Saturday, June 30, 2012


After the Robert's decision and after all we have seen over the last decade, you have to realize the U.S. Constitution is being shredded and / or ignored completely.  So realize it.  Take it in.  Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and just take it all in. 

My explanation may be simplistic, but the formula is rather simple at it's core.  Most of my readers can see this, but I am going through this exercise for the sake of a few naive people I know who can't figure this out.  It struck me today to try to articulate this as simply as I can, maybe for my own digestion, but also for someone who may be unable to see how America has been lost.  (At least for now and maybe forever.)

First, think about necessities, i.e. currency, housing, natural resources, transportation, energy, education, health care, and food.  Imagine you want control over all of those necessities in order to control the population.  (No, don't give me that look, like who would want to do that?  Or why would anyone want to do that?  We know who and we know don't even go there.)

Step #1. Create the crisis. Now think about what you would do to command control of all of those sectors.  Each one of the sectors I mention is publicized as being in crisis mode or under shortages.  You know the drill.  "We're running out of energy sources."  "We're running out of natural resources."  "Too many people don't have access to health care."  "Education is failing our students." "We have food deserts."  (Conversely, "we have an obesity epidemic.")  "Banks are evil because people can't get loans."  Conversely, "Money disappearing into the coffers of highly paid executives."...or, "Money is just disappearing a la AIG and J.P. Morgan.")  "Cars are killing the planet."  "Humans and domestic animals create evil greenhouse gases."  "Americans are too wealthy and use up too many resources."  While you are at this, destroy the infrastructure, divert transportation money away from roads and bridges, blow up dams, monitor and restrict farming, etc.

Step #2. Use government power to "fix the crisis."  In your mind, go back to Jimmy Carter.  What did he do?  Crises.  In his case it was the energy (gasoline) crisis, housing and banking.  (Housing was not a crisis, but he hit two birds with one stone on that one because he went after the banks on home loans, creating the Community Reinvestment Act, thereby regulating the banks.  Strangling the banks, more like it.  Forcing them to loan to areas which notoriously were high risk areas.

Now let's go to Bill Clinton.  He doubled down on the banks and housing regulations by putting the CRA on steroids.  Not done, he then created the President's Council on Sustainable Development which hits ALL of the sectors on the pretense of a fictional global environmental crises.  He also refused to go after Bin Laden, but oh well.

Move right along to Bush.  Voilá!  911. A security crisis.  Create the Patriot Act and Homeland Security (HSA).  Warrantless wiretaps.  Airport scanners.  Drones over American land.

All through these years you have the open border policy allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country.  Voilá!  Another crisis.  More regulations forcing Americans to pay for the illegals. 

All through these years you demand public education curriculum which supports your ideology.  Rewrite history and refuse to teach the tenets of liberty.

Spend until the nation has more debt than the GDP.  Outspend productivity. 

Step #3. Make it global.  Forget the United States as a sovereign nation and wind all of the problems into the global picture.  Both literally and figuratively, make Americans pay the price for global problems that American citizens did not create, but some American government policies did.  Tie us into the IMF so we are on the hook for the EU crisis.  Invest public retirement funds in global markets through the World Bank.  Treaties with the UN that redistribute our sovereign wealth.  Create Free Trade Agreements and Free Trade Zones within our sovereign borders.  Tie us all together in neat little Gordian knots made of your Socialist utopian threads from which we cannot escape.

Step #4.  Use the media (buy the media) to propagate the lies and ridicule anyone who doesn't buy into the lies.  Redefine everything.  Regulate speech (making speech a hate crime) and control internet communications (in process now). Dumb the culture down.  Appoint global progressives or sycophants to the Supreme Court.  Hand power to your fellow travelers in all government agencies.

Step #5.  Hire millions more government employees to handle all of the new regulations.  Use the power of regulations to shut down private sector businesses and / or collude with the larger (too big to fail) industries.  Bailout the 'too big to fail' sectors. Raise taxes to pay for all of this.  Use tax policies to reward or punish citizens.

Step #6.  You are almost done now.  Next, you just start using executive orders. Corrupt the Justice Department.  Corrupt the military mission from defense of the nation to social causes.   Forget the people's House.  Go around Congress.  Make sure the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates at zero.  Print more money to cause inflation.  Corrupt the currency and the banking sector. 

Step #7.  Gloat.  Manage the crises you created while pretending you are solving them.  Manage the perpetual wars.  Vacation in Hawaii and New England.  Play golf.  Party on, Dudes!!!  Your mission is accomplished.  Retire on our dimes.  Build monuments to yourselves.  Your children inherit your lies and wealth, while our children inherit your crises and debts. 

