Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi all...
Just a quick note to say I am grabbing one week sabbatical from blogging. Today is my birthday and I am told by my loved ones that I deserve some time off. (Gotta love them!!) I'll be back next week after the Labor Day break, renewed and reinvigorated for the continuing fight against the communist take over of America.

Have a great Labor Day and remember this: It is our personal labors that make our country free from totalitarianism. Don't give up and don't give in!!

All my best to you,

“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God; and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” —John Adams, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson. July 16, 1814

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Two paths of research this past few days, and lo and behold, both paths took me to the same exact place; Washington DC.

First, before I launch into the paths I took, I will quickly relate the story of a traffic light. A couple of years ago an intersection near my residential neighborhood was in need of a traffic light. A request for it went to the city...because the roads in question are within the city limits. The city should be responsible, by all measures, for the traffic light. "Oh, NOOOO, not us," said the city. "We don't have the money for that." So the traffic planners went to the county. "Oh, NOOOO, not us," said the county. "That is not within our jurisdiction." So the traffic planners went to the State of North Carolina. "Oh, NOOOO, not us," said the State. "We don't have any money for traffic lights." So, the traffic planners, not to be denied, went the Federal government. "Oh, NOOOO, we don't have money for traffic lights," said the Feds. "BUT, we do have money for a round-about (traffic circle), and you can have THAT money if you do what we pay you to do."

What's wrong with this picture? The traffic light would have cost $175,000.00. The round about costs $250,000.00. The Feds don't really have money, BUT the Chinese have money and the Feds borrowed that money from the Chinese to spend on a round-about. So we spent twice as much money as necessary and borrowed it from the Chinese..with interest. The EPA is happy because they say the round-about lowers traffic pollution. The city, county and state are happy because they didn't have to spend any of their money. BUT, you and I and every American citizen and their children are now paying the Chinese for this cute little round-about in my neighborhood. Don't you love that?? I think we should plant the Chinese flag right in the center of that round-about to remind everyone who drives around the circle that we paid the Chinese for that round-about instead of buying a traffic light.

Back to the two paths I took today.

One was a boondoggle toll road cooked up by some developers and the Chamber of Commerce to get rich. The boondoggle toll road idea is hated by over 70% of the population here, it carves up a beautiful rural area, will cause traffic to flow in areas otherwise quiet, and generally is a monster idea that should be trashed. The developers went to the city and schmoozed the council members to support the toll road. Voilá. The council says, "Sure, we want more money from development, so go right ahead." The developers went to the county and the commissioners were divided. Some said yes. Some said no. Then the developers got their little butts onto the Municipal Planning Organization board so they could influence that board. Looking for funding for their cute toll road, the MPO went to the State. The State first said yes....UNTIL, the local citizens managed to turn the tide by electing more sensible representatives last fall. The new representatives defunded the toll road, BUT could not kill the proposal altogether, for some unknown reason to me. Lo and behold, without the state funding, the developers and the MPO go where???? You guessed it. Straight to the Federal government for borrowed money to fund their toll road. This saga is still in progress, so I don't know the end of this story yet. If I were betting, I'd bet on the developers and the Feds over-ruling the 70% of locals who do not want this toll road.

This sent me to the MPO website where I found a pdf file on all of the federal money that has flowed into my county over the last two years. Source page for pdf file on Federal Spending in Gaston County (I don't know how to upload the file to this page, so just sending you there.) Trust me, it amounts to millions. Mind you, this is one county in one state out of fifty states. And there are MPO's in every county in every state. Multiply that in your mind and you might have to grab the next bottle of Scotch on your shelf, grab a cigar, put up your feet, and mull over the $14.5 Trillion that our Federal government has indebted all of us. Millions of dollars in every county in every state in the Union.

Second path. This one involves Smart Meters. I'm so naive sometimes. I think people should actually have a choice on whether or not they want their personal thermostats hooked up to central planning. Foolish me. So I was looking into a source that a friend sent me to this morning...regarding Smart Meters and the Smart Grid. I was originally thinking about cities and counties and whether or not elected councils and commissioners would reject or support the idea. Lo and behold, I found that the ARRA (Recovery and Reinvestment Act) passed by the Democrats in 2009, funded grants and subsidies to all kinds of industries creating Smart Grid technology.

Duke Energy in North Carolina

"The company also has sought $14 million in federal funds for smart grid transmission lines in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The smart grid allows utilities, such as Duke, to send signals to specially equipped appliances over transmission lines. The signals allow the utilities to tell the appliances to operate using less power during peak consumption times."

The U.S. Department of Energy will award $4.5 billion in smart grid grants nationwide, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

"Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke (NYSE: DUK) intends to transform its entire electricity-delivery infrastructure into a smart grid system, the company said in a news release."

And by all means, do not just funnel money through the DOE, but use all Federal agencies to do the dirty work. Such as the USDA below: Smart Grid News

"If you thought federal funds for smart grid projects came and went with the Recovery Act, check in with the rural electric cooperatives that are on the receiving end of millions in loans from the USDA for smart grid technologies and improvements to generation and transmission facilities. "

Stimulus for Smart Grid

Let's face it, most people if asked would flat out reject technology attached to their house that relays all energy activity in their personal residence to a central data bank that can be controlled by the 'statists.' Not to mention two other dangers that no one talks about. 1. the electromagnetic pulse from Smart Meters has proven to be unhealthy for people and pets. And 2. the opportunity for taking the country down through a central grid (or regional grids) is creating another vulnerability for the nation's security. I make the leap here that 99% of the population is not happy about this, doesn't want it, and is sick from the intervention of central planners into their lives. That's my assessment. You can come up with your own percentage.

Bottom line...What do a traffic light, a toll road, and your energy have in common? Washington DC. No matter what path you take, all roads lead to DC. Federalism, states rights, individual rights, all have been bought out by Washington DC using borrowed money that you and I, our children and our children's children, will be paying for infinity. And all we wanted was a traffic light, some say over where our roads go, and to purchase energy for our homes and businesses.

The fix is in. The trap is laid. The only ....I repeat ONLY way out of this is to STOP TAKING FEDERAL MONEY. Otherwise, there is no way out.

(Want to know about Duke Energy and Smart Grid technology go HERE. )

Friday, August 26, 2011


Lately it seems, candidates Perry, Romney, and others are slugging it out over who is a "Man-made Global Warming" believer or not. Politico Reports And I'm glad to see it. I hope they have a huge verbal contest for months over who believes the lies the least. America will be so much the better off for that. If they kill the myth of AGW once and for all, we should all shout hallelujah and grab the nearest bottle of champagne.

AGW is already is the myth that lives. A really great report to read on this is here: 1000 International Scientists Dissent AGW

One of them is quoted below:
“Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong!!” -- NASA Scientist Dr. Leonard Weinstein who worked 35 years at the NASA Langley Research Center and finished his career there as a Senior Research Scientist. Weinstein is presently a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Aerospace.

The truth on this issue is finally out and AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is now known absolutely to be a scam and a fraud. Yes, some socialist environmentalists are all in a state of denial, clinging to the lie like it is their life-blood. is their life-blood, so no wonder. And that brings me to the larger problem.

While Al Gore and his UN cronies were busy indoctrinating the world, the U.S. government was busy implementing an entire system of "governance" based on the UN, IPCC, and Gore's lies. O.K. fine, but what does that have to do with you and your life today??

The U.S. government is a powerful money machine. And when laws don't do the dirty work that administrations want, then orders are given and the horizontal system known as federal agencies kick into gear with regulatory powers. Those agencies get busy handing out money for any states, counties, and cities who will do certain things. This is known as the reward system, or also Behavior Modification, in psychiatric circles. "Do what we want you to do and we will hand you money..or gold stars..or let you go to the dance. If you don't do what we want you to do, then Susie (or Jack) will get the money, the stars, and go to the dance."

