Monday, September 28, 2009


I grabbed the graph below from American Thinker Their source was the Washington Post who used CBO data.

I can't help but wonder why those Obama voters last fall didn't see this coming...or if they just didn't care enough to see what was right in front of their faces. I wonder if they just hate America so much, thanks to years of "progressive" Alinsky indoctrination, that they deliberately took the axe to our country. I have to think some of them were just blind, deaf, and dumb. But after all I've seen in the last year I believe a lot of them are premeditated murderers of America. It's hard for me to understand this....but the proof is in the they say. And the pudding is right here in front of your face below. The death of our country in just a few short months. RIP America....Bled to death in 2009. Children are now enslaved for generations to come while Al Gore gets rich, while Soros gets richer, while Obama keeps massaging his own ego, while.....well, you get the idea. The mafia couldn't have succeeded better than this.......foreign enemies could not have done a better job than this.....all of it from within. This graph should be on the front page of every newspaper and newscast all over the country.

Source: The Washington Post, using data from the Congressional Budget Office and White House Office of Management and Budget.

Hoven's Index for September 28, 2009

Propaganda as Love Letters

So Ken Burns is coming out with his PBS series on the National Parks, ironically, at the same time Michael Moore comes out with his absurd attack on Capitalism. Which reminds me of Cyrano DeBergerac.....
How did I make that connection, you might be asking?

Cyrano DeBergerac was a very adept writer of love letters. He was an unattractive man - read Moore and Burns - and he wrote love letters to convince a reluctant love interest - read America - that she should fall in love with some handsome guy - read Obama. The handsome guy paid DeBergerac to convince the lady of his flaming passions for her, thereby swaying her attentions. But in the end, it was DeBergerac who won the lady's hand. The propagandist won out. ( In the case of the love story, you are rooting for the unattractive guy to win....and it is through his words you see what his heart desires.

Literally speaking, it was DeBergerac's writings on behalf of the insincere fellow that made the basis for proxy....which is what we have today. i.e. Obama co-opting the NEA for propaganda, government money propping up PBS to promote propaganda for .....gee....government purposes, and then George Soros, the ultimate ugly guy, using Michael Moore, another ugly guy, undermining the free flow of capitalism to enrich....the ugly guys.

In fact, Michael Moore's movie is called, "Capitalism" A Love Story. (tongue in cheek, obviously) Burns' is an obvious "love story" about how Big Government has saved all of the National Parks from the greedy private interests and, therefore, you must celebrate that.

Hmmmmm....maybe they took that Cyrano DeBergerac a bit too seriously. In today's analogy, Obama is the attractive front man / suiter using the ugly guys to promote his cause. But the end game is the agenda of the ugly guys....and I don't think I like what the ugly guys are pushing in this fable. It sure isn't "true love." It's tyranny of big government....plain and simple.

Watch out for those ugly guys....and the pretty face in front of them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Like most American school children growing up in the 50's and 60's, I was taught that Teddy Roosevelt was some kind of hero for "trust busting" and killing the monopolies. The example that was most often given was the Rockefeller stranglehold on oil and coal production...and that the Rockefellers had ruthlessly ruined or killed off all of the competition and made itself the one "monopoly" in the energy industry. It's a compelling story because the Rockefeller brothers actually did some horrendous things to kill off the competition. Laws did need to be made to protect people from such actions.

So that seemed pretty good to me....I was told that Roosevelt had busted up the monopolies and saved capitalism for competition. Hmmmm....maybe that was too simplistic, but it worked for school children and reinforced the idea that America was a place for all comers who could have an opportunity to compete in the marketplace. Good thing, no?? Well, not quite.

The other two things we learned about TR was that he was the father of the "progressive income tax" and that he started the National Park system. All of this was taught as if TR was our hero.

