Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LAUGHING AT GOOGLE SEARCHES - "Tea Party is Death to America"

Sometimes I find my way to sitemeter where I can see what search was done to land someone on my site. (calm yourself out there...I can't see who initiated the search.) Knowing this helps me see what my headlines, tags, and subjects are interesting to those out there in Internetland. That way I know if anyone is interested in anything I am writing here. Sometimes these searches are very enlightening. Most often they are searches that glean lots of good information. But sometimes these searches are just hilarious nonsense. Today was the latter.

Today I landed on one that just made me laugh. The google search headline was this: tea party is death to america

Why am I laughing? Because someone is so unoriginal in their thinking that they actually parrot the White House talking points to assert what the White House is saying to facilitate their search. Note the search does not ask why? The search does not ask where the idea came from. The search does not ask who started that kind of nonsense. The search is just repeating back to google what the White House and sycophant media is saying.

Sometimes you just wonder how many sheep are out there. The media starts this insane idea that the Tea Party movement is the toxic equivalent to arsenic in America, talking points straight from Biden and Obama and the White House staff.... and sure enough, the next thing you know, you have a google search that google reports has 26,700,oo0 results to assist the searcher. Good ole Google.

Socialists would of course hate the Tea Party. They've been trying to destroy the Tea Party from the moment the Tea Party made its debut on the national scene. Its hardly a surprise. The Tea Party movement is made from American principles based on the U.S. Constitution. Why would the Socialist left embrace a movement that is the antithesis of everything Socialism espouses? Socialists hate the U.S. Constitution, so it naturally follows that Socialists want to believe the Tea Party is their enemy. I could say the exact opposite, that Socialism spells the death of America. But I would be right.

So keep on searching Tea Party haters. I'll keep on laughing.

P.S. I put the exact wording of the search in my headline, so future parrot searches will land those Tea Party haters right here on my site! Should be fun to see what happens!

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