Monday, January 28, 2013


I've been thinking about the methods of government pushing people around and getting away with it.  Probably what I am going to tell you is what is happening in your town.  It may be happening to you personally.  And to let you know I have some historical perspective, right off the bat I will tell you the situation I will describe is nothing more than Tammany Hall or the Chicago mob.  This may seem like venting on my part, but I want to tell you my perspective from here.

I have four businessmen friends.  One is an architect.  One is a builder of warehouses and a landlord.  One is in the pest control business.  And one is a housing developer / builder.  

Let's start with the architect.  He is toward the end of his career, owning a business with 6 or so people, and has done well.  He has concentrated on government contracts for buildings for his livelihood.  He is smart. He has lived here all of his life.  He knows everyone in town and is connected.  I admire him for a lot of reasons.  He has witnessed the oncoming train of horrific regulations that have made his business more difficult by the year.  He used to have twice as many employees, but over time during the last 4 years has had to let half of them go due to the cost of doing business.  He did what I did.  He decided to research the source of his industry's horrific turn for the worse and he landed on Agenda 21, i.e. Sustainable Development.  In his case, the research led to the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) which led him to the UN.  He thrashes around at night with concerns about how government at all levels is destroying his industry.  Because his business thrives on government building contracts, he has kept his head down and his mouth shut.  He refuses to publicly speak out for fear of being blackballed by government employees who would shut him out of bidding on contracts.  So even though he knows and sees what is going on, he worries about the livelihoods of his employees and will not jeopardize their jobs.  

Second, I'll go the housing developer's story.  I don't know him as well, but have mutual friends with him.  He has indicated he also has felt the brunt of the government regulations and the economic crash because of the Agenda 21 policies.  I contacted him to see if he would be interested in stepping up to the plate to fight back.  He told me he used to have 40 employees, but is also down to 3.  He is hoping to build the business back up.  But no, he said he would not publicly speak out.  He told me he would not put himself on the line, but rather try to adapt and survive.  He told me in so many words he would not take the chance to have his business trashed by the local and regional powers because he knew they would go after him if he spoke up.

Friend number 3 is the builder of warehouses and a landlord. He is in business as a self-made man, pretty much.  The sort of guy who has worked his tail off all of his life to make a living.  He is also very smart and has done the research.  He knows Agenda 21 and how it is working its way in through federal, state, and local government.  He sits on the planning board locally as the ONLY conservative voice for small government.  Which at this point seems  a ridiculous waste of his time because he is outnumbered and nothing is achieved by his being there except he learns what is coming at him faster than the rest.  He also tells me he will not speak out publicly from fear of losing that "insider" position and from fear of retribution from the powers-that-be here.  But he hasn't been able to stop any of the government strangulation from happening.

Friend number 4 is the guy with the pest control business.  He has also lived here all of his life and knows everyone.  He also has worked his tail off to make a living and conduct a very professional business.  He has employees, but I'm not sure how many.....I think at least 12, maybe more.  He has also had government contracts to treat government property for pest control.  He swears he is a freedom loving American and is upset about what he sees going on.  In fact, he has been very upset to see how badly our city government is run and he ran for office last year, but lost.  However, when it comes to speaking out against the government powers here against the tyranny our Council has brought upon us, he will not do it.  Scared to death to lose business or suffer the retributions of those government officials.  

These are 4, very nice, family men who will bravely express to me all of their angst against the power brokers and the force of government wrecking their businesses and our nation, but when push comes to shove, they will not shove back.  They each have experienced the pain of losing employees and losing business because of what government is doing to them.  I cherish their friendships, but letting this girl fight their fights is becoming a bit overwhelming.  They will not fight back.

So what's a girl to do?  I've begged.  I've pleaded.  I've explained.  I've put my own nose out there.  And every time I do they pat me on the back and say, "You go girl."  But when I ask them to speak up, they will not. 

So now you know how tin pot tyrannies get put in place without any opposition.  These good men have only their voices as leverage.  They won't dare.  Their voices go silent.  The cat's got their tongues.  They are rendered helpless against tin pot local dictators.  They are terrified of offending someone.  They pretend they will get something done behind the scenes by talking to people.  But no...I've been waiting for that to happen for over 4 years now.  Nothing has happened. 

The "Regional Consortium" I am fighting has wooed and won the local Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce with promises of "economic development" and horse manure about cleaning the environment with their policies.  The song and dance evidently is very seductive.  My 4 friends know it is all a crock and financial black hole that will do more harm than good.  Yet, they just can't muster up the fight.

So, when all of you guys out there are talking tough about fighting back with guns against the tyrannical government, I'd like to know how you plan to do that when you can't even step up to peacefully protest?  Sitting on the sidelines, protecting your wallets, but letting the noose tighten around all of our necks is not convincing me that there are men here who really will step up.   If my dear friends are any indication, this nation is done.  I love you guys, but really...what are you doing?