I'm older and wiser now. I have a more educated view on our government than I did as a young student. And I have a more in depth understanding of the U.S. Constitution than I had then. (this reminds me to remind you....beware of the Obama indoctrination taking place in our is hideous and very very bad for young minds who are supposed to be learning ABC's , RRR's, and critical thinking.)

"In the political sphere, Progressivism is a synonym for socialism, and for our sect called liberalism. Socialism necessitates collectivized power at the highest levels of the political state, leaving open a pathway to totalitarianism. Teddy Roosevelt was the first President to march along that pathway." Quote from a blog called: the View from 1776

Bloody rotten news, frankly. Looks like we have been on this path since 1901, so 108 years of this has shaken the foundations to the core.

Federal income tax is unconstitutional. Period. It involves confiscation of property by the government. The "Progressive" income tax is nothing more than class warfare and wealth distribution....just as the O likes to promote. And getting to the point of Health Care, taxing us for health care is one more thing that is unconstitutional. Teddy would be proud...along with Franklin and Eleanor.....and all of the "progressive" socialist collectivists who have come since them. We've been fighting off an internal parasite for 108 years (and more) and I believe we are now in critical condition. It's make it or break it....the moment of truth has come.

The federal government is setting itself up as a monopoly with Obama's very clever and adept sidestepping snakes. One example is the shut down of charter schools using vouchers in the DC area. Another example is the coming attempt by the FCC "diversity czar" to shut down free speech. Another example is the government ownership of car manufacturers....using our tax dollars. Another example is government ownership of banks, also using our tax dollars.

Obamanopoly is the result....a term I see now frequently on the web. I can't take credit for the term....but I think it is totally apropos.
The only true monopolies are government entities, ie public schools, mandated utilities, etc. Turns out that the busting up of monopolies is only another ruse for creating the mother of all monopolies....the Federal Government. Next up...Obamanopoly Health Care. And after that, Obamanopoly Energy Police.

Fight back....scream and them out.....step up and take it back. Refound the Constitution.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calling Donald Trump

Now you know I've lost my mind......and after I wrote all of the post below, I learned on the news tonight that Ghaddafi managed to rent someplace on Trump property for his Muslim maybe this is not such a hot idea after all.

9/24/09 BUT WAIT...BUT WAIT....The Donald threw the bum out!!!! See I knew he had it in him....
So below is what I wrote originally on Trump. I'm looking for James Bond, Superman, and Indiana Jones all in one guy to save America. In a lot of ways, Donald Trump is America!

I was sitting here thinking about what can be done to stop the Bilderburgers, Soros, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, and only God knows if it is the Illuminati from the destruction of our country that they are orchestrating. What came to my mind was...."money." Ethics, too, of course. But we need money to fight money. Who loves capitalism? Trump! His name is perfect. We can call this the "Trump Card."

The thing about Donald Trump is that he loves entrepreneurism. Is that a word? He loves freedom and the pursuit of independence. He loves a good fight. He never gives up. He has a dramatic public persona. And, this may seem funny, but I believe he is a sincere person. I know he has played politics with some shady characters...namely Hillary Clinton. But I think he's been around the block. He knows how to play hard ball. He's not someone's puppet. He is his own man. And he must be interested in the subject of power politics because he is coming up with a new show based on electing a U.S. President. (Great minds think alike) He announced this in July and I only just found this out. Since the country is all agog over political insanity these days, Trump has his finger on the pulse of the public in surmising we are all fed up and wanting to fix this damn mess.

I am not suggesting he run for president. I am suggesting we need him to help find a president and back a real American for president. I haven't discussed this with The Donald, but I would if I could. I'd love to interview him and find out his views on how we can get America back on track. I bet he would nail it....he would go right to the heart of it and go after it like a tiger.

Now I know he is not as rich as Soros, Brzezinski, or the Queen of England. But he has something of great value....and that is guts! He has some money and lots of guts!!! I say we could do worse.