I'm sure I've left some things out here and there.  But that's the crux of the situation.  Did you like being American?  I did.  Did they ask us if we wanted to be global Socialists?  And if they did, did you even understand what that means?  And if you did understand what that means, why did you vote for it? 

Where is our America?
I don't even like Simon and Garfunkel, politically speaking, but this is the song that came to my mind:



Thursday, June 28, 2012


My gut reaction so far....
Disappointing, but who is really surprised?  I guess I shouldn't be.  Is it Constitutional for the Federal government to force the public to buy a service or a product, or be punished if you don't?  And then call it a tax?  This is already being done and will continue to be done as long as the "progressive" left dominates both parties and the entire federal government. Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt set up the Social Security Administration, the public has been forcibly taxed for a social welfare program.  Since Lyndon Baines Johnson set up Medicare and Medicaid, the public has been forcibly taxed for a medical social welfare program.  Since the Federal government some time ago decided to allow millions of illegal immigrants into this country and gave them free healthcare and educations, the public has been forcibly taxed to provide these services for them.  States have been bankrupted by the herculean effort to provide.  I am sure there are more examples, but those are the ones that instantly come to mind. 

Another aspect of this entire scene struck me today and that is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's age.  Now that SCOTUS has brought forth this appalling decision, she can step down and Obama can replace her with someone equally Socialist "Progressive" on the court.  This takes Romney's options for Supreme Court nominations off the table, unless one of the others dies or becomes incapacitated.  Not that Romney would be any guarantee of anything when you realize that GW Bush appointed Justice Roberts who gave the deciding vote on this.  I am wondering where is the store where they sell the sheep's clothing for these people. 

Yet another aspect of this is the short term boon that insurance companies will gain....that is BEFORE they are overwhelmed and go belly up after which the Feds bail them out and take over all of it. Truth is, the Feds have just taken over all of our health care, but the insurance companies are temporarily the middleman.  If it isn't repealed, we'll just have to see how that goes.

Then there is the fine.  (tax?)  I see a correlation in this to the light bulb ban, believe it or not.  The incandescent bulb was banned, but the replacement for it was a more expensive, inferior product benefiting light bulb producers such as GE.  Even though the fine doesn't exist, you are forced to purchase what GE produces....just like you are forced to buy what the insurance companies and the government collude to produce in health care policies.  Is this fascism?  

As Obama has already said, this Obamacare monster is just a stepping stone to the real goal and that is single payer.    

1776 was 236 years ago.  Evidently the blood that was spilled and the fortunes lost to gain and preserve freedom for Americans was all for naught.  Incrementally, deliberately, and ever so insidiously, over a hundred years now, our Constitutional freedoms have been frittered away in small bits and large chunks.  Today's SCOTUS decision is one of those large chunks. 

The early Patriots threw the tea in the harbor to show their disgust with the taxing powers of the King of England.  How do you throw your health care into the harbor?  You can't.  How do you throw your retirement in the harbor?  You can't.  

If Roberts is right, that the entire question relies on the taxing power of Congress, this country better have an epiphany on Congress. Yes.  Was that his strategy, as some are suggesting today?  Did Roberts give us an out?  No one knows.  But it goes beyond Congress, in my humble opinion.  The policies of the Socialist left have permeated Congress and both parties, yes.  But it is the President in these situations who drove the Socialist goal home.  It was FDR, LBJ, and now BHO who have set the stage and signed Americans into slavery, taxing for Socialist goals.  When a President of the United States not only fails to uphold the Constitution, but creates a monster such as these Socialist programs are, I can't help but wonder how deep the flaws go that an anti-Constitutional person swears to uphold the Constitution when taking office, but then turns around and trashes that very Constitution, trashing the freedoms we are guaranteed.  When Congress puts a bill in front of the President to sign that is un-Constitutional, when does the President veto it?  When is it treason?  When is it impeachable?  When?  Evidently never, according to SCOTUS. 

This Obamacare Socialist healthcare system will fail all of us.  At for the Nov. election, I am expecting massive voter fraud, thousands of illegals voting, and no way out in November.   If Romney wins, we can hope that Romney will do everything he can to repeal it, that Congress will repeal it.  But by then, how much of it is already implemented?  The only slightly viable possible avenue out of this Obamacare debacle may be "nullification" by the States.    

Frankly, I'm sickened by the whole circus we are watching.  Have enough people figured it out yet? Or do they even care? 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


You would think that keeping that old car running would qualify very well for "Sustainability' tax credits or some stars from the "Reuse, Recycle," crowd.  Wouldn't you?  After all, keeping that old car means not ditching more metal into the junk yard where old cars go to die.  I'm not wasting money on trading cars every two or three years for the sake of fashion or new fangled gadgets.  I'm using what I already own.  Sort of like Warren Buffet.  Right? 