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I should make this title the beginning of a series, but will just write a prelude this evening.  

I have been going through both government documents and unelected bureaucracies' documents while researching policies being put in place locally.  I say "being put in place" because these policies are obfuscated from the public and sold to the public with false premises and false predictions.  

One thing in particular stands out in all of these documents.  The premise that if we do not act now on the recommendation of mandated policies from government, we will suffer untold disasters and horrible consequences.  This is on a large scale what a filthy, lying salesman would tell you in order to get you to buy into some crooked scheme or some unproven, risky investment, be it a stock, a used car, or a new roof when your roof is actually perfectly fine.  Somehow this worst method of salesmanship has worked its way into the fiber of our governing bodies and systems, so that now it is done with blatant abandon and virtually no consequences are brought to the liars.  Media's complacency and support for the lies is legend by now.  The public is completely in the dark or snookered, yet the big government agenda pursued by the liars just continues unabated.

An example I wish to point out is the constant blaring of "all hell is going to break loose due to population growth!"  The unelected Council of Governments of our area is guilty as charged.  The Director of Centralina Council of Governments waltzed into our City Council and County Commissioners meetings and proceeded to exclaim we are moving toward uncontrollable growth in our region and therefore, we MUST begin to inventory and manage all resources before we are overwhelmed with water shortages, dreadful air quality conditions, open land shortages, food shortages, and more.  Further he demanded that the knowledge of these dire consequences MUST be put into the school curriculum in order to prepare our children for the change in lifestyles they MUST expect....or else.  When questioned on his authority, he admitted he had none.  When questioned about the binding contract he was presenting to our elected officials, he said, "Oh, you can get out of it at any time with no consequences."  When questioned about what was expected of our citizens and elected officials he said, "You can pick and choose what you wish to do or not."  "No problem."  The trouble with all of this is, the entire presentation was a lie from beginning to end.   And guess what?  Our City Council was 5 to 2 suckered into signing the contract on the basis of this man's lies.  

Since this occurrence, I have acquired the documents that this Centralina Council of Governments used for this excursion into fantasyland.  The contract is binding.  There are consequences to resigning from it.  And no, you cannot pick and choose what you would like to do or not.  The entire thing is a mandate from Obama's administration of unelected Czars.  When you sign onto a contract with the Federal government, you can damn betcha there are consequences to getting out of it.  Our City Council can't be that stupid, can they?  You can all answer in unison, " YES THEY CAN!"  

Looking into the premise of this predicted onslaught of human beings descending on our area, I discovered that the United States birthrate has been in decline for quite some time now.  (You can check that out HERE  While North Carolina has grown at a modest pace of 1.3 %, the Madame Zelda of the Centralina Council of Governments said we are going to suffer through a huge increase of population that will overwhelm all of our resources in the next short time span of 20 years.  I can't help but wonder where he is going to get all of these people ...unless our government is planning to ship in more Somalis, Nigerians, Mexicans, and any Islamics they can find through our deliberately open borders.  Otherwise, this massive population increase is not likely to happen any time soon.  Maybe he knows something we don't? 

Looking into the dire predictions of lost "open space," you can find many sites to tell you that only 5.4 % of the land mass of the United States is developed land.  HERE is one. For all of those who didn't take math classes, that means that at least 94.6% of the United States is left to the wilds already or is rural farmland not considered developed.  According to Randall O'Toole, "Urbanized areas and urban clusters cover 2.6 percent of the nation’s land."  So do you think we are running out of open land?

As far as I can tell, on the "water shortages" prediction, that issue has to do with the purposeful neglect of government maintaining infrastructure to distribute water.  While our politicians have been spending money on windmills that produce nothing and damage the environment, they have neglected to update and renovate our water systems for years now. In fact, they have so deliberately done this, the Federal government has been very busy blowing up dams to stop humans from having reliable water availability.

On transportation, the government has diverted money from the Federal Highway Administration to pay for greenways and bike paths and mass transit.  So when they say our transportation system for automobiles is lacking, I wonder who they think is responsible for that?  Certainly not the taxpayers.

Then there is the "air quality" issue.  Where I live, in a suburb about 30 miles from the next largest city, (Charlotte, North Carolina) our air quality is just dandy.  The statistics I could find show that we have less than 4 days per year that are even close to the "yellow" status.  BUT, when the geniuses lump us into a "region," they include Charlotte which makes it look like our suburb is just choking to death from bad air.  Which is exactly what they want people to believe so they can continue to force people onto bicycles and mass transit.  

So it goes with every government program you can find today.  The Alinsky fools always yell "The sky is falling" to support their big government take-over, but then turn around and accuse their oppositon of being "Chicken Little's" when fighting against government tyranny.  These folks flip everything on its head so much that I'm starting to get whip lash.

