Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

In trying to bring to this blog the most helpful information for you to absorb, I place not just my opinions, but opinions and facts from others whom I respect. I am including in today's post a letter from a doctor / friend who has written a very sincere letter to share his concerns over Obama's plans for a health care take-over of our lives. This doctor / friend is not just any old fellow of letters....John Rosemond is a psychologist, an author of books, a syndicated columnist, a sought after speaker, a husband, a father, and a grandfather....and a musician on occasions.

Having read his columns for years, and upon occasion stumbled across him at either the grocery or a local restaurant, we have come to know each other recently through the cause of preserving our country for our children and their children. I respect his opinions.

I know John carefully phrased his words to explain how dire the situation is and to frame his argument as diplomatically as possible. He and I are both of the same thoughts when facing Marxists who wish to deliberately and methodically take charge of our very lives. I appreciate his letter and he has allowed me to share it with you. In it he references Ms. Betsy McCaughey, chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and former Lt. Governor of New York State. I will provide a link to her report at the end of John's letter below.

John's letter:

"ladies and gentlemen, friends and acquaintances, liberals, conservatives, independents, and those of you who fit none of the above categories...

i am alarmed...more than alarmed, in fact, but alarmed will do for the obama administration's...including his colleagues in the house and senate...determination to overhaul america's health care system. they seem determined to take a system that needs some fixing, which could be significantly done through tort reform, which is not part of the plan (for reasons having undoubtedly to do with the fact that trial lawyers overwhelmingly vote democrat), and break it, and then impose a system built on the ideal socialist model, which is to say, a system that values the interests of the state over the interests of the individual.

both the declaration and the constitution affirm that the state is subordinate to the people. within the democrat health care model, the people are subordinate to the state. much has been written about "death panels," "involuntary euthanasia," and the like, all of which has provoked defensive outrage from the left of the aisle as well as the president himself.

i believe america hangs in the balance. i believe obama is a sincere individual, but he is seriously misguided, and he is seriously underqualified for the position he now holds. he has no business, for example, being in charge of our nation's defense. as for his health care plan, he obfuscates, he spins, he charms. he does everything but tell the truth to the american people.

the article below is from the wall street journal. it is well-researched and well-written. it appeals to the brain, not the emotions, but it will provoke an emotional reaction. it certainly did with me. i think it's the face of things to come, if we give this man and his colleagues their way with us.

you will read that dr. emanuel, obama's closest health care advisor, believes the hippocratic oath to be outdated. that would be the statist position, since the oath holds that the individual's interests should dictate medical treatment. you will read that dr. emanuel holds that health care is a "scarce" resource that should be apportioned according to an individual's value to society. "scarce" is the operative word in mr. emanuel's argument. if the supposed scarcity of a resource is reason enough for unequal rationing based on an individual's calculated value to society (i.e. the state), then the same argument could be made concerning food. if the government succeeds at taking control of our health care system, then it is capable of taking control of our food distribution system, in which case it is reasonable to foresee that more food stamps would be allotted to my 40 year old son than to 62 year old me, even though we are the same weight.

dr. emanuel's statements speak for themselves. obama and the dems will complain that they are taken out of context. most americans won't read them, so many americans will believe what they are told to believe. please read, and please draw your own conclusions. personally, i fail to see how anyone with a functional brain and an intelligence quotient above 90 could conclude anything other than that george orwell's prophecies, while he may have been hasty, are almost upon us.

if you think i'm a mean-spirited right-wing nut job who can't stand it that a black man occupies the white house, so be it. in which case, just send me an email requesting that you be taken off this list.

if you think everyone needs to be alerted as to obama's real purposes, then send this along to as many people as you can.

God help us all. but first, let's help ourselves."

john rosemond

Betsy McCaughey's Article in the Wall Street Journal

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who Funds the Radical Left In America?

I came across an article today on a site called Western, that ties in with my previous post a couple of days ago: Payback Is Hell. This one gives you a more comprehensive look at who elected Barack Obama...and the extent of which our country has been invaded by leftists/communists/fascists/ this point who knows what to call them except "insidious parasites." Most of Obama's Czars and advisors come from the offspring of the Tides Foundation. I'll leave you to read and be enlightened. And then please take any action you can to thwart them.

