Friday, April 26, 2013


I was thinking of writing something else today on the abuse of tax dollars, but that took me to another larger perspective about how government doesn't recognize any limits on its power and controls over others.  The further I delve into public policy issues, the more I find that government entities at all levels are abusing the limits with taxing powers.  Limits?  What limits?  Did I say limits?  That may be a "duh" moment to most of you.  It's just that I am finding it is worse than I thought.  

Locally we are learning that different cities in our State are taking in taxes, fees, and funds to be used for specific purposes, but instead they are throwing those taxes into some other pot and frittering the money away.  No one stops them.  No holds are barred.  I've read that Charlotte, NC has been taking money out of the Airport pot of money and used it as a cash cow for other projects.  I learned today that Asheville, NC has done similar things with water and sewer monies.  Well, why wouldn't they think this is just fine since the Federal government has been doing this type of money juggling for years?  Didn't the Social Security money just magically disappear into the swamp? Who set the standard?  It's just the way things are done now, eh? 

The other cute game played by Federal and State governments is a language game. The leftists love language games.  Transportation taxes and fees collected from cars and trucks were established to be used on roads and bridges for cars and trucks.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  Transportation was redefined to mean walking and bicycling and hopping on a trolley car or light rail.  Those modes of transportation obviously do not pay anything for roads and bridges.  But the drivers over roads and bridges all of a sudden were co-opted into paying for walking, bicycling, mass transit, greenways, and other subsidized modes of getting around.  Transportation means mobility now. And the pot of money going into "educating" the public about how "sustainable" it is to do this is huge.  Millions paying for "educators" and training sessions.  Car owners / drivers can now pay for "educating people about how great it is to add bike lanes, crowding those cars right off the roads.  How clever is that?  Any kind of mobility?  Maybe they should add skate boards and scooters.   How about roller skates?  Segues?  Where does this end?

It doesn't.  And that's the reason that a sales tax was added to the sale of a house to pay for Obamacare.  There are no more restraints on taxes and the abuse of them.  The people in government have given themselves carte blanche to tax anything for the purpose of anything.  Ta da!!  Presto Change-o!  You think your property taxes are going to pay for your local services and schools?  Not so much.  You think gasoline taxes are paying for the road you drive on?  Not so much.  You think your utility fees are going to pay for utilities you use?  Well....maybe not.  Yes and no.  It's all up for grabs.

You might think education money would be used for school buildings, teachers, and text books.  Now education money is being used to grill children about their families' personal lives under the edicts of Common Core.   Education money is being used to buy equipment to track that data.  This is called "data mining."  Would you allow your children to be "data mined" by the Federal government?  This is data that will be used to feed the insatiable government appetite for information in order to control people.  Same same with Obamacare money.  A great chunk of it is going into data collection technology for the Federal government.  In what stretch of the imagination does the Federal government have a right to collect data from either students or from healthcare patients? 

And now we are talking about taxing internet sales?   News flash.  We already have internet sales taxes if you sell within your own state.  But now it will be a Federally run program, policed by the Federal government.  This time, taxing sales to other States.  You already pay shipping fees to a shipper who pays transportation and income taxes.  You already pay State and Federal income taxes.  And now...let's add another sales tax to the mix?  Another bureaucracy will be added.  Maybe it will just merge into the IRS?  Oh good!  Can't wait til all of that happens.  This has to be just great for intrastate commerce.  Right?  The excuse this time is.....wait for it..."fairness?"

I wonder if there is a system of government that restricts government from this bait and switch game.  Oh...maybe that was the Constitution.  Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...? 

No boundaries.  No limits.  Would you say some people are out of control?  Or as Ross Perot used to say about Mexico, can you hear that "giant sucking sound?"  Only this time it is from all levels of our own government and bureaucratic NGO's.  The biggest sucking sound is coming from Washington DC, but I'm finding this limitless thievery of money and of personal information is going on in every little nook and cranny. America is sucking itself dry. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


This past week, as I have been nurturing a couple of anti-Agenda 21 Resolutions through the process of adoption, I came across two very interesting pieces of evidence of Agenda 21 in our own government.  As my readers know, I have been going after the Agenda 21 issue for the past several years.  But I had not ever seen these two pieces of hard evidence.  One of them was a youtube clip of Nancy Pelosi, with two other congressmen, introducing the Agenda 21 Resolution to the U.S. Congress in 1992.