The bad news is that the prophecies they are fomenting are likely to actually happen because of their malfeasance and damaging policies.  Like NAFTA was the supposed solution to gaining manufacturing success for the U.S., i.e. if we didn't do it then U.S. manufacturing was going to wither up and die.  That program did just the opposite of its promises by encouraging manufacturing to leave the U.S. and then what happened?  Manufacturing in the U.S. withered up and died.   So like restricting water due to shortages is supposed to "save us," their policies of refusing to create reliable water sourcing will cause the shortages they predict.  "Air quality" will necessarily get worse as they jam populations into higher and higher densities.  Voilá!  You have an "air quality" crisis....only they created it.  

Big government proponents are telling the public whatever lies it takes to stuff their policies down our throats.  The dire consequences they are predicting if you don't swallow the bitter pill, are exactly what they are making happen anyway.  Or, in some cases, the predictions are just bunk and rubbish.  In other cases they are telling us what dire consequences they intend to create.  Whichever way you look at these lies, they are self-fulfilling prophecies that lead to only one place; the tyranny of big government. 

The one sticky point I can't seem to relieve at this point is this: Does anyone care about lying any more?  Are we so used to lies that we just expect it and then swallow the bitter pill they are passing around?  Can a nation stand on lies?  I doubt it.  Can a nation depend on selfish Madame Zelda's?  I doubt it.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Michelle Obama really needs to don the camouflage.  I mean, she looks like she could take on some men and crush them.  She's good at the game face, too.  She looks like she could heft around a 70 lb. pack, push around a lot of men, and smirk while she's doing it.  And how about Sasha and Malia?   Don't you think the females in O's family should be put on the front lines of the conflicts he creates?  Why not?

I heard this morning that we can look forward to female Navy Seals, too. what world does that work?  

It's completely amazing to me that the left picks and chooses how to address the weaknesses and strengths of women.  For years they have bashed women over the head with "equality."  But when it came down to contraception, Sandra Fluke played the poor victim card about how women must be favored with taxpayers' largesse to afford birth control pills.  Women are too weak to pay for a $15.00 (est.) per month prescription for birth control, but they can strap on 70 lb. back packs and carry carbines, trudging through war zones to try to kill enemies?  Someone help me with that, please?

We give tax breaks to companies to hire more women due to affirmative action and women being counted as a minority.  In other words, women are supposedly SO disadvantaged that we have to prop them up.  Men are not afforded that "leg up" in the workplace unless they are black or brown.  Hire a black woman or brown woman and you get a two-fer.  Where is the "equality"  For white men there is none.

There was a song from "Flower Drum Song" called, "I Enjoy Being A Girl."  I never saw the movie, but I remember the song as a young girl ...and singing it while hoping for a date!  I still think of that song when washing my hair or putting on make up.  It still makes me smile.  Somehow I don't think this is the song Michelle Obama is singing or anything Obama has in mind as he sends our women into combat.  I can't imagine what they are thinking.     

I feel so sorry for the women who got sucked down the pipes by the likes of Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug.  But I also feel sorry for the generations of men who have been sold the nonsense that women are supposed to be like men.  We are losing generations of men and women who are so confused about gender roles that no one has a clue how to celebrate the best of both.  Instead we have idiots wanting to deny the natural traits of men and women.  And now, to put that upside down, insane, and critically damaging dynamic on the battlefield is so ludicrous and lethal, this woman writer cannot believe it.

Celebrating womanhood...and sharing this with my red-blooded male friends, please enjoy the video below!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Maybe I should have said "grinding America to a pulp."  Nearly the same thing, as we watch the country gradually giving up the tenets of liberty, individual rights, and the pursuit of happiness.  Can you imagine an entire global government based on all of the tyrannies of the past and implemented by today's and future technologies?  Suddenly, I just remembered Reagan's admonition that "This is the last place on earth."  He was right, but at the time we thought we might be remaining as the one place on earth, escaping the tyranny of the left ideologies. 

Today I was also thinking about how we used to think the pendulum was swinging left and right.  A few years of this.  The next few years of that.  Back and forth in a continual fight for balance and stability.  But now I believe the pendulum has gone over the point of coming back.  The swing over time has worked like this:  5 inches left, 1 inch back to the right, 6 inches left, 1 inch back to the right, 7 inches to the left, 1 inch back to the right.  As you can see the left just gained 18 inches to the 3 inches gained on the right.  This continual gain by the left has gone on now for over 100 years and the weight gain on the right is so far out of balance, that the left gains have pushed the pendulum over the swing bar and the whole thing is crashing, smack into of the body of citizens.  The last 4 to 5 decades have taken that left swinging pendulum off in such a fast frenzy that the right is now sitting there wondering what the heck happened.  To be gruesome, you could imaging Poe's "Pit and the Pendulum" and the damn device has just landed square on the neck of the victim and come to a dead stop.

