Tuesday, August 9, 2011


"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." My mother, who was an excellent seamstress, had a saying satirizing that Biblical phrase: "As ye sew, so shall ye rip." It was her way of saying when mistakes are made, you will have to rip them out. (Genius, no?) It was also her way of accepting that mistakes are made sometimes and you have to deal with them...with your effort and time, to correct the error. (She had lots of flaws, but she did love to impart simple adages of wisdom which follow me around today, and for which I'm grateful.)

Such a simple creed. Ripping out mistakes. But when you set up huge bureaucracies of entitlement mistakes, it takes a lot of ripping to fix them. And the push back from those who now believe they are entitled is loud, crass, and not surprising in some ways. Entitlements ruin people. It makes them think they can steal from others for their own gain. It makes them think they don't have to work for their own livelihoods. It makes them think some far away government fairy will send them checks just for breathing. So then, when the ripping begins and those entitled find out they aren't entitled after all, the screaming begins.

Areas of the world are on fire with riots and violence. Lots of areas. Lots of violence. Lots of destruction. And what is the rebel yell of this mob violence spreading across the world? "Gimme!" "Gimme!" "Gimme!" The flash mobs yell they want, want, want. What do they want? Government nannies.

Somehow it seems perfectly fitting that a spoiled brat sits in the White House today. His sense of entitlement reflects so much of what his generation and his Socialist mentors have done to the world. His credentials were nearly nil. He was raised on the doctrine of entitlement and demands. He entered office thinking he was entitled to redistribute people's wealth. It is his only stock and trade. He spent the wad and then spent some more. He spent until the red ink flowed into the future as farther than anyone can see. And he is still at it. It is all he knows how to do; spend other people's money and then announce that everyone is entitled to someone else's money by demand. His demand. He's really great at it. What a legacy of virtue, eh?

In saying this, I feel obliged to blame my generation of hippie brats who begat this "Gimme" infantile, temper tantrum, flash mob violence ridden, population of nothings. And I will not blame myself or my children. I am neither blaming those in my generation who did raise their children to be responsible adults. But, from what we are witnessing, I have to conclude there are millions of young brats being unleashed onto civil society. My family is still in the Middle Kingdom of working for a living and expecting to support ourselves. My family thrives on hard work and drive. Work defines us. It is the other parents of my age group, those druggies and hippies, those wannabee revolutionaries, those who swallowed the university Kool-ade, those do-gooder egotists from the '60's, those who never taught their children to make anything or to work at something. There must have been a lot of them. All over the world. Bunches and bunches of entitled children looking to governments to fulfill their lives. A world full of parental artful dodgers raising children who have just been waiting to explode and tear the place apart.

I can't begin to wrap my mind around this amazing eruption of multitudes of idiots. These youthful idiots are screaming for global Socialism. "Gimme!" "Gimme!" "Gimme!" ...while setting London, Philadelphia, and Israel on fire. I'm wondering who told them they are entitled? But then I look at the adult child in the White House, and I look at the population in this country who elected him, and I know who told them they are entitled. Socialists (Marxists - Communists) told them. Kool-ade drinkers told them. Universities told them. Public school curricula told them. Environmentalists told them. Now even Churches are telling them.

Socialists have been handing out this entitlement dogma all over Europe since the French Revolution. Never a word is uttered indicating the tyranny of Socialism. As Marx and Engels poisoned minds all over Western Civilization, the Fabian Socialists in England took up the Communitarian-Communist mantra to hide their contempt for man. Empty promises of Utopian systems were handed out like candy disguising the poison inside. For decades this poison has been forced down the throats of public school students from kindergarten through universities in America and Europe. This poison spread far and wide after the fall of the Soviet Union. And even after the Soviet experiment failed, the Socialist brats continued to insist their entitlement solutions would work. As usual with spoiled brats, they don't take failure as a lesson, they don't take "no" for an answer. They just keep screaming, "Gimme!" "Gimme!" "Gimme!"

Liberal Dogma Spawned Generation of Rioting Youths
They are products of a culture which gives them so much unconditionally that they are let off learning how to become human beings. My dogs are better behaved and subscribe to a higher code of values than the young rioters of Tottenham, Hackney, Clapham and Birmingham."

As Barack Obama made his campaign tour in Europe, he announced, "We are the ones the world has been waiting for." Exactly what do you think he meant by that? To whom was he speaking? What promises did the European youth hear? What kind of an egotistical battle cry is, "We are the ones the world has been waiting for?" A bit over the top, don't you think? Entitlement speaks very loud and Obama speaks of it so eloquently. The entitlements flow from his mouth and his pen like melting butter on a hot bun. Here it is said he is not a leader. I think he is leading, but the path he is leading is toward global socialist / Marxist entitlement, brat rebellion.

Well, I guess the world's entitled brats are getting tired of waiting for whatever it was they thought they were going to get, because now they are simultaneously erupting in violent convulsions, destroying anything and everything in their bloody way, stealing and smashing and throwing their tantrums. If you consider the London riots, those are the already entitled receivers of government largesse on a massive scale, yet they are still destroying all in their way. The psychology of that is rich with mental illness, retarded maturity, and immorality beyond the comprehension of reasonable and civilized people. You see a spoiled brat will never get enough to satisfy that desire to have it all.

What Americans must do is rip out the mistaken dogma of Socialist entitlements and soviet-style corruption practices that are destroying our republic. We need to begin ripping it out of every nook and cranny of American life. Americans must reject the Obama path to global Socialism. We must rip this mistake out with as much fervor and haste as possible. Only then, will the fabric of our nation be woven back together again.

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  1. Ms. Piven is salivating. "Where are the angry mobs"? she asks. Soon dear, they will be here in full force.

  2. I agree with Bunkerville. the original riots in London may have been in response to the killing of one their fellow thugs by the police; but since then I get the feeling that has been in part orchestrated.
    You are right that Obama has not stopped. Would you believe he is right now today heis using the DOJ to once again force banks to finance mortgages of people who have no credit, incuding those on welfare. Hows that grab you! I'll be posting in part on that tomorrow.

  3. You know what, Bunker....you are exactly right! She did call for this rioting just a year or so ago, and she must be deliriously happy with this turn of events. Worldwide eruptions of 1960's Socialists brats, or what they wrought to be more on point.

    Good ole Piven. What can we do with her..??

  4. Jim, the banks have never been allowed to stop the Community Reinvestment Act scam. The banks have been forced by the (Barney Frankenstein) feds to throw that money down the tubes..and then the tax payers are stuffed down the throats with the Fannie and Freddie guarantees. It is a huge scam on the tax payers...but is the perfect redistribution plan. The poor do not reap the benefits from it though...it is the federal government repossessing the properties that nets the feds all of the assets of real estate they can get their hands on. If ever there was a poster child for socialist tyranny it is the Community Reinvestment Act and how the feds have screwed the tax payers with it.
    I'm looking forward to your post on this!!