If any of you happen to know Donald Trump, ask him to email me, would you??? I have some great suggestions for his show and wonder if he would do the search for real. We need someone...why not Trump?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


In a Sunday kind of mood today....weekend winding down and the news just keeps looking worse, the O administration is so out of control and anti-American that I can't believe my ears and eyes. As I watched the news shows this morning I just kept thinking about the people falling through the cracks while all levels of government pols just keep meddling and screwing things up for all of us. When Obama talks about "redistribution," "spreading the wealth around," " social justice," etc., he is talking about government theft and government power over individuals' lives. Plain and simple. He's wrong. It's wrong. There is no "social justice" in the "redistribution of wealth." There is no justice in "monetizing of debt" by the Fed. There is no "right" to nationalized health care. There is no "global warming" catastrophe that requires stealing from the American people to enrich GE and others. There is no security in reneging on promises to allies and making deals with Russia. The lies just never stop coming from this guy.

I went to youtube looking for Bessie Smith's song, "Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do." But then I found this song by Jimmy Witherspoon which just hit me right between the eyes. It says it all...

Can you enjoy the blues??? Small comfort. I don't know......

Well, money's gettin' cheaper
Prices gettin' steeper
Found myself a woman
But I just couldn't keep her

Times gettin' tougher than tough
Things gettin' rougher than rough
I make a lot of money
I just keep spendin' the stuff

Well, pork chops on the market
Ask the butcher for a pound
Couldn't buy a pork chop
When I laid my money down

Times gettin' tougher than tough
Things gettin' rougher than rough
I make a lot of money
Just keep spendin' the stuff

Well, politicians are tellin' folks
To cut out on their meat
Why don't they cut the price
And let the people eat?

Times gettin' tougher than tough
Things gettin' rougher than rough
I make a lot of money
I just keep spendin' the stuff

Well, I can't afford to live
I guess I'll have to try
Undertaker's got a union
And it costs too much to die

Times gettin' tougher than tough
Things gettin' rougher than rough
I make a lot of money
I just keep spendin' the stuff

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keynes For Dummies

I'm adding a link to this post HERE today, Sept. 1, 2011. The paragraph below emphasizes the critical disaster of FDR's policies using Keynesian economics. Why the American public is not screaming at the top of their lungs at Obama, his administration, Pelosi, Reid, and all of congress, is beyond me. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. (Einstein) Obama is just this stupid and / or destructive... and Americans are suffering for the election of the most incredibly disastrous President that ever walked into the White House.

After three years of nearly $4 trillion of Obamanomic stimulus consisting of little more than, foolish pork, union payoffs and bailouts, the economy shows little sign of improvement. "If only we had spent more." In fact, during the 1930s, we did spend more, much more. It too failed. Henry Morgenthau, Jr., FDR's Treasury Secretary, said the following in 1939 to the House Ways and Means Committee: "We are spending more money than we have ever spent before and it does not work. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get jobs. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration: We have just as much unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt to boot."
Hi everybody! As some or most of you know, I'm an artist by profession. I've been a lot of things actually; wife, mom, red cross volunteer in my twenties, art student and president of the local art guild, treasurer of the Humane Society for a while in my thirties, 'single' mom for thirteen years, achieved a real estate license along the way, business owner in my forties and early fifties, and now a fine artist and political blogger. I've lived in Ohio, Colorado, California, and North Carolina. In short, I've been around the block for a while....and that sounds like I'm older than I wish to imply, but ......there it is.

This post is for my kids. My son is 36 and my daughter is 32. They are smart and accomplished and I adore them. I also have three adorable grand-children who are too young to appreciate this information, but I trust my children will pass their knowledge along to them.

In all of my education and my children's educations, we did not study political consequences in economics. Our economic study was targeted toward what we needed for our personal lives. My daughter, who is in the banking industry, has more of the big picture than the rest of us, but her studies were practical applications in banking and not focused on the political manipulations of the government.

