Thursday, March 29, 2012


Howard Dean was on MSNBC this morning discussing the individual mandate and related this: The individual mandate was first a Republican idea and that it came out of the Heritage Foundation. I have also learned along the campaign trail that Newt Gingrich was on board with that Heritage Foundation idea. It is obvious that Romney is on board with the individual mandate, because that is what he implemented in Massachusetts.

But wait, I remember Hillary Clinton pushing an individual mandate in the 2008 election and before. During the 2008 election, Barack Obama was against the individual mandate. His approach would be to go straight to Nationalized Healthcare and just skip the middle step. And both of them, ideologically speaking, want to get to Nationalized Healthcare. So what is going on here?

Left or Right, politicians on both sides have been happy warriors for forcing an individual mandate onto the American citizen. But the motives are from completely different perspectives. The Left wants to push the individual mandate because that way they can control every health choice Americans make. The Right wants the individual mandate in order to save the insurance industry from collapse. You see, you can't force all of the coverages and regulations onto the insurance companies without a larger pool of customers. The Left could not care less about the insurance industry. In fact, it is their goal to put the insurance industry out of business entirely and put the government in charge of everyone's health care. But the Left could not get the bill passed without protecting the insurance industry to some degree. Can you imagine the pressure on politicians from the insurance industry during the debate over this bill in 2009? How many favors promised and how much lobbying money was spent? The Left is figuring they will just take over the insurance industry through regulations and forced coverages no matter what. Once this eventually fails, the mess will land back on the government and Nationalized Healthcare will be the only option remaining.

This also explains the waivers handed out by the Obama administration. For every waiver they hand out, they cripple the insurance industry more.

All of this explains why AARP lobbied so hard for passing the bill. They wanted the individual mandate to prop up their business. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the insurance industry figured that rather than be forced out of business immediately by a government take-over, they would play the regulation game, stay in business, but play ball with the Leftists demands for control of coverage. The only way the insurance industry can stay alive, after being forced to hand out freebies to the likes of Georgetown student,Sandra Fluke, is if more people are forced into the insurance pool through the individual mandate.

All of this is a lose-lose proposition for the American citizen who just wants to buy health insurance. The additional coverages and regulations make insurance more unaffordable for everyone. That is why you hear that more people will be forced into Medicaid under the Obamacare bill. As the price of insurance rises, eventually the whole thing collapses, the employees of insurance companies will be either out of work or go to work for the government insurance program. The Right, the minority in Congress in 2009, was trying to save insurance companies from imminent collapse by using the individual mandate, even though publicly they were saying they didn't support it. Now we find out that the Heritage Foundation, Gingrich, and others (Romney?) were supportive of an individual mandate? Why would they do that? Now you know.

The Left wants everyone forced to pay anyway, so the individual mandate is just fine with them. In all of this monstrous process, your privacy and liberty just got stuffed down the tubes. They put Nationalized medical records in the Health Care bill and also the Stimulus Bill. So some faceless federal government agency is going to take your information and control you with it. I've heard today that the IRS is gearing up, building a new building and hiring 4,000 more employees just to handle the forced payments of the Health Care bill.

I understand the need for a safety net for the indigent. In fact, I have no problem with such a safety net if someone can come up with a program that makes any sense and can't be abused. I believe that safety net was there already for the poorest of the poor. But the safety net idea is not the crux of the matter, even though that is what the Left would like you to think. Socialized / Nationalized Health Care what the Left wants. Even if the Supremes throw out the individual mandate, IF the rest of the bill stands with all of the regulations in it, the insurance industry will eventually be decimated. And once the health insurance industry is decimated as the Left wishes it to be, what happens to the entire health care industry?

Is there anything within the realm of living that the Leftists (or RINO's) have not ruined? Refer to my two previous posts if you want more of my perspective on this. The citizens of this country need to stand up and tell the federal government, their state governments, and their local governments to govern only to the most limited degree and get out of our lives.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I don't usually find it necessary to divulge my personal life decisions to back up my opinions here on this blog. Usually I can find lots of other examples, facts, and opinions to support what I would like to share. But in the case of healthcare, I am going to share what this one woman's (my) life experience is to help support my argument. I'm doing this because I want the government to get out of my healthcare and stay out forever, amen.