Now we know that the actions demanded by horizontal agencies are control issues and have nothing to do with AGW. Their premise is blown. They truly can no longer use AGW as an excuse for their insane demands. It's a cloudy day for those environmentalists, non-profits, states, counties, cities, NGO's, and corporate opportunists who have been raking in buckets of money and merrily zipping along modifying everyone's behavior, making everyone poorer and life very uncomfortable for a lot of people. Billions of tax payer dollars have been spent on this lie already, with billions more proposed. Yet, the scam is up and most people know it... finally.

Trouble is, the agencies haven't gotten the memo. We know it, but they don't seem to know it or accept the truth. Not yet. Why would they? The truth doesn't support their actions. Non-profits are still profiting. NGO's are still using the AGW theory to make recommendations and authorizations. Corporations are still advertising their endorsements of "Sustainable Development" and donating money to non-profits in order to get tax deductions is return. The states, counties, and cities are still looking for the handouts, grants, and subsidies. The comprehensive "Vision" plans for these states, counties, and cities have all been written to get the money, gold stars, and the ticket to the dance. These "Vision" plans are ensconced into our entire government structure at this point. And all of them are based on pure evil fiction.

There is no reason to spend gas taxes on "Walkable Cities," greenways, bike lanes and trails, equestrian paths. There is no reason to demand draconian regulations on buildings. There is no reason for a state or federal agency to charge "mitigation" points for development. There is no reason to force people to cluster into "mixed use" neighborhoods or congested cities. There is no reason to take the land next to a creek away from a farmer. There is no reason to ban incandescent light bulbs and force CFL's on the public. There is no reason for RFID chips on recycling bins. There is no reason for "Smart Meters." There is no reason for regulating every industry into a "Climate Change" model of "Sustainable Development." No reason for insanely high café standards for vehicles. No reason for demanding CDL licensing for farm vehicles. No reason to hand out tax money to money grubbing entities who are in the game just for that purpose. No reason for any of it. The entire industry of money grubbing over Climate Change needs to go the same route as "Cap and Trade," and that is gone....outta here!

Today we are watching hurricane Irene come barreling towards the east coastline. Mother Nature is telling us who is in charge of the situation....and it is not us. Clouds have gathered over the lies of "AGW." With any kind of luck, Irene will blow the lies clear off the planet. It's time to dismantle the system of UN, AGW, IPCC schemes that have taken over our entire government structure. A storm can be a cleansing event.

We can do this from the bottom up. All local governments have to do is stop taking the money. All voters have to do is elect those who refuse to buy the lies. And as elections come and go, voters can keep up this process until all of this nonsensical theft of our money and liberties is reduced to the sorry annals of history, just like Stalinist Russia is now a lesson of what not to do to people.

It's a good day. The lies are finally discussed by major presidential candidates. One of them, we don't know yet which, will start the process of ridding the country of the bad weather created by the UN...once and for all. I'm almost ready for the hallelujahs and the champagne.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


They say it is the entitlements that are killing us. And that may be half of the story. But you cannot tell me that discretionary spending on subsidies isn't the other half of the story. Neither entitlements or subsidies are constitutional, so we are on wrong footing with both of these issues. But if you will humor me for a small walk back through history, I'll see if we can figure out how we got where we are. Sometimes a historical perspective can help us get a grip.

Both entitlements and discretionary spending have become monstrous burdens on the people of this nation. Both entitlements and subsidies are the brain children of "Progressive" meddlers. Interestingly enough both government entitlements and subsidies a century ago were designed by Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, all self proclaimed "Progressives." Since then, add Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and now Obama so far. That is seven presidents, with somewhere around 47.1 years of governing between them. By the time Obama is finished it will be almost 50 of the last 100 years of "Progressive" rule that has bent and manipulated our way of life to benefit Socialists. You can add whichever "Progressive" policies into the mix by RINO Republicans, and you see how far "Progressive" Socialism has come. And by that, measure how far removed we have become from the U.S. Constitution. Is it any wonder that our country is split in half by two sets of ideology. We have half of the last century taking us in a completely different direction from the Founders' vision of America. Maybe it is more of a miracle that half of us still stand with them.

Here we are 100 years + from the origins of the "Progressive" movement in America and the government has its hands on manipulating everything. Our fight for freedom is not new. It has been going on a long long time and we are just visiting the latest incarnation of it. Perhaps, in our day and time, it is that we have only just barely tasted freedom really, when you look at the state of our government from 1900 forward. There are so few freedoms left.

From Academic American

"The Progressive Movement, which gained substantial strength after 1900, can be defined in part as a protective reaction against the growing threat of communism or socialism in American economic and political life. The Progressives were behind many reforms aimed at cleaning up capitalism and protecting workers’ rights. But because the Progressive Movement did not move fast enough for some, the Socialist Party in United States gained a bit of traction. In 1912 the Socialist party under Eugene Debs won almost a million votes. The Populist Party in 1892 had had similar success, and though the Populists were not explicitly communists or socialists, their interests certainly lay in the same direction."

"Although the Progressive Movement is considered to have ended with the outbreak of the First World War, the Progressive Party continued to thrive, and many liberal politicians were—and still are—comfortable being identified as Progressives. Wisconsin’s Robert La Follette garnered almost 5 million votes as the Progressive Party candidate for president in the election of 1924. When the Great Depression hit and American capitalism seemed to be crumbling, those who had embraced communism and socialism seemed vindicated. Intellectuals flocked to the Socialist camp, led by men such as Lincoln Steffens who, having visited Soviet Russia, said, “I have seen the future and it works.”

"With the Cold War tensions on the rise, and with the rise of McCarthyism in the early 1950s, the Socialist movement began to die out. Being labeled a communist or socialist ceased to be respectable except to the fringe on the very far left of America’s political spectrum. That fringe emerged once again in the 1960s as part of the protest movement against the Vietnam War and the excesses of American capitalism; a few old Socialists became darlings of the “New Left.” But with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 and the end of the Cold War, the Socialist alternative in America was for a time considered dead and buried. More recently, however, government responses to the economic crisis and the debate over health care reform have awakened the notion that the nation may be drifting toward socialist solutions."

(Note: the article cited above has some built in biases. For instance in the paragraph just above it does not mention the Socialist fringe that, since the 1960's, has infiltrated the education system and the media to sell their ideology to the culture over these past 50 years. And that right after the Soviet Union fell, Americans elected Bill Clinton who is one of the global Socialist left.)

The entire focus of "Progressives" is to control everything. Their model is communism. And through entitlements and subsidies, they control those on the receiving end of these, PLUS they control those on the paying end of these. That pretty much covers all of us at this moment.

The Constitution has already been shredded by these "Progressives" in our country. They came here, they stayed here, they have ruined everything they've touched. If you are taking an entitlement or a subsidy, you are already in the clutches of communist control. If you are still one of the paying segment of the population, you are already forced into supporting communism.

You can't say it is just the entitlements. You can't say it is just the discretionary spending of subsidies. You can't say it is just regulations. It isn't just one thing here and there. It is all of it. You can't say it is only in certain sectors of our lives. Since Barack Obama was elected, it is now everywhere, in every pore and crease of life itself. He has just built a higher castle on the foundations laid by the previous "Progressive" presidents. Time has a way of giving one a perspective if you just step back and look at the events of history.