So now we are looking at our country being destroyed by economic theory that, by ideology, I disagree with on the grounds of "big government" intervention, destruction of the dollar, and some shadowy figures in the Fed pulling strings jerking us all around. Today I went to my friend Mr. Google and typed in a search on "why is Keynes wrong." A video came up that is 4 minutes long and is the short version of historical mistakes based on Keynes economics. It shows the basic outcomes of economic insanity...and I feel obligated to share it with my children and whoever else reads my opinions here. I hope you find this helpful. When people ask you why you disagree with the economic policies of the Obama administration, the Bush administration, Congress, the Fed, and the Treasury's guy is your answer!

Throwing government money at the country is not the answer to anything. It is like incubating a parasite that sooner or later is going to eat the host from the inside out. Pass this along to all of your children and your friends. Share the knowledge!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Pooh Pooh." says the left. "Those of you who oppose have to be 'racists," says the left. "Astroturf," says the left. "We won, you lost," says the left. "Bitter clingers," says the left. There seems no end to the name calling and divisiveness being thrown at the American public by the left. It is now at the point of laughable ridiculousness. I guess they think if they scream out "racist" at the opponents of their socialist / fascist agenda, then people will be afraid to speak up for fear of being called a "racist." So here's the deal.....

I oppose Obama on ideology. I oppose Obama on Constitutional grounds. (I will be backing that up even more in future posts.) I oppose Obama because I love the founding principles of America and he represents none of them. So call me a "racist." Go ahead, Jimmah me names and act like you are somehow in any position to know my heart. Carter, the useful idiot, just keeps supporting the anti-constitutional infiltrators of our country. Jimmy Carter is about as American as Leon Trotsky.

So call me a "racist" and I will call you a "communist." (speaking to Carter and Obama) Tit for tat. But my call is about governmental ideology and by implication says you are aligned with a diabolical usurpation of my liberty. The "racist" call is about making someone out to be some morally destitute, despicable individual. Carter has no place in this country. He does not represent anybody or anything that is American. The "racist" business is like saying, "$$#@@@^&$ Yo Momma." It is so stupid and out of place here that I can't even believe that this many years after Martin Luther King that anyone still uses the word as a weapon. It's childish, inappropriate to the discussion, and shows us so much more about the person brandishing that word than the person who is the target of the word.

Carter is completely ineffectual as far as I'm concerned. He carries zero weight in this world these days....yet he thinks he does. Maybe he ate too many of those peanuts. Frankly I only wish he had stayed in the peanut business. He is truly laughable. And if it weren't for the fact that he is the idiot who set up the Community Reinvestment Act which has been the downfall of our banking industry, I'd be laughing. Unfortunately, Carter is like a very bad joke and laughing isn't so easy when the stakes are so high.

My opposition is not just "whistling dixie," Mr. Carter. My opposition is true and moral and is grounded in liberty for all of us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Repeat a lie often enough.....

Well, you know the rest of that line. If you repeat a lie long and often enough, sooner or later people will begin to believe it. I think the Big O has practiced that technique all of his life. He must have.... he sure is good at it. He does it every time he opens his mouth. Now this week we have a Big O binge on the mainstream news outlets, the night-time shows, etc. He loves to lie to the public so much that you just about can't get away from him....try as you might.

Anyway, I am grabbing some great writing from a guy on Big Hollywood this time. Joseph C. Phillips writes:

"The new left asserts the noble claim that healthcare is a right. A right by definition requires nothing of anyone else except that they do nothing to infringe upon that right. To claim healthcare as a right requires more than that others step out of the way; it requires that others provide it. The rather sticky moral question of how one secures the right of one man to healthcare by violating the right to private property of another is never addressed. Instead those that question the shaky philosophical underpinnings are called evil, heartless Neanderthals that would withhold Chemotherapy from dying children. (Again the fact that our alternative might actually provide more sick children with Chemotherapy thus saving more lives is irrelevant. Intentions count more than results.)

Ohh to be a member of the new left; virtue is only one platitude away.