Backing up a long way to when I was raised in a thriving middle class family in a small town, I will just say this: medical care was accessible and affordable, insurance was mostly for catastrophic circumstances, nursing care was wonderful, medical care was personal, and we knew who our medical professionals were. People did not go to the Dr. or the hospital unless there was a real need. By real, I mean something that could not be fixed with homeopathic remedies. The only checkups required had to do with schools for athletic participation. Vaccinations were required to participate in schools for the sake of eradicating infectious diseases. I knew of no one who could not afford or access healthcare if they needed it.

Flash forward to the 1970's. After Johnson in the '60's enacted Medicare and Medicaid, insurance rates rose and government regulations began to intervene in the medical profession. Granting that medical technology advancements would cause prices to rise somewhat, and inflation would effect the prices as well, the costs to families was still mostly within reach. The birth of my first child cost $185.00 for three days in the hospital in 1973. The entire price of bringing him into the world, including the preliminary pregnancy checkups was under $500.00.

Flash forward to 1986 when I had two young children and went through a divorce. From that point on, for 13 years, I lived without health insurance. By 1991 I owned a small business with 3 part-time employees, 2 full-time employees, and 50 independent sales reps who were commission only reps. There was no way at that time my business could afford a health coverage policy for such a small pool of employees. Insurance rates were escalating yearly. Even then, one could still afford, out of pocket, regular checkups. As I recall, during those 13 years. it was $18.00 to $24.00 to see the Dr. for a virus or a cold with a nasal infection. During those years I had a broken leg (can't remember the cost of that with emergency room and follow up care) and a minor surgery that cost around $2000.00. The most difficult of costs for me at the time were dental crowns that cost $300.00 per. I needed 3 of them during those years. I would have loved to have a "catastrophic" insurance policy with a high deductible of $5,000.00, or something like that, but could not find one that either existed or that I could afford. ( Being a person of faith, I'm sure the Good Lord protected me from that "catastrophe," so I could continue to raise my children and take care of my family.) Other than that concern of an unaffordable catastrophe, I was perfectly willing and happy to pay for all of my medical care out of pocket. I would still be happy to do that if the costs were still as affordable as they used to be.

Flash forward again to the early 2000's. The cost of going to the Dr. for a cold, infection, virus treatment, or non-life threatening events had gone up to over $60.00. (Now I think it might be $80.00 or more.) I married in 1999 and due to my husband's employer policy, I once again had insurance coverage. Dental crowns today are $800.00. (From $300.00 to $800.00 in less than 20 years' time. Whew!) Insurance rates are high and higher. What I could not pay for insurance earlier in my life is now only affordable because of employer co-pays in a larger insurance pool.

So what has caused the cost of medical care to go out of reach for most people? Someone please tell me? I'll give you my opinion.

One would expect some inflationary rises in medical care just because that exists in all of our monetary policies. You could look at supply and demand, with more people and fewer medical professionals. Those two aspects would increase prices to some degree, no doubt. Nothing costs the same as it did even a few years ago. But what would make healthcare unaffordable for most people. As you can tell from my story above, insurance was already out of reach for a relatively young small business owner by the 1990's. But in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's my Dad was a small business owner with under 4 employees and he could easily afford health insurance for his family.

Throw in all of the advances in medical technologies, the increasing population (demand), but then, throw in Medicare and Medicaid. Every medical bill you and I pay has built in it an increase to cover the costs of patients who are under those two programs. Every use of equipment has that built in cost as well. Yes, you might say, wait a minute, "Aren't people paying into those programs through taxes and withholding?" Obviously government programs have skewed the patient cost ratio because the answer to that is, "Yes, paying, but not covering enough." Why? We were in much better shape on medical expenses before Medicare and Medicaid. The government (Lyndon Johnson and Co.) wrecked the system. Medicare is a disaster in much the same way Social Security is a disaster due to demographics. The government socialist program of Medicare has done what all socialist programs do, i.e. intervene in the market in such a way as to make everyone miserably poorer.

Article from the Clinton era debate on government run healthcare.

"Let's go back to 1965, when Congress passed Medicare and Medicaid.