Here you are..PLEASE READ:
Who Funds the Radical Left In America?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remembering the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne

The tragic death of Mary Jo Kopechne is the reason for my sadness today. Ted Kennedy's death is nothing more than a reminder to me of the life he callously took with careless drunken selfishness and then his subsequent escape from responsibility for what he did. I can only imagine the feelings of Mary Jo Kopechne's family throughout the years as the media and the liberals go on and on "lionizing" a disgusting self-indulgent power monger. It makes me sick to watch eulogies of him, partly because I despise all he stood for, but especially because he skated away from the responsibility of taking that life. It is so typically liberal to make excuses and never pay the consequences for their own serious offenses. What the left wing statist media today calls an accident was an act of selfish vehicular manslaughter, the price for which Kennedy never paid. The hypocrisy of the left is embodied in this incident and beyond, evidenced by Kennedy posing as a moralist in the Senate for years and years. The tragedy of Mary Jo Kopechne belongs to America....because the person responsible for her death was put on a pedestal in our country and treated like royalty. That is a real tragedy.

One is supposed to not speak ill of the dead. I, personally, cannot think of one nice thing to say regarding Ted Kennedy. So I am breaking with societal rules on this occasion because I will never forget his actions 40 years ago that took the life of a young woman named Mary Jo Kopechne.

For a very insightful article on this subject from another blogger: Go Here to "the other McCain"

May she rest in peace....

Addendum: After posting this I found a stellar perspective regarding Ted Kennedy's death at American Thinker. You can find a link to American Thinker on my sidebar.

Aside: You can bet on the liberal left to now push Obamacare as Teddycare and they will try to make the public and the congress to feel guilty in opposition to memorializing Ted Kennedy. It's really sad when the media and the government politicize our individual lives to reach their own goals of controlling Americans. No time elapsed between Kennedy's death and using him to gain their schemes of denying people autonomy regarding their own health care. Especially this is sad because what they are pushing is a long way away from the superior medical care that Kennedy received during his own health crisis. If you ask Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's favorite doctor/medical expert, people Ted Kennedy's age would have been given a pain pill and told to go die quietly.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Payback is Hell

For the better part of a year I have been researching the George Soros connections to the Democrat party and his financial support for undermining the U.S. Constitution. It isn't a pretty story. I don't pretend to know Soros' motivations except to say that apparently he hates America. To that end George Soros has put his money behind any and every organization and politician who is in the business of tearing American down. If you want to know how Obama got elected, all you need to do is follow the Soros trail of operatives involved. To name just a few, he funds;, ACORN, Center for American Progress, Media Fund, Amnesty International, and many many more. If you wish to look up where George Soros' money goes toward undermining our government, take a look here: Discover the Networks Now it's time for payback....and believe me, the devil wants his due.

The past couple of weeks I have learned of yet another suspicious activity by our government regarding Mr. Soros. The U.S. Government has signed a letter of intent to loan 10 billion dollars to Petrobras, the Brazilian state oil company. Guess who is a major stake holder in Petrobras? Dateline London: August 15, 2008: "Billionaire investor George Soros bought an $811 million stake in Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) in the second quarter, making the Brazilian state-controlled oil company his investment fund’s largest holding. As of June 30, the stake in Petrobras, as the Rio de Janeiro-based oil producer is known, made up 22 per cent of the $3.68 billion of stocks and American depositary receipts held by Soros Fund Management, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission."

You might wonder a few things upon finding this out. One: I believe our Constitution does not allow the Federal Government to be in the banking business or to give out loans to businesses. (Someone dropped that ball in the early 1900's by setting up the Federal Reserve, which is unconstitutional.) Two: America is insolvent, so how is it that we have money to loan to a Brazilian oil company? Three: If, in fact, we do have money to invest in oil companies, why wouldn't we invest in American companies who pay American taxes and employ Americans? Four: Why can we put our tax money into Brazilian oil exploration and yet disallow any oil exploration off our shores? NIMBY?? Five: Most importantly, it is obvious that Obama and his administration are not in the business of protecting American interests, but they are definitely in the business of colluding with foreign, big money players who don't want America to succeed. By intending to loan U.S. government money to enhance Soros' investments, Obama is using Americans' taxes to hand over our money to his biggest financier. If that's not payback, I don't know what is.

The most lamentable thing of all here is that so many Americans who voted for Obama thought they were voting for someone who had their interest at heart. Instead, what we have now is a President who is anything but that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Owns You?

A large sharp thorn in the leftist, radical, health care proposals brought to us by Obama's friends is the question of who owns you? This thorn sticks me in every square inch of my body as I read excerpts from HR3200 and also the section of the Stimulus Bill that handed over our rights to unelected Czars. The arrogant assumptions made in the health care bills are simply that bureaucrats in the Federal Government know better than you do about what is good for you, and that they have the right to force you into their socialist traps.