The fight for freedom goes on.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Some days it is hard to optimistic. Today is one of those days. I've written before on the horrendous downsides of windmills, killing birds by the thousands, wrecking landscape views, generally creating not much energy for the billions of money being BLOWN AWAY on these damn monstrosities.

So if you want to join in my total disgust and depression over the continuing insanity of windmills, here is some new information confirming the disaster that they are: From the Telegraph in the UK Article by Christopher Booker

"In a sane world, no one would dream of building power sources whose cost is 22 times greater than that of vastly more efficient competitors. But the Government feels compelled to do just this because it sees it as the only way to meet our commitment to the EU that within nine years Britain must generate nearly a third of its electricity from “renewable” sources, six times more than we do at present."

"The insanity does not end here. The Government talks of building 10,000 windmills capable of generating up to 25,000MW of the electricity we need. But when it does so, it – like the BBC – invariably uses that same trick of referring to “capacity”, without explaining that their actual output would be well below 30 per cent. (Last year, onshore turbines generated just 21 per cent of their capacity.) In other words, for all that colossal expenditure – and even if there was the remotest chance that two new giant turbines could be built every day between now and 2020 – we could only hope to generate some 6,000MW. This is not only way below our EU target, it is only a tenth of our peak demand during those cold, windless weeks last winter, when wind power was often providing barely 1 per cent of the power we needed."

" Madness is far too polite a word."

And that last sentence is exactly my opinion of what global socialist environmentalists have done to sanity. I suggest we wrap them all up in ropes attach them to the swirling blades of these steel constructs of Hell, and leave them there for however long they may live, which hopefully would not be long. Then we can let the rotting carcasses resume their proper carbon use by decomposing to replenish the earth.

I told you I was not in a good mood. Fair warning.

Comment from a post at Wattsupwiththat - Science Blog

"Gore’s work is being handled quite nicely, thank you, by the extra-constitutional organization known as the EPA. Essential power plants are going to fall off line not because terrorists have blown the transmission lines or overrun the control rooms, or some rogue nation has lit off an EMP device over US soil – the EPA, with a weapon no mightier than the common pen, has put into motion the final fall of American manufacturing.

I imagine the final insult will be the body bags needed when rolling brownouts punctuate the hot days of summer and the frigid nights of winter will be imported from some smoke stack nation that has a growing industrial base.

Gore has won his battle, and the EPA has won the war. We’re screwed."


Way back, when the marketplace ran things, products were tested and tested before given prime time exposure in the world of commercial sales. Otherwise, you ended up like the Delorian, bankrupted and the poster child for excessive investment in a product no one could buy. Or maybe the Edsel is a better analogy. Either way, they were expensive commercial flops, each for their own reasons. But way back when, the investors took the hit. It was their risk and their opportunity to succeed or fail.

Today, it is the taxpayer taking the hit. Somehow, the green lobbyists have convinced politicians that citizens must collectively pay the cost of products to satisfy the false insanity of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Bad enough that the science was completely off the charts wrong. But then to soak the public by pushing technology and products based on that false assumption is criminal. We get to pay for light bulbs no one wants, smart grids no one wants, ID chips in recycle bins no one wants, windmills no one wants, solar panels too expensive for most people to buy, lousy paints without lead which encourage mold, toilets that don't flush well, storm water fees for what, I don't know, greenways a very few people use, light rail costing taxpayers 500 times what each ride should cost, bike lanes for under 1.5% of commuters, gasoline blends with ethanol that wrecks engines, etc.

Obama has to be a hopeless stooge for the green globalist lobbyists, or he saw the opportunity to soak the American people for any reason and jumped onto the Global Warming Green Jobs idea like a tick on a dog. I'm betting it is the latter. Any excuse will do when your objective is to economically rape the most successful country in the history of the world. Putting communist Van Jones in charge of the Green Jobs program when it was first announced is just a little hint, don't you think? What does a communist have to do with green anything? Think about it.

It isn't about green anything. It's all about redistribution, social justice, diversity, collectivism, "shared sacrifice" as Obama puts it. He'll make us all pay, alright.

"Many of Obama's expensive green stimulus programs cost $1 million to $2 million per job -- mainly "hands-off" make-work administrative jobs, rather than the entry-level practical jobs as promised."

That is the same thing that put the unemployment rate in Spain over 17%, i.e. the extravagant costs of green jobs put other private sector jobs out of business.... because to force the green jobs onto everyone, you have to regulate the previously normal jobs out of existence. Just like the Obama administration is doing to the coal industry. He may add 58 jobs here and 700 jobs there, but at the same time he is putting tens of thousands out of work. Maybe he thinks green jobs are a loss leader, only in his case he adds a few green jobs and then adds thousands to the unemployment lines. He leads us down the garden path, and we all lose our shirts. But it's all for our own good, he would tell you.

"Something unexpected happened on the way to the Garden of Eden. Despite massive spending and stimulus, the green jobs revolution fizzled. Wind energy failed to meet expectations, as did solar. Electric vehicles were not ready for prime time, because electrical storage batteries are still 3 breakthroughs away from being up to the task. And the "smart power grid" is proving to be one more way that government and malicious hackers can monitor private activity, and shut it down."

Obama has sucked the life out of the economy from the energy sector, to the housing sector, to the manufacturing sector, to the auto industry, to the food supplies, to everything he has touched. He has tried to label all of these fiscally draining procedures, "Green." Green homes, green cars, green energy, green manufacturing, green foods. (This is giving the color green a bad name, if you ask me. None of us will ever want to even hear the word green as this keeps going.)

Years ago it was funny to hear Ross Perot use that phrase about "the giant sucking sound." Today it isn't so funny when you see what Obama's giant green sucking machine has done to the American economy. You can only do so much sucking before you suck the life out of everything. 15 mos. to go, folks.

AL FIN on the Return to Eden

Sunday, August 21, 2011


A hundred years ago the structure of government in America was a vertical structure. Actually, from the founding and the Constitution, the structure of American government was vertical, i.e "of the people, for the people, by the people." Picture in your mind a pyramid, wide at the bottom representing the people and narrowing to the top where leadership exists. Each section from the bottom to the top of the pyramid is a representation of the voter's decisions to elect representatives. Each section rests on the massive will of the people at the bottom. The voter's were key to this pyramid, the base structure holding all of the rest of the sections securely. Without the base structure at the bottom, the top has nothing to keep it in place. Eliminate the base and there is no higher structure.

As we know from Egypt, pyramids are strong structures. They last a long time and the bases of them are meant to hold the higher levels. That is the essence of the vertical American representative government structure. The people hold the power to support representative leadership.

But let's say you like the power of leadership, but you don't like the people holding that vertical structure up. Let's say you and your friends want power, but you don't want to go through the efforts to convince the people to hold you up. You want the people's money, but you don't want their input into the decision making process. What do you do?

You figure out some way to do what you want without the base support of the people. If the people don't want what you are selling, they will tell you to go fly a kite. So the base of the pyramid is not your friend at this point. Then, you create a sideways avenue to get your way. You set up a horizontal path outside of the vertical arrangement. You use executive powers to mandate the creation of the horizontal path. You set up regulatory agencies filled with appointees who have no connection to the pyramid, but are in your ideological back pocket.

The poster child for this is sitting in the White House right now. Executive orders which turn power over to regulating agencies who are not elected by the people and are not accountable to the people, that is the hallmark of the current President. Not alone in this, many have done this before him.

Here is how it works: First you create, by executive order, unelected agencies to regulate activities of the people. You order these unelected agencies to implement your desires, whatever they may be. Then you turn to the one institution left in the hands of the people, congress (actually the House of Representatives), and you demand money for your desired agencies operating expenses. If they refuse, you call them names, smear them in the media, say the are stubborn obstacles to 'progress,' and generally throw a hissy fit. You create a propaganda machine to villify your opposition, be it the people or their representatives. You command the unelected agencies to continue on their march to obey your orders, in spite of the people's objections. You try to establish that your executive orders trump all else in the land.