If you were looking for balance with leftists, you were, or are, a fool.  I heard Mark Levin today saying that he does not feel compelled to work with those who break into his house and steal his possessions.  (paraphrasing)  That was his response to a caller who lamented, "Why can't the Republicans work with the Democrats for the good of the country."  Well....that has been tried and obviously that didn't work out too well.  That pendulum pressure of "can't we all just get along" has ended very badly for all of us.

I have been a Republican all of my adult life.  While I have not agreed with the Republican Party on all things, I have, in the past, thought they were at least on the better side of liberty, individual rights, and the pursuit of happiness.  While I observed the Democrats were hypocrites and most definitely only interested in taxing everyone to death.  I've been correct on that, but the pendulum swing on the Republican side of the aisle has either stopped or been so weak and to the left as well, that the Democrats must be laughing themselves silly.  I heard another talk show host, locally, today asking what the Republicans should do now to recapture the American public to their side.  That talk show host hinted that the Republicans should let go of any of the social values on abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, etc. in order to recapture the imaginations of the younger Americans who now think "We Are The World."  I disagree with that idea completely.  The conversation of what to do next is going on all over the airwaves and in meetings of conservatives.  All, I might add, to the complete delight of the leftists and their dear leader in the White House.

Today I learned a lot about Richard Nixon setting up the EPA in order to implement UNESCO's plans within the United States.  I learned more about how both Bush's are involved inextricably with the global socialist movement, specifically about Bush the Second implementing UNESCO's infiltration of our public school system to create "global citizens."  Actually, I have known most of this already, but more about it was revealed to me today.  So what matters Republican?  One can only wonder.  I can say all the Democrat presidents have been worse, but so what?  It is 9 inches left and 1 inch right....and deliberately so on the part of both parties. 

One can grab the gushing jugular vein on one's neck and try to stop the bleeding.   We are coming to a halt as far as the nation is concerned.  

Over the last few years of being involved in the effort to try to save our nation, one thing I want to share with you that may seem like a "sally come lately" to the revelation, but the people we are electing are really in only two categories.  They are either complete idiots or they are cunning bastards.  In some cases they may be both.  To be honest, several years ago that thought never occurred to me.  I only knew I didn't agree with the leftist ideology.  It never occurred to me that Republicans would adopt the leftists' cursed schemes out of stupidity or cunning selfishness.  It also never occurred to me that our judicial system would be willing accomplices to shredding the Declaration and the Constitution.   Well, that just tells you how naive I am.  Alas.

I do have a thought on the financial end of things. (a href=""> (For my friend in Venezuela.)
I think the collapse will not come quite yet.  The reason I think that is that the globalists are not through bleeding the body.  They are still enjoying the fruits of our labors, so until the last drop of blood is gone, they will allow us to suffer the grinding blade slowly.  There is no riper fruit in the world to rape other than America.  At least not yet.  Plus they have enough hate of us to drag this out as long as they can.  As soon as they realize they have finished us off, the collapse will come and the land that used to be America will be divvied up just like Europe after WWII.  Just a thought.

The last several days I have been caught up in a small firestorm over the regional consortium of which I wrote an op-ed the end of last week.  There was a flurry of commenting on the newspaper's website, phone calls and emails, and also, plans to attend the propaganda Dog and Pony Show in order to, at least, make objections known.  The word is out and the City Council here has been alerted that more than a few people are not happy about this Federal take over of local control.  There is also planned an appearance at the County Commissioners meeting on Thursday evening to support a resolution to forbid the publishing of names and addresses of gun owners.  This is obvious reaction to the newspaper in Connecticut that did publish those gun owners personal information, including a map of their homes.  How we all do scramble around trying to fight off the latest attacks against common sense and decency.  Think of the productive time we are losing by having to do these things.  No...don't think about it.  It will drive you crazy!!

Carry will I.

Hat tips to Michael Chapman, Michael Coffman, Tom Deweese, Charlotte Iserbyt, and Curtis Bowers.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


One thing about Barack Obama, he does let you know what he is going to do to you.  Granted he lies and he obfuscates, but there are times when he lets the cat out of the bag.  Do you remember Obama's derogatory slam during the 2008 campaign against people he disliked?  Here is the full quote:
"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them," Obama said. "And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Yep, those bitter clingers are just pathetic, aren't they?  Clinging to their guns and religious beliefs....oh, and of course they are bigoted against people who aren't "like them."   There you have the psychology of the current resident of our White House.  In that one last sentence, the Big O admitted is disdain for the 1st and 2nd Amendments and for the idea that a unified country contains people of similar worldviews.  The red alerts are all over this guy like a rash.  The very insanely sad thing is that somehow we find him in the White House.  But who can be surprised today when he uses a crisis to shut down the 2nd Amendment?  