Slavery has many faces. Socialism is just another form of slavery. Period. No question. Socialism takes your person and hands it over to government bureaucrats. The blacks who are having fits over Obama and calling everyone who disagrees with him a racist are buying into slavery to the Federal Government because it is sponsored by one of their own. And if you are white and you disagree with Obama, the knee jerk reaction of the blacks is that you are a racist, which could not be further from the truth. This is upside down total insanity, the likes of which I cannot fathom. White people in this country fought for the rights of blacks. White people brought us a Constitution which acknowledges and insures the rights of individuals of any color. So why the disconnect? Does the fact that white people did these things offend blacks?

The first clue we had was the Rev. Wright who mentored Obama for twenty years. The message of Wright's church was Black Liberation Theology, a theme of irrational hate towards white people and the United States. The mainstream media played that down as if the issue was just white people being 'racist' again by complaining about that. But here we are now and Black Liberation Theology is being slammed down America's throat. How? By the Obama administration making sure that every single criticism against them is deemed 'racist.' The Obama administration is in the process of dividing America racially as much as any historical act of slavery ever did. And this time, the ruse is so clever that it is a black man in charge of the Federal Government who is enslaving people. At this point I am picturing the glee of Obama and his henchmen at the prospects of actually getting away with enslaving all of Americans for their own power mad agenda.

The obvious irony is that black people are buying into slavery. And they are buying it because it is a black bringing it on. Do they see it as some kind of 'pay back' for some fictional offense that has not taken place since the 1940's? Does this generation of blacks have a clue about how they are losing their rights to Obama's tyranny along with the rest of us? Or are they just blinded by the idea that because Obama is half black that he must be on their side? I'm sorry to report this, but no, he isn't. He is on his own side....period. He is doing what greases his bank account, inflates his ego, and gives him power. If you are black, why can't you see that? If you are black you are going to be more marginalized by Obama...but this time all of us are marginalized, whatever color. Do blacks enjoy marginalization as long as whites are marginalized along with them?? Is that the rationale?

My family and I have never participated in any kind of racist activity against black people. Yet I see that Obama's plans include punishing me, along with every other citizen in the country, by enslaving us to his socialist agenda.

This is a test, America. Either you believe in freedom for all of us, or you don't. Can you imagine how happy we would all be if Obama were in the business of protecting rights for all of us instead of usurping power from us, taking away rights from all of us, and tearing the Constitution to shreds? It is then that blacks in America could truly celebrate this man. Instead, Obama has chosen to enslave us all. A very sad turn of events, indeed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What does it mean to be a "Real American?"

It comes to my attention through the media coverage the last several years that both sides of the political spectrum in the U.S. claim the "real American" title. And each side demonizes the other for being unAmerican. Politicians will stand up in front of crowds and claim that their way is the American way, that they have the true interest of Americans at heart, that it is unAmerican to allow people and companies to fail, unAmerican to have a segment of poor among us. The President himself prefaces statements by saying that he is a Constitutional scholar and that his policies are "American." I find that to be just jabberwocky intended to pull in uneducated people who really are clueless on the tenets of the U.S. Constitution.

To be fair, both parties are claiming the "real American" label when, in fact, both parties have been passing laws that are completely unAmerican, antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. I have made some statements in this blog that I believe the political leftists, the Democrats, and the Obama administration are all unAmerican. When I say this, know that I am saying that they are tearing down our Constitution. In fact, I believe that they are MORE unAmerican than the Republicans, but both are working against the Constitution to suit their own political gain. I do believe more Republicans are more Constitutionalists than any who claim to be so on the left. In short, one is worse than the other....but both can play this game.

There are people in this country who call themselves "American" who either don't know the Constitution or don't care about it because they want the 'government' to hand them benefits from other peoples' labors. I do not believe these people are " real Americans" and I am not afraid to say so. I would politely call them "pretenders," but the situation has now gotten much more dire than that would imply. The situation we are facing today is sinister. Nothing less than that.

The first thing you need to know is that the only thing that is "American" is the U.S. Constitution. That document is the one thing that makes us "American." All of the other claims to be the "American" way by politicians, who are passing this bill or that bill to micro-manage our personal lives, are bogus. Forced diversity is not American. Affirmative Action is not American. Social Security is not American. Medicare and Medicaid are not American. Being American means believing in the U.S. Constitution as the one and only manual for our government. All we need to do is stick to it.

The problem we are having over the Health Care debate, as well as the Cap and Tax proposals, and even the Cash for Clunkers bill, is that none of these ideas fit into the U.S. Constitution. The bailouts of the banks, the TARP, the Stimulus Bill, all are completely unConstitutional. No Child Left Behind, and the Prescription Drug Bill were also completely unConstitutional. The Federal Reserve is unConstitutional. The government of the United States is full of people who are doing things for their own selfish purposes and not adhering to their oath to support and uphold the Constitution. That, in itself, recalls the oath of defending the Constitution from enemies "both foreign and domestic." How does that oath hold up when those who take that oath are undermining the Constitution themselves? That oath has become a joke in our current government.