Welcome to horizontal government. Sideways instead of vertical. So simple a caveman could understand it. So unconstitutional any American can understand the insults of it. Yet agencies of horizontal government have been set up at least since FDR. (Maybe before that, but I haven't researched it.) Each time a horizontal agency has been set up, the people have suffered the consequences. I could start naming them, but here are a few: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie and Freddie, FDA, USDA, HUD, DOT, EPA, PCSD, NEA (both of them, education and arts) Obamacare, and now the WHRC (White House Rural Council by BHObama), and so many more. The creation of these agencies was not approved by the voting public. In fact, the creation was never on a referendum ballot for the public to approve or not. Granted, the people's representatives acquiesced to the executive branch in these matters. That in itself is a travesty of abuse of powers. But once created, no one seems to listen to the people's requests to eliminate the horizontal existence of these agencies. Beyond that, these agencies have so grossly usurped States rights, that the power of the people over their tax monies is now just a relic of the nostalgic past.

The executive branch was never to hold this kind of power. And the representative legislative branch was supposed to be the check and balance against that kind of power. Failing that, the judicial branch was supposed to hold back any assaults on the Constitution. But the executive branch figured out how to bribe the legislative branch. And the executive branch has the keys to Supreme Court appointees...with the approval of the legislative branch who is now being bribed by the executive branch. When it comes down to it, vertical government has been subverted by corruption at all levels at this juncture in time.

So, no wonder voters are skeptical, discouraged, and percentages of them tune out and don't show up. NO WONDER. What is the point if the game is rigged? We were not supposed to be in this position. We, the voters, were supposed to be the deciding base of that vertical pyramid. Now we, the voters, are stuck trying to figure out how to get rid of the horizontal governance that is replacing our vertical government, dropped like a spider's web all over us. The candidates we are seeking are the ones who will take that web of horizontal government off of us. Me, included.

Notes added:
1. On top of this, add voters who do not even understand the difference between democracy and a republic, the difference between vertical and horizontal governance, and the difference between the Constitution vs. Socialism. This allows the horizontal web to continue as voters who don't know these concepts are just voting for favortism from the agencies in the horizontal revenue stream. And then if they don't get that favortism, as the Black Caucus is yelling about this past week, they start screaming, "Foul." Those who follow this line of thinking are clueless and have no business voting in the first place.

2. If someone asks you to join an unelected bureaucratic board of governance, please tell them to stuff it somewhere unmentionable and that you do not believe in horizontal boards going around the will of the people. Please.

Into the weeds:
Example of a Regional Governing Board - RPO - High Country Council of Governments
Here is another one in the Southeastern portion of North Carolina
UK site on Federalism and variations
Wikipedia on Euro Mulit-level Governance
Here is a report on integrating horizontal policies to implement Sustainable Development

Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Fellow American,

Climate Change equals money.

That's all it is. Money. Green is not environmental. Green is greed. All of those draconian regulations and tax incentives are about money, not our environment. I hate to break it to you. Especially if you are one of those heartstrings-pulling greenies who just wants to save the swamp for the alligators and the forest for the owls. But it isn't about owls and alligators. It's about the transfer of property and wealth. And you got sucked into it because you thought it was some altruistic plan to save the earth.

So let's start all over again from the top.
A bunch of United Nations power hungry zealots got together with some global environmentalists over two decades ago and figured out how they could soak the public by scaring everyone to death with a climate message, i.e. that all of us bad humans are wrecking the earth's climate because we eat and breathe and use resources for shelter, energy, and some creature comforts. They figured out if they could just make people feel guilty enough, scare people enough, and use every act of nature as evidence, they could start taking the bribes from everyone. Whoo hoo! What a great idea. So they grabbed the film industry, the media, the politicians at all levels of government, the American Planning Association, corporations, non-profits, the education system, the churches, and every other institution who would join in the scam for money. And it was going along at a pretty good clip until we all found out the IPCC scientists were lying to get grant money from the UN and all of the governments donating to the UN. Oops. Now what.

Not to be deterred, they are clinging to the lie like a tick on a dog. They won't let go. They already put the revenue stream in place over these many years and it's just now, the last ten years or so, beginning to actually ruin people's lives and financially ruin the United States of America. But no matter, as long as the players involved get the MONEY.

They thought up cap and trade, the scam to sell carbon credits. That didn't fly very well. They have thought up the land conservancy scam. Unfortunately, that one is still actively percolating. They thought up RFID chips in recycling bins. They thought up "Smart Meters" for your house. They thought up "Smart Growth" for your city. They thought up "Green Build" for the architecture industry. They thought up electric cars and GPS monitoring of how many miles you drive. They thought up squirrelly CFL light bulbs and handed GE tax free status. They thought up windmills killing birds. They thought up solar panels no one can afford. They thought up using corn for ethanol. They thought up methane studies for cows. They thought up greenways and bike lanes. They thought up Cash for Caulkers. They thought up land banks. They handed out non-profit status to everyone and anyone promoting "green" anything. And all the while, the U.S. government is going straight down the tubes financially while we are funding all of this insanity based on lies from the IPCC, Al Gore, and whoever else stands to gain....MONEY.

They figured out how to make states and local governments buy in through offering federal grants. They figured out how to bribe politicians with campaign funds and foundations. They figured out how to put energy stars on appliances. That worked so well, they have now figured out how to give "stars" to local governments who comply with the draconian regulations, property takings, and stupid declarations of how "green" they are.

And as if you thought it was about the environment, it also became a vehicle for diversity. Obama brought on Van Jones to start up a green jobs program...only for people of color, mind you. Reparations comes in a new color! "Green." You see it isn't about saving the environment at all. To Obama, it is an excuse to keep white people out of the revenue stream by hiring blacks and browns and unions for the "green" jobs.

You don't honestly think Clinton, two Bushes, and Obama actually are sick with worry over the environment, now do you? What would tweak their cooperation do you think? Would it be power and money? Oh, no. Not our Presidents. They wouldn't be enticed by power and money, now would they??

The "green" corporate / government industry has grown so huge by now that it will take a massive amputation to cut out the gangrene infecting the country.

AL FIN has the latest information on the science.

"Massive redistribution-of-wealth schemes have somehow become tied to the global warming agenda at the highest levels of government and inter-government. Literally $trillions are on the table in this high stakes game of faux environmental poker. And yet the basis of all of this hoopla! -- alarmist climate models -- are seemingly not ready for prime time. What is worse,
the very ground-level data which is fed into climate models is unreliable."

So, I'm sorry to break it to you, but we've been had. Actually, you've been had. I've been soaked. And so has every tax payer in America. When they come to put the Smart Meter on your house, and the micro-chip in your recycling bin, I hope you'll remember to tell them you are very sorry you helped lay the groundwork for the largest heist ever taken place in the world.

Yours truly,
Cheryl A. Pass

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The joke in my house when people are tongue tied or getting things mixed up is: "Someone is getting their merds wixed up!" (if you didn't catch that, flip the first letters of "words mixed" and you get it.)

In case you are looking for definitions to describe the current political soup we are in, good luck! We seem to be swirling around in a strange witch's brew of ingredients where socialism is mixed up with fascism, dictatorship, corporatism, communism, and with a small dash of capitalism thrown in just to placate the few Americans left in the nation. That's a lot of isms. We are trying so hard, as Americans, to define the political ideology of our future, while watching capitalism marginalized to near extinction. What do we call the new witch's brew?

