Monday, December 28, 2009


Today I am co-opting an excellent graph and article from American Thinker, one of THE places to go for real and truthful information. I am always lamenting the sad state of ignorance that fuels the misinformation disseminated in our biased media. (With all humility, I'm also always looking for the most factual information in order to come to my own judgments on important issues that are plaguing our country....and want to share what I find with my readers here.)

So here is one I found that shows what happens to Ponzi schemes by the left which only drive the American citizens into more and more dire straits...more poverty, more dependence on government, less ability to thrive, etc. If I had a magic wand, I would eradicate Medicare and Social Security altogther. This would have to now be a 'weaning' process because of the persons dependent on these programs. But it could be done. And should be done to 1. save our country from complete bankruptcy and 2. get people back on their own two feet in liberty.

In particular I want you to focus below on the interest payment and its increase as a % of GDP in the coming years. Ask yourself why on earth would you do that to your children and grandchildren? Why would you be that selfish and dumb? Why? it and weep.

With thanks from American Thinker

Randall Hoven

"Weaknesses in the economy and financial markets - and the government's response to them - have contributed to near-term increases in federal deficits, which reached a record level in fiscal year 2009. While a lot of attention has been given to the recent fiscal deterioration, the federal government faces even larger fiscal challenges that will persist long after the return of financial stability and economic growth... the long-term fiscal outlook remains unsustainable."

Government Accounting Office, October 15, 2009.

Source: GAO.

Hoven's Index for December 28, 2009

Year Medicare began running cash deficits: 2008.

Year Social Security will begin running cash deficits: 2016.

Year the Medicare trust fund will be exhausted: 2017.

Year the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted: 2037.

Source: GAO.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Graph Source: Charities Aid Foundation 2006

Over the last several years we hear more and more how stingy and greedy Americans are. The socialists and the United Nations repeat this mantra over and over in the media in an attempt to make Americans think they are the Ebenezer Scrooge's of the world. Yet America is the country everyone turns to in crisis for aid. The psychology of this is damning, exposing the socialists as rather like a spoiled brat who always throws a tantrum if he doesn't get more and more of what he wants. Which is exactly what they are and this is what they do. They lie, cheat, and steal, whine, and call names. The maturity level is really low, but the moral level is worse.

The reason I'm posting this message, on Christmas in particular, is to try my best to counter the demonizing of America and Americans. I also want to remind Americans that we can only be charitable within the bounds of our financial health. The more the socialists "redistribute," the less we have with which to be charitable. If we are soaked by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama with higher taxes, Health Care, Cap and Trade, and endless Stimulus bills, we will have little left to give. We don't need to listen to these naysayers and liars. Like all of the rest of their political games, calling Americans greedy only serves their purposes. America is absolved by the figures, shown below and the graph above, recounting the the truth of the matter...... Americans can hold their heads high and be joyful for all we have had and have given!! Now, if Americans can figure out how to save our liberty from the thieves of redistribution, maybe we can maintain our charitable place in the world. If not, we may become either like the rest of the countries shown, or we may become the target of charity rather than the source. If ever there was a case of killing the Golden Goose, Obama is by all accounts bleeding the Goose by intense hemorrage. The Goose is going to dry up and die. You cannot give what you don't have. Simple common sense. Unfortunately, that truth has escaped Obama who takes from some to give to others. He gives you will have nothing left to give. What a concept.

In the meantime, don't buy into the guilt trip and the lies. We know who we are. We don't need to be redefined by the political left and globalists who are salivating at picking us dry. What we need to do is flat out tell them...."no, you are not stealing from me to pay off SEIU, ACORN, or any of your other Marxists cronies or corporate shills." The new chant for Obama's ears.....NO YOU CAN'T....and NO YOU WON'T.

We need to redeem ourselves in the name of truth. Redemption and Salvation....the meaning of Christmas.

Hoven's Index for December 24, 2009

US charitable giving in 2008: $312.65 billion.

As percent of GDP: 2.2%.

Who gave (as percent of total):

Individuals: 75%.

Foundations: 13%.

Charitable bequests: 7%.

Corporations: 5%.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining....