My car is 19 years old and only has 93,000 miles on it, leather seats, great visibility, cruise control, and somewhat decent mileage.  It runs great. Looks good.  I didn't bite on that Cash for Clunkers nonsense.  Even so, every now and then I think maybe, just maybe, it's time to dive back into the car market and find something newer.  Should I buy an SUV?  A wagon?  A Prius? A Volvo? An Infinity?  A Beamer?  I'm picky.  I admit it.  Would be nice to have higher gas mileage I guess, but would I save enough money on gas to buy a $35,000 new vehicle?  How many miles would I have to drive to save $35,000?  

And then I read the news on Cafe Standards imposed by the EPA and I ask myself, "Why would I want to get rid of a perfectly good car just to buy a more expensive, more unsafe car?  The point of the EPA is perfectly clear.  They are pricing normal Americans out of the car market and forcing them into mass transit as fast as they can.  It's so obvious even a cave-man could figure it out. The Cafe Standards they impose require lighter weight vehicles that aren't as strong as the average tin can your grocery tuna is packaged.  Of course you can opt for all the GPS gadgets you want, but the car itself is more plastic than steel.  

This from CFACT on the lastest CAFE Standards:  

EPA's new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards mean lighter weight, more expensive cars that will increase deaths and severe injuries in crashes and price nearly 7 million Americans out of the new car market.

 "As they have for 37 years, car companies will follow these new rules by making cars thinner and lighter, and made more from plastic and aluminum than from crash-resistant steel. Smaller, slighter vehicles get better mileage. But that hardly matters when a car smacks into a sycamore or cement wall, tumbles down a slope, or slams head-on into another vehicle."

"According to the Brookings Institution, a 500-lb weight reduction of the average car increased annual highway fatalities by 2,200-3,900 and serious injuries by 11,000 and 19,500 per year. USA Today found that 7,700 deaths occurred for every mile per gallon gained in fuel economy standards. Smaller cars accounted for up to 12,144 deaths in 1997, 37% of all vehicle fatalities for that year."

"How many deaths have resulted? Depending on which study you choose, the total ranges from 41,600 to 124,800. To that figure we can add between 352,000 and 624,000 people suffering serious injuries, including being crippled for life. In the past thirty years, fuel standards have become one of the major causes of death and misery in the United States — and one almost completely attributable to human stupidity and shortsightedness."

Foolishly I ask myself how long our government will continue to be held hostage by idiots and false prophets of do-good-ism.  (I know that isn't a word, but if they can abominate words...why can't I?) 
 I'm going to think of my car as a classic, growing in value as it ages with grace.  I may look the fool on the road as I grow old along with my car, but maybe I'll come out ahead in the car follies game.   I'm going to think of it as revenge against the EPA.  At some point I wonder if the EPA will regulate my car off the road.  I hope to heaven not.   A new car is nice, if you can afford something in the upper price range that somehow offers more than the tuna can variety.  But until the sweepstakes calls me the winner, I think I'll just keep my car for now.

Besides...tomorrow we find out if our liberty on healthcare stands or falls.  Either way, I'll need that $35,000 for insurance, or medical care, or the taxes on all of it.  We'll see, eh?  Like everyone else, I am waiting to see what SCOTUS says.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


 In the name of Sustainable Development, will people ever wake up????

I can't grab the photos from this particular page, but please go here and see what proponents of Sustainable Development have in mind for housing in France.  You'll notice all of the usual alluring descriptions about energy efficiency and green certification.  Since this is in France, it made me wonder if this is the new definition for La Cage Au Folles!   

But I digress....

The people who deny the existence of Agenda 21, or ridicule those who are warning our fellow citizens, should do some serious research. The document "Agenda 21" is published for all to see and easily found on the web. Bill Clinton's "President's Council on Sustainable Development," which began bringing the tenets of Agenda 21 into the U.S. through Federal agencies and funding, is easily found on the web. Obama's White House Rural Council is easily found on the web. The wording of all of these is deliberately alluring and utopian, however, when you understand what this government dependency brings, you can easily see these plans have nothing to do with your freedoms or rights. Agenda 21 is complete dependency in trade for loss of freedoms and rights. Once familiar with the doctrine of Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / Smart Growth, all those curious enough can find the exact same doctrine in our State agencies, Counties and Cities. 

