Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm not an "I told you so" sort of person. But in the case of my former friends who glommed onto the cult of Obama, I'd like to say, "I told you so." It would be fruitless to say that, but I'd like to say it anyway. One of those former friends used to laugh and say I was always smarter than she and that I was always right. Well, I know I have not always been right in my life. No one is perfect. But we did have a running joke that my tombstone would read, "See, I told you I was right." I need to add here that no one is more disappointed in me than I am when I am wrong. It's not a pride issue, though someone might think that. Truly, it is not about pride. It is that I care so deeply about some things that I work very hard to find facts and truth. And when I find facts and truth, I want to share those with people around me. You see, I think everyone else would be interested in facts and truth as much as I am.

But I could be wrong about that. It seems the Obama cultists honestly don't care about facts and truth. At this point, I'm not sure what they do care about, but it isn't facts and truth. I would honestly say they care more about a command and control world, and their own selfishness, than they do about the survival of America.

I woke up slowly this morning. Wrestling my mind from the fog of sleep into some state of awareness, I found myself dreaming of apologies. The former friend cultists, in my dreams, would apologize to me for being so wrong. They could finally see the fallacies in their thinking. They would come to me to say they were very sorry for the names they called me and their collaboration with an enemy of America. They, in my morning foggy dream, would tell me they finally see the cult leader for who he is. They would tell me they were sorry they got sucked in and sorry they treated me so shabbily. They would tell me they now can see how much worse off our country has become because of their foolish, mindless, careless, selfish, support for an enemy of our nation. They would say to me, "You were right." They would say, "We were wrong and apologize for taking part in wrecking America." (Boy, I really was dreaming, wasn't I!) I woke wondering if there were Germans who were sorry they elected Hitler. And if they were sorry, would they admit it and apologize.

Again, being right is not the point here. I would gladly be wrong if our country had once again, under Obama, become the standard for freedom and prosperity for our countrymen. I want to emphasize that....I would gladly be wrong. But I was right about Obama. I was right about the lie of man-made Global Warming. I've been right about the insidious erosion of our liberties and the slow slide into communism brought on for decades under "Progressive" (Regressive) politicians who should never have been elected into our government in the first place. Should I be sorry for being right? Should those former friends apologize to me?

They likely will not. It's not going to happen. They are going about their lives in some sort of nonsensical false sense of security as the economic foundation of America goes tumbling into the darkness. These former friends of mine are blind to the black hole created by Obama and those Democrat "Progressives" before him. They have no sense of world history. They have no understanding of tyranny. They are blind to the sacred trust we were given. They are blind to the desecration of communism. They are blind to the outright theft, lies, and destruction of our country by deliberate treason committed by the cult leader in Chief. If they thought "transforming America" meant something good was going to happen, they could not have been more wrong. These former friends of mine, in their small-minded ways, have participated in the greatest heist the world has ever seen.

Gratefully, since 2008 and the election of the cult leader, I have been so fortunate to find friends who have sight and are founded in facts and truth. We, together, across blogs, across oceans, and across coffee tables, are sharing facts, truth, and goodwill among us. And as I thankfully have found these new friends, I am still dreaming of apologies from the former, cult-loving friends I used to have. Not for my ego, which is hardly the critical matter here, but for my country and my children. I dream those former friends would somehow see truth finally. As the world's economy goes straight into that black hole, and America is falling into ruin thanks to Obama's global communist cronies (and the corrupt socialists in our government), today I am dreaming....

Over the weekend I read:
UK Telegraph Article by Janet Daley Facing the truth, she delivers great insight into how socialism has taken down Britain and is taking down the U.S. It's worth your time to read it.

Best, most truthful, line: "Also collapsing before our eyes is the lodestone of the Christian Socialist doctrine that has underpinned the EU’s political philosophy: the idea that a capitalist economy can support an ever-expanding socialist welfare state."

Scariest line: "As the EU leadership is (almost) admitting now, the next step to ensure the survival of the world as we know it will involve moving toward a command economy, in which individual countries and their electorates will lose significant degrees of freedom and self-determination."

Maybe I should go back to bed and dream some more....

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