Thursday, May 24, 2012


Where did it go?  Equal protection, I mean.  I think about this subject often.  Mainly I see instances daily that prove to me this Constitutional protection has disappeared.  I think this issue is the crux of the entire matter of our out of control government.  We can discuss social issues, military and foreign war issues, economic issues, all sorts of issues, but equal protection is THE issue.  It's gone.  But why?  What happened?  Looking back over the primary debates, Michelle Bachmann was the only candidate who adamantly proposed "equal taxation" across all sectors of society.  I believe Gingrich concurred, but it was Bachmann who insisted on it.  She was marginalized and dropped out of the race.  Romney never took a stand on this...not really.  I fully expect he intends to pursue tax policies for his favored campaign donors and constituency.  And that is what everyone on the left dreads.  It is the same from both sides, just different special interests and constituencies.

The "progressive" income tax was the end of equal protection under the law.  Once in place, this tax policy nullified all of the other "equal protections," precedent being set. The first instance of the "progressive" income tax was during the Civil War, but was repealed in 1872.   Then, we can thank Woodrow Wilson for bringing it back in 1913.  It has been downhill ever since.

Here is something from Freeman Online

"America’s founders rejected the income tax entirely, but when they spoke of taxes they recognized the need for uniformity and equal protection to all citizens. “[A]ll duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States,” reads the U.S. Constitution. And 80 years later, in the same spirit, the Fourteenth Amendment promised “equal protection of the laws” to all citizens."

Notice the Obama - Marxist regime doesn't  ever talk about Equal Justice, "equal protection of the laws."  They are talking up "Social Justice," "Environmental Justice," "Economic Justice," and the like.  What those terms mean is subsidizing a favored group, not equally, but taking from and giving to certain chosen sectors of society.  Marxism, yet Obama was voted into the Presidency.  None of that is Constitutional, but how many politicians over a century have been completely ignoring the Constitution by handing out tax policies for the benefit of special interests? We could not begin to count.  And every one of them has taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  How does that work?  (Now you know why Nancy Pelosi haughtily smirked out the question, "Are you kidding," when asked about the Constitution with regard to Obamacare.  It's all a joke by now.)  

This is hardly news to my conservative blog-o-sphere friends.  I wonder though, why this is not at the top of every political discussion.  It is the crux of the matter.  It is what everyone is fighting about, i.e. unequal taxation under the law.  Laws restricting freedom begin with shutting down economic freedom.   Once able to get away with that, all bets are off. 

From the same article at Freeman Online

In Federalist No. 10, Madison asked, “[W]hat are the different classes of legislators but advocates and parties to the causes which they determine?” He went on to say, “The apportionment of taxes on the various descriptions of property is an act which seems to require the most exact impartiality; yet there is, perhaps, no legislative act in which greater opportunity and temptation are given to a predominant party to trample on the rules of justice.”

Temptation won out?  A century later we are so far down the pike on this, I wonder what it would take to go to the starting line again and get this right.  Prosecutions?  Never happen.  Nullification? The Feds won't respect that.  

Both parties are so engaged in unequal taxation that we are faced with no good options going forward.  The only answer to this is a FLAT TAX and eliminating all subsidies and tax incentive programs, but what are the chances of that being passed when most all politicians are on the take?  Money money money....

(As an aside, I heard the infamous Ezekiel Emanuel this morning on Morning Joe stating he would not be against taxing soda drinks.  Really?  Yes, really.  No surprise, but this just emphasizes the case that Marxists will tax you out of any possible choices you might make for yourself.  The preferred political tool of control freaks is taxation.  If you don't like it, tax it.) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


(This is a continuation of the Code Tsunami theme from a previous post...and a reflection on Angelo Codevilla's Ruling Class thesis.)  
The problem is:  You can see it coming, but you can't stop it from happening.  A friend of mine recently told me it is time to hunker down and just figure out how to survive.  I'm beginning to view political abuse of power as a hurricane heading straight at us.  You watch in awe and fear, but you can't prevent it from its destructive purpose.  I know that sounds terribly hopeless, but while I am engaged in Tea Party attempts to stop the hurricane, and I am supporting candidates who express restoration of the Constitution, at this point, I don't see the hurricane breaking up and dissipating.  The hurricane has gained strength and has kicked up enough flying shrapnel in the form of regulations to take out all of the surrounding countryside, bigger than anything a few serious minded Constitutionalists can fight.