The real question is, how can anyone deny the existence of Agenda 21 when the facts are staring you right in the face? The real question is, why have our leaders sold out the U.S. Constitution and implemented a doctrine that completely undermines our sovereignty, our rights, our freedoms, and our economic security? The real question is, how many unelected agencies and bureaucrats are dangling borrowed taxpayer funding in front of our councils and commissions to bribe them into implementing this doctrine? Without a ratified treaty, our leadership has bypassed Congress and proceeded to economically rape this country in order to satisfy the power-mad on the global stage. Once economically broken, once resources are out of the hands of citizens, once herded into mega-regions into high density enclaves, our American sovereignty is gone. Global Marxism has been marching right into our lives, without our permission, through our own government, for years now...under obfuscated idyllic names meant to entice the unsuspecting. 

So this is all bunk and people are crazy? When the utility company puts that Smart Meter on your house and charges you higher rates to monitor all of your energy use in real time, maybe you'll begin to ask those questions. But that would be too late, now wouldn't it? 

What is crazy is denying reality.  

Links & info:
WH Rural Council (Basically an executive order for Federal agencies to take over all aspects of rural America, all the while talking about improving quality of life, putting people back to work, et al.) 
(Interesting to note all of the Clinton PCSD pages have been updated to say "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming."  This indicates to me that the PCSD initiatives are operating today even though Clinton has been out of office for what....13 yrs. now? )
  1. Working Group on Economic, Regulatory, and Voluntary Measures. This group examined a broad range of economic instruments, regulatory approaches, and voluntary steps that could be taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These could include tradeable permits; tax credits/deductions for investing in improved technologies; carbon taxes; mitigation measures for economic or regional dislocations; partnerships among the investment and insurance communities, government, and industry; various regulatory approaches; and voluntary initiatives. Working Group Tri-chairs: Environmental Defense Fund, BP America,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Down in Rio they are playing games with your money.  Your money and mine, actually.  I only wish it was a Monopoly Game they were playing with....I'd be a lot less irritated.   I was just reading a report from Paul Driessen and Duggan Flanakin, who have gone to Rio to witness the global heist attempt and here is a small piece of what they write.

Just this week, the Civil Society Reflection Group on Global Development Perspectives released a new report to the United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit on Sustainable Development. The executive summary of No Future Without Justice begins with the heading, “The World Is in Need of Fundamental Change.” The document then offers “solutions,” which include “universal fiscal equalization” and a “massive and absolute decoupling of well-being from resource extraction and consumption.”

Really folks.  What world to we live in where stealing from people is called "Justice?"  The most basic immorality of these people is so off the charts obvious it is not to be believed.  If I were not reading this report with my very own eyes, I'd swear I was reading some account of how Mein Kampf went viral in 2012.    

The authors continue:  
"What is the source of all of this gobbledygook? Agenda 21, the centerpiece of the original Rio Earth Summit – which is being perpetuated, refined and redefined at parallel proceedings in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, while the main sustainability discussions are ongoing in Rio de Janeiro."

"In short, “sustainable development” is a system that requires a redefinition of business activity, away from the pursuit of personal profit – and of government activity, away from the pursuit of individual happiness and justice – and toward the pursuit of societal good, as defined by activists and the UN."

I read yesterday that Hillary Clinton and the Environmental Czar, Sheila Jackson were attending this convention of coveting criminals.  Oh, but why not?  If fits Hillary's redistributive agenda certainly.  

Meanwhile, the Middle East is roiling, the EU is treading on thin ice, and the U.S. is participating in a global scam the size of Uranus.  (Did I say that?  

Yes, I think I did! 

The genius of these Rio Radicals is this (from the same article):

"To guide this “fundamental” shift toward the sustainability paradigm, the Group laid down eight principles – the key being the “precautionary principle,” which forbids any activity that might involve risk or “do harm.” Its own sustainability prescriptions are, of course, exempted from any reviews under the precautionary principle."

Well, that is like saying there are no absolutes, now isn't it?  (If you don't get that right away, think about it a minute.)

I think I'll go put "The Girl From Ipanema" on my ITunes list now.  You know, to get in the spirit of things.  My thoughts of Rio have changed....speaking of fundamental change.  Maybe I need a conversation with the Roaming Gnome.  I'm sure he'd side with me and disagree with the global jet setters who are planning to steal from the whole planet.  After all, if they get their way, the Roaming Gnome would be out of business because no one will be allowed to travel.

Bon voyage!  Ta Ta for now!!

Friday, June 15, 2012


I've never been one to hate banks, actually.  That is, I understand basic economics with my small business mind and understand the role of banks in the scope of things.  However, I have had the unfortunate education these past few years of seeing the bigger picture of how global bankers are manipulating governments (and vice versa) to some very bad ends.  My education on this subject began with the book, "The Creature From Jeckyll Island by G. Edward Griffith.  A whole new perspective emerged.  That, plus reading some history on banking collusion with governments, and henceforth I carry the mark of the disillusioned skeptic forevermore.   Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss.  But I remind myself that ignorance is the tool of power brokers in all sectors.  Then I waffle back to wishing I didn't know some things in order to recapture bliss.  Alas...back and forth between wishful thinking and reality. 