If healthcare is a right then certainly so must be housing, food and clothing. In order to meet all these new found rights Government must expand and so must its power. This is the new world order the left seeks.

But where will it end? If every need a citizen has, every tragic circumstance he may face – every “should not” is to be addressed by a positive government obligation we will soon find ourselves awash in government without end. We will find ourselves slaves – contented slaves but slaves nonetheless- going to the polls, still believing we are practicing something called democracy. The good news is we will be feeling pretty good about ourselves."

The word "right" has been so bastardized by the liberal / socialist / left, that it is thrown around like a frisbie just to convince people of some government entitlement that does not exist. Sadly, the uneducated are numerous enough, evidently, that many in our country are buying it. I would congratulate the public schools for dumbing people down to the point that they are clueless on the subject of the U.S. Constitution. Obama loves this. It's like the perfect storm. All things are lined up in favor of the liar.

What more can I say...except these are sad and dire times. The best weapon against the liar is the truth. But if a large number of the public doesn't know the truth.....well, there you go....

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just one more thing today...I keep trying to remind people that there is no legal authority for the Federal Government to involve itself into our health care. I get the 'eyes glazed over' look from people who either don't care or have no idea if the Constitution is allowing Obama or any other administration to mandate our health care. Clueless. I find this so frustrating. First, that any citizen of the U. S. is so unaware of their own liberties that they don't understand what is at stake here. And secondly, it is obvious that Congress has become so drunk with power and Obama is so arrogant that they are going to throw this down our throats whether they have the legal authority or not. So they certainly don't care. And if we don't care...where is the stop-gap?? You can bet the Justice Dept. won't stop them....with Eric Holder in Obama's back pocket, there won't be justice for the foreseeable future. And the Judiciary Branch is controlled by the Justice Dept. so we have no recourse there. So there went three branches of government that are hell-bent to throw away the most precious of our liberties, the freedom to control our own lives / persons / bodies.

The only thing left is State Sovereignty. If you can get your state to declare its rightful sovereignty, allowing no Federal Mandates to enter the state, then there may be a small chance to thwart this plot. Good luck with that. I believe Texas has either done that or is in process. And I think there may be a couple of other states doing this...Georgia being one of them. is the bottom line. NO LEGAL AUTHORITY!!
Here is the definitive explanation...Please read below: Mark J. Fitzgibbons from American Thinker

Mark J. Fitzgibbons
"In his September 9 address to Congress and the nation on health insurance, President Obama said that under his plan, individuals will be required to carry basic health insurance.

There is no clause in Article I of the Constitution authorizing Congress to craft legislation forcing individuals to purchase insurance.

Mr. Obama attempted to justify his intended federal intrusion on individual liberty by noting that states require drivers to carry auto insurance. Notwithstanding the difference between a requirement imposed on licensed individuals or machines as opposed to a mandate for everyone, he fails to recognize the distinction between federal and state powers. James Madision, writing in Federalist No. 45, says:

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

Mr. Obama's proposal not only deprives us of a freedom to use our money as we best deem fit, and is therefore authoritarian, but it is unconstitutional as well."


How much power do your want the "liar in chief" to have? The other day I came across a news item on Drudge that I had not heard before .....that Obama is being placed as the Chair of the U.N. Security Council. Whoa.....I guess being the illegitimate President of the U. S. is not enough for our 'dear leader.' The global Socialists and power mad such as Soros, the Bilderburgers, the Annenburgs and the Tides Foundation, etc. are, no doubt, sipping champagne and sunning on their yachts while enjoying the absolute desecration of the only free country in the world. While the "liar in chief" has us all distracted and worried over what in the hell is going to happen to our health care....he's busy taking over the Security Council at the U.N. I guess America isn't a big enough platform or we don't have enough problems already, the big O finds it necessary to undermine our country both from within and without.