Dick Morris recently came out with a book titled, "Screwed."  In it he describes the dangers of Obama and the Senate passing treaties with the UN before the election in November.  One of these treaties is called, "LOST."  It has been tried before and put down.  Now John Kerry is resurrecting it for Senate approval.  You can find out why this is a bad idea here  and here.  Suffice it to say, this is just one example of what the globalists have planned to further destroy our sovereignty.  

While we are fighting off insane micro-managing regulations at the State or local levels, the nation is under attack at the global level.  Who is doing this?  Is it Republicans?  Democrats?   We're way beyond that now.  The answer is both, actually.  As libertarians in the U.S. grapple with the third party dilemma, which isn't successful enough to solve the problem, we are seeing the entire political system merge into something called, "The Third Way."  
" a 'Third Way' society, private property must be allowed. Rather than government owning all property and the means of production, as in pure socialism, an alternative is used. In a 'Third Way' society, property and business is heavily controlled by government regulation, rather than government ownership.
"However, in a 'Third Way' society, the laws to keep us citizens in line come from the communist model of government -- which means complete government control of everything from womb to tomb. We are to have a semblance of freedom. But the working class people must never have enough freedom (or accumulative power) to interfere effectively in either commerce or government. The moneyed elite, however, work under the capitalist system, and capitalist rules, so as to continue generating wealth. The elite get the freedom, the workers get strictly controlled."

The American public knows nothing about "The Third Way."  It isn't part of our common political vernacular, even though Bill Clinton and Tony Blair spoke about it at some length.  (They still do.) 

"Blair said that the world's center-left parties had to put themselves at the forefront of managing social change in the global economy.
"The old left [communists] resisted that change. The new right [conservative capitalists] did not want to manage it. We have to manage that change to produce social solidarity and prosperity."
So there you have it: managing social change in the global economy to produce social solidarity and prosperity. Blair's explanation is a short definition of a political plan that has been in the works for quite some time. It started with the Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University and is now taught in select American schools, such as the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The perpetrators support a blend of the best of communism and capitalism. The captains of big business and industry are to continue receiving every liberty, freedom and privilege they have come to expect. In return, they are expected to produce products, generate capital and support the governing elite.
Government's function will be to control the people, and insure a ready work force. That will be accomplished through a myriad of laws, rules and regulations controlling everything in the lives of the people."

Is it any wonder that Americans don't know where to look for Constitutional leadership?  Both the right and the left at the top of the political parties are well schooled in "The Third Way."  The policies of "The Third Way" provide them with bread and butter / campaign money.  Global corporations and global banks cannot afford to ignore politicians who regulate global policies.  (Here I want to add that Agenda 21 is a handbook for "The Third Way," as it creates global standards for every economic, cultural, and social aspect of life for every human on the planet by combining corporate and governmental policies. You can see a microcosmic version of this with the EU and the failure that has become.)  Further complicating this insanity is that neither base from the right or the left want anything to do with the policies of "The Third Way."  Communism in Corporate clothing is not satisfying to either side.  The Hegelian Dialectic = synthesis is "The Third Way" method taught in Oxford and Harvard and other ivy league halls of elitists, but the real world is not interested in compromising their souls for the sake of either Communists or Corporations.  Americans especially are not interested in this because the entire thing is treason against our Constitution. 

I think this is way beyond the grasp of concept of most the American public.  That is why I think the hurricane is coming no matter who is elected in November.  Americans, generally, see the errors, but don't realize how the game is rigged, nor do they know what they can do to stop it.  Me included. 