And so, alas, the anointed one from 2009 gives us anything but hope. Here is a video of what you will be receiving for Christmas from Obama, his communist cronies in congress, and various appointed czars:

Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight...

Friday, December 18, 2009

GREEN = RED COMMUNISTS, In case you don't get it!!

I wonder to myself everyday how so many people can get through life without using their brains for serious inquiry and get sucked down the tubes into fictional hysteria foisted upon the public by greedy, slimy, scammers. I could suffer a few of these fools, but when the volume of fools begins to suck the rest of us who do have brains down the tubes with them, then the situation just becomes very depressing. case you need any reminders of who is behind the wealth distribution plan of globalists, here is a video that will bring it all home to you.....
God Bless us all and keep us from harm by His protection from lying devils!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Continuing this train of thought...I think you can't have "collectivism" without collective guilt. And you can't have collective guilt unless indoctrination takes place in the schools, the churches, the media, and the culture at large. For a person to take on collective guilt he or she has to be walking around feeling undeservedly blessed. To feel undeserving the person needs to feel they have received more than they have worked for and contributed to society and their own families. In order to make people feel undeserving, you have to convince them that what they have is ill-gotten gain. You have to create an atmosphere of guilt around them. You show them pictures of starving children. You make them weep over suffering animals. You tell them stories of the poor poor people who have no health insurance, the homeless, the 3rd world countries with no running water, etc. Then you hit them with how this is all of their fault. have created an entire population with collective guilt. With reference to the ladies in the previous post, this is an easy set up. But for those of us who have worked hard all of our lives and come from families of hard workers, this set up doesn't go down well. Nor should it.

The spin meisters of our culture, the ones who really despise American success, have worked diligently for decades now to make Americans feel really really guilty. Americans are, in general, a very compassionate and generous people. We have shared our success with the rest of the world in spades. Yet, those who resent us are using our success to try to make us feel very bad about it, saying we have not done enough, saying we have to down-grade so others can have what we worked to gain. But this is an out and out lie. Nevertheless, that is the game being played against us. The reality / objectivism versus the fiction / relativism is at the heart of this divide. And reality / objectivism teaches us that a country of successful individuals is the reason for American success. The reality / objectivism teaches that you cannot share what has been robbed from you. Forced collective sharing is immoral theft.

American success is completely derived from individualism. The basis for our government is individualism. Without individual self-interest, there is no American success story. America was not built on collectivism. But the Federal government which was first established to preserve individualism has turned our basis on its head. Those who work for the Federal government or receive Federal funding now promote collectivism in order to shore up their own existence and keep the funding taps the tune of over 12 trillion in debt as I write this. The collectivists have so overwhelmed the individual achievers in our country, that they have reached beyond the point of Chapter 11 into complete insolvency. Margaret Thatcher was entirely correct when she pointed out that "What is wrong with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

Now that we have reached the tipping point, the global socialists are frothing at the mouth to pick the bones. The UN thieves want to take the land, the resources, and the money, and hand it over to all of those poor poor in the 3rd world. The collectivists in America are in the process of handing our country over to the collectivists in the global environmental movement. Our individualism means nothing to them. They only see a big fat pie to be eaten as fast as possible. That's why Obama and his administration are creating a crisis nearly every more of the pie can be grabbed by everyone else on the excuse of another crisis. A planetary crisis...a national crisis, a flu pandemic, a banking crisis, on and on. What's their answer? Collective health care. Collective energy use. Collective land use. Collective unions. Etc.

So what of the ladies and their collective guilt? What they want to share is your success, not their own. They aren't willing to give what they have. They want you to give up what you have. One of them quite literally told me she does not believe in charities because that is what taxes are for. The government is her charity of choice, yet every time her property taxes go up, she is first in line, appealing to have them reduced. These ladies are only a handful of people who have swallowed the propaganda. Michael Moore did his job well. Many more were indoctrinated. Al Gore managed to suck in a lot of suckers. And Obama used his race and his charisma to convince a lot of Americans to assuage their guilt by voting for a black man and to take the country down out of misplaced collective guilt....guilt that was beat into their heads for generations.