Most of the elderly already had health insurance. The poor were treated at city, county and charity hospitals. The right to emergency treatment, regardless of insurance, had been enacted under Eisenhower. Medical care was available to only slightly fewer people than now. But medical costs were less than half today's level - 5.9% of the economy.(1)

Since 1965, health costs have more than doubled, to 14% of GDP, and are projected to triple by the year 2000 (2). Government now pays over 43% of all medical costs (3) - and shifts billions more to private insurers. From a 1991 CBO report: Medicare was underpaying hospital average costs by 12%. Medicaid was underpaying hospitals by 12%., and paying doctors 31% less than Medicare rates. (4)

When government underpays, providers shift their costs to private insurers and cash customers."

Reason TV article on how Medicare and Medicaid caused the rise in health care costs.

"The rapid rise in health care costs is primarily the consequence of government policies."

It makes me think of the shopping admonition: "You break it, You own it." The progressive leftists live by that phrase. They break everything and then they own everything. But my healthcare is mine. I don't want some progressive leftist government bureaucrat making those decisions for me, or even knowing anything about me. They broke it. They should never be trusted with your healthcare or mine. Ever. They break everything. And they will break you and me and our nation with government run healthcare. They already have. The answer is to get them out of it. Pray for the Supreme Court to at least begin dismantling Obamacare and the progressive leftists' take over of your life and mine.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was trying to think today of some facet of our lives that has not been wrecked or manipulated in some way be the Obama's and their communist / fascist / statist administration. If you can think of something, please tell me.

Categories that have been taken over and adversely affected by the federal government under the Obama administration:
Food / Farming
Banking / Monetary Policy
Land Use / Resources
Media / Communications
Business / Capitalism
Labor / Trade
Travel / TSA

In every one of those categories of American life, Obama and his minions have reached in and grabbed power to manipulate, force, co-opt, and tax. Probably more that I can't think of at this moment. And has any of this changed America for the better? Again, I can't think of anything. Not one thing. Prices continue to escalate. Unemployment is no better, if not worse in a most places. In the town I live in, unemployment is 11.6%. Tax revenues are down. County schools are scrambling to find money. Small businesses have closed, fled, or barely making it. People are on hold. Their choices more limited. Life is less hopeful. There is a pall in the air, an undercurrent of worry and darkness. I hear this and see this in the middle class around me, more than any other time in my life. People are going through the motions. Waiting and watching.

Which was the point after all. Obama was intending to destroy the middle class from the very beginning. That is what communists do.

The news media here talks of money being spent in Charlotte, NC, twenty miles away, for the coming Democrat convention at the end of the summer. Money for security. The city council has passed ordinances to tamp down any possible demonstrations that could disrupt the show. The bill just passed to stifle demonstrations was, I believe, intended for this purpose as well. The circus is coming. The circus known as Barack Hussein Obama. I dread it already. In fact, I have had a feeling of dread since 2008 when this circus began in earnest.

So what is better now, America? Anything? Are blacks any happier? Is anyone? The communist / fascist / statist left is not happier. All I read and hear is more griping and yelling about how they want more. Never enough for communists. In fact they seem even more angry than before the Obama election, if that is possible. Other than the favored corporate and banking industries, who is thriving? And are even they happier? It doesn't seem so. No one seems happy, hopeful, or eager for the future.

So what's left untouched by this darkness? Anything?

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I write this blog to discuss my opinions, but also to share the facts that brought me to those opinions. I hope you read the facts and my opinions, BUT I hope you use your own brain to come to your own opinions. I am of the belief that people just really need some facts to go on. In this day and age with so much disinformation going around, it is harder and harder to find truth and facts. That is what motivated me to write this blog, to share truth and facts and share my opinions.

Of late I am seeing a job title that I swear came right off the pages of George Orwell's "1984." It is "Thought Leader." Really. Really? Yes, really. I guess this job title has been percolating for a while now, since I am seeing articles as far back as 2003. But really?

Here is an article on 6 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader

(I suddenly had to laugh... thinking about something my mother used to say about "too many chiefs and not enough indians.")

O.K., so where did this "Thought Leadership" idea come from? Marketing, that's where. "Thought Leadership" is no more than selling a brand. I especially found this blog amusing on the subject. There you can find out there is a "Thought Leadership" Seminar at Columbia. I probably missed it. Hmmmm.

Here is a good one from Fortune Magazine who advertizes this:
"Extending the magazine's cutting-edge content and exclusive insider access Fortune Conferences bring together the world's business people with government officials and thought leaders."
I think I missed out on those conferences, too. I wasn't invited.