Does it even matter who is President of the United States when it comes to monetary / economic policy?  Who is really driving this bus?  The history of economic expansions and retractions is something to hold in awe.  The groundwork laid for constant turmoil...  Hayek and Keynes forever locked in battle over money policies. 

Anyway, discussing this and other issues with a friend recently reminded me of the source of my angst on this and all other issues.  It's the Constitution, Stupid.  Or rather, I should say, "It is the trashing of the Constitution, Stupid!"  None of this needs to be happening.  The firewall, our Constitution, is ignored and shredded by government officials and bankers.  Is money policy the crux of all of our ills?  Probably a huge part of it.  Money used to inject bad ideologies into our lives, ideologies that are unConstitutional.  Bad ideologies converging with bad money policies and what do you have?  Corruption and poverty.  All avoidable. 

Thought you might like this video on the European Crisis.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I just watched a video from CFACT featuring Lord Christopher Monckton on the Global Warming - Climate Change fraud.  It's about 35 minutes and well worth your time if you wish to watch it.  That said, anyone with a brain who reads this blog knows the Anthropogenic Climate Catastrophe predictions driving our government policies is pure fraud.  Yet the insanity continues.

A week or so ago I saw stories about the EPA using drones to monitor farmlands and ranchlands.  (Note in that article the reference to "region 7. We are now regions?)  Needless to say, I absorbed the information thinking about how invasive and out of control our federal government has become.  I asked myself, "Now why would they be doing that?"  Hmmmm....

The answer came in another story that came soon after the first, titled "Manure Could Prove Farmer's Cash Cow."

"Under the Carbon Farming Initiative, the Government says dairy producers will be able to earn carbon credits if they capture and destroy methane and other greenhouse gasses emitted by manure." 

"Farmers who participate in the program will cover manure ponds, then have the choice of burning and destroying the captured gas, or using it to fuel internal combustion engines to produce electricity."
"Either way, they will earn carbon credits for preventing the gas from entering the atmosphere." 

"Pig farmers will also be able to earn credits by reducing emissions from manure."
 I instantly wondered what just happened to the organic fertilizer industry.  But that would be silly of wouldn't it!  Better Vegetable Gardening with Cow Manure

How many ways can the government misuse power and tax money?  Don't answer that.  (I don't have enough time hear that answer right now.)  First come the incentives.  Then come the fines.  If they don't get their way by buying you off, they will punish you for not playing their game.  I can't help but also wonder who in the heck would go into business as a small farmer today.  It is the corporate farms who will be able to take advantage of this cash cow, more than the little guys.  I imagine it would take a lot of labor, equipment, time, and money to go around the ranch to collect all of that manure.  I'm not in the farming business, but I am guessing that would be done to collect manure for the organic fertilizer market?  Maybe there is a farmer in the house who can tell me about that.  But I digress... 

Congress defeated Cap and Trade.  Does that stop the federal government from implementing cap and trade?  NO.  Congress is nearly irrelevant at this point.  We tell them no.  They just keep spending our money on unconstitutional activities based on fraudulent, corrupt ideas.  All things are being done by fiat from the executive branch with carte blanche to the federal agencies.  The kicker for me is this is funded anyway by...... Congress!  Someone is funding this insanity with our money.  There is an agriculture committee and an environment committee and an energy committee, among the hundreds of committees.  Who got to whom?  Who is funding drones over farms and ranches?  We are.  Who is now going to pay for the destruction of manure?  Who is going to subsidize turning cow manure into green energy?  We are.  Who is footing the bill for Climate Change policies based on fraud?  We are.

This is exactly like Cash For Clunkers.  Our tax money is being spent to rid the planet of some artificial boogeyman that environmentalists hate.  Before it was destroying cars.  In this case it is cow manure.  I'm supposing at this point that the vegan diet does not support brain health.  That has to be the explanation for people implementing this type of nonsense.

Anyway...that's the news today.  The EPA will be monitoring farms and ranches, while at the same time paying farmers and ranchers to destroy manure.  I'm sure this eventually will require police action.

Monday, June 11, 2012

CFACT heads to Rio+20 to expose UN “sustainability” ploy

 Sharing this link.  Our warriors for environmental truth  will expose the travesty being perpetrated on the American public and the world.  Godspeed to them!