The other piece showed up HERE   Showing for you here just the top of the page:

S.J.RES.69 -- Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and... (Introduced in Senate - IS)

SJ 69 IS
1st Session
S. J. RES. 69
Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and by supporting and participating in the high-level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission.

March 24 (legislative day, MARCH 3), 1993

Mr. PELL (for himself, Mr. CHAFEE, Mr. KERRY, and Mr. WELLSTONE) introduced the following joint resolution; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations

Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and by supporting and participating in the high-level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission.

Twenty-one years ago, after George Bush Sr. signed onto the Rio Accords adopting Agenda 21, this nightmare began in our nation.  That was close to the end of his Presidency.  As soon as Clinton came in, he doubled down on Agenda 21, creating the President's Council on Sustainable Development by Executive Order.  The Federal government agencies were then directed to implement Agenda 21 throughout their policies.  The American Planning Association was given millions to create a "Legislative Guidebook" called "Growing Smart," all based on Agenda 21 policies.  When George Bush Jr. came in, the agencies continued on their march to use Federal money to control the entire United States through these UN directed global planning initiatives.  In spite of all of the terrorism and the ensuing wars, Bush and Congress just kept right on feeding Federal money to implement Agenda 21 across the nation.  Then, Obama was elected in 2008.  What happens?  Obama quadrupled the efforts.  He created the "Sustainable Communities Initiatives" grant program through HUD.  Not satisfied that would do it, he then created "The Sustainable Communities Partnership," tying the EPA, Fed DOT, and HUD together so that all environmental, housing, and transportation programs laser focused on Federally controlling every major population area of the United States.  Not satisfied yet, Obama then created the White House Rural Council.  This time, he figured he would capture all of the rest of the more rural and open land of the United States and bury those areas under the same Agenda 21 policies.

If you gain nothing else from this information, please realize that both parties are responsible for directing our nation's laws and regulations to comply with the United Nations' Agenda 21 Doctrine.  No treaty was signed.  The American people were not told.  The media did not announce any of this.  To this day, the media, for all intents and purposes, mocks those of us who expose this and denies there is any such thing as Agenda 21 within the United States of America.  

The two anti-Agenda 21 resolutions that I and others in my groups of concerned citizens worked on were passed.  One was presented and adopted by our local Tea Party organization.  The other was presented and adopted by the 10th  Republican District of North Carolina.  These are small steps in the right direction.  And really, it may seem a small thing, but look above at the links.  Both of those are "Resolutions," and that is how this whole thing began in our halls of government in Washington, DC. All I can hope for is this knowledge and repudiation of United Nations' Agenda 21 will catch fire and spread throughout our State and beyond to all of the nation.  We cannot stop trying.  What have we got to lose?  Our entire way of life and our Constitution, which right now is barely sucking air. 

Now, when people tell you there is no such thing as Agenda 21 in America and that it is a harmless UN thing that we don't need to worry our little heads them this post and those two links.  
Have a great week ahead...and please speak up without fear!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I was looking for information on Executive Orders to find out if there is a remedy to them.  As usual what I thought would be simple became a maize of complications.  I was side-tracked over to another facet of the issue.  Actually, it should be simple, if only our government was working properly.  But it isn't ...and you know it isn't.  I've been asking myself how the occupants of the White House are getting away with Executive Orders and why these orders are never challenged.  I think I stumbled upon the answer.  