All those government officials gathering together with world business leaders and "Thought Leaders".....somehow that does not make me too terribly comfortable. There comes a point when too much input from too many people becomes a chaotic cacophony of nonsensical blathering. The loudest or the squeakiest wheel is going to get the most attention. This is why America was founded on allowing individuals to make their own decisions and lead their lives without tyrannical force, so "Thought Leaders" would leave us alone. Now we are generating a collection of "Thought Leaders," who have nothing else in mind but trying to tell you how and what to think?

Another funny thing about this "Thought Leadership" business is this: Everywhere I look I see the same thoughts. There is a veritable consensus of "thought" on the latest trends, sustainability in everything, global citizenship, social values and responsibility, environmental ethics, green economics, and "smart" anything. I find it quite mind numbing that the popular "Thought Leaders" of the day are all saying the same things. By the time everyone is inundated with the drip drip drip of the same thoughts and philosophies, whose brain is even trying to think for itself? Why bother? The "Thought Leaders" have done all of the thinking for you.

So whose thoughts are "Thought Leaders" leading? Can you think for yourself? If you read my blog, I hope you are thinking for yourself, but taking in enough factual truth to facilitate your thinking. Don't just read my writings, but read all you need to in order to form an educated opinion. Beware of "garbage in, garbage out.

As we have seen throughout history, "Thought Leaders" can be very dangerous to the rest of the human population. Marx's thoughts have already translated into millions of deaths. Now we are seeing Marxist methods and ideas permeating our entire nation. It is very clever that Marx's ideas are being marketed so adeptly by "Thought Leaders" who have learned to rename and package the entire doctrine under such cozy and warm sounding words.

Oh, here's one I just read:
"Having a blog doesn’t make you a thought leader in the same way that having an iPhone will not make you think like Steve Jobs. "
Uh oh, I guess I don't qualify as a "Thought Leader." Oh well. Maybe you read all of this for nothing. And maybe you'll have to go think of something else ....on your own. Sorry. I hope I didn't ruin your day by warning you there are "Thought Leaders" about and you might want to watch out for them.

Here are some more sites on "Thought Leaders:"
Be a Thought Leader
Stanford U.
Top 100 Thought Leaders

Monday, March 12, 2012


That title assuredly is a simplistic statement to all of us who are following the economic rape of our representative government. Where are the voices of freedom in our political arena? The Tea Party across the nation is doing the talking. Few in elected office are speaking up for freedom. Why?

Who is funding communist policies in this country? How is that allowed? Maybe I should ask, who turned away from their constituents and stole their money and their freedoms at the same time? Who sold us out? I am speaking here mostly regarding the Republican Party. I guess I could refer to Ronald Reagan who said something about never speaking ill of a fellow Republican. Boy, has that come back to haunt us in a very bad way.

I write this because I am seeing what I hoped I would not see. Twice in the last two weeks I've been told by a politician that they don't want to speak out about the errant ideologies of other candidates because, "I will have to work with whomever wins the election." Say what? Excuse me? Both of these elected officials are in office today, and are on the ballots. This was especially aimed at other political candidates who are in the same party affiliation.

Once elected, there is a silence of club membership. New candidates, still outside of that club, seem free to condemn the policies of other candidates. But once in office, the game changes. This is like a "blood is thicker than water" mentality. Once you're in, you're in. Doesn't seem to matter which part of the legislature, the "code of silence" applies. Never speak ill of another legislator. You never know when you might want a favor.

This code doesn't seem to apply to the Democrats who take no prisoners. The left misses no opportunity to smear, denigrate, slander, and run to the media with every hateful lie they can yell at the top of their lungs. Should a Republican stand up for the Constitution or freedom, the left starts whining and screaming, calling by name, and making outlandish and ridiculous accusations. But if someone on the right in the Republican Party cooperates with the Democrats and sells out the principles of our Constitution, where is the outcry from the Republicans? The silence is deafening.

This is how the RINO's have gotten away with selling us out. Other Republicans looking the other way. Ignoring the voices of the people. Republicans ignoring, even supporting, the leftist Marxist policies ever being stuffed down our throats. The Republican Club is a great big part of the problems we face today.