Most all who read this blog already know history well enough to cite the Weimar Republic, Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's death tolls, and many other nations who suffered massacres of unarmed citizens by their own governments.  Before the disarming came the gun registrations...governments in possession of lists of people who owned guns was just the start.  The O is fine with beginning the process.  Disarming his opposition by whatever means, shame, ridicule, force of laws, whatever.  It all works for him.  On the gun issue, it starts with forced registration.

We've watched for years as the federal government has been compiling data about citizens.  It's all for your own good, you know.  It is just that the O has put data tracking and manipulation on steroids.  The "Affordable Healthcare Act" is all about data to use against patients, to deny them care or bend their behavior.  The "
-->Sustainable Communities Initiative" is all about inventory and control of each parcel of land, each mode of transportation, each water / utility / energy point of use, curriculum in each school, et al.  Dodd-Frank is all about tracking each financial transaction in the nation. Does the media ever ask why the federal government needs those types of information? 

Barack Obama views the United States of America as his enemy.  (Flip that and realize most Americans view him and all of his surrounding ideologues as enemies.)  He did say he would "transform America."  He just didn't say into what.   We could spend the next five years analyzing the whys and wherefores of that, and some have.  But at this point, we have accepted that premise.  The question is: what now?  How do you stop him?  How do you dismantle the behemoth that is spreading its rotten poison from the capitol of this nation?  How do you tell your children that you let this happen?

Barack Obama is actually the "bitter clinger."  He is the one clinging to the history of Socialist / Fascist / Communist murdering failures.  Clinging bitterly to failures is a hallmark of tyrants.  Free people with reason and logic move beyond failures and learn from them.  Barack Obama doesn't understand that concept.  He is locked into a time warp, trained by his family and Frank Marshall Davis.  He is surrounded by the failures from the 1960's who hid themselves from the public for decades while they infiltrated universities, non-profits, and media.  He is skilled at finger pointing and name calling, usually blaming others for what he does or would like to do.  We are witnessing a psychopathic, manipulating sociopath in action, no different than those historic tyrannical figures we have seen since Rousseau and Marx.  You can't do the things that Obama is doing unless you are a psychopathic manipulator.  Success to him is cowing you down, using media (or anyone, including children) as tools to make you look foolish, using government as a weapon against you.   

Bitterly clinging to the Communist dreams from his family, to hate for America, to Mao, Chavez, Castro, Stalin, Hitler, even Napoleon....that is the essence of Barack Obama.  In case you wonder why I threw in Napoleon, remember the foreign war campaigns? Remember Waterloo?  Napoleon, a charismatic, controlling, selfish, ambitious, tyrant, thought he could manipulate and conquer nations, at home and abroad.  Remember Benghazi! Remember Egypt.  Remember the Arab Spring.  Remember the Caliphate rising. Remember Syrian gun running.  How many CIA and troops do we now have in African nations? 

The First and Second Amendments were written to protect us from just this moment in history.  Americans dare not back down and let this bitter clinger get away with his sick retributions against this nation. 




Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have just returned from a Tea Party Coalition meeting in South Carolina.  Yes, in spite of my fragile health (recovering from the flu), my husband and I traveled 4 1/2 hours and spent 3 days to participate in an event made up of patriots and concerned citizens.  (I am still recovering and tired, but doing much better.)  Speakers with national stature provided witness to the audience of the madness we are seeing.  Mind you, affirming fears is not a pleasant experience.  However, finding many others who are bravely standing up and fighting back is an affirmation, too.  We do have kindred spirits among us.  Below is my report from this meeting.

One prevailing thing I took away from the meeting is the general message that Washington D.C. is lost, at least for now.  And that both political parties are involved in incremental destruction of the Constitution and the United States of America as we have known it.  These messages come from national leadership fellows, PhD's., men and women in policy positions and think tanks.  Let those thoughts run around your mind for a few minutes before you read further.

There were speakers on national security threats from without and within, border (lack of) security, Islam infiltration,  Mexican cartels, et al.  There were speakers on entitlement programs and the so called, inaptly named,  "Affordable Healthcare Act."  There were speakers on the free market system.  There were speakers on the attack on property rights through Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development.  There were speakers on the 2nd Amendment. There was one especially touching speech by a former Navy Seal who bravely is stepping up in his own way to rally the civilian troops to save our nation.   It was two days of non-stop information sharing.  You can find the speeches here if you are interested in what was said.  And by the way, Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina gave a video presentation that is worth your time to watch.  She was eloquent and impressive.

