Monday, August 22, 2011


Some days it is hard to optimistic. Today is one of those days. I've written before on the horrendous downsides of windmills, killing birds by the thousands, wrecking landscape views, generally creating not much energy for the billions of money being BLOWN AWAY on these damn monstrosities.

So if you want to join in my total disgust and depression over the continuing insanity of windmills, here is some new information confirming the disaster that they are: From the Telegraph in the UK Article by Christopher Booker

"In a sane world, no one would dream of building power sources whose cost is 22 times greater than that of vastly more efficient competitors. But the Government feels compelled to do just this because it sees it as the only way to meet our commitment to the EU that within nine years Britain must generate nearly a third of its electricity from “renewable” sources, six times more than we do at present."

"The insanity does not end here. The Government talks of building 10,000 windmills capable of generating up to 25,000MW of the electricity we need. But when it does so, it – like the BBC – invariably uses that same trick of referring to “capacity”, without explaining that their actual output would be well below 30 per cent. (Last year, onshore turbines generated just 21 per cent of their capacity.) In other words, for all that colossal expenditure – and even if there was the remotest chance that two new giant turbines could be built every day between now and 2020 – we could only hope to generate some 6,000MW. This is not only way below our EU target, it is only a tenth of our peak demand during those cold, windless weeks last winter, when wind power was often providing barely 1 per cent of the power we needed."

" Madness is far too polite a word."

And that last sentence is exactly my opinion of what global socialist environmentalists have done to sanity. I suggest we wrap them all up in ropes attach them to the swirling blades of these steel constructs of Hell, and leave them there for however long they may live, which hopefully would not be long. Then we can let the rotting carcasses resume their proper carbon use by decomposing to replenish the earth.

I told you I was not in a good mood. Fair warning.

Comment from a post at Wattsupwiththat - Science Blog

"Gore’s work is being handled quite nicely, thank you, by the extra-constitutional organization known as the EPA. Essential power plants are going to fall off line not because terrorists have blown the transmission lines or overrun the control rooms, or some rogue nation has lit off an EMP device over US soil – the EPA, with a weapon no mightier than the common pen, has put into motion the final fall of American manufacturing.

I imagine the final insult will be the body bags needed when rolling brownouts punctuate the hot days of summer and the frigid nights of winter will be imported from some smoke stack nation that has a growing industrial base.

Gore has won his battle, and the EPA has won the war. We’re screwed."


  1. Madness is far to kind a word! Steve at Motor City Times has an article today on windmill farms in his state of Michigan

    It is absolutely insane. It is just another form of Agenda 21.

    BTW, I really appreciate your participation in the thread yesterday. That was a lot of fun!

  2. You're awesome, Jim!! I always love reading your blog and the conversations, too! Love the Bill Whittle video...thanks tons. I'll check out the article on windmills, too. If I could start a smelting operation and throw them (windmills) all into the ovens, I would do it. It is the height of insanity. If we could stop the subsidies they would probably disappear...and I would be sooooo happy about that.

    Keep it up over there at Conservatives on Fire!!