Notice the marginalization of Blue Dog Democrats. Then, notice the silence from the Republicans regarding Olympia Snowe (who finally is getting out) or Susan Collins or Lindsay Graham...or Upton who is still in Congress after co-sponsoring the bill to ban incandescent light bulbs. (Richard Burr co-sponsoring the Food Safety Modernization Act) (Sue Myrick, now bowing out, but voted for the Cash For Clunkers program) On and on....

Occasionally there is a break in this pattern. Newt Gingrich represents a break in the code of silence. He managed to get a lot of conservative legislation passed under a Democrat president. And look what happened to him....unfounded accusations that forced him out. He apparently is not part of the "Republican Club." Heaven knows Republicans have gone to great lengths to try to throw him out of this election. Romney is part of the Republican Club. Santorum seems on the edge...walking both sides of the issues between his record and his rhetoric. Gingrich, however, sticks to the more conservative ideas and the Constitution. His policy recommendations are aimed at cleaning up the corruption, dismantling leftist legislations and agencies, impeaching errant judges, setting us on a course for energy abundance, and more. Shouted down. Ridiculed. By Republicans. Do you wonder why?

Washington Times article Jan. 2012
"It’s no secret that the GOP establishment backs Mitt Romney. The same folks who gave us John McCain and Bob Dole have picked their winner. When Mr. Romney is down, their panic shows. They start floating desperate ideas like late-entry candidates or a brokered convention. They also pull out the long knives for Newt Gingrich. After the former speaker’s decisive victory in South Carolina, insiders launched an all-out assault upon him. Unmasked and panicked, the GOP establishment unleashed the tactics of the left upon the right.
GOP insiders first dredged up 2-decade-old debunked partisan ethics charges that damaged Mr. Gingrich’s reputation until the Internal Revenue Service finally exonerated him."

I guess I'm stating the obvious. The Republican Party is corrupt. The Democrat Party is more corrupt. But, I think the Republican Party is why the Tea Party exists. The Republican Party is not fighting back against the left. Newt Gingrich is...and look what happens to him. (Andrew Breitbart was..and look what happened to him. Sarah Palin does...and look what happens to her.)

It's time to See the Evil, Hear the Evil, and Speak Against the Evil to both parties. If they aren't listening it is because we aren't speaking loud enough or voting our principles in large enough numbers to finally make the corruption go away. The Republican Club isn't paying enough attention. In fact, the Republican Club is trying to marginalize the Tea Party in the same way the Democrat Club has marginalized the Blue Dogs. Newt Gingrich is giving the Tea Party a voice. The Republican Party is not.

"See Evil, Hear Evil, and Speak Evil" of those who deserve it and must be voted out. It is our obligation IF we are going to start taking the country back.

(caveat to all of my Ron Paul loving friends: He is tolerated, but not taken seriously enough by the Republicans to garner the kind of serious debasing attention that Gingrich has gotten.)

Friday, March 9, 2012


As the Obama presidency has dragged on for what seems interminable time, it occurs to me that he is a man in some different country I do not recognize. His and his administration's policies are so anti-Constitutional as a general matter, that I wonder just in what country does Barack Obama think he is. I could list all of the executive orders and Czars, the agency regulations, the Democrat bills he has signed, and the matter of attacks against Christianity, the foreign and military policies, etc., but most everyone reading this blog knows what they are and at this point it is almost too crushing to even go back over them all. Suffice it to say, I don't think Obama gets up on any one day of his life and says he wants to uphold the United States Constitution for the American people.

The Obama show came to Mt. Holly, NC this week, a town about 8 miles from where I live. The local Democrat operatives were all a dither putting together as many smiling sycophants for his visit as they could. They made sure only certain Democrats with certain credentials had personal moments with him. (While Obama's credentials are still in doubt, by the way.) His ear is only available to those who prop up his agenda, which at this point could be described as a hybrid of socialism, fascism, dictatorship, and crony capitalism. The show in Mt. Holly was to excite the people about a few hundred jobs at a Daimler-Benz truck plant where thousands used to work. The plant is all union labor, of course. Obama made hay out of hybrid trucks and green energy again, the green energy that is putting us into debtors prison. (Actually, if he could make hay, he would be worth more as a human being than he is now.) The local newspaper has printed several pages of pictures of happy Obama followers and Obama smiling and hugging them. One woman said she felt the "spirit of the Lord" come over her as she swooned and fainted. Really. That is what she said. I thought about the adolescent adoration of rock star fans for charismatic musicians. I wonder who are these people who appear to be adults, but are so easily returned to adolescent displays on the sight of this elected official? Old enough to vote, but unable to grow up.

