Monday, August 22, 2011


Way back, when the marketplace ran things, products were tested and tested before given prime time exposure in the world of commercial sales. Otherwise, you ended up like the Delorian, bankrupted and the poster child for excessive investment in a product no one could buy. Or maybe the Edsel is a better analogy. Either way, they were expensive commercial flops, each for their own reasons. But way back when, the investors took the hit. It was their risk and their opportunity to succeed or fail.

Today, it is the taxpayer taking the hit. Somehow, the green lobbyists have convinced politicians that citizens must collectively pay the cost of products to satisfy the false insanity of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Bad enough that the science was completely off the charts wrong. But then to soak the public by pushing technology and products based on that false assumption is criminal. We get to pay for light bulbs no one wants, smart grids no one wants, ID chips in recycle bins no one wants, windmills no one wants, solar panels too expensive for most people to buy, lousy paints without lead which encourage mold, toilets that don't flush well, storm water fees for what, I don't know, greenways a very few people use, light rail costing taxpayers 500 times what each ride should cost, bike lanes for under 1.5% of commuters, gasoline blends with ethanol that wrecks engines, etc.

Obama has to be a hopeless stooge for the green globalist lobbyists, or he saw the opportunity to soak the American people for any reason and jumped onto the Global Warming Green Jobs idea like a tick on a dog. I'm betting it is the latter. Any excuse will do when your objective is to economically rape the most successful country in the history of the world. Putting communist Van Jones in charge of the Green Jobs program when it was first announced is just a little hint, don't you think? What does a communist have to do with green anything? Think about it.

It isn't about green anything. It's all about redistribution, social justice, diversity, collectivism, "shared sacrifice" as Obama puts it. He'll make us all pay, alright.

"Many of Obama's expensive green stimulus programs cost $1 million to $2 million per job -- mainly "hands-off" make-work administrative jobs, rather than the entry-level practical jobs as promised."

That is the same thing that put the unemployment rate in Spain over 17%, i.e. the extravagant costs of green jobs put other private sector jobs out of business.... because to force the green jobs onto everyone, you have to regulate the previously normal jobs out of existence. Just like the Obama administration is doing to the coal industry. He may add 58 jobs here and 700 jobs there, but at the same time he is putting tens of thousands out of work. Maybe he thinks green jobs are a loss leader, only in his case he adds a few green jobs and then adds thousands to the unemployment lines. He leads us down the garden path, and we all lose our shirts. But it's all for our own good, he would tell you.

"Something unexpected happened on the way to the Garden of Eden. Despite massive spending and stimulus, the green jobs revolution fizzled. Wind energy failed to meet expectations, as did solar. Electric vehicles were not ready for prime time, because electrical storage batteries are still 3 breakthroughs away from being up to the task. And the "smart power grid" is proving to be one more way that government and malicious hackers can monitor private activity, and shut it down."

Obama has sucked the life out of the economy from the energy sector, to the housing sector, to the manufacturing sector, to the auto industry, to the food supplies, to everything he has touched. He has tried to label all of these fiscally draining procedures, "Green." Green homes, green cars, green energy, green manufacturing, green foods. (This is giving the color green a bad name, if you ask me. None of us will ever want to even hear the word green as this keeps going.)

Years ago it was funny to hear Ross Perot use that phrase about "the giant sucking sound." Today it isn't so funny when you see what Obama's giant green sucking machine has done to the American economy. You can only do so much sucking before you suck the life out of everything. 15 mos. to go, folks.

AL FIN on the Return to Eden


  1. I think I know how a cockroach feels as it spins around a toilette that has just been flushed. This is not just a bad idea gone wrong. This is the intentional destruction of of capitalism.