Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Out here in the hinterland (medium sized city), watching our national, state, and local leadership all falling into the socialists abyss, is becoming like trying to catch a flood with your hands. It keeps on coming, in spite of the best efforts of good Americans who are aghast at the deluge. Count me among those aghast.

I began the day doing research on how conservancy groups are using non-profit status to acquire private property, taking the land out of the hands of citizen ownership and putting into the hands of the "collective." Once taken, the land is forever off of the property tax rolls, taken out of productivity, and placed firmly into the collective maintenance of the public coffers. This is going on daily all over the United States of America. The tools used to accomplish this are many and diverse and sometimes draconian. Peer pressure, tax incentives, tax pressures, regulations, eminent domain, shaming... you name it, anything will be used to accomplish the goal. So I guess it is no surprise that a global socialist foundation would be funding a school, teaching media relations for the socialist agenda.

In my search today I came across a site for The American Hiking Society Evidently, the American Hiking Society wants to influence Americans to give up land for their lovely hiking experiences...so from their site, I found this: The Spin Project
" The SPIN Project is dedicated to working with social justice organizations ready to deploy communications strategies for social change."

The site goes on to say:Using Media to Improve Media "A grant from the Ford Foundation allows SPIN to offer specialized services to advocates and scholars who are pressing for a more diverse, more local, more inclusive media landscape." Further revelations: "The SPIN Project works with a broad range of policy, advocacy and grassroots organizations striving to strengthen democracy and public participation. Our clients are typically small to midsize organizations focusing on issues concerning civil rights, human rights, social justice and the environment."

"The SPIN Project honors the multiracial, multicultural and diverse constituencies of the groups we work with, and consistently works with individuals of different ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities and incomes."

That looks like a recipe for a fractured society, if ever I've seen one. Nothing there about advocating for our national principles held in the Constitution.

Now I suspect the Ford Foundation is in the stratosphere of billionaires and money in the bank. And I am sure the Ford Foundation would like nothing other than to use its money to influence the political landscape in America, bending America to its socialist conformity.

To that end I found this under the heading "Campaign Support:"":
"In addition to strategizing on fieldwork with trainees, the SPIN Project has contributed to campaigns in an in-depth, ongoing capacity. SPIN will provide ongoing, advanced media consultation around political or cultural campaigns by “parachuting” a staff person into the field. A SPIN Project media professional will provide concrete skills on a real-time campaign with local activists and serve as a mentor to develop media capacity in existing campaign staff.

I guess that is what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said they would parachute in, eh?

And you thought hiking was just a nice walk in the woods. Instead, hiking is now an advocacy group for 'social justice' and 'multi-cultural diversity.' I mean, how can you take private property away from an owner if it isn't for the sake of collectivism and communitarian enjoyment?
The flood is not coming from the dark shadows under the floor boards anymore. The flood is coming from our corrupt government policies and filtering down through non-profit orgs. who are benefiting from tax-payer largesse. Today, I am very worried we have not enough hands to catch the deluge. The American people are going to have to stand up ....against the "American Hiking Society," for crying out loud?? Yes. That is what it will take to save the nation. Why should a hiking organization using tax deferred non-profit status promote a political foundation that works tirelessly to undermine our Constitution? The hiking organization isn't promoting just hiking, it is promoting the taking of private property.

That's exactly the problem, friends. You can't join a hiking organization. You can't join the Chamber of Commerce. You can't join the local Community Foundation. You can't join anything anymore without researching who is being funded with your dues. (I've had the same disappointment with even the local art guild who now is filled with advocates for socialism. Why should an art guild maintain tax deferred status while promoting a political agenda?) Like the unions were taken over by the global socialists, even hiking and biking orgs. have been taken over by rabid socialist communitarians who despise the American Constitution and individual rights.

You are known by the company you keep. If you want to fight the socialist machine in America, you are required to analyze and reject those organizations who are now led by collectivists, and are driven by global foundations such as the Ford Foundation. The company I keep is the Tea Party movement which is trying to save America from the entrenched America haters who live here and fund these anti-American efforts in nearly all aspects of our society.

The flood is upon us. The socialist machine has reached peak infiltration. Our government has given them free reign and allowed them tax preferred status through non-profit tax breaks. All levels of our government have been cooperating with this, bought and paid for by American tax payers. This needs to be exposed and stopped.

I hope you will stand with the Tea Party. I hope you will carefully research what organizations you join and reject those who are working against our goals of saving the nation.

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  1. Hey Great article and great site. Check out my site, www.tombosworld.com and add me to your blog roll as I will be adding yours to mine!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Tom. Keep the word rolling out there for all of us!

  3. You give wise counsel. How many acres are being set aside via "Clean and Green" Act here in PA? Other acts of law that one agrees to "set aside" and leave the land raw. Other methods? My family had 200 acres declared "open Space" by township zoning. Utterly worthless thus.

  4. Catching a flood with your hands. Very apt! We are at a disadvantage I am afraid. The statist are much better organized at all levels for one. Two, they have no morals so there is no limit to the deceptive things they are willing to do. I am beginning to wonder if we can defeat them while holding to our moral standards.
    The lands withdrawn by government can be released by the right government, if the right government ever happens, The lands taken by NGOs is a more difficult problem. Maybe if we control the government some day, before we fix the eminent domain laws, we should us them to get the land back and return it to private hands.

  5. Hey Bunker!!...and Hi Jim!!

    First Bunker, I know you are seeing this in PA. I am so sorry to hear about the "open space" zoning on your family land. They took your family's earnings and your inheritance and threw it down the tubes. We are seeing this in NC. And it is being done all over the country. It has to stop! A travesty against property rights, yet since the Kelo decision, even the SCOTUS betrays us. So sad.

    And Jim..I fear the lands and the use of the lands already taken may never make it back to the rightful owners. O would say this is reparations to the Indian Tribes whose land was (according to reparationists) stolen. The Gaia worshipers are laughing all the way to the bank by stealing from citizens. And then there are those just in it for the money, and control, and power. You are right that they have no morals. BUT, we will hold to our moral standards and we will continue to fight this. I will keep fighting...exposing, shaming, and anything else in my power to get this stopped.

    Thanks to both of you ....for all you are doing as well!!