We had capitalism in a form that satisfied the needs of most Americans for many years. Capitalism, combined with the rule of U.S. Constitutional law, was simple in design and created opportunity for all comers.

But Michael Moore says capitalism is dead. (I would say it lives on in the hearts of Americans, but Michael Moore doesn't listen to me.) What Michael Moore is really saying, I think, is that corporatism has taken over capitalism through political corruption. Large corporations are indeed now political organizations being played by governments and politicians on a global scale. This has happened to such an extent that corporatism has nearly killed capitalism. Of course Michael Moore never liked capitalism anyway, so he delights in the death of the most productive economic system in the history of the world.

But let's define our "merds." What is the difference between Corporatism and Capitalism?

Corporatism defined

corporatism (plural corporatisms)

  1. Political / Economic system in which power is exercised through large organizations (businesses, trade unions, their associated lobbying efforts, etc.) working in concert or conflict with each other; usually with the goal of influencing or subsuming the direction of the state and generally only to benefit their own socioeconomic agendas at the expense of the will of the people, and to the detriment of the common good.
  2. The influence of large business corporations in politics.
Capitalism defined

"Capitalism" is conventionally defined along economic terms such as the following:

An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.
This is an example of a definition by non-essentials. An essential definition of capitalism is a political definition:
Capitalism is a social system based on the principle of individual rights.

Obama hates capitalism and proves by his policies that he will do anything he can to destroy it. Tea Partiers, conservatives, who love capitalism are defamed by the left as bitter clingers. Defenders of business enterprise, "the American Way," are told they are greedy sons of bitches and need to share the wealth. Obama is the champion of this defamation, all the while he is kissing up to the likes of Jeffery Immelt, CEO of GE. Curious, no?

So what is going on here? Merds are getting wixed up. How so? Capitalists are being confused with corporatists. People on the street are being told that businessmen and women are greedy and are the abusers of workers. Business, the act of producing products and employing people, has come under the heading of criminal activity as defined by leftists.

At the same time, leftists are using corporations to implement their top down control of the American people. How? Through tax incentives, through regulations, through propaganda, through bribery of campaign money, through favortism, and any other way they can. You see, corporatism is not the same thing as capitalism.

The guy on the street is being told to despise "capitalism," business enterprise, as we all used to know it. Then the guy on the street sees the likes of Jeffrey Immelt and GE and says to himself, "Yeah, those nasty businessmen are greedy sons of bitches and should pay their fair share." And then, the guy on the street hears Tea Partiers and conservatives defending capitalism and says to himself, "Well, I don't like that idea because look at Jeffrey Immelt and GE." The guy on the street has his "merds wixed up," confused by contemporary definitions of "business enterprise." And who would not be confused? The witch's brew being cooked up is a mess.

The trouble with this is that GE is the poster child of "corporatism," not capitalism. The act of business in this country is now divided into two categories; big business corporatism, and entrepreneurship capitalism. It is the entrepreneur capitalist who is being smashed into oblivion, while the politically connected corporatist is sitting lofty in the favored highest halls of our government. Corporatists have sold out capitalism. There is good business and bad business and corporatism is bad business.

GE gets away with this by pretending to be on board with global environmentalist goals, i.e. wealth redistribution through environmental policies, windmills and squirrelly light bulbs, energy star appliances, etc. Warren Buffet gets away with his billions by telling Americans to pay more taxes. (spokesperson for the global leftist O in the WH.) Bill Gates gets away with it because he, too, plays the global leftists game of wealth redistribution, depopulation initiatives, foreign aid, and more. But those are only three of huge players who are playing the corporatist political game. Duke Energy, Home Depot, Ted Turner, Banks of all stripes, so many I could not begin to count.

And in case you don't know the corporatism game, here is a brief description:
Step 1. Spend money on politicians' campaigns and lobbyists.
Step 2. Ask for regulations and laws to benefit your corporation.
Step 3. Once favored status is achieved, make more money.
Step 4. Ask for tax loopholes and tax deductions, subsidies and grants.
Step 5. Politicians then tell you to trade the loopholes, subsidies and grants for your support of anti-capitalist orgs., such as NGO's, non-profits, leftists foundations, etc. (which you are all too happy to do because capitalism is not what you are doing anymore.)
Step 6. Throw parties and live it up! Dance on the grave of capitalism.

As 2012 elections draw near, Americans need to know the difference between capitalism and corporatism. Candidates who espouse support of business, need to define what that means to them. Are they supporting corporatism or capitalism? Romney? Perry? Bachmann? Whoever? Who is standing with the U.S. Constitutional support of capitalism? Who is in bed with corporations who want nothing but government favors in trade for squashing any business in their way, tax deductions, subsidies, grants, and loopholes? It's an important distinction.

For all of the leftist media consternation over Halliburton during the Bush / Cheney years, the Obama leftists have doubled down on the worst corporatism policies I have ever seen in my lifetime. Truthfully, our government has been corrupted by corporatism for a long time and is now into it up to its eyeballs. Republicans, as a whole, are not pristine in their conduct on this issue, either, to say the least. Conservative voters need to be discerning which candidates are actually still supporters of capitalism.

As supporters of business, let's not get our merds wixed up! We need capitalists, not state corporatists.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Out here in the hinterland (medium sized city), watching our national, state, and local leadership all falling into the socialists abyss, is becoming like trying to catch a flood with your hands. It keeps on coming, in spite of the best efforts of good Americans who are aghast at the deluge. Count me among those aghast.

I began the day doing research on how conservancy groups are using non-profit status to acquire private property, taking the land out of the hands of citizen ownership and putting into the hands of the "collective." Once taken, the land is forever off of the property tax rolls, taken out of productivity, and placed firmly into the collective maintenance of the public coffers. This is going on daily all over the United States of America. The tools used to accomplish this are many and diverse and sometimes draconian. Peer pressure, tax incentives, tax pressures, regulations, eminent domain, shaming... you name it, anything will be used to accomplish the goal. So I guess it is no surprise that a global socialist foundation would be funding a school, teaching media relations for the socialist agenda.

In my search today I came across a site for The American Hiking Society Evidently, the American Hiking Society wants to influence Americans to give up land for their lovely hiking from their site, I found this: The Spin Project
" The SPIN Project is dedicated to working with social justice organizations ready to deploy communications strategies for social change."

The site goes on to say:Using Media to Improve Media "A grant from the Ford Foundation allows SPIN to offer specialized services to advocates and scholars who are pressing for a more diverse, more local, more inclusive media landscape." Further revelations: "The SPIN Project works with a broad range of policy, advocacy and grassroots organizations striving to strengthen democracy and public participation. Our clients are typically small to midsize organizations focusing on issues concerning civil rights, human rights, social justice and the environment."

"The SPIN Project honors the multiracial, multicultural and diverse constituencies of the groups we work with, and consistently works with individuals of different ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities and incomes."

That looks like a recipe for a fractured society, if ever I've seen one. Nothing there about advocating for our national principles held in the Constitution.

Now I suspect the Ford Foundation is in the stratosphere of billionaires and money in the bank. And I am sure the Ford Foundation would like nothing other than to use its money to influence the political landscape in America, bending America to its socialist conformity.

To that end I found this under the heading "Campaign Support:"":
"In addition to strategizing on fieldwork with trainees, the SPIN Project has contributed to campaigns in an in-depth, ongoing capacity. SPIN will provide ongoing, advanced media consultation around political or cultural campaigns by “parachuting” a staff person into the field. A SPIN Project media professional will provide concrete skills on a real-time campaign with local activists and serve as a mentor to develop media capacity in existing campaign staff.