According to Wikipedia, in 1976 a National Emergencies Act was passed to stop the possibility of never ending states of emergency.  The Act supposedly set a limit of two years on any state of emergency declared by the POTUS. This also gave Congress the ability to require the POTUS to go through formalities to declare a National Emergency.  Unfortunately, it did nothing to stop any POTUS from continuing a never ending state of emergency.  It is an ultimate power grab by the Executive Branch.  Here is the bad news:

The United States has been in a state of national emergency continuously for over 30 years, since the Carter administration invoked it premised on the "situation in Iran". In November 2012, President Barack Obama informed Congress that the State of National Emergency in effect since November 14, 1979 will be extended another year.[1] The National Emergencies Act grants various powers to the president during times of emergency,[2] and was intended to prevent a president from declaring a state of emergency of indefinite duration.[3]

So all that has to happen to keep the Executive Branch on "Operation Overreach" is a little statement from the POTUS that he extends the State of National Emergency for one more year.  How hard is that?  Every year, when the deadline is up, the POTUS just renews ..sort of like your magazine subscriptions.  No one stops him.  Obviously the National Emergencies Act doesn't do anything to prevent the constant, never ending state of emergency in the U.S. 

Additionally, Wikipedia says that this National Emergencies Act was to prevent the Executive Branch from going over the limits when declaring rights suspended.
It was due in part to concern that a declaration of "emergency" for one purpose should not invoke every possible executive emergency power that Congress in 1976 passed the National Emergencies Act. Among other provisions, this act requires the President to declare formally a national emergency and to specify the statutory authorities to be used under such a declaration.
Somehow, I don't think that Act had any effect on anything...but I guess someone tried to rein in the POTUS with that Act.

Linked on that Wikipedia page is a reference to the Reichstag Fire Decree in 1933 in Germany, a decree which gave Hitler ultimate powers without consent from the Reichstag (the German version of a parliament).

The Reichstag Fire Decree (German: Reichstagsbrandverordnung) is the common name of the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State (German: Verordnung des Reichspräsidenten zum Schutz von Volk und Staat) issued by German President Paul von Hindenburg in direct response to the Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933. The decree nullified many of the key civil liberties of German citizens. With Nazis in powerful positions in the German government, the decree was used as the legal basis of imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of the Nazis, and to suppress publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause. The decree is considered by historians to be one of the key steps in the establishment of a one-party Nazi state in Germany.

As I read through the Reichstag event, and that last sentence about "one party Nazi state," I thought about the Presidents from both parties in the U.S. who have continued this emergency power for themselves.  Here, it doesn't seem to matter which party is in control, they are both intent on concentrating that power into the Executive Branch.  Why do we even have a Congress?  Is it all window dressing?  As far as I can see lately, Congress doesn't do anything much other than give cover to the Executive Branch. They take the cues from the White House and then fund laws and regulatory agencies to choke off freedoms and rights.  As Obama said recently, "If they won't do it, I will." What gave him that idea?  The State of  National Emergency, constant and never ending.  Congress is impotent.  I think they have rendered themselves impotent.  I don't know why they even show up ...except of course to get the benefits and the ego massages.

Well, that's my revelation for today, folks.  Constant and never ending state of design.  No wonder we are all worn out.  You can't stay in a high state of emergency all of the time without a break.  Even the most hardened, trained soldiers have to have R&R sometimes.  But we aren't getting that break.  Our rights and freedoms are under attack constantly.  And this explains, at least partially, why.

Carry on soldiers!

Monday, April 15, 2013


I love it when the leftists realize we are onto them.  It's so much fun to watch them scramble for cover.  Well, Obama and his minions are scrambling for cover on the Sustainable Communities Initiatives now that the grassroots and Tea Partiers have begun exposing the sham.  
Not to be undone, though, Obama's cutie pies are one step ahead of us.  Bet this will fool any elite Congressperson who won't know what to look for in the funding bills.  Oh, wait, Congress doesn't read the bills anyway, so what does it matter?

