Saturday, April 25, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour, Part II

I don't know about you. I am the average middle American who lives a fairly simple life and, for most of my life, I have been grateful with every breath that I was fortunate enough to be born in America. I also was fortunate to be born into an era when my freedoms were not threatened by too many outside sources. A middle class life was achievable, education was attainable, opportunities were available.

However, my America has disappeared. "Poof!" Magicians entered into power and are in the business of taking my America away. A lot of really stupid Americans have voted these "magic" politicians into our government. But there is a master of the "Dark Arts" pulling the strings in the background, behind the curtain of politics, and I want you to know who this "Master Magician" is. His name is George Soros. If you haven't looked into his tricks prior to reading this, please take the time to google his name. Get his history. It will amaze you.

The billionaire, George Soros, funds so many left wing organizations that the list will make your head spin. While you are reading and watching the latest news about torture memos being released, Mr. Soros is conducting the show. You might have asked yourself why President Obama has done a somersault on his original position of not prosecuting any former administration officials on the subject of torture. All of a sudden, President Obama handed the hot potato over to his Attorney General, Eric Holder to pursue investigation from the A.G.'s office. Rather than call off the dogs, Obama suddenly decided to let the dogs go after it. Obama released CIA memos to the public and then rushed over to the CIA to pat them on the back and cover his rear after slapping them right in the face. Now, don't you wonder why and how that happened?

According to the Washington Times, April 22, 2009, Mr. Soros used one of his organizations,, to petition the new administration to investigate and prosecute the previous administration. Mr. Soros is the master of .orgs and non-profits. This time he has set up yet another one, called the Commission on Accountability, to be the umbrella for his other .orgs and non-profits to go after the Bush administration. While you and I were the beneficiaries of information gained by the Bush administration, information used to keep us safe, the Soros followers were busy blaming the United States for 9-11 and spreading propaganda through the media of how George Bush was at fault for terrorism. Yep, was all George Bush's fault that radical islamo-fascists hate America. Nevermind that the "enhanced interrogation techniques" were used AFTER 9-11. Nevermind that the democrat politicians were informed and gave blessing to the interrogation techniques. Nevermind that Los Angeles was saved from attack. Soros' money put Obama in office and Soros is going to get his due now. It's pay back time for Obama. Give Mr. Soros what he paid for, i.e. the destruction of the Bush admistration for all time.

Well, to be funny, George Soros has more money than God, as they guess who is going to get smeared, libeled, and sued from now until Kingdom Come? You guessed it. Anyone who had anything to do with protecting our country for the last eight years is now going to be crucified in the press and in Congress.

Are you enjoying the show yet? It's bound to get even more sinister. You fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour

It isn't nice to be duped. It's tragic really. When a person gets taken in by a Ponzi scheme or a scam artist, it is a loss of innocence somehow. No one likes to be victimized. It's one thing when a young person is taken advantage of due to lack of life experience or education. It seems another thing, though, to witness an entire nation of people of all ages being scammed. The scene I see each day lately is sort of like going to a magic show where you know it is all illusion, but the audience participates and pays for the privilege of being fooled. At least in the magic show you know it is all for entertainment and you can't take it too seriously. Some magic acts involve hypnotism where an entire audience succumbs to the power of the hypnotist on stage who manages to convince people of his superior mental powers. Someone's wallet inevitably ends up in the hypnotist's pocket. While the audience laughs, applauds and touts the skills of the magicians, the magicians are laughing all the way to the bank. It's very clever, deceitful, cunning, sly, wily, and the audience who paid for the show walk out amused and shaking their heads in awe.

An acquaintance of mine has asked me over and over, "Why would anyone in the government be taking these steps on energy if it wasn't the right thing to do?" Further she asks, "If this global warming/climate change isn't true, then why are so many people on board with it?" "It must be true!" she insists. "All of these smart government officials are doing this for our own good!" "They're saving our planet!"