CFACT heads to Rio+20 to expose UN “sustainability” ploy

Reporting here:
CFACT is headed to Brazil to expose these dreadful, potentially devastating policy proposals – and inject some much needed common sense and attention to people’s needs into the deliberations.
CFACT’s team arrives in Rio June 12. Our delegation will cover the UN organizing meeting in Rio, June 13-15, send part of its delegation to the ICLEI/Agenda 21 World Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, June 14-17 – and regroup for the Rio+20 summit, June 20-22.
CFACT’s team will feature Marc Morano, creator of CFACT’s award-winning, Lord Christopher Monckton, and CFACT president David Rothbard, executive director Craig Rucker, senior policy advisor Paul Driessen and our hard-working staff.  Bios and photos are available at
“We are going to shout a wake-up call,” said Rucker, “loud and clear. People need to know just how radical and destructive the agenda that’s being promoted for Rio+20 would actually be.”
Reporters seeking first-hand insight into the Rio+20 negotiations or looking to balance their reporting with solid facts to counter radical Rio pronouncements should look to CFACT. Our featured commentators are well known for cogent, insightful, informative and witty analysis that will add solid value to any account of Rio+20. CFACT’s delegation is available to all media.
“There is danger brewing in Rio that has not been adequately covered,” Rothbard said. “There is also a tragic likelihood that an historic opportunity will go to waste – a chance to wake up and change direction.  Freedom, prosperity, science and technology – what we like to call ‘constructive sustainability’ – is the only genuine path to achieve all that is best for our planet and people too.”

Friday, June 8, 2012


My mother, who had good points and bad, was very good at throwing out adages at appropriate times when I was a child.  She sort of left me to figure them out on my own.  I'd ask myself, "What do you suppose she meant by that?"  One of the things she often said was, "There is nothing new under the Sun."  God bless her soul and hopefully she is resting in peace. She was an impatient mother.  She  had an air of authority that said, "Don't question me, I know what I'm talking about."  Later, I would go on about my life when those adages would pop back into my mind and I would then say to myself, "Oh, that's what she meant by that."  Today is one of those days.  I was reminded of this by someone who made a comment at WattsUpWithThat.  The article was regarding the carbon credit market crashing and the comment was regarding something called Tulip Mania.  Up popped my mother again, "There is nothing new under the Sun."

According to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, Tulip Mania is a marketing craze over tulips that took place in the 1600's.  Part of the description of Tulip Mania says this:  "The term "tulip mania" is now often used metaphorically to refer to any large economic bubble (when asset prices deviate from intrinsic values." 

That pretty much describes a craze of no substance, which is what carbon trading is; no substance.  Which took me back to Enron.  Isn't carbon trading fraud what the Enron debacle was about?  Power and Control Blog

How about a carbon dioxide cap-and-trade program? The problem was that CO2 is not a pollutant, and therefore the EPA had no authority to cap its emission. Al Gore took office in 1993 and almost immediately became infatuated with the idea of an international environmental regulatory regime. He led a U.S. initiative to review new projects around the world and issue ‘credits’ of so many tons of annual CO2 emission reduction. Under law a tradeable system was required, which was exactly what Enron also wanted because they were already trading pollutant credits.

Thence Enron vigorously lobbied Clinton and Congress, seeking EPA regulatory authority over CO2. From 1994 to 1996, the Enron Foundation contributed nearly $1 million dollars - $990,000 - to the Nature Conservancy, whose Climate Change Project promotes global warming theories. Enron philanthropists lavished almost $1.5 million on environmental groups that support international energy controls to “reduce” global warming. Executives at Enron worked closely with the Clinton administration to help create a scaremongering climate science environment because the company believed the treaty could provide it with a monstrous financial windfall. The plan was that once the problem was in place the solution would be trotted out.

But I digress.

The reason I am writing about this now (and again) is because it is all tied into the fraud the environmentalists, energy companies, and government are perpetrating on the public in the form of forced carbon reduction through taxing, tax incentives, and Smart Meters.  

As I go about educating myself and hopefully my readers on these subjects, I can tend to get sidetracked a bit when I come across some tangential information.  That happened today when I came across a great site with a timeline history of money.  As I read through it, I was instantly fascinated by the creation of money out of thin air.  Which is what carbon credits are exactly; creating money out of thin air.  It was interesting to find that "money changers" established the first central bank in the Netherlands in 1609, which is just before the timeline on Tulip Mania.

This post may seem like a stream of consciousness, moving back and forth from my mother to carbon trading schemes, to Tulip Mania, to "the money changers."    That is where my mind went today.  Connecting the dots throughout.  History is a great teacher.   

Our legislators and elected officials, (read from Presidents on down through the entire chain of government) have been corrupt and derelict in their duties to protect the public from such frauds.  Worse than complicit, they are perpetrating the frauds.  The American public (That means you and I) are going to have to wake up and clean house.   I'm sick of this.  You are, too.  Just remember, we aren't the first generation to be scammed and ruined by "money changers."  We are just the latest.  It could be the end of America this time.  In the past, countries have been ruined.  The difference today is we have communication tools that allow the public to seek and find the truth.  