I guess that is what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said they would parachute in, eh?

And you thought hiking was just a nice walk in the woods. Instead, hiking is now an advocacy group for 'social justice' and 'multi-cultural diversity.' I mean, how can you take private property away from an owner if it isn't for the sake of collectivism and communitarian enjoyment?
The flood is not coming from the dark shadows under the floor boards anymore. The flood is coming from our corrupt government policies and filtering down through non-profit orgs. who are benefiting from tax-payer largesse. Today, I am very worried we have not enough hands to catch the deluge. The American people are going to have to stand up ....against the "American Hiking Society," for crying out loud?? Yes. That is what it will take to save the nation. Why should a hiking organization using tax deferred non-profit status promote a political foundation that works tirelessly to undermine our Constitution? The hiking organization isn't promoting just hiking, it is promoting the taking of private property.

That's exactly the problem, friends. You can't join a hiking organization. You can't join the Chamber of Commerce. You can't join the local Community Foundation. You can't join anything anymore without researching who is being funded with your dues. (I've had the same disappointment with even the local art guild who now is filled with advocates for socialism. Why should an art guild maintain tax deferred status while promoting a political agenda?) Like the unions were taken over by the global socialists, even hiking and biking orgs. have been taken over by rabid socialist communitarians who despise the American Constitution and individual rights.

You are known by the company you keep. If you want to fight the socialist machine in America, you are required to analyze and reject those organizations who are now led by collectivists, and are driven by global foundations such as the Ford Foundation. The company I keep is the Tea Party movement which is trying to save America from the entrenched America haters who live here and fund these anti-American efforts in nearly all aspects of our society.

The flood is upon us. The socialist machine has reached peak infiltration. Our government has given them free reign and allowed them tax preferred status through non-profit tax breaks. All levels of our government have been cooperating with this, bought and paid for by American tax payers. This needs to be exposed and stopped.

I hope you will stand with the Tea Party. I hope you will carefully research what organizations you join and reject those who are working against our goals of saving the nation.

This article was published also at COMMIE BLASTER

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." My mother, who was an excellent seamstress, had a saying satirizing that Biblical phrase: "As ye sew, so shall ye rip." It was her way of saying when mistakes are made, you will have to rip them out. (Genius, no?) It was also her way of accepting that mistakes are made sometimes and you have to deal with them...with your effort and time, to correct the error. (She had lots of flaws, but she did love to impart simple adages of wisdom which follow me around today, and for which I'm grateful.)

Such a simple creed. Ripping out mistakes. But when you set up huge bureaucracies of entitlement mistakes, it takes a lot of ripping to fix them. And the push back from those who now believe they are entitled is loud, crass, and not surprising in some ways. Entitlements ruin people. It makes them think they can steal from others for their own gain. It makes them think they don't have to work for their own livelihoods. It makes them think some far away government fairy will send them checks just for breathing. So then, when the ripping begins and those entitled find out they aren't entitled after all, the screaming begins.

Areas of the world are on fire with riots and violence. Lots of areas. Lots of violence. Lots of destruction. And what is the rebel yell of this mob violence spreading across the world? "Gimme!" "Gimme!" "Gimme!" The flash mobs yell they want, want, want. What do they want? Government nannies.

Somehow it seems perfectly fitting that a spoiled brat sits in the White House today. His sense of entitlement reflects so much of what his generation and his Socialist mentors have done to the world. His credentials were nearly nil. He was raised on the doctrine of entitlement and demands. He entered office thinking he was entitled to redistribute people's wealth. It is his only stock and trade. He spent the wad and then spent some more. He spent until the red ink flowed into the future as farther than anyone can see. And he is still at it. It is all he knows how to do; spend other people's money and then announce that everyone is entitled to someone else's money by demand. His demand. He's really great at it. What a legacy of virtue, eh?

In saying this, I feel obliged to blame my generation of hippie brats who begat this "Gimme" infantile, temper tantrum, flash mob violence ridden, population of nothings. And I will not blame myself or my children. I am neither blaming those in my generation who did raise their children to be responsible adults. But, from what we are witnessing, I have to conclude there are millions of young brats being unleashed onto civil society. My family is still in the Middle Kingdom of working for a living and expecting to support ourselves. My family thrives on hard work and drive. Work defines us. It is the other parents of my age group, those druggies and hippies, those wannabee revolutionaries, those who swallowed the university Kool-ade, those do-gooder egotists from the '60's, those who never taught their children to make anything or to work at something. There must have been a lot of them. All over the world. Bunches and bunches of entitled children looking to governments to fulfill their lives. A world full of parental artful dodgers raising children who have just been waiting to explode and tear the place apart.

I can't begin to wrap my mind around this amazing eruption of multitudes of idiots. These youthful idiots are screaming for global Socialism. "Gimme!" "Gimme!" "Gimme!" ...while setting London, Philadelphia, and Israel on fire. I'm wondering who told them they are entitled? But then I look at the adult child in the White House, and I look at the population in this country who elected him, and I know who told them they are entitled. Socialists (Marxists - Communists) told them. Kool-ade drinkers told them. Universities told them. Public school curricula told them. Environmentalists told them. Now even Churches are telling them.

Socialists have been handing out this entitlement dogma all over Europe since the French Revolution. Never a word is uttered indicating the tyranny of Socialism. As Marx and Engels poisoned minds all over Western Civilization, the Fabian Socialists in England took up the Communitarian-Communist mantra to hide their contempt for man. Empty promises of Utopian systems were handed out like candy disguising the poison inside. For decades this poison has been forced down the throats of public school students from kindergarten through universities in America and Europe. This poison spread far and wide after the fall of the Soviet Union. And even after the Soviet experiment failed, the Socialist brats continued to insist their entitlement solutions would work. As usual with spoiled brats, they don't take failure as a lesson, they don't take "no" for an answer. They just keep screaming, "Gimme!" "Gimme!" "Gimme!"

Liberal Dogma Spawned Generation of Rioting Youths
They are products of a culture which gives them so much unconditionally that they are let off learning how to become human beings. My dogs are better behaved and subscribe to a higher code of values than the young rioters of Tottenham, Hackney, Clapham and Birmingham."

As Barack Obama made his campaign tour in Europe, he announced, "We are the ones the world has been waiting for." Exactly what do you think he meant by that? To whom was he speaking? What promises did the European youth hear? What kind of an egotistical battle cry is, "We are the ones the world has been waiting for?" A bit over the top, don't you think? Entitlement speaks very loud and Obama speaks of it so eloquently. The entitlements flow from his mouth and his pen like melting butter on a hot bun. Here it is said he is not a leader. I think he is leading, but the path he is leading is toward global socialist / Marxist entitlement, brat rebellion.

Well, I guess the world's entitled brats are getting tired of waiting for whatever it was they thought they were going to get, because now they are simultaneously erupting in violent convulsions, destroying anything and everything in their bloody way, stealing and smashing and throwing their tantrums. If you consider the London riots, those are the already entitled receivers of government largesse on a massive scale, yet they are still destroying all in their way. The psychology of that is rich with mental illness, retarded maturity, and immorality beyond the comprehension of reasonable and civilized people. You see a spoiled brat will never get enough to satisfy that desire to have it all.

What Americans must do is rip out the mistaken dogma of Socialist entitlements and soviet-style corruption practices that are destroying our republic. We need to begin ripping it out of every nook and cranny of American life. Americans must reject the Obama path to global Socialism. We must rip this mistake out with as much fervor and haste as possible. Only then, will the fabric of our nation be woven back together again.