Here is the latest move to cover up and obfuscate the Agenda 21 Plan for America:

Budget Proposes Major Changes to Sustainable Communities Initiative

April 12, 2013
By Tess Hembree
Policy Manager, Advocacy Associates
In an effort to rejuvenate the unauthorized, defunded Sustainable Communities Initiative at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), President Obama proposed a major overhaul to both the structure and the function of the competitive grant program in his FY14 budget.
The President’s budget recommends changing the name of the Office of Housing and Sustainable Communities, the office within HUD that administers the Sustainable Communities Initiative, to the Office of Economic Resilience (OER).
This represents both a name change and a shift in priorities to help communities face economic realities and challenges. The budget also recommends moving the OER to HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development.
Though Sustainable Communities is changing to focus more on economic issues, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan has voiced a strong commitment to the livability principles laid out in the initial stages of the program and plans to continue the strong federal partnerships forged with DOT and EPA.
The OER will seek out new partners that focus on economic resiliency within the federal government, including the Economic Development Administration, Commerce, the National Economic Council, and workforce development programs at the Department of Education. HUD is aiming to help communities develop strategies for economic resilience, including implementation strategies and planning. They are also hoping to leverage and align the rest of the HUD budget to work in service with the efforts of communities.
OER will provide $75 million in “Integrated Planning and Investment Strategy Grants.” These grants build on the Regional Planning and Community Challenge Grants, but will place a “greater emphasis on supporting actionable economic development strategies, reducing redundancy in federally-funded planning activities, setting monitoring performance, and identifying how federal formula funds can be used smartly and efficiently in support of economic resilience,” according to HUD’s budget. Current Regional Planning and Community Challenge grantees will not see any changes.

 (Note:  In that first sentence do you notice the word "unauthorized?"  Gee..I wonder what that means.   And "defunded."  Looks like the Republican House finally defunded this insidious monster. Oh they can fund it under the new name!  Isn't that clever?  These folks are so smart!)

Don't you love that word, "RESILIENT!"  Instead of "Sustainable," now we can be "Resilient."  That's so nice of them.  And "Economic Resilience" at that.  I feel so much better already.  They're looking out for our pocketbooks, don't ya know.  Whew.  Just when I thought the gravy train might run out.  All is well now, isn't it?  

Thanks so much to all of you wonderfully generous Socialists and Fascists who are running our Federal government.  I just don't know how I can return the favor.  Oh wait.  You have that all figured out, too!  You can tax and enslave my grandchildren to pay for more of this Agenda 21 Plan for Amerika.  I forgot...Obama and his mobsters on both sides of the aisle don't miss a trick. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Authority is one of those things you question when you are growing up...and rightly so.  After all, if you don't question authority, how do you learn what it means and who to trust with authority over your life?  This is a normal developmental process with children.  Starting with the "Terrible Twos," it is a process.  If all goes well, by the time a child reaches a level of maturity and enters the adult world that person knows a little something about what justifies authority and what doesn't. That is the point of becoming an adult, after all, getting to take charge of one's own life and knowing who has justified authority in our society.  Authority, in a free society, is granted, not forced upon others.

But what happens when people who have been given legitimate authority through the election process in America decide to abdicate the responsibility they have been afforded by others' votes? What happens when the load of responsibilities handed to the elected class becomes so outrageously huge that the elected class willingly hand over their duties to the unelected government employees known as staff or to the unelected bureaucrat class?  We elect people to do a job and lately, all too often, we discover those we elected are not even close to doing that job. 

I've been watching this abdication of duties going on in my city for the last few years, to my consternation and disgust. I've seen policies show up out of nowhere in City Council meetings, policies that make no sense, that have no relevance to anything real, and yet invariably involve growing the bureaucracy by using more and more tax monies. At the same time, the tax coffers shrink and the elected whine about not having enough money for the necessary infrastructure projects. It truly is amazing to watch. We are granting authority to people who show up at ribbon cuttings and Chamber of Commerce meetings, but who hand over the reins for the real work to unelected boards and non-profits.

I did some checking around and found that I am not the only person noticing this.  In fact Amazon has a book by Bill Gertz published in 2008 called "The Failure Factory," on this same subject but focusing on national security. 

Here is an excerpt of the book description:
The U.S. government is in crisis.

With America’s attention fixated on who will step into the Oval Office in 2009, no one has noticed where the real power has shifted—to a vast network of unelected officials whose authority has grown wildly out of control. In his latest blockbuster book, acclaimed defense and national security reporter Bill Gertz exposes these astonishingly powerful leaders and their enablers in the political class—and their devastating impact on America's national security.
Gertz shows how entrenched liberal activists have become dominant even under an ostensibly conservative administration. And he names names of those who actively subvert official U.S. policy—including not only liberal Democrats but also a number of so-called Republicans who have joined this insidious “Blame America First” crowd.