Yes, I'll vote for Romney, if he is the Republican nominee.  But Romney doesn't seem to be the anti-Third Way candidate, especially with the Wall St. and global corporate backing he is getting.  My Ron Paul friends will say that Paul is the anti-globalist candidate, and they may be right.  But Paul did not garner enough to get the nomination. Will Romney slow down the hurricane?  Doubtful.  Could anyone? 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Many years ago, when my daughter was in junior high school, we went to the library for a school project she had.  We picked up a book of old old poetry, and there we found a poem written by an African American woman long ago.  It began with the words, "Be who you is, Don't be who you ain't."  I'm frustrated at the moment because I can't find it anywhere online or in my house, but I've thought of that poem often over the years.  It came to mind again today because of the debate on Obama's mysterious past...a debate he thrives on and has created himself.  At this point, he might as well be from Uranus.  He is alien and hostile to the American experience. Where from whence he actually comes is anyone's guess.  And who his father is, is anyone's guess.  And if his father is who he says he is, the original country of that father is Kenya, a British protectorate.  Which makes the man who calls himself president, completely ineligible to hold the office.  

It is no surprise that Obama would use a false biography to promote himself.  Selfish people do what works for them, without a thought of the truth or others.  It appears he has used different names, different social security numbers, different birth stories, and mostly done this out of expediency to whatever goal he had in mind at the time.  If it sounded good to get what he wanted, he said it.  He still does this.  Lying about Dr.s amputating feet in order to sell his Obamacare debacle, for instance.  Lying about the efficacy of green energy in order to steal our tax money to shut down the fossil fuels industries, for another.  It is what he does.  That is what Barack Obama is good at.  Fraud and misrepresentation of himself and his agenda. 

Next to the Virgin Birth, I'm not sure we have ever had such a prominent world figure whose genetic history is so unknown.  Have we?  I guess there have been usurpers to the throne in medieval times.  I began watching the series, "Pillars of the Earth," by Ken Follett this week, coincidentally. The lesson there is that corruption hardly started here and now, in our era.  At any rate, I find today's mystery usurper just as evil and corrupt as seen in the past.  He lays the groundwork for untold future harm that we will be suffering and paying for, for many decades to come.

So he missed the poem, I guess.  Instead, steeped in Marxism and Alinsky's Rules, where the ends justify the means, Obama has learned his lessons well.  A fraud from the get go.  We can be mad at the media.  We can be mad at our fellow Americans who refused to see the truth or even look for it.  We can be very mad at our legislature and courts who refuse to take on the fraud, prosecute if for what it is.  And I am.  Mad at all of them. 

But here we are, days after the Breitbart revelation on the book promotion where Obama is Kenyan born, and still, no one is taking it on.  I don't hear anyone from the legislature saying it is time to act.  We have no defenders against this fraudulent man who holds the White House and Justice Department in his grimy, thieving, Communist hands.  

I have to say, one does not pull this off without sycophants and complicit background support.  Sickening though it is to know there are guards around this fraud, I can't help but wonder how many of them can be prosecuted.  They will all plead ignorance...except for his wife, Holder, Soros, and Ayers, all of whom absolutely have to know all of this. 

Will it all ever come out in the wash?  That mystery continues.  So far those who have gone against the fraud have been ridiculed, vilified, or found dead.  

"Be who you is, Don't be who you ain't."  Otherwise, it never works out well..... 

Hat tips:  Mark Steyn  
Big Government

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Recently I received an email of anguish from a friend of mine who is in business creating small and mid-size storage / warehouse type buildings.  His business is local.  His problem:  A new edict from above on NC State building codes.  This building code was passed by the legislature in the State, but did not originate there.  It was created by the Building Code Council and based on the International Code Council.  Within this construct is something called the NCECC ( North Carolina Energy Conservation Code) that regulates energy conservation in new construction. This NCECC edict was funded by the Federal Department of Energy.  (DOE)  The book on this 2012 Building Code can be bought Here  The first line of the description states: "The 2012 North Carolina Building Code is based on the 2009 International Building Code." 

