Friday, August 5, 2011


Feel free to jump in on any of these:

#1. What makes anyone think that a balanced budget amendment would do anything to put the brakes on the insane spending of our congress and White House? Let's say you get something in place that says we must "balance the budget." And Congress and the White House spend as they always have, but turn around and say that in order to balance the budget they have to increase the taxes to whatever astronomical level it takes to meet their spending. So you make it some percentage points of something...what does it matter? These guys don't pay attention to the restrictions of the Constitution. What makes anyone think things will be any different with a balanced budget amendment? They will just up the revenue taking from Americans to match their spending. Simple.

#2. Who cares what John Kerry says? So he wants to shut up the Tea Party terrorists. The Obama administration is busy working on Net Neutrality and whatever else they can do to intimidate the pants off of anyone who speaks in opposition to their Marxist plans. Kerry just says out loud what they are trying to do anyway. All over the blog-o-sphere today there have been articles screaming out, "John Kerry Wants To Shut Down Free Speech!! And Shut up Tea Partiers!!!" Folks, the guy is one of those elitist wealthy rulers who thinks everyone should fall into line and do as he and Theresa Heinz Kerry say. He's a buffoon. It's all par for the course. And the more they play their hands in the open, the better off we are for knowing exactly what they are doing and what they think.

#3. Who cares what Joe Biden calls anyone? Another puffed-up, self-important, buffoon. The guy thinks he can walk on anyone and lie right through his teeth and get away with it. So all of the screaming and hollering about Biden calling Tea Partiers terrorists is just silly. Someone needs to laugh this guy off the stage.

#4. For all of the past few weeks of discussion over the national debt, and the nearly missed default, nothing whatsoever has changed for the better. In fact, the deal that was signed by Obama is for the worse. The debt grows larger by $7 Trillion over the next ten years, and the representation of Americans is now limited to some 12, likely corrupt, congresspersons. Our fate hangs on the level of corruption in DC., not on the sane reason of fiscal responsibility. Same-o, same-o.

#5. I'm not sure the country can financially survive any more of Barack Obama. He is, without a doubt, the most destructive individual to ever take power in our country. Jobs lost, economic security lost, welfare and food stamps risen, energy sources lost, freedoms lost, regulatory burdens beyond the pale, etc. Hope is lost while change in America now means turning us into Stalin's old Soviet Russia. We have 16 more months of this destruction and I honestly don't know how America goes anywhere but closer to the abyss. If, as it appears, Obama's idea of transforming America means into a third world country, he is well on his way to succeeding.

#6. While Obama just borrowed $2.8 Trillion more and placed that on our backs, the government grants and subsidies just keep rolling right along. As Senator Dirksen said so long ago, "A million here and a million there, pretty soon you're talking about real money." So here is my question; Why do all of the towns, cities, counties, and states just keep taking the money that is bankrupting the country? Who are these people who just keep taking federal money, thinking they are such great citizens? Why can't anyone see that taking this money is making the country insolvent? And, the money comes with strings that undermine autonomy and Constitutional rights, so why would anyone take this very corrupt money? What is that saying about "ill gotten gains?" C'mon folks. Stealing from Arizona to buy stuff for North Carolina, while bankrupting the country, is just plain thievery and corruption. (you can replace those state names with any's all the same deal.)

#7. Since Global Warming is finally debunked as the fraud that it was in the first place, can we now get rid of all of the indoctrination and policies based on the lie? Seems that would save us quite a lot of money, not to mention the headaches of listening to this insane nonsense. And while I'm at it on this subject, who cares what Al Gore says anymore? Anyone? Anyone?

#8. Are you hunkering down? Are you gearing up for the political fight of our lives ahead? Or both? I am wondering what any of you are doing to cope with today's and tomorrow's bad news from DC.? I'd like to hear...

Those are my Friday thoughts, ending the week with the comforting knowledge that I have a lot of web friends who are working hard to keep the knowledge out there and our Constitution intact. Americans are not giving up.

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