My recipe for correcting this disaster is absolution. Collective guilt has to be denied as the lie that it is. We cannot allow people to feel guilty for something they did not do and then have any kind of healthy society. At the same time, we need to promote and celebrate creative / critical thinking and personal responsibility. Individualism must once again be celebrated and put back in its rightful place as the point guard of our republic. Pride in America's achievements because of individualism must be given its due. We need to let people know that our place in the world is the example of hope of individuals to reach their potential. Without that we have a collective disaster from which we will never recover.
"A welfare state is in one sense a big Ponzi scheme. Without increasing numbers of people entering the scheme, there is no money to pay the people receiving the money. As Mark Steyn has repeatedly pointed out, you can't run a welfare state without a growing population."
Grabbed from Classical Values .com


Friday, December 11, 2009


I hate to launch into a philosophical debate on methods of government, but I have recently been reminded that many in our society have not been educated or don't take the time to educate themselves on methods of government or political history or world history. Since they lack the perspective to make educated decisions, they are running straight for the cliff, taking the rest of us with them, with no restraints.

I am an artist. I have made my career in art most of my adult life. This career has led me to own a nationally recognized product, participate in national trade shows, and be responsible for employees. Nine years ago I stepped out of that arena in order to spend more time developing my art, however the lessons learned from that national business were valuable to my perspective on taxes, on employers responsibilities, on trends, and on fiscal responsibilities. Just as a Dr. in private practice owns a business, so did I.

Along the way in my life I have made and lost some most of us do. Several of these friends were either neighbors or other women who had children the same ages as my children and had some common interests as I had in the domestic areas of life. These several women have never had to make a living on their own. They have lived through their husbands lucrative careers. Each of them have had supplemental jobs, but did not have to live on their own incomes. None of them have ever done without health insurance. Some live in gated communities. Life has been really easy and good for them. Among this group of friends, I was the only one to be divorced, a single mother, without health insurance for 13 yrs., or make my way in life without a wealthy husband or financially supporting parents. I didn't take one dime of government money to survive. I worked my tail off and made my life work without the amenities these women enjoy. Each of these several women friends of mine voted for Obama. Since this last year's election each of these women 'friends' have jumped down the rabbit hole with him and think of themselves as the high and mighty benefactors of Obama's collectivist vision for America. One of them doesn't speak to me anymore. One of them yesterday called me an "extremist." None of them have studied various forms of government or grasp the importance of the U.S. Constitution. Two of them are foreign born. All of them are influenced by the hippie culture of the sixties and hate conservatism. Which is funny because they each have aspired to become the wealthy establishment. They each hate in the media description of those "bad and greedy corporations who make profits." Bad Oil. Bad Insurance. Bad Bankers. Etc. They have no understanding of freedom because they have enslaved themselves to the money of their successful husbands. Most of these have compromised their oaths and either committed adultery or tolerated their husband's adulteries. They gripe and cavil about the husbands' control over them....which they gladly suffer for the trade-off of security.

So I guess it should not surprise me that these women are so easily duped by the propagandists in the media and our government. No surprise. Just disappointment. No backbone. Just declarations of compassion for the poor. Obama is the epitome example of what they are. Taking from someone else to support themselves and promoting socialism. They already live socialism. They know who to kiss up to, to get their skids greased. They are so threatened by individual survival that they despise the idea of it. They have convinced themselves they could not maintain their lifestyles without taking from someone else while compromising principles. And they love their lifestyles. I could go on and on pointing out the hypocrisy I have seen in these friends' lives...but that would take another two posts...and I'm really so tired of the hypocrisy of the left that I don't think I can suffer through writing it..much less making you read it. These women represent a microcosm of a bigger problem. Mass moral decay and lack of principles. And they have turned their fear against me and excluded me from their lives because they are so threatened by my message which is: you don't have to compromise your principles to live a good life and life is better without benevolent (or not) dictators, i.e. government handouts and controls. They want the entire country to live like they do, beholden to a someone with money and force.