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LAUGHING AT GOOGLE SEARCHES - "Tea Party is Death to America"

Sometimes I find my way to sitemeter where I can see what search was done to land someone on my site. (calm yourself out there...I can't see who initiated the search.) Knowing this helps me see what my headlines, tags, and subjects are interesting to those out there in Internetland. That way I know if anyone is interested in anything I am writing here. Sometimes these searches are very enlightening. Most often they are searches that glean lots of good information. But sometimes these searches are just hilarious nonsense. Today was the latter.

Today I landed on one that just made me laugh. The google search headline was this: tea party is death to america

Why am I laughing? Because someone is so unoriginal in their thinking that they actually parrot the White House talking points to assert what the White House is saying to facilitate their search. Note the search does not ask why? The search does not ask where the idea came from. The search does not ask who started that kind of nonsense. The search is just repeating back to google what the White House and sycophant media is saying.

Sometimes you just wonder how many sheep are out there. The media starts this insane idea that the Tea Party movement is the toxic equivalent to arsenic in America, talking points straight from Biden and Obama and the White House staff.... and sure enough, the next thing you know, you have a google search that google reports has 26,700,oo0 results to assist the searcher. Good ole Google.

Socialists would of course hate the Tea Party. They've been trying to destroy the Tea Party from the moment the Tea Party made its debut on the national scene. Its hardly a surprise. The Tea Party movement is made from American principles based on the U.S. Constitution. Why would the Socialist left embrace a movement that is the antithesis of everything Socialism espouses? Socialists hate the U.S. Constitution, so it naturally follows that Socialists want to believe the Tea Party is their enemy. I could say the exact opposite, that Socialism spells the death of America. But I would be right.

So keep on searching Tea Party haters. I'll keep on laughing.

P.S. I put the exact wording of the search in my headline, so future parrot searches will land those Tea Party haters right here on my site! Should be fun to see what happens!

Monday, August 8, 2011


This seems so simple, even a caveman could understand it. But since the Soros media machine is trying its damnedest to place the S&P downgrade on the shoulders of the Tea Party movement, I thought some truth should show up somewhere out here in blog world.

The acronym for Tea in Tea party stands for "Taxed Enough Already." The Tea Party movement in America is all about taking extreme tax burdens off of Americans who are paying for the insane social and economic experiments of Socialists in America. Tea Partiers know the Federal government of the U.S. has grown so out of control that billions of dung beetles could not carry the weight of the tax burdens placed on Americans. So, while the mainstream media is blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade from S&P, it is actually the Tea Party who stood for greater financial responsibility from our government.

Leading up to the 2008 election, our country was heading toward financial trouble for a myriad of reasons. The Tea Party was rumbling around in fits and starts with small groups of people across America at that point. Enter Obama in campaign mode talking about Hope and Change. Hmmm. Was Obama talking about fiscal responsibility? No. He was talking about wealth redistribution, nationalized healthcare, killing the energy industry, kissing up to Iran and other Muslims, bringing the troops home and closing Gitmo. Soon after election, he proceeded to sign the most crushing stimulus bill (government give-away to his cronies) ever seen. Then he proceeded to annul contract law by taking over GM with government money. Next he managed to ruin the best healthcare industry in the world through government interference and economic theft. He proceeded further to destroy energy independence by shutting down oil exploration and drilling in the Gulf. Nothing he said would have led you to believe that there would be fiscal sanity under the Obama regime. Nothing he has done would lead you to believe that he is trying, even a little bit, to put the USA out of massive debt. Except for one thing....he wants to tax the "rich." (In Obamaland, if you live better than his half brother in the hut in Kenya, you are "rich.")

So in order to pay for Obama's massive debt spree, he wants to increase taxes and add more taxes on top of taxes. He wants desperately to steal your money to pay for his fake utopia that he is selling like the worst car salesman you ever met. Do you think S&P would have shown favor on us if we allowed Obama his taxes? I don't think so. Why? Because Obama's debt spree has destroyed GDP to the point of near complete insolvency. There are not enough sources to tax that would ever pay for Obama's debt spree. And the more he wrecks things, the hastier American corporations run off shore to any place that saves them from Obama's destruction. His economic rape of America is not complete, but has been on the fast track since the day he took office. He's definitely getting there. And 16 months left to the lame duck session. Who is surprised our credit rating is now downgraded? Not me.

There are only two ways to go here. Obama is going to tax the living daylights out of anything that moves in order to pay for his socialist utopia, which will lead to further wealth destruction in America. Or the Tea Party movement is going to grow in numbers, continue to stand up, and take the socialists out of our government. One way leads to financial destruction. The other way dismantles the socialist monstrosity that is our government and puts us back on reasonable financial footing. Which way would you like?

The Tea Party movement had nothing to do with the S&P downgrade. If anything, the Tea Party has held Obama back from his race to the bottom of the world. The Soros media operations lose credibility with every socialist talking face they put out there spewing lies. No one believes their blame game any more anyway. The great thing about all of this is the light is shining on their inanity. The ironic thing about all of this is that Soros would like nothing better than Americans be punished for what Soros has designed, i.e. Obama's excesses. Which was the point of the excesses in the first place. The White House orchestrated complaints about the downgrade are pretty much a joke, since Obama and his mentor, Soros, have been working to do exactly what they are complaining about, i.e. the destruction of America as we knew it. It's not a comedy of errors. It's tragedy by design.

It is the Tea Party trying to save the nation. It is the Obama administration taking it down.

So simple a caveman can understand it.


I'm not an "I told you so" sort of person. But in the case of my former friends who glommed onto the cult of Obama, I'd like to say, "I told you so." It would be fruitless to say that, but I'd like to say it anyway. One of those former friends used to laugh and say I was always smarter than she and that I was always right. Well, I know I have not always been right in my life. No one is perfect. But we did have a running joke that my tombstone would read, "See, I told you I was right." I need to add here that no one is more disappointed in me than I am when I am wrong. It's not a pride issue, though someone might think that. Truly, it is not about pride. It is that I care so deeply about some things that I work very hard to find facts and truth. And when I find facts and truth, I want to share those with people around me. You see, I think everyone else would be interested in facts and truth as much as I am.

But I could be wrong about that. It seems the Obama cultists honestly don't care about facts and truth. At this point, I'm not sure what they do care about, but it isn't facts and truth. I would honestly say they care more about a command and control world, and their own selfishness, than they do about the survival of America.

I woke up slowly this morning. Wrestling my mind from the fog of sleep into some state of awareness, I found myself dreaming of apologies. The former friend cultists, in my dreams, would apologize to me for being so wrong. They could finally see the fallacies in their thinking. They would come to me to say they were very sorry for the names they called me and their collaboration with an enemy of America. They, in my morning foggy dream, would tell me they finally see the cult leader for who he is. They would tell me they were sorry they got sucked in and sorry they treated me so shabbily. They would tell me they now can see how much worse off our country has become because of their foolish, mindless, careless, selfish, support for an enemy of our nation. They would say to me, "You were right." They would say, "We were wrong and apologize for taking part in wrecking America." (Boy, I really was dreaming, wasn't I!) I woke wondering if there were Germans who were sorry they elected Hitler. And if they were sorry, would they admit it and apologize.

Again, being right is not the point here. I would gladly be wrong if our country had once again, under Obama, become the standard for freedom and prosperity for our countrymen. I want to emphasize that....I would gladly be wrong. But I was right about Obama. I was right about the lie of man-made Global Warming. I've been right about the insidious erosion of our liberties and the slow slide into communism brought on for decades under "Progressive" (Regressive) politicians who should never have been elected into our government in the first place. Should I be sorry for being right? Should those former friends apologize to me?