But there is a reason magic is included in a category called the "Dark Arts."I am astounded at how so many magicians have made it into our government. Since the early 1900's magician politicians have been scamming the American people using taxpayer money to benefit themselves. In the 1920's "progressive" magicians brought us into the age of the government nanny state. In the 1960's I remember the rallying cries were against the Industrial Military Complex. Supposedly those were the "bad guys." As usual the dissidents were the "progressive liberal democrat socialists" who just hated the military, the supporting industries and, I guess the 'complex' part was the government which enabled the former. The irony there is that the "progressive liberal democrat socialists" were all about gaining government control over everything they were ranting against. The environmentalists in those days were ranting about an impending ice age and warning we were doomed.

The latest group of magicians is taking the "Dark Arts" to a whole new level. While Bernie Madoff sits in prison awaiting trial, Nancy Pelosi sits atop the House of Representatives while profiting from T.Boone Pickens' Wind Farm scams and using the power of her position to grease the skids for her $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 investment in Picken's Clean Energy Fuels Corporation. Pickens' wind farm schemes depend on permanent government subsidies and the use of imminent domain to access land. Nancy is refusing to allow new drilling for oil and gas, new nuclear plants, new clean coal plants. At the same time, she is funneling your tax money into "green" initiatives to benefit her own investments. Smiling all the time, she proudly announces, "We're saving the planet!" Slight of hand? Or conflict of interest? Pretty nice trick, eh?

While you are worrying about how to recycle mercury based fluorescent lightbulbs made in China, Al Gore is raking in millions from his businesses based on carbon offsets. While Hank Paulson, former Sec. of the Treasury, convinced the entire government to borrow trillions of your taxes to prop up Wall St. and the banks, he is making money out of Gore's magic trick, too. Paulson, along with several Goldman Sach's cronies, is one of Gore's investors in Generation Investment Management, Inc., an investment group focused on Climate Change / Carbon Credit Trading firms. I guess Paulson would not want Goldman Sach's to fail, now would he?

"Suspend belief," the magicians tell you. "Believe us!" "We know what's best for you!" Well, science has proven that Global Warming is a hoax. The facts are that Pickens' wind farms use more energy to produce the equipment than they provide, take up huge swaths of land, kill migratory birds, not to mention the visual blight they create. Facts are that ethanol uses more energy to produce than it provides, and creates more pollution, not to mention the food shortages it creates. Facts are that Compact Fluorescent lightbulbs are lousy light and create mercury pollution in our environment. Facts are that the world has been cooling since 1998. Facts are that there has been no nuclear power plant accident in this country for thirty years and even then there was no exposure and no one hurt. Fact is that carbon dioxide is necessary for life to exist and is great for plants. I could go on with facts of this sort for pages and pages, but, if you love magic, would you listen?

The latest magic trick is this: Our magicians are finding out that not all of the audience is hypnotized and not buying the illusions. So to work around this obstacle, the magicians are bringing in the big dogs, i.e. the U.N. Obama's Energy Czar magician, Carol Browner, is going to the U.N. for a global mandate on Carbon offsets. (Browner is a former member of Socialist International, one of George Soros' many anti-American groups.) By going to the U.N. to set up an environmental treaty which Obama will sign, the American people will have no say in the matter, no votes through Congress, no possible chance to stop Gore, Pickens, Pelosi, Paulson, Browner, Soros, and their buddies from their collusion to steal more economic liberty from Americans. American sovereignty circumvented by magicians. America's children sold off to the magic tricks of some mighty clever socialists using our government and global pressure to take their future away.

Welcome to the Magical Mystery Tour. You might want to take a look behind the curtain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Signs of the Times / Tea Party '09

My Signs for Tomorrow's Tea Party
Click on Picture to Enlarge the View

Not since I was in high school have I spent time working on rally signs. In that case of course it was for sports enthusiasm. I'm normally not the sort of pep rally person and I certainly don't jump onto bandwagons. This is the huge exception. It takes a lot to get me riled. But I can't think of a more worthwhile cause than doing something to recapture our government from the Socialist / Fascist / political thugs who have taken over our lives. So tomorrow I am heading to Charlotte for the Tea Party. I am pinning tea bags to my shirt and I am carrying these signs. We need to do this...we cannot let this despicable bunch of hypocrites and power mongers take our lives like they are doing. Please go....please speak out. Sitting there in your comfy chairs watching the country go down on the telly, sitting there being outraged is not enough!!!! SPEAK OUT!!!