I don't see any hope for fixing that problem. It seems, as I write this, impossible to turn around this climate of dependence. I've argued with reason to these women and they can't stand hearing it. I've argued with facts and they disregard them. I've argued with historical perspective and they have none, so they don't care. We are losing the country to people like these, much the same as Germany and the Soviet Union were lost for generations to people like these. And with friends like these, who needs enemies? Rhetorical question there...

More on this in the next post.....

Saturday, December 5, 2009


So as I listened to the ridiculous hot air coming out of the Obama business "summit" this week, I actually burst out laughing. This is not my usual reaction to his arrogant hypocrisies. I usually get angry and start grouching back under my breath. But this was so absurd as to be downright hilarious. He was making attempts at sounding like a savvy business economist, but came across as a over-inflated ego spouting off on a subject he knows ZERO, NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING about. I thought, does he really think anyone out here is buying this !@(*&^%%$$????

From Big, Here is an excerpt from Warner Todd Huston on this subject

"On November 11, David N. Farr, Chairman, CEO and President of Emerson Electric Co., announced at the Baird 2009 Industrial Conference in Chicago that President Obama has succeeded in chasing his multi-billion dollar industry right out of the U.S.A. Why? Onerous regulation, high taxes, and the over $1 trillion Obama debt should be reason enough for any business to consider shutting down U.S. facilities and seeking greener pastures overseas says Farr."

The federal government is “doing everything in [its] manpower [and] capability to destroy U.S. manufacturing,” says David Farr, chairman and CEO of Emerson Electric Co., in a presentation at the Baird 2009 Industrial Conference in Chicago Ill., on Nov. 11. In comments reported by Bloomberg, Farr added that companies will continue adding jobs in China and India because they are “places where people want the products and where the governments welcome you to actually do something. I am not going to hire anybody in the United States. I’m moving. They are doing everything possible to destroy jobs.”

So much for "creating and saving jobs." But, hey, who thought Obama's policies would be anything good for America? Not me!! I wonder how long Americans are going to sit out here and take it. I'm guessing if some serious major changes don't appear in the 2010 elections, there is going to be some hell-raising in the hinterland. But since our election process has become so infiltrated and corrupted, I'm not banking on elections that make any sense anymore.

Speaking of banking....have you looked at CD rates lately? To all of the idiots who voted for this guy....thank you so much for further ruining any sense of reasonable balance in the financial sector. If you are in business and can't get any operating capital loans, and banks are not returning much of any interest on investments, well....the engine is in big trouble. The gears are frozen. What's Obama's answer to this? Steal more money from the citizens to give to Socialist / government entities. Forced unions on businesses, expensive and lousy Health Care, and rape all of us with Cap and Trade laws that will send more money to the government and out of the country. Great ideas there ole Presbo! George Orwell knoweth ye well!!

Here is Mr. Farr's list of Obama's helpful business incentives:

Our Government at Work to Help the U.S. Economy Grow:

  • $1.41T Deficit 10% of GDP
  • $12T of Government Debt Going to $20+T in 10 yrs
  • Print more money – “Quantitative Easing”
  • Non-Targeted $800B Stimulus
  • Wall Street & Car Bailouts
  • Cap & Tax Legislation?
  • Government Healthcare takeover: $1+T
  • Taxes and Regulations (increasing)
  • Lack of U.S. $ Support
Are we having fun yet? See my debt clock at the right side bar. We are headed straight down the tubes and Obama is pushing the flusher handle as fast as he can. And while he is flushing us down, he is standing there talking about what a great job he is doing saving America from financial ruin. Oh my God.....I just hope I wake up from this nightmare.

Friday, December 4, 2009


The world is an interesting place with interesting social conundrums and magical scientific mysteries. I have been fascinated by the ability of seemingly sane people in our society who jumped onto the Global Warming Hoax so readily. In a way I understand the well-meaning responsible citizen who just loves to do things to conserve some nature in a country where it seems we are paving over every green space in sight. I'm not keen on over-development either. I'd like to think I will leave the world a better place than when I came into it. I don't get up every day with the motive of killing off the natural world by over-use of anything. I just get up everyday thinking about how I can use my skills to create something that celebrates the world we have been given. I expect people of good conscience feel much the same way.