In the history of civilization, tragically, there have always been poor people. What is different about being "American" is that the U.S. Constitution created a larger middle class and millions of people who have had the opportunity to rise out of that poverty. From a world perspective, America has been more successful at giving the poor opportunities that do not exist in other government structures. And while that is due in part to capitalism, it is due mostly to the Constitution that insures individual property rights, the rights to own the fruit of your own labors, and the pursuit of happiness. The most important rights included in the Constitution guarantee that you own your own person and the gains of your hard work. That is the key to the success of America.

No one can doubt that the Democrat Party has become more Socialistic. And they have taken power with chips on their shoulders, social engineers who, evidently, aren't satisfied with opportunity for all. They don't want opportunity. They say they want egalitarian results for each life. That in itself is completely antithetical to being "American." It is also an unachievable myth. What they really want is the game rigged in favor of government officials, so that individuals lose their Constitutional rights of owning themselves and are forced into giving away their opportunities, their ownership rights, their wages, and literally their own person-hoods to everyone else. Communes anyone??? In their utopian schemes, the individual owes the government (the collective) his or her life. There is nothing "American" about this.

So the next time you hear some politician proclaim they are proposing something "American," I suggest you make them pass the Constitutional test. They say things like. "America must do this because we look bad to the rest of the world if we don't." Huh? Or they say things like, "My way is the American way," when in fact it isn't at all. Ask yourself if the proposal is consistent with the rights guaranteed in the Constitution? Or is it some convenient hand-out to buy off either special interests or votes? Our country was not built on "collectivism." Our country was not created to "take from the rich and give to the poor." Our country was created to give everyone the opportunity to reach their own potential. If one person's potential is X and another person's potential was Y, that is O.K. Rigging the system with government intervention is exactly what has been wrecking the system, taking X and Y down with it. Why would anyone want more of that? But that is what this last election brought us.... more expanded unConstitutional government intervention brought to you by special interests and politicians who are rigging the system.

If you believe in and support the U.S. Constitution, you are a "real American." If you don't, then stop the meaningless proclamations. You are making liars of yourselves.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Check Your Brains at the Door and Follow the Leader?

As I have warned you before in previous posts, the Communist / Socialist / Democrat Party usurps words and distorts them to mislead you into thinking one thing when, in fact, they are doing the opposite.

The word "Co-op" is the latest trial balloon being floated by the Obama dictatorship. They want you to think that they are backing off the "public option" and going toward "co-ops." Hmmmm....let's look at what Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, says about this cute little bait and switch:

"Supporters of government-run health care have no intention of letting the co-ops be independent enterprises that operate by the same rules as other insurers. This is not really about creating more choices and competition. In fact, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) makes it clear, for example, that the co-op's officers and directors would be appointed by the president and Congress. He insists that there be a single national co-op. And Congress would set the rules under which it operates. As Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) says, "It's got to be written in a way that accomplishes the objectives of a public option."

and further:
"If a "co-op" is run by the federal government under rules imposed by the federal government with funding provided by the federal government, it's simply government-run health insurance by another name. Opponents of a government takeover of the health care system should not be fooled."

And this from Edmund Haislmaier from The Foundry:
"However, simply slapping the word “cooperative” onto a new “insurer,” but then specifying that the government — not the policyholders — picks the board of directors (as Sen. Schumer wants), or that taxpayers will subsidize it, or that it has to pay doctors and hospitals at Medicare rates, would just be an exercise in trying to disguise a “public plan.”

Control of your health care is what they are after....and they will NOT stop until they get you on the dependent list. They will twist it, bend it, put it on a platter full of honey, call it sweetie pie, and make you eat it for lunch. Can you imagine a loan shark being in charge of your doctor, your insurance, and your decisions on what you do or do not need in the way of your personal body's health care??? Do you honestly believe that there is anyone in the Federal Government who has any interest in your personal health care???? Come on, folks. Get serious here.

You need to read about tax cheat Tom Daschle's treatise on government health care from .

And then you need to read about: Ezekiel Emanuel's Ideas on Your Health Care

In Ezekiel Emanuel's own words: “services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed. An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia."