Side Notes:
Please go to the sites on my side bar for the best information on Climate Change truth.  Climate Depot, WattsUpWithThat, Al Fin, and several others are diligently getting the truth out there for you.  Every time you see another policy being set in place that relates to Climate Change (Smart Meters would be one, anything "green" would qualify) or redistribution of wealth based on "regional" land use, PLEASE go after your local, state, and national representatives.  Tell them NO.  Not just NO, but HELL NO.


Monday, June 4, 2012


(Above is the oh, so charming, but politically incorrect, song from You Tube.)
I think trains are cool, although I find them intimidating.  When I was a child a train track ran just a few feet from my Dad's tire store, situated a block from Main Street. As a little girl, when I heard the whistle, I'd go out outside to the front of the store and stand there, feel the ground move, my hair blowing from the passing machines on the track. I'd count the cars. I'd wave at the engineers and the guy who manned the caboose. They smiled and waved back. I'd go back in and report to my Dad how many cars, as if the information was very important.  Huge and powerful, a mighty sight for a little child.  

Anthony Watts, over at WattsUpWithThat, reports on  "renewable" energy and the latest development in ......the steam engine.  Yes, you read that right.  The steam engine.  Dreaming of bygone sounds so charming.  

Here is Anthony's take on bio-coal used for "renewable energy:"  
"Here’s the strange part, they are converting an oil burning locomotive to run “biocoal”, and somehow they magically think the production process and the burning of it won’t produce any net CO2, saying the process is “carbon neutral”.  I think they’ve left out some parts, like the energy needed to produce and transport the biocoal fuel in the first place. Excerpts from the MSNBC story
A steam train built in 1937 is getting a makeover that will turn it into a “higher-speed” locomotive that runs on biocoal, a coal-like fuel made with woody plant material.
When finished, the train will be able chug along existing tracks at speeds up to 130 miles per hour without contributing to the greenhouse gas pollution blamed for global warming."
 The comments below that story are priceless, by the way.

The "renewable energy" used to fire up this steam engine is bio-coal made from........trees.  North Carolina has committed itself to a percentage of "renewable energy" by such and such a date.  To that end, our State has made deals with the energy sector and the enviromentalist lobbies to create biomass energy.  The problem with that is North Carolina's abundance of trees is named as a source for this "renewable energy."  Trees are a fabulous renewable resource.  The durable products we receive from trees are many and useful, furniture and paper being two of them.  But those two industries have been vilified for years for using trees to create their products from trees. So now we find that environmentalists who have complained for years about the use of trees for industries of durable goods are, all of sudden, just fine with burning up trees for "renewable energy?"  What goes on here?

From the News and Observer 
State regulators today resolved one of the more nettlesome conundrums of green energy: Do forests and tree farms count as a renewable energy resource?
The N.C. Utilities Commission said that they do, clearing the way for power companies to harvest entire trees for wood chips to be used as a fuel in power plants. Wood and other biomass are expected to supply much of the alternative fuel that in the coming decades will offset the state's heavy reliance on coal and nuclear power to generate electricity.
Duke Energy, the state's biggest power company, is already blending wood chips with coal to meet its green energy mandates under the state's 2007 energy law, which requires power companies to shift to alternative energy sources.
"This decision by the commission further reinforces that biomass, including woody biomass derived from whole trees, is a viable renewable resource for North Carolina," said Duke spokesman Jason Walls.

Read more here:

Anthony Watts and the comments on his post proceed to explain how this bio-coal does nothing to reduce energy use.  It takes energy to produce bio-coal, just like wind turbines take more energy to create than the energy they eventually produce.  There is a downside to production of bio-coal.  The trade off would be taking a living tree which provides a carbon sink to the atmosphere and then turning it into an energy source.  Is this energy source any more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels? 

Supply Problem:
" The Tennessee Valley Authority—a government-owned power utility—has been conducting biomass/coal cofiring tests for the past several decades, and also has an interest in torrefied pellets. Unfortunately, it has run into the same problem as UNC. “There doesn’t seem to be enough material, or supply,” says Daryl Williams, head of renewable energy at TVA. “We needed a couple thousand tons for test burns at our plant in north Alabama, and we had a few vendors promising that, but when it came down to it they couldn’t provide it.”
My layman's view is that this is much more finite resource than any fossil fuel.  There is only so much dead wood laying around to be gathered up.  Once the dead wood is used up, in North Carolina there is nothing on the books inhibiting the harvesting of live whole trees to create bio-coal.  Which makes me wonder where the environmentalists go from there.  After they've successfully eliminated natural gas, then oil, and coal, and wind, solar and bio-coal turn out to be insufficient, what happens then?