Today I found a comment from someone on The Real Barack Obama It's worth a second to read this man's opinion below. And then ask yourselves if you think you can continue your lives as usual with the knowledge that our country has been taken over by a coup. Really? Yes. Really! Wise up out there. We are either going to have to go into survival mode or we are going to have to fight back. Maybe both...take your pick.

From Pete Koelliker:
"Most of the world is already screaming for a new base currency. This is music to our president’s considerable ears. Obama will become the first American president to chair the UN’s 15-member Security Council this month. This is where everything from ‘global warming’ to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is expected to be resolved. Then, I read this headline on Drudge yesterday morning: “UN wants new global currency to replace dollar…” Does anyone out there really think that Barrack Obama is going to the United Nations to defend the U.S. dollar? I have a nice bridge I’d like to sell to anyone who does.

Allow me to predict that he’ll endorse (in principle) the UN sponsored ‘global currency’ idea which will make us wards of the UN and subject to UN taxation. He will apologize; he will throw Israel under the bus. He will say all this and more to huge applause from the elite members of this august world body – and with barely a whimper from Congress and the American press. "

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm not about killing birds unless it happens to fulfill the need for food. (Actually I feel that way about most animals unless they are predators that kill us or our livestock.) I've written about this subject before, a few months ago. I have a real distaste for huge wind turbines that blight the landscapes and kill lots of birds. Wind turbines as a major source of energy is just a dumb idea that only idiots would buy into. For one thing, it takes more energy to build them than they create. (minor detail....ahem.) That fact, coupled with the fact that these behemoths kill thousands and thousands of migratory birds, is enough to send me into an apoplectic display of utmost frustration. If I were two years old again and out of control, I'd have a regular temper tantrum and be sent to my room crying. Since I can't do that, I really hope I can make some people see the light regarding this very stupid dive into "green" energy using wind turbines.

To bolster my argument today I found an article on the famously respected website called, "Junk Science." The article is written by Robert Bryce, Wall Street Journal. You can find the Junk Science link on my side bar to the right. Without further adieu, I give you more evidence that wind turbines should become quickly abandoned by our energy gurus and become a relic of the past....pronto!! And just in case you thought our government would prosecute laws uniformly and with justice for all, this article below will clue you in on how the "politically correct" schemes and schemers of the day get favoritism from the justice department. Oh, to be one of the pet projects of the power brokers.....I guess the birds are only protected from oil companies but not from GE's wind turbine industry, or maybe T.Boone Pickens' outfit. More turbines...more sliced and diced birds.

Windmills Are Killing Our Birds - One standard for oil companies, another for green energy sources.

"On Aug. 13, ExxonMobil pleaded guilty in federal court to killing 85 birds that had come into contact with crude oil or other pollutants in uncovered tanks or waste-water facilities on its properties. The birds were protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which dates back to 1918. The company agreed to pay $600,000 in fines and fees.

ExxonMobil is hardly alone in running afoul of this law. Over the past two decades, federal officials have brought hundreds of similar cases against energy companies. In July, for example, the Oregon-based electric utility PacifiCorp paid $1.4 million in fines and restitution for killing 232 eagles in Wyoming over the past two years. The birds were electrocuted by poorly-designed power lines.

Yet there is one group of energy producers that are not being prosecuted for killing birds: wind-power companies. And wind-powered turbines are killing a vast number of birds every year.

A July 2008 study of the wind farm at Altamont Pass, Calif., estimated that its turbines kill an average of 80 golden eagles per year. The study, funded by the Alameda County Community Development Agency, also estimated that about 10,000 birds—nearly all protected by the migratory bird act—are being whacked every year at Altamont.

Altamont's turbines, located about 30 miles east of Oakland, Calif., kill more than 100 times as many birds as Exxon's tanks, and they do so every year. But the Altamont Pass wind farm does not face the same threat of prosecution, even though the bird kills at Altamont have been repeatedly documented by biologists since the mid-1990s." (Robert Bryce, WSJ)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Many Czars Does It Take to Run A Communist Country?