They likely will not. It's not going to happen. They are going about their lives in some sort of nonsensical false sense of security as the economic foundation of America goes tumbling into the darkness. These former friends of mine are blind to the black hole created by Obama and those Democrat "Progressives" before him. They have no sense of world history. They have no understanding of tyranny. They are blind to the sacred trust we were given. They are blind to the desecration of communism. They are blind to the outright theft, lies, and destruction of our country by deliberate treason committed by the cult leader in Chief. If they thought "transforming America" meant something good was going to happen, they could not have been more wrong. These former friends of mine, in their small-minded ways, have participated in the greatest heist the world has ever seen.

Gratefully, since 2008 and the election of the cult leader, I have been so fortunate to find friends who have sight and are founded in facts and truth. We, together, across blogs, across oceans, and across coffee tables, are sharing facts, truth, and goodwill among us. And as I thankfully have found these new friends, I am still dreaming of apologies from the former, cult-loving friends I used to have. Not for my ego, which is hardly the critical matter here, but for my country and my children. I dream those former friends would somehow see truth finally. As the world's economy goes straight into that black hole, and America is falling into ruin thanks to Obama's global communist cronies (and the corrupt socialists in our government), today I am dreaming....

Over the weekend I read:
UK Telegraph Article by Janet Daley Facing the truth, she delivers great insight into how socialism has taken down Britain and is taking down the U.S. It's worth your time to read it.

Best, most truthful, line: "Also collapsing before our eyes is the lodestone of the Christian Socialist doctrine that has underpinned the EU’s political philosophy: the idea that a capitalist economy can support an ever-expanding socialist welfare state."

Scariest line: "As the EU leadership is (almost) admitting now, the next step to ensure the survival of the world as we know it will involve moving toward a command economy, in which individual countries and their electorates will lose significant degrees of freedom and self-determination."

Maybe I should go back to bed and dream some more....

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I took the quote "'crats with a clipboard" from the comments over on American Thinker. (I don't know who ursa5000 is, but thank him or her for the great quote!)
ursa5000 Today 09:52 AM
"Ah yes, 'crats with a clip board!"

American Thinker The post was about a nasty experience of a home owner whose house needed a renovation in order to accommodate the city codes, but the renovation for code didn't jive with the Historical Preservation codes, and the poor home owner was caught between the two agencies fighting it out to see who could fine him the most money. It's a good read...and so are the comments.

If ever there was an example of our new soviet living, that was a good one. But I also came across another article at American Thinker today regarding the war against lemonade stands. Children are finding out at ever younger ages that there are some really power hungry idiots in charge of our lives. (copied below)

In the info provided below, Randall Hoven provides a staggering number of pages of federal regulations he found as of 2010. 82,590 is his count. Mind you that was before Obama enacted the White House Rural Council which is attached to every federal agency.

The reason I'm writing this is to ask you to imagine, for every one of those regulations, how many people have been hired by the federal government to enforce those regulations in every state in the country. And on top of this, imagine every state, county, city, and town has their own set of regulations with numbers of people attached to enforce those. (You could say this comes under the heading of the old saying, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians" ) Of course the obvious conclusion here is that "crats with clipboards" are infesting the country like rats in a slum district. But even larger questions have struck me as I look at this insane situation.

1.How did we end up with so many people who don't know how to do anything else but follow other people around and harass them with these stupid regulations?

2.How is it that there are multitudes of citizens who don't know how to do anything more productive than this?

3.How does any country survive a population that only knows how to carry around clipboards, fine other people, write reports to other 'crats, and generally suck the life out of anything that is productive?

Answer 1. Public education
Answer 2. Public education
Answer 3. It doesn't.

Maybe the better question is; How fast can we unload these regulations and "'crats with clipboards" and get ourselves back on the right fiscal footing?

If you know any "'crats with clipboards," maybe you should suggest that they go back to school and learn a trade. You could tell them their days are numbered. The Tea Party is out to eliminate their jobs....better sooner than later.

Where kid-run concession stands were shut down or allowed.

LEGEND: Red = Town has previously shut down kid-run concession stands. Yellow = Town says kid-run concession stands are illegal unless the kids obtain at least one city permit. Green = Town permits kid-run concession stands without requiring any permits.

Hoven's Index for August 7, 2011

Number of pages in the Bible: 1,250

Number of pages in the Federal Register (regulations):

1936 (1st year of Register): 2,620

1956: 10,528

1976: 57,072

1996: 69,368

2010: 82,590

Sources: Law Librarians' Society of Washington, DC, National Archives and author's home Bible.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I guess that is the "change" Barack Obama meant, i.e. breaking the bank. First, understand me when I tell you I believe the bank was cracked and barely holding together prior to Obama's election. The federal government had grown so large and unwieldy already that it wasn't going to take much to shatter it altogether. Humpty Dumpty was about to fall anyway. He just needed pushing a lot harder by Barack Obama. Bush, appeasing Democrats in order to fund the Iraq war, signed onto two more huge federal spending and regulation bills in return for military funding. He sold his Republican soul to wage that war, whether one agrees the war was correct or not. Bush signed the "No Child Left Behind Act" giving more power and money to the NEA. And if that were not insult enough, he then signed the "Prescription Drug Bill." adding billions more to the deficit spending and adding another entitlement. Thank you George Bush. (sarcasm intended)

So here we are, a few years later with Obama the Destroyer at the helm who is gleefully taking the bank and slamming it day after day until it finally just busts into thousands of unrecognizable pieces. Well, that's "change" alright.

As Obama has added more entitlements, regulations, fees, and junk onto the backs of the American people, Standard and Poors has now decided we can't go on like this. Hallelujah and pass the ammunition!! Obama turned Humpty Dumpty into the fat and unreasonable tyrant that is finally falling off his wall. Finally, a financial agency has said what we all know. And that is; America cannot survive Barack Obama. I would add further, American cannot survive the outright insane spending from both parties that has driven our country to the edge of the cliff.

So now what? I'm not counting on politician bozos in the "Gang of Twelve" to save us, frankly. Bi-partisanship has laid us to waste already. Why would we expect the same people to do better now? It's time for a completely new crop of fiscal conservatives to show up for election. (People have been asking, "Where is Romney?" "Why is he not speaking out on the debt crisis?" I think he might be hiding out in a room asking himself why in God's name would he want the job after Obama destroys the country? Just musing on that, of course.) And Perry...what's he saying on any of this? Nothing. Just hanging back and letting people put him up on some pedestal as the mystery savior?

Bachmann is there. She's speaking sense. She has the principles of reason. She has ideas for taking us off the cliff. She walks the walk. As far as I can tell, Pawlenty is right behind her with a similar message. Ron Paul has walked the walk all of his political career. Palin walks the walk and talks the talk. Cain does not impress me. Paul and Cain are too in the tank for the Fair Tax, which if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I reject whole-heartedly. The rest of them are just fluff and posturing. Romney and Perry are not talking about dismantling the monster of federal insanity that Humpty Dumpty has become. They just want to take Humpty Dumpty and dress him up their way. But Bachmann and Pawlenty would actually undo it. So far they are the only ones, besides Paul and Palin, who would finally throw Humpty Dumpty into the trash and start over.

Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together and, for heaven's sake, should not be. Obama deliberately fed Humpty Dumpty trillions of dollars of pork, pushing him over until he finally crashed from the weight of Obama's high fat diet. Maybe we should thank Obama for putting Humpty Dumpty out of his misery, but it is too soon for that. We aren't there yet, but we're getting there. It's time for a new, smaller government that rests on the principles of the Constitution before the Progressives ripped it to shreds. Let's leave Obama and Humpty Dumpty broken on the sidewalk and start anew.