"The 5000 Leap" is a book that describes how the genius of ages past managed to culminate in the great minds of the Founders of America. The founding of America is owed to great and learned men who studied history and realized the failures of tyrannies and monarchies over centuries. The "leap" was to allow people to rule themselves with as much freedom as possible. The assumption was that man had finally reached some level of moral refinement and knowledge that would prevail over stupidity. Maybe that was too much of a "leap." Now we have a country of men and women who are proving themselves unworthy of self-rule, and even worse than that, are swooning at the sight of a man who wishes to be dictator of their lives.

The Sandra Fluke testimony to Congress demanding all Americans pay for Georgetown coeds' contraceptives is the perfect example of Obama's country of adolescents. She is thirty years old but wants you to pay for her sexual and /or women's sexual decisions. (The same people who say they want government out of their bedrooms want you to pay for their sexual activities. I can never figure that one out.)

Our nation is being led by an immature, illogical, emotionally hysterical, historically illiterate rock star and his fans. That is Obama's country. He's enjoying every minute of it, I might add. When the adolescents are through wrecking the place, some adults are going to be kept busy for decades trying to clean up the disaster that is Obama's country. If we are lucky. Meanwhile, swooning continues......

Monday, March 5, 2012


When people prostitute themselves, for any reason what do you call it? You can use the euphemism of "selling out" or "selling their soul." I ask the question because it seems to me that Rush Limbaugh used the correct words in describing Sandra Fluke. I think she is a prostitute of the left, the socialist machine. She's a slut for them. (I use the words interchangeably.) She did Nancy Pelosi's bidding. Yep, I said it. I'm using the same derogatory words that people are so riled up about and that Rush is now apologizing for using.

Now you might say that because this Fluke woman is a hard core leftist, she actually isn't selling her soul, but has put her socialist soul out there to sell her beliefs. But in the process, she is selling out her womanhood and her nation. She is using her "talents," whatever they are, to sell a Marxist ideology to the public. So I still think she is a prostitute for the left. Frankly, I think all of the left deserves the derogatory word of prostitute. That is what they do. They prostitute everything. Here is definition #2 from Merriam Webster:
: to devote to corrupt for unworthy purposes : debase <prostitute one's talents>

Ms. Fluke proposed in her testimony to Congress that the rest of the country should pay for her own and others' contraceptive devices or pharmaceuticals. Her own statements about sexual activity by coeds at university, either others or her own, were shocking to those who live by moral sexual codes. I also think the words of describing her, prostitute and slut, were mild compared to what the left is throwing around out there every day at our society.

So what happens to a person who dares to speak out against the left? I read today that Rush has lost 7 advertisers because of the socialist machine going after him. Breitbart is dead. Rush will replace the corrupt advertisers who also sold their souls to the leftist smear machine. (At least I pray so.) Breitbart is still dead. But his words live on and the rest of us will do what we can to carry forth without him. The Democrat machine rolls on.

The Democrat Party is full of prostitutes. All for Marxism using Alinsky methods. I'm sorry Rush has felt it necessary to apologize. I don't believe it was necessary, but I defer to his judgment. I'm sure he has done what he feels he needs to do to restore his integrity that he feels was diminished by calling someone exactly what they are. Political correctness, as defined by the left, has smashed the English language to bits. The English language has been prostituted by people who don't want common language to bind us together. The word "prostitute" was correct. I think Rush could have used it to describe the fact that the Fluke woman was a Democrat operative and a shill for a corrupt cause. Instead he used it to describe promiscuous sexual activity...which, if you take her at her word (wanting the American public to pay for her sex life), Ms. Fluke fits that definition as well.

That's my take on the flap with Rush today. I think apologies were not warranted.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


If you are interested in seeing how spoiled brats operate, you should go to the ProFlowers facebook page and look at the nasty hate being spewed there toward Rush Limbaugh. If you wish to support Rush Limbaugh, you can comment on that facebook page. The leftists go into apoplexy when someone speaks truth to them and shows them how absurd they are. They throw mud like you can't even believe. Of course this past week, the mud is being thrown at Limbaugh who actually made fun of and got to the heart of their debauched and twisted version of how this country should be. You know by the loudness and crassness of the leftists' tantrums that Rush hit straight into the crux of their communist playbook.