The overwhelming aspect of each of those subjects is that each of them, by itself, is an existential threat to us. When you take them one at a time, you might think we can fix something.  When you add them all up into the toxic soup we are digesting every day, you might get so despondent you find yourself paralyzed with fear.  We are under threats from our own government and from foreign enemies.  This may have been somewhat the case during the Civil War, but not since then has America been under this kind of existential threat to our nation's survival.

The other prevalent message that I came away with was, because Washington D.C. has turned to the dark side (so to speak), and because both parties are working against us, the only avenue of possible success for us is to get involved with local and state politics.  As some of you know, that is what I have been doing for the past 3 or 4 years.  If you want to survive as the United States of America, you must find your way into the faces of the City Council, the County Commissioners, and the State legislators who represent you.  This is the imperative.  If you have a particular skill or professional knowledge that can lend education to those in elected office, you need to communicate that to them.  And if they won't listen, you need to work your tail off to find other candidates and remove from office those who are undermining our Constitutional rights. You can do this.  Stop thinking of elected officials as being on a higher plane than you ....they work for us, for you!  They are employees!!!

That may sound simplistic.  It also may seem like the long road.  And there is a question of whether or not we even have time left to do what needs to be done.  But we are down to the nubs.  It is us or them.  It is now or never.  It is federal tyranny or individual rights.  It is the Weimar Republic or the United States of America. 

As my husband and I drove home we talked over what we learned and our views.  We find ourselves in a very difficult situation for another reason.  We are standing in the gap, to use the Biblical reference.  Today, I describe the gap as between the masses of low information voters who need education, and on the other side of us are the purveyors of tyranny who need to be taken out of power.  That means we are the sane middle.  We are not the extreme, as the leftist media portrays us.  We are the middle, getting squeezed by the other two extremes.  Several mentions were made at the SC Coalition meeting regarding the media and what to do to get our message to those low information voters.  To some great degree we are creating our own media, but still reaching the choir.  We have to figure out a way to reach those low information voters in a way that they can understand.  I can't say I have an easy answer for that at this moment, but it is something those of us working in the blogosphere need to consider.  

As for me, I have made efforts to have a good relationship with my local newspaper.  That newspaper does print my opinion pieces in a prominent place in their paper.  I appreciate them and tell them so.  I back up my opinion editorials with facts.  I cite sources.  I let them know I am not just whistling Dixie, that I mean business.  I proof-read and have others proof-read my editorials for errors.   I also send those editorials to my city council and county commissioners and mayor.  When appropriate, I send those editorials to my state representatives as well.  You can do this. 

Well, there is my take-away from the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.  I hope you find it helpful.  The speakers we saw have books and information you can glean from their websites and organizations.  Here is a list of my favorites from the meeting:

Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center
Michael Coffman, Environmental Perspectives, Inc., Sovereignty International
Yaron Brook, Ayn Rand Institute
C.L. Gray, Physicians For Reform
Mark Mix, National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation
Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy
John Fund, Columnist for the Wall Street Journal
Mike Cutler, Center for Immigration Studies

Added note from Lloyd Marcus:  THE TEA PARTY CAN NOT GO AWAY

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sunny days and mild conditions do not prevail in the thinking of desperate thieves.  Nope.  It's all bad weather from here on out.  Somewhere on any given day on planet earth, there is bound to be a weather event of some sort.  Tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, droughts, lions, tigers and bears, OH MY!!

First, let's see what we already do to protect society from weather disasters.  Measures have been taken by government to mitigate such things.  Dams have been built to prevent and / or control flooding in prone areas.  (This also gave us hydro-electric power and made us all happy to have that!)  Frequently flooded areas were so designated and thereby zoned out of building allowances.  Not that I approve of this, but people who did build in flood prone areas were at their own risk or could buy flood insurance through a government subsidized program, I think.  (Not an expert on this, but I believe that is so.)  Then there is home protection insurance for storm damage.  Free markets allow this insurance.  Then you have government subsidized drought insurance for farmers.  Looking at the Hurricane Sandy situation in the northeast, I see that Washington D.C. and the northeast politicians are screaming and hollering for relief money from our national coffers (in the red and empty) to be coughed up by the billions.  This happens every time there is a big event.  Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Hurricane Katrina on the gulf coast, etc.  One place gets hit and the whole nation pays for it.  Who says we aren't already collectivists?

All that I just described is either preventative or reactionary spending for weather events we lowly citizens think of as part of the risk of living on the planet. We batten down the hatches and / or head for the high ground.  But what if there is more to the story?


What if there is such a thing as a man-made climate / weather crisis? (No I don't mean you personally, but, rather, some folks doing this deliberately.) Stumbled upon this just now and can't help but fall back on my "gods" theory from the previous post.  If "man-made" climate change really means the government is forcing weather events with unintended consequences from experimental programs, then how can you or I be "causing" any of it?  We aren't.