So the very idea that scammers, swindlers, extortionists, and frauds have been taking advantage of well-meaning people makes me so angry I could just spit nails. But that is the case. That is exactly what has been happening. And I am so very glad that this HOAX is now being exposed for exactly what it is.

The British have the gift of oratory in their Parliament. The video below gives me inspiration that truth will prevail and those of us who stand for it will win against the evil, conspiratorial, liars who have perpetrated this GLOBAL HOAX to enrich themselves and rob everyday people of their ability to survive.

For those of you who like to read what others are saying on this, the views below are from the Telegraph in the U.K.
You can access the page here!
"Many of us have believed Algore to be a fraud for many years. A politician masquerading as a scientist. Really. This hypocrite is making a fortune off the carbon trading scam he helped perpetrate and has more money than he’ll ever spend. It’s about time this hoax was exposed for what it is. Time for our politicians in the US to sit down and shut up. You can bet, though, these idiots will not go quietly. They still have a huge, abeit, duped audience that will no doubt want to avoid embarrassment at any cost and will fight to the end.
"Obama is a full fledged liar and communist and he has started a revolution in the U.S.

There is another revolution beginning to take shape in our country.

Watch what happens.

What ever Obama signs we will undo."
"As an American, I’m heartened to read your comments on this site. You in the UK should not stand for this…especially LEGITIMATE SCIENTISTS who have all been sullied by this scandalous scheme. This outrageous HOAX played on the people of the the world should not go unpunished. How many jobs have they cost? How much money have they made at the expense of farmers, utilities, ordianary citizens, etc. who have been harmed?

By the way, FOX News is no longer a small player in the US. They are the most popular pay cable news network, rivaling the original free networks of CBS, NBC and ABC. In fact they shame the mainstream media by exposing stories the MSM are too lazy, too biased or too dumb to go after (much like your BBC). They are behind the exposure of ACORN, as a criminal organization pretending to be aiding their communities. They exposed Obamas openly Marxists aides, called Czars, by showing videos of these people in their own words so they cannot deny the charges, and are making people aware of the erosian of our freedoms. As a result, there are grass roots organizations such as the Tea Partiers,growing by leaps and bounds here and who will be a force to be reconned with in our next elections.

Good luck to you in the UK. I hope you will finally stand up and tell them, “I’m mad as Hell and I won’t take it anymore!”
"almost everybody with an IQ higher than day old bread knows that AGW is a fraud now. Obama doesn’t care in the least. Nobody answering that description would vote for him again anyway. His attorney general just announced that the government will continue to give billions and billions of dollars to an organization accused of massive vote fraud that is also planning to fake the census — which is being run directly by the white house. In other words… there are no “elections” in the USA anymore. Obama will sign a treaty agreeing to yearly payments in the 100’s of billions of dollars to foreign governments opposed to everything American. He has announced previously that he doesn’t believe that treaties need to be validated by the Senate. He will just start making those payments as long as he is in power and HELLO???? he never intends to leave. As Chavez and Castro announced a little early he will soon declare himself president for life. Watch."
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

I apologise for the plagiarism but no one could put it better than that quote as a summary of the climate debacle. Thank you, id1386"

And just one more I especially liked for the reference to George Orwell:
"Take heart, the collaborators in the liberal scheme to bind the free thought of men…crush freedom and establish the State as the supreme entity, will reap the results of their shameful collusion. The media network outlets in the U.S….CBS NBC ABC, and the New York Times…and all of their corespondents no longer pretend to operate in the interest of truthful information. They are liberal propagandists who have lost their souls and as the magnitude of their corruption is exposed as with lying scientists, they will reap their own ruin.

It must be recognized that the BBC is also being eaten by this liberal cancer and holds a prominent position on the list of the despicable.

UK’s native son George Orwell foretold what is happening to free men right down to the absurd “new-speak” of the Obama regime where “terrorist attack” has been erased and is now…”a man caused disaster”.

Orwell’s work 1984 was a warning to free men. Liberal bedbugs have seized it and are using it as an instruction manual….to the letter.

The bedbugs have much to fear."