So then, from my perspective back in the local trenches, here is what we see in the City Council meetings:  Some unelected board representative shows up at the City Council meeting with some perfumed version of a new program involving regulations and / or spending revenues, the discussion briefly describes all sorts of fictional speculative benefits of the program, a vote is called, and in the blink of an eye another coup overtaking our freedom has been swiftly and quietly accomplished.  Slam, bam, thank you ma'am.  We are not privy to any negotiations that might have taken place under the radar or behind closed doors prior to this vote.  The only thing visible for public consumption is the condensed, Cliff Notes version I just described.  And remember, most of the public isn't even watching this at all.

The Danville Town Council will be soon voting on devastating policies that will shape the future direction of Danville. Unelected unaccountable regional boards and bodies threaten our local control and want to force us to overbuild our town. Please help get the word out about Tuesday’s Town Hall.
I just told you exactly how Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development has been implemented in the United States.  This is how a bloodless coup takes place...on cat's feet, surreptitiously, insidiously.  This has reached critical stage at this point.  Agenda 21 is in place all over America and is growing every hour of every day.

Here's the deal. If you ask me who is in charge of this government at this point, I will tell you without any doubt, it is the unelected bureaucrat class, as in "soviets."  If you ask me why, I will tell you there are three reasons. The first reason is that government at all levels has become so convoluted and overpowering that no elected official could possibly keep up with it. (For instance, our State legislature had to deal with well over 500 bills this session many that no human being could possibly dissect and study that many bills. ) Secondly, the majority of elected politicians are in it to be liked and have big egos.  They are easily convinced by staff and lobbyists that they will be adored by the public for accomplishing the passage of so many bills. "See how much I did for you, Joe Citizen!!!"  Thirdly, there's money in this game. I can't begin to understand how that works or explain the many variations of that. (Our local poster child for this is a County Commissioner who has bought properties for which he keeps trying to get tax money spent to increase the values of those properties. )

The bureaucrat class cannot be fired by voters. They aren't vulnerable to popular elections. In fact, they don't go away unless the elected class defunds the bureaucrat class and their positions. It is only the elected officials who have the capability to shut down this bureaucrat class.  And how is that likely when the bureaucrats are enabling the laziness, wallets, and egos of the elected??  One wonders where you can find candidates for elected office who actually will get in there and get rid of this contagious disease that is killing America.

All of this could be fixed if there was a will to do so.  America, where are you?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My husband and I have great conversations sometimes where we realize and rediscover how much alike our childhoods were.  This morning over breakfast we discussed the whys and wherefores of "common knowledge" and how that happens.  The conundrum on the table was: "How on earth are so many people being snookered into the global warming scam?" Next question: "Where are the people who ask critical questions of those who present such false premises?"  Next question: "How are people missing the real science and real world evidence?"  Next question: "Even after the IPCC so-called global warming science was proven to be corrupted and false, how is it that the policies based on those lies still continue to be forced on us?"  

These questions turned into reflections on our parents, both sets, telling us, "if everyone is jumping off a cliff (in my husband's case it was a bridge), does that mean you are going to do it?"  Flaws and all, the two sets of our parents were wise on that one.  As growing children, our parents' admonitions caused us to pause, consider the consequences of following the herd, and most importantly, made us think for ourselves.  It also made us consider economics.  If the activity in question was going to cost money, whose money was going to cover the cost?  Ours, or our parents?  If we insisted we should participate, who was going to pay for it?