 Are some people so caught up in their own propaganda on "renewable energy," that they can't see the forest for the trees?  Seriously. 

Side notes:  I've read quite a few positive articles on bio-coal, but find the information more hype for something unproven.  It isn't going to be the elixir of the Gods for fuel starvation policies.  Bio-coal might make some sense when made from only scrap tree material or forest clean up methods.  However, as I read further, I find that bio-coal costs 3 times more than bituminous coal  That would mean either major subsidies or excessive energy prices for consumers.  The article cites using downed trees from Hurricane Katrina, for instance.  (Hurricane Hugo debris ended up being used for land reformation projects, filling in revines, creating more useable land space.)  How often do hurricanes happen?  There is no mention of transporting the downed tree material, no mention of the energy used to create bio-coal briquettes, no mention of any reduction of CO2, etc. Also, no mention of the reclamation of land that coal companies have been held to for decades.  
Other Sources:
Duke Energy Caves to Environmental Pressure Groups
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Friday, June 1, 2012


(Our newspaper is about to publish an article this weekend on the issue of Smart Meters.  In anticipation of that, I have written the following op-ed and submitted it to them. )
When utility companies and government collaborate, the buyer better beware.  When complicit media tells you to reduce your energy consumption because of catastrophic climate predictions, followed up by government regulations forcing you to reduce your energy consumption, and then utility companies figure out how to make you buy less of their product while charging you more for it, you need to put the dots together and figure out why and who is driving this policy. 

 The first fact you need to know is that there is no Man-made Global Climate Change Catastrophe. Environmentalists have gone from Chicken Little lunatics to modern day scam artists.  Ice Age predictions in the 1970’s turned into Global Warming in the 1990’s and back to Global Cooling today. Normal people want to be good stewards of their environment. So why lie about it?  Because blaming humans for future, speculative, catastrophic events, turns into government grants, and subsidies, and opportunities to profit.  Knowing this, you can look beyond the scare tactics and take a hard look at who benefits from them. 

Man-made Climate Change has been proven false, but the desire to control humans is ongoing.  Eliminating incandescent light bulbs, putting up monstrous wind turbines, shutting down coal plants, subsidizing ethanol production and failed solar plants, forcing the manufacture of electric cars, are all wasted efforts which only serve to transfer consumers’ and taxpayers’ money into the hands of opportunists. The insidious question for government and collaborating businesses remains this: “How does one create a false premise in order to take advantage of man’s desire to be a good steward of the earth?”

The latest energy scam? Smart Meters.  Modernizing the energy grid for our nation seems like a good idea.  Everyone wants a reliable energy supply. But the devil is in the details. Smart Meters are an offense to all citizens for many reasons:
#1. Real time surveillance by utilities and government - 4th Amendment search and seizure infraction.
#2. Health risks due to higher Radio Frequency concentrations.
#3. No cost benefit to consumers, higher rates, peak hour rates, opt out fees.
#4. Higher danger of home theft, strangers’ knowledge of personal activities within the home.
#5. National security issues, larger grid networks at risk of hacking, larger area of vulnerability.
#6. Personal energy use information will be sold to manufacturers.

Are you willing to pay astronomically higher rates to cook your dinner in the evening or take your shower in the morning?  Are you willing to give some stranger access to your personal life habits?  Are you interested in exposing your family and yourself to extremely high radio frequencies? Do you think our energy grid should be one huge system, vulnerable to enemy hackers?  Who do you want in charge of your thermostat? Laundry at midnight, anyone?  All the while you are being told to cut your energy use, the purveyors of these lies continue to jet around the world and live large.  (President Obama, for instance, flies his barber into DC from Chicago twice a month.  And you thought John Edwards’ haircuts were extravagant!)  The same liberals who yell about keeping the government out of your bedroom are hell-bent to have the government in your entire house.

Over recent years the public has been told that fossil fuel energy is too scarce, when new sources of oil and gas energy and methods of retrieving them are being discovered daily.  The public has been told that it is bad to buy from evil enemies of the U.S. and that our only option is to cut our energy use to the bone, when, in fact, it is government restricting supplies.  Governments at all levels are pushing energy consumers into some guilt-ridden psychosis with the goal of forcing Americans to use less energy.  While efficient energy use is a reasonable personal goal, our leadership has gone into the netherworld of zero allowable carbon goals, completely unattainable goals that will require rationing. The perfect tool for rationing would be the Smart Meter. I urge you to adamantly reject any utility company placing a Smart Meter surveillance device on your home or business.  I also encourage you to alert your lawmakers that you will not, now or ever, accept the installation of such a device on your home or business.