Monday, March 30, 2015


.....are flat out liars.  This is the only determination one can conclude when looking at their advertisements and marketing schemes and presentations....the only reasonable deduction you can make when listening to Michael Farris,' Mark Levin's, Mark Meckler's, and other promoters' presentations on the Convention of States Project.  I know of no other way to put this.  There is no chance whatsoever that these attorneys, supposedly trained in Constitutional law, are telling their audiences the truth.  I would say the same of those who have been brought into market Article V as sales experts.  The very best thing you can feebly attempt to say is they are half-truth tellers.  It's the second half that is full of lies.  

I have a copy of the Constitution here with me where it is read frequently.  You might want to criticize my lack of legal degree, but I know a liar when I hear one.  And I can understand it when someone is using false premises and using illogical conclusions.  The holes in the Convention of States' propositions (amendments), and others,' are so large you could drive a semi-truck with a piggy-back trailer through them, that is IF you know what is in the Constitution.  Of the many, you can find two of these holes here   And here 

In previous articles I have described just some of the money behind this attempt to hijack the Constitution.  Here  Here  and Here

There are more links below to help you see more of that, if you wish to pursue the scurrilous trail on this.

I am adding to the Convention of States the rest of the Article V Convention proponents, because I (and you) might as well lump them in with the rest of the liars who are desperately trying to convince the American public that our Constitution isn't just quite good enough or to their liking, or is too antiquated, or is just not pertinent to our current circumstance, or is not anything enough, or wasn't legal in the first go 'round, or .....on and on. I know this is a disheartening piece of news to some people who wanted badly to believe that the Convention of States was the magic bullet.  But sadly, COS is just as corrupt as the others wanting their hands on the Constitution since the 1960's. Ford Foundation - Tugwell's New States Constitution."

Liars always want something from you.  This falls into many categories.  They might want your money, your admiration, power over you, or just to get away with something.  In this case, however, these liars are playing a high stakes game with your life in an arena that they want to convince you is "their playground."  Your role, they suggest, is to promote them and then stand back while they work their "magic." They tell you often how educated and experienced they are.  They tell you, "If only you'll buy my book," or "If only you'll proselytize on my behalf," or "If only you'll tell the legislatures to do what I ask," or "If only you'll donate some money," etc. 

At this point there are so many of these Article V pushers, it's hard to count them all.  I'm guessing they smell blood in the water from our corrupted and weakened system at this time and are frothing at the mouth to bite into our one great defense; the Constitution.  In picking out Mark Levin and the Convention of States bunch, I am only picking out the most obvious among the tea party grassroots today.   Heaven knows I do not want to leave out Nick Drainias of the Goldwater Institute or Cenk Uygur of WolfPAC.  Here's a handy link with a few more of them: Pro-Article V orgs.

Liars will bargain with you to get you on board with their game.  They will tell you anything you want to hear.  Sometimes they will offer to trade you something for your support.  They will demonstrate to you why your need is SO great and that they are the ONLY option you have.  They will play to your emotions.  They will play to your desires.  They are very very good at this, especially in the legal profession where arguing all sides of something / anything in court is a learned skill.

This time, your guaranteed rights, freedoms, and liberties are at stake.  Now that's a pretty high stakes game if you ask me.  I'm not too keen on allowing liars to get hold of the basis of my rights, freedoms, and liberties.  I can't help but wonder what on earth has possessed people to allow themselves to be so deceived.  Obviously the sales promotions are appealing to some people for some reasons.  There is a lot of hate and disgust involved, mostly for the unconstitutional regulations and laws that have beset this nation.  No one would argue being disgusted over that.  But you don't use that against me or the Constitution.  I didn't do it.  The Constitution didn't do it.  Most of the deceived grassroots didn't do it.  Our elected officials did it.  Congress did it.  The three branches of executive government did it.  State legislators collaborated with them to do it.  So, now, in come the clown lawyers who say they will fix what they have stood by and allowed?  The lobbyists are in on the take as well.  There are billionaires funding all of this?  Globalists as well.  And I'm supposed to hand over my Constitution to them?  I don't think so.

If you are not willing to study the reasoning about why a Constitutional Convention is a wickedly bad thing for this nation, don't come to me later and say, "Gee, you were right."  Study now and prevent this disaster from happening.  Tell all of your legislators you DO NOT approve of Convention of States or any other Article V Convention being proposed.

To be continued........

Michelle Horstman
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