I was listening briefly yesterday to a Sean Hannity interview on his radio show.  I just happened upon the end of a discourse between Hannity and Kirsten Powers.  The subject was the exhorbitant amount of money the POTUS and his family are spending on vacations while telling the rest of Americans that we must live with the so-called "sequester" on spending.  Hannity questioned the two spring break vacations the two POTUS offspring took that cost us millions of $$$$.  But good ole leftist, Kirsten, said those vacations were justified by POTUS being such a good parent and that those girls' friends were wanting the girls to go on those vacations, so of course, POTUS had to say yes and give them what they wanted.  Her assertion was it would have been cruel to keep the girls from doing what their friends were doing.  Nevermind that she neglected to acknowledge the American taxpayers were paying for this, Americans who can't afford to go on vacations.  Even Hannity neglected to drive that point home.  I reference this radio conversation to show how immature and entitled the left is.  They can't think beyond..."everyone is doing it, so we should, too."  And it matters not who pays the bill as long as it isn't them.  There was no common knowledge of personal accountability in the entire thought process that Kirsten expressed.  None. I was listening to the mind of arrested development, someone who just didn't have the capability to consider the consequences of actions.  She has the mind of a 10 - 15 year old.  "If it feels good to do something, you do it and let someone else pay the price."  Go ahead!  Jump off the cliff!  But make someone else pick up the pieces.

Here's the thing. The people who are paying (and going to pay) the price for following the herd are being pushed off the cliff into paying.  This is the "consensus" so coveted by global progressives.  If those who are paying dare to speak up to complain about paying for hoaxes and heists, then those who complain are chastised, shamed, yelled at, treated like dirt, disrespected, ignored, etc.  Let the temper tantrums begin.  The child's response to the mature and wise adult is a tantrum.   

There is another underlying message our parents taught while teaching us to not "jump off the cliff."  That is that IF you are going to play, you are the one who must pay.  But again, this lesson is missing in the minds of progressives.  In this current political context, "play" means doing what "feels good."  And what "feels good" to the indoctrinated progressives is collective theft.  As long as collective theft "feels good," and as long as they have the keys to political power,  those forced to pay are all being pushed off the cliff. 

So here is my question to my readers.  How do you make developmentally arrested adults #1. think through the consequences of their actions? and #2. realize that stealing is a punishable offense?  Before you go crazy at the apparent simplicity of that question, know that I raised two children who became great, responsible adults.... and they did get those lessons.  I've been through all of the peer pressure arguments, the tantrums, the economic questions, and all of the agonizing pain that was rewarded in the long run with truth and reason prevailing.  (whew! Thanking the dear Lord for that.)
But we are talking about adults who obviously missed out on all of that.  I can waste time blaming other parents in several decades of generations who didn't take the time or care to teach the lessons.  That doesn't help at this point.  What we need to find out now is how to teach developmentally arrested adults OR at the least, get them out of power positions.

I have one suggestion, not that the media companies would listen to me.  I wonder how on earth some person such as Kirsten Powers gets paid to be on radio (plus Fox News) with Sean Hannity and, by doing so, her lame assertions are given credence just by her appearance on the show.  I suppose Sean Hannity is tied to the "fair and balanced" nonsense or perhaps he thinks by exposing this immaturity to the public, he would make the point.  I have to tell you this tactic is not working.  Paychecks (big ones) are being written to incompetent children / adults to skew the public sphere with a false "consensus."  They are rewarded for telling people to "jump off the cliff."  While I can hear the progressive arguments and see through them, there are many in this society who lack the ability to critically think.  Or, the public doesn't  even have the time to devote to these issues. At the least, the public sees a woman getting paid big bucks on tv or radio to further the cause of collective theft.  This demoralization creates more peer pressure to shut up opposition.  Whether Hannity realizes it or not, he is lending credence to those who he says he disagrees with.   He is giving progressives a well paid platform.  Does this feed the advertisers by keeping controversy alive?  I suppose they think so. That is just one aspect of media motives. (Just so you know...I don't watch or listen to Hannity usually at all.  I just happened upon that one interview for a few minutes.)

Am I saying to shut down free speech in America?  In fact, the progressive left is doing a great job of that already. What I am proposing is it is time to get serious and stop rewarding the developmentally arrested who are posing as adults.  As long as they are rewarded, we are stuck in this never ending spiral of being pushed off the cliff .....the cliff the progressives love so much.   

Can the parents take over now, please?