But the government may be.  If you look around the web you can find some serious evidence that they are.  And if they are, we would be paying double taxes for the weather.  Our taxes paying the government  to screw up the weather and then more taxes to recover the damage from the weather the government screwed up.  Now there's an idea...let's make citizens pay to experimentally control the weather, and then let's make them pay when it goes badly.  Good one.  Al Jazeera Gore has to love that! 

Is this good intentions paving the road to hell, AGAIN??  I bet all of these experimental weather projects are just to help us out....right?  Nah.  Nevermind.  Forget I said that.  This isn't like building a dam or rebuilding a city after a natural disaster.  This is creating an unnatural disaster and then grabbing all the guilt and money from the poor suckers who live here to pay for the consequences.

Just so you know something really is going on....Kay Bailey Hutchinson on Weather Modification


You should read that entire page if you want to see the history of Weather Modification.  Here is a piece of it: 

Thirty years following the creation of the Nation Program in Weather Modification, the US Air Force published a document (Owning The Weather in 2025) establishing that federal agencies involved in the National Weather Modification program are under tacit authority of the Department of Defense.

Owning the Weather in 2025 – Opening StatementCurrent technologies that will mature over the next 30 years will offer anyone who has the necessary resources the ability to modify weather patterns and their corresponding effects, at least on the local scale. Current demographic, economic, and environmental trends will create global stresses that provide the impetus necessary for many countries or groups to turn this weather-modification ability into a capability.
In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. These levels could include unilateral actions, participation in a security framework such as NATO, membership in an international organization such as the UN, or participation in a coalition. Assuming that in 2025 our national security strategy includes weather-modification, its use in our national military strategy will naturally follow. Besides the significant benefits an operational capability would provide, another motivation to pursue weather-modification is to deter and counter potential adversaries.
In this paper we show that appropriate application of weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined. In the future, such operations will enhance air and space superiority and provide new options for battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness.1 “The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it all together;”2 in 2025 we can “Own the Weather

The bottom line from today's meandering path of research....they break it and we own it.  Can't win for losing, as my Mom used to say.  That is... assuming any of this dastardly stuff is actually doing what they say it can.

I'm so simple minded.  I think about all the years of living, raising children, making a home, running a business, going about my life and not once in all of those years did it cross my mind to see if I might want to pay taxes to manipulate the weather.  Really.  I didn't.  Adapt to it.  Protect from it.  But actually pay people to modify the climate?  And then pay taxes to pay for the modifiers' mistakes?  Nope.  Never crossed my mind.  However, just a few years ago I did read Michael Crichton's book, "State of Fear."  I think he was onto something.

I'm still recovering from the flu....but this took my mind off of it for a couple of hours today.  What's a little flu when someone else is busy rigging the climate on my dime and yours, eh?  At the risk of sounding like a Bible thumping redneck, I'd much rather leave the weather and climate up to God.  Man's attempts at manipulating things hasn't been going so well lately. 

Some more pages on this:
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Thursday, January 3, 2013


I haven't had a bug for a long time, so maybe I was due.  At any rate, I have managed to contract the flu.  Luckily, you can't catch it from me by electronic taking my few good moments today to write.  If I make no sense, you can blame it on influenza weakness.  The other thing is, I am seriously considering going "Galt" in my own way.  I find myself preaching to the choir.  While I cherish my friendship with my good blogger friends and sharing our information, I am not seeing a major shift in the knowledge base of the country.  My original intention in writing this blog was to share information that would educate those who really have no clue about what it means to be an American.  Over the past four years of writing, I have to conclude that those who wish to know, already do. Those who don't care, still don't care.  Maybe it's the flu talking, but at this moment I have to say I need to focus my energies on things less futile.   

I'll write today....but not as much or as often going forward.

2013 begins......and things look bad to worse. 
Nations come and go.  Economies flourish, flounder and collapse.  Life is ephemeral.  It has always been so.  Makes you wonder.  If life is a morality tale, playing the same things over and over again, why are people not learning the lessons?

The climate changes.  It always does.  There will be people who prey on other people's ignorance.  As Father Time and the Baby New Year ring in 2013, global economics are desperate for most, thanks to very lame leadership.  America is on the downhill slog owing to decades of socialist corruption.  Congress is fighting with those who would save the day for the sake of keeping the well-heeled rolling in clover.  (I'm tempted to say, "These Are The Days Of Our Lives.")

In the history of the world there have been predatory people who cook up schemes to win advantage over other people.  Read some history of World Civilization and you will see recurring themes on economics and survival, on governing policies, poverty and wealth.  What do you get after the connotation "modern."  Post-modern.  What comes after that?  Post-Post modern?  How modern is modern when what we face is classic and timeless corruption from the powerful?  When Obama talks about "change," and then carries out acts of timeless corruption, just how stupid does he think the American public is?  (hint: He is absolutely certain he is the smartest guy in the room and everyone else is a nincompoop.)