Can you tell where this is going?  The mandates in this NC 2012 Building Code, according to my businessman friend, are draconian.  One example he gave to me was the requirement for higher cost, higher temperature containment insulation for even the simplest buildings such as he creates for his customers.  Why is that draconian?  Because it causes costs of these buildings (using a pun) to go through the roof!!  This prices out some of his customers.  Either he eats the increase or the customer eats it.  Both ways, this is bad for business viability. (stating the obvious)  Could the marketplace decide this on its own?  Yes.  Could there be options?  Yes.  But nooooooo....the Code is a mandate.  Building and Construction businesses will have no options. They are told what they must sell.  Customers are told what they must buy.

 Who is driving this mandate?  Is this like GE lobbying congress to eliminate the incandescent light bulb in order to force sales of compact fluorescent light bulbs??  Yes, exactly. 

Another example of this is the Smart Meter technology now being foisted upon the unsuspecting public.  Duke Energy and other energy companies across the country are forcing people into Smart Meters using Federal money and the attached mandates that come with the money.  The joke is on you.  You see, the sales pitch is always about saving you money and saving the planet by less energy use.  But the punch line is that the energy companies stand to rake in untold fortunes from the public by raising the consumer prices for their commodity, not to mention the TOU (Time Of Use) charges for using energy at "peak hours."  This saves you no money, but makes one heck of a lot more money for the energy companies.  Worse than this is the monitoring of your energy use in real time.  Every time you open your refrigerator door, a message is sent to the energy company.  Turn on your dryer?  They know it. Are you saving the planet by allowing them to do this?  Nah.

Energy codes are becoming a tsunami of mind boggling control over what you can and cannot do in both your business life and your personal life.  All of this is driven by two types of zealots.  First it is the environmentalist orgs. who, like Al Gore, are trying to make you believe that you have no right to purchase and use the energy you wish.  They have huge buckets of lobby money.  Second are the corporations who are queuing up to cash in on the environmental crisis peddling to the public...also, lobbying and using campaign war chests.

Do the large corporations control the legislatures of our States and our nation?  Are the global environmentalists forcing their will on us through our legislatures?  Lobby money is powerful.  We are not.  Free market nation?  Not any more.  

 Hat tip:  Consumer Reports

Aside, from California on Smart Meters: 

PG&E's electric rates are the highest in California, much higher than non-profit utility companies. 
PG&E's high rates keep stockholders like Barclay's Global and JP Morgan Chase happy, with plenty left over to fund excessive executive salaries and purchase political influence.  
Since 2000, PG&E has spent your money on:
  • Overpaid CEO: Peter Darbee has received $48,560,044 in salary, bonuses and stock options and pension benefits
  • Political influence/lobbying: $69,240,759
  • Dumb Smart Meters: $2.2  billion
  • Deregulation bailout:  $9 billion
  • Fighting public power: $25 million in local elections � and PG&E has already spent $9 million of a projected $35 million to defeat public power statewide with Prop 16

Friday, May 11, 2012


(First, before I carry on with the subject of my post, I want to thank all of my friends and supporters for their understanding and help during this incredibly busy time with my husband's family situation, i.e. his brother's death, his mother's care, and subsequent arrival of vultures going after both estates.  We were able to get my mother-in-law into a very nice assisted living center, moving her in just yesterday.  The saga continues with the vultures circling, even though my mother-in-law needs her estate for her care.  The situation has been emotionally draining and exhausting, with two sets of financial lives to figure out, with one person deceased and one with dementia.  You can imagine.  We will soldier on.  But thank you all.)