Whether Fluke was speaking of her own sex life or the sex life of the average coed at Georgetown, the picture she painted was completely ridiculous. The very idea that some woman can afford to go to a $45,000 per year university, but at the age of 30 yrs. cannot assume the responsibility for accessing and paying for her own birth control is, just on the face of it, one of the most idiotic things I've heard lately. And then, the idea that the rest of the working people in this nation should be forced to pay for a coed's contraception....the very idea is such a poster child for moral deficiency that one wonders what sort of "law" they are teaching at Georgetown. Actually, I take that back. It is obvious what sort of "law" they are teaching and it is not American Constitutional law.

Here is some more from the ongoing controversy after Obama jumped in, making a phone call to Fluke to wrap his communist arms around his flunkie for doing his great work:
Limbaugh remained unflappable Friday despite the growing controversy that has caused at least one advertiser to pull funding from his nationally-syndicated show; the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has created an anti-Limbaugh petition.

"That is so compassionate! What a great guy," Limbaugh chided Obama on his radio show today. "The president called her to make sure she's OK. What is she, 30 years old? Thirty years old, a student at Georgetown law who admits to having so much sex that she can't afford it anymore," Limbaugh continued.

"And, thus, a new welfare entitlement must be created so that society will pay for it," Limbaugh said, adding that, "all of a sudden we're told that people who want to have sex without consequence, sex with no responsibility, and we have pay for it! We're told we have to pay for it — and if we object, that somehow we're Neanderthal."

The 30 yr. old Fluke woman has done a lot to make women and the country look bad. She made it seem as if every unmarried young woman in this country is hell-bound to conduct promiscuous theft....and yes, I mean theft. Theft, this time, based on sexual practices. You could look at it as extortion, i.e. if you don't pay for the contraception of coeds, you are a heartless, cruel and disgusting, selfish, pig.

Rush did not go too far, but dared to call them out on the obscene insanity of
having the rest of the nation pay for "free" contraceptives so that Georgetown college students can live out the "free sex" doctrine of the 1960's commie left. Rush's humorous discussion on the outrage of this was welcome to my ears. He turned their assertions into the joke that they are...and that is exactly what was needed. We are in the mess we are in because so few have done what Rush has done...and that is stand up and speak to the absurdity of what the left proposes. I'm with Rush...and Andrew Breitbart on this. And who is surprised when the leftists start screaming and yelling when you speak truth to them...they are like brats throwing temper tantrums. You only let them have their way by capitulating to their loud and ugly slanderous accusations.

..... “Not only can you take assaults, you can weather them and be strengthened by them — and gain the power to punch back, to go onto the offensive. Our opponents have spent so many years on the offensive with people lying prone at their feet that they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on the defensive. If we come after them, they won’t know how to respond.”
- Righteous Indignation, Andrew Breitbart

RIP and God Bless you Andrew Breitbart. And thanks be to God for Rush Limbaugh.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The last time I saw Andrew Breitbart I was watching CPAC while I was making dinner in my kitchen. As I was listening to him speak, I was compelled to stop everything I was doing and put my face right in front of the tv just to catch his passionate enthusiasm and his message. I was spellbound. I was excited. I was grateful. I was almost delirious to hear the pep talk he was giving to those of us who are trying to get the truth out there. And on that score, he did more than most. He embodied the best of what journalism is supposed to be.

I'm still in shock. I cannot believe what I am seeing this morning. I can't believe this man died of natural causes at the age of 43. I am just dumbstruck in shock.

So go to Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism and stop by for a minute to say a prayer for a great man who gave us gumption. I have had those Breitbart sites linked on the sidebar of my blog ever since he created them. I pray his mission will be carried forth. His inspiration will last for those of us who admired him and keep on working to expose the left.

Adding this quote from Andrew here:
“Not only can you take assaults, you can weather them and be strengthened by them — and gain the power to punch back, to go onto the offensive. Our opponents have spent so many years on the offensive with people lying prone at their feet that they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on the defensive. If we come after them, they won’t know how to respond.”
- Righteous Indignation, Andrew Breitbart