During the majority of my life, a weather catastrophe was called "An Act Of God."  The reason for this was because man does not cause the weather or the climate.  We were all on the same page.  Enter stage left come God deniers who now say humanity is responsible for Acts Of God. The people who can think this up are people who think of themselves as gods.  That means they think, because they can manipulate populations, they can make populations believe in their own guilt over something that no one can manipulate.  And they have.  It rains.  It's your fault.  It doesn't rain.  It's your fault.  It's hot.  It's your fault.  It's cold.  It's your fault.  There is a flood in Pakistan.  It's those bad Americans' fault.  Tsunami in Indonesia or Japan.  It's your fault.   The amazing thing to me is that there are people in America, lots of them among us, who can even remotely believe in this guilt trip.

Below is a comment on an article by Lord Christopher Monckton published at Watts Up With That  I grabbed the comment for the eloquent description of what has happened with the insane theory of Climate Change / Global Warming. 

The CAGW fraud as peddled by the UN was never about the science was it? That was a fabricated cover and a perfect excuse to set up the basis for a unified regulatory proto world government, the drawing together of regional governments under a supreme UN led world government. In of itself and standing alone on its merits the case for CAGW is nothing short of ridiculous, it is the embodiment of the Emperors cloak. While the fawning lickspittles shower the wearer with admiration and the mob shout their adulation it goes unnoticed by most that there is in fact no cloak, not until the little boy who has no stake in the process calls out do others realise the truth.

The cloak is the CAGW fraud and the little boy is the sceptic movement. The cautionary tale come to life in the modern age. As a fabricated useful cover the CAGW fraud was a vehicle, a way of uniting disparate opinion, a method of smothering dissent and caution and a way of uniting the public against a common enemy and a common threat. Make up a public threat and peddle that threat as imminent and dangerous and the public as we have seen through history can be manipulated by those with the will and the means to do it. While the gigantic funding flows those who benefit will not seek to end that funding, the law of self interest.

Thousands of scientists and many institutions rely on CAGW funding, a funding stream that would not be available. And whats more those involved know it too, as surely as the sun rises most scientists know in their heart the CAGW fraud is rubbish but self interest dominates. When the CAGW fraud folds it will do so faster than East Germany, those who peddled it will become overnight sceptics, in fact shortly after the CAGW fraud folds you will be hard pressed to find a true believer. Money and political support is the key, its propped the CAGW fraud long after it would have fallen out of favour and become just another phlogiston blunder.

That sounds like a Shakespearean plot, doesn't it?  Timeless themes.  Self-interest, corrupting and bending policies and reality, to benefit someone, or some few, on the suffering of others.  It doesn't get more classic and timeless than that.

As 2013 moves in, I am watching headlines on the price of a gallon of milk being manipulated by the Federal government. (as it has been since at least 1940) Today I read the "Fiscal Cliff Bill" has averted some catastrophic increase in milk prices.  Otherwise, it did nothing to avert our serious debt crisis.   Energy prices are manipulated by the Federal government.  Land prices are manipulated by the Federal government.  Education prices are manipulated by the Federal government.  No wonder those people think they are gods, manipulating food, energy, land use, water use, education, on and on. 

American citizens are voting for other Americans who think they are gods.  The Federal government is so far out of control, we can't move without being manipulated. The god disease must be contagious. (At least people get over the flu.  They don't seem to get over the god disease.) We see local government officials taking on the same attitudes....and unelected boards doing the same.  We are living among people who have no other goal in life but to tell other people how to live. When I was a kid, my brother used to have a saying that made everyone shut up.  "Who died and left you in charge?"  Well, that's pretty much what I want to say to the Americans who think they are gods. 

The same people who banned incandescent light bulbs are now trying their best to ban guns.  Power to ban things is very seductive, no?  I'd like to ban lying.  Actually, I'd like to ban government from power over us.  Oh, that is what the Constitution was supposed to do.  

Welcome to 2013.  A Georgetown professor (Constitution classes at a "prestigious" university) writes an op-ed saying we should throw out the Constitution. Headlines promoting trans-humanism, technocracy, bureaucracy.  $7 million for Obama's family vacation?  $60+ Billion for one section of the country that has had a natural disaster.  Redistribution of wealth is so much fun...especially when it isn't your wealth.

I received an email about ten days ago from someone saying he was in Connecticut and said he owned one of my paintings that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.  He wanted to know the value of it for insurance purposes.  Hmmmm...I emailed back, sympathized and then asked if he could describe the painting or send me a picture of it?  No reply.  Gee, do you think he is looking to cash in on the government or his insurance company for fictional losses?  I never did hear back from him.  No idea what that was about.

Next mission....get over the flu and get on with less futile efforts.  
Happy 2013, if we can muster it.