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I took the quote "'crats with a clipboard" from the comments over on American Thinker. (I don't know who ursa5000 is, but thank him or her for the great quote!)
ursa5000 Today 09:52 AM
"Ah yes, 'crats with a clip board!"

American Thinker The post was about a nasty experience of a home owner whose house needed a renovation in order to accommodate the city codes, but the renovation for code didn't jive with the Historical Preservation codes, and the poor home owner was caught between the two agencies fighting it out to see who could fine him the most money. It's a good read...and so are the comments.

If ever there was an example of our new soviet living, that was a good one. But I also came across another article at American Thinker today regarding the war against lemonade stands. Children are finding out at ever younger ages that there are some really power hungry idiots in charge of our lives. (copied below)

In the info provided below, Randall Hoven provides a staggering number of pages of federal regulations he found as of 2010. 82,590 is his count. Mind you that was before Obama enacted the White House Rural Council which is attached to every federal agency.

The reason I'm writing this is to ask you to imagine, for every one of those regulations, how many people have been hired by the federal government to enforce those regulations in every state in the country. And on top of this, imagine every state, county, city, and town has their own set of regulations with numbers of people attached to enforce those. (You could say this comes under the heading of the old saying, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians" ) Of course the obvious conclusion here is that "crats with clipboards" are infesting the country like rats in a slum district. But even larger questions have struck me as I look at this insane situation.

1.How did we end up with so many people who don't know how to do anything else but follow other people around and harass them with these stupid regulations?

2.How is it that there are multitudes of citizens who don't know how to do anything more productive than this?

3.How does any country survive a population that only knows how to carry around clipboards, fine other people, write reports to other 'crats, and generally suck the life out of anything that is productive?

Answer 1. Public education
Answer 2. Public education
Answer 3. It doesn't.

Maybe the better question is; How fast can we unload these regulations and "'crats with clipboards" and get ourselves back on the right fiscal footing?

If you know any "'crats with clipboards," maybe you should suggest that they go back to school and learn a trade. You could tell them their days are numbered. The Tea Party is out to eliminate their jobs....better sooner than later.

Where kid-run concession stands were shut down or allowed.

LEGEND: Red = Town has previously shut down kid-run concession stands. Yellow = Town says kid-run concession stands are illegal unless the kids obtain at least one city permit. Green = Town permits kid-run concession stands without requiring any permits.

Hoven's Index for August 7, 2011

Number of pages in the Bible: 1,250

Number of pages in the Federal Register (regulations):

1936 (1st year of Register): 2,620

1956: 10,528

1976: 57,072

1996: 69,368

2010: 82,590

Sources: Law Librarians' Society of Washington, DC, National Archives and author's home Bible.

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