At the last count...anywhere from 33 to 44 and climbing. Obama just can't seem to stop throwing in Marxists, Fascists, Socialists, Communists and various other anti-American despots into the White House dynasty. What really amazes me is that so many of these anti-Americans exist in our country and are being placed into positions of power before our very eyes.....and without either the Congress or the Judiciary jumping up and down screaming against this. None of these people have any Constitutional authority over our lives or our businesses, yet Obama just keeps appointing them anyway. Where is the media? Where is the outrage? Where are the patriots who will bring this to a stop? Where is the Republic?

At least one man has stepped up. Glenn Beck has literally put his career and his safety on the line to stand up to this onslaught of enemies from within. And Fox News has had the courage to air Beck's show so that America can at least see some amount of truth. Beck is not the only one out there. But mostly the other muckrakers are on the internet blogs. Oddly enough, the Canadia Free Press has more legitimate information on America than a lot of American news organizations over the past several years.

From the Canada Free Press site is just one of the enlightening articles on Obama and his czars, written by Bill Turner on September 5th comes this bolt of truth on one Czar, Cass Sunstein:

"Cass Sunstein, Information and Regulatory Czar, has also assumed the duties of Body Desecration and Organ Harvesting Czar. Cass has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken. Right now, as an American citizen I have to give permission, usually on my drivers license to be an organ donor.

In Sunstein’s America, my organs belong to the state, unless I lay claim to them before hand, presumably by having “Do Not Open” tattooed on my chest in big red letters."

Seriously....this is par for the course with Obama's czars. Ezekiel Emanuel is just as bad. Tom Daschle, the tax cheat who gets to do his dirty work from the shadows now, is just as bad. Carol Browner, whose identity connection to Socialists International was "scrubbed" so you wouldn't know, is just as bad. These few are just the tip of the iceberg. The White House is crawling with them.


So folks, those of you who voted for this Marxist is that "hope" thing working out for you? Frankly, Obama's got the "change" thing down pat. But I "hope" this is not the "change" you actually thought you were voting into our country.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chairman Obama and Our Children

So what does the "last straw" look like? I think it looks like this:

The Almighty Obama takes over public school classrooms and begins the subordination and indoctrination of hundreds of thousands of American children.

Between Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Che, Fidel, Mussolini, a long line of dictators started just this way. They took over the media, the commerce, the banks, and the schools. If you had any doubt about Obama's agenda before now, I hope you can finally see the forest for the trees.

Little Red Obama books in every school child's hand....I'm sure Bill Ayers is proud of this moment. The Obama's have been very good students themselves .... of all things Marx, Engels, Alinsky, etc. All things unAmerican, certainly.

People with any amount of little grey cells out there have to see what is going on. Sadly, I am picturing a lot of little inner city kids getting sucked right into this insanity. Instead of drug gangs, they will be forming Obama's army of thugs who will grow up to smash those right-wing terrorists who believe in the U.S. Constitution. Instead of growing up dreaming about actually working to create their own piece of American success, they'll be growing up dreaming of how to kill off anyone who disagrees with the Almighty Obama. Talk about dividing up our country into factions....this guy wins the prize.

Anyway...the last straw is when you go after kids. That really should be the last straw. Innocent children should not be used as pawns for political dictators. How much more unAmerican can you get????
What kind of man uses children to his own ends? (I hope you can answer that for yourself.)

Do you send your children to school in order to do things for the President? We're all working for Barack Soetoro / Obama now? This is a far cry from JFK's "ask what you can do for your country." This is asking, "What can you do for Barack Obama."

Here is part of the "lesson plan" sent out to the schools by the White House:

As students listen to the speech, they could think about the following:
What is the President trying to tell me?
What is the President asking me to do?
What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?

Students can record important parts of the speech where the President is asking them to do something.
Students might think about:
What specific job is he asking me to do?
Is he asking anything of anyone else?
The American people?