As I am hearing the bits and pieces of news over the last few weeks, the thing that keeps attracting my attention is the Alinsky tactic on the left of spreading unfounded lies about everything and everyone in the opposition.  Today it happens to be some ridiculous story of Mitt Romney cutting some kid's hair when they were very young.  If true, this was no doubt a mean thing to do to someone as a prank.   Then, to make it seem like Mitt Romney is some sort of monstrous bigoted bully, the left adds that the someone whose hair was cut must have been a homosexual even though there is no evidence of that.  So of course, Mitt Romney now supposedly hates homosexuals.  And this is terribly convenient coming on the heels of the North Carolina vote to support heterosexual marriage and Obama's sudden decision to go in the opposite direction and support same-sex marriage.  Next. of course, Mitt Romney has to go into reactionary defense mode.  Will the accusations prevail?  Oh, and Mitt Romney hates women, too, don't you know.

What does this tactic force us to do?  Waste time playing defense.  One of the biggest smears of late is the word "extremist."  This along with many others including; "racist," or "bigot," or "homophobe," "misogynist,"  the verbal war on Americans who actually believe in freedom and responsibility is heating up exponentially as Obama's company of Communists falls from favor on the national stage.  (Please God.) The Zimmerman / Martin case in Florida was typical of the tactic.  A tragic event happens and the next thing you know the liars start yelling at the top of their lungs all over the media.  Or a Communist policy is proposed by the Obama administration and, if you happen to be against it, you are targeted as an "extremist."  Even better, a "right wing extremist."  I've had this happen personally many times over the last 4 years for expressing my views on what I see Obama and his global socialists doing.  When I wrote in support of traditional marriage, I was called all kinds of lovely names. 

Tragically, this Alinsky tactic works to take the oxygen out of the air.  You are going about your life and, wham, you are hit with some accusation that is so ridiculous and outlandish that you have to step back and figure out how to combat the lies.  If you think back to high school,  a time in life when Romney made his prankish mistake, you'll remember that name-calling is what teenagers do.  The immaturity of this name-calling is undeniable.  As adults, it is worse.  What is ironic about this is the left is literally the "pot calling the kettle black."  All the while the left is pushing anti-bullying laws, they are practicing verbal bullying every day and using the media to do it.  It truly is laughable.  They say that if you act like a bully in school, you should be arrested and prosecuted.  Yet, as they bully people by calling them names (racist, homophobe, bigot, extremist, etc,), they get the media to repeat and promote the bullying on national media outlets.  This happens so frequently today, that you would never be able to defend yourself enough against libel and slander.  If you tried, you would have to spend every waking moment and all of your fortune on court cases. 

The national conversation on policies requires us to assign labels to political philosophies.  That, in my mind, is very different than than just calling people names or using hateful adjectives to describe a person's character.  So before someone accuses me of using name-calling myself, let it be known that when I use the word "leftist," or the word "Communist," I am labeling someone's political philosophy.  I could, and probably have, associated the word "thief" with Communist, so what I have said is not flattering.  So there are caveats and innuendos to be considered when labeling people.  The way to understand this is to know that there is actual proof of thievery involving Communists.  I don't take this labeling lightly.  But to assert that someone who cut someone's hair as a prank automatically assumes homophobia is absurd.  (So far, there is no proof that the kid whose hair was cut was a homosexual, or that Mitt Romney would have any idea of that in any case.)  In the case of Zimmerman / Martin, there is no evidence that Mr. Zimmerman had some racist agenda when involved with the skirmish with Travon Martin.  Nevertheless, the personnel attacks began on unfounded suppositions of racism.  Because someone doesn't believe in giving away free contraceptives, paid for by everyone else, doesn't mean that person is a "misogynist."  (woman hater, male superiority)  And there rests the difference between slander and truth, between bullying and using labels to support arguments against political philosophy.  The left is using full out bullying tactics and will be, nonstop, throughout our discourse with them from now until forever.

Can we arrest and prosecute the leftist Alinskyite bullies?  It's hard to laugh it off and carry on when someone has smeared you in the public press.  What is the choice?  Laugh it off?  Go on defense?  When does the left stop "calling the kettle black?"  ( I learned a long time ago that someone who accuses you of some unfounded nasty action is most usually telling you what is in their mind, not yours.)  

Verbal abuse is tough to deal with, but truth will prevail.  Don't give up or give in....