the same people to do better now? It's time for a completely new crop of fiscal conservatives to show up for election. (People have been asking, "Where is Romney?" "Why is he not speaking out on the debt crisis?" I think he might be hiding out in a room asking himself why in God's name would he want the job after Obama destroys the country? Just musing on that, of course.) And Perry...what's he saying on any of this? Nothing. Just hanging back and letting people put him up on some pedestal as the mystery savior?

Bachmann is there. She's speaking sense. She has the principles of reason. She has ideas for taking us off the cliff. She walks the walk. As far as I can tell, Pawlenty is right behind her with a similar message. Ron Paul has walked the walk all of his political career. Palin walks the walk and talks the talk. Cain does not impress me. Paul and Cain are too in the tank for the Fair Tax, which if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I reject whole-heartedly. The rest of them are just fluff and posturing. Romney and Perry are not talking about dismantling the monster of federal insanity that Humpty Dumpty has become. They just want to take Humpty Dumpty and dress him up their way. But Bachmann and Pawlenty would actually undo it. So far they are the only ones, besides Paul and Palin, who would finally throw Humpty Dumpty into the trash and start over.

Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together and, for heaven's sake, should not be. Obama deliberately fed Humpty Dumpty trillions of dollars of pork, pushing him over until he finally crashed from the weight of Obama's high fat diet. Maybe we should thank Obama for putting Humpty Dumpty out of his misery, but it is too soon for that. We aren't there yet, but we're getting there. It's time for a new, smaller government that rests on the principles of the Constitution before the Progressives ripped it to shreds. Let's leave Obama and Humpty Dumpty broken on the sidewalk and start anew.

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  1. It's time for the Democrats to go the way of the Whigs.