Fortunately these two men, who are chosen by the President to be his senior advisors, have written out their theories on just how you will be treated by the government regarding your health. Both advocate cost reductions by limiting health care to the infirm, disabled and the elderly. It is in black and white and there for all to read. This is not fiction and is from the horse's mouth. And the President chose these people entirely because they reflect his vision for you and your family...a vision I'm sure you never hear from him or his supporters in the main stream media.

While the President is out there proclaiming that he is not for "pulling the plug on Grandma," he has put the tools in place to do exactly that by government bureaucrats he chose. He can shout it to the rooftops, but he is not telling you the truth.

In case you think he wouldn't lie to you, what follows is what is in the already passed Stimulus Bill, which, in case you don't remember, he told you had to be passed
"immediately" due to a national emergency. "the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective." "Hospitals and doctors that are not "meaningful users" of the new system will face penalties." "Meaningful users" is not defined in the bill, but left deliberately vague so Federal Government bureaucrats can decide who is playing their game or not. Your doctor has been already kidnapped by the Stimulus Bill and better be towing the Federal line, or he or she pays a fine, or loses his or her license to practice. How can you trust anything your doctor recommends when the people in charge of his or her practice are only interested in government power and money?

They want you to check your brains at the door and be the dumb sheep following along in this scheme. Is that what you want for your life and your family?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama's Town Halls

It's a slow weekend here, so I actually took the time to watch both of them...the one in Montana and the one in Colorado. I have a few random thoughts.

The first thought is that he keeps bringing up the UPS, Fed Ex, Post Office analogy. I think that is hilarious. I happen to love the U.S. Post Office, but it is running on a deficit. It's broke, folks. Just like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security...the Post Office can't run on a budget that works. So that must be just what we need, yet another massive government program that will drive us farther into debt. Yep...that's just the ticket.

Oh, yeah, he says he won't go for it unless it is "deficit neutral." I guess he means just like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security were supposed to pay for themselves, too...right? And I have a bridge in Arizona I want to sell you, too. How many times do we go down the same wrong way street 'til we realize it is the WRONG WAY???

The second thing that always gets to me as I hear him say, "Let me be perfectly clear," or , "The fact of the matter is" is that he is such a used car salesman. He keeps saying, "We don't want to pull the plug on Grandma, we just want to help everybody have health care." What he refuses to acknowledge is that the government has no way to pay for good health care for everyone, so there WILL be rationing. There are not enough doctors in our system to take on half of the 'so called' 47 million people he is talking about covering. And the government is planning, according to the bills, to mandate who can get what kind of care from whom and where. There is NO DOUBT about this if you read the bills.

Socializing any more health care in this country is suicidal....not just to Grandma...but to our country. The last several years, including George Bush, have run our country into such high debt that my grandchildren and their children are likely never to see the end of it. The banking infrastructure was ruined by Carter and Clinton. The energy sector has been ruined by environmental idiots in our government. The manufacturing sector has been ruined by bad trade deals, high taxes, and super regulations by our government. So now they want to drain the health care sector dry and take over your life and death decisions. This is the last straw, folks. It will ruin us.

So I watch him take soft ball questions and get gushing sycophants to tell him how "great" he is in these town halls and I sit there and ask myself, who are these people??? No one gets a follow-up question. He doesn't really address serious questions. He just keeps saying the same talking points and tries to make fun of the very vocal opponents....who, by the way, can't get near one of these town halls to ask him anything. Who, in our great country, is so dumb to swallow this stuff??? I don't get it, folks. I really don't. I cannot imagine that so many people in our country have gotten so gullible that they will follow a used car salesman straight into hell. The problem for those of us with brains is that we are stuck in the same pool with those of us taking us down.

The only encouraging thing I did take in this Saturday was on CSPAN. It was two hours of conservative speakers at a meeting for sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Michelle Malkin gave me some hope. Jim Pinkerton gave a great speech. Grover Norquist was awesome. So was Phil Kerpen. At least there are some very smart folks who see what is coming at us and giving us some hope of stopping the train wreck. Or maybe slowing down the derailing somewhat. At this point it will take a hundred years to get past the damage this man has done in 7 months.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath

Benjamin Hummel Cartoon
You can see him at: Benjamin Hummel

Read Benjamin's revealing and thoughtful post on this at his website. It starts like this:
"In a recent teleconference, Barack Obama said that he would greatly reduce the amount of charitable tax deductions individuals and businesses who make over $250K can make on their tax returns in order to help pay for his health care plan. What a horribly conceived idea. This move will cripple many nonprofits across the nation."

There is no end to the theft of the that they have the force of the Federal Government behind them. Take from the rich, give to the poor. What you don't know is that we are all too rich for Obama's taste (including the middle and lower middle class) and he will not stop until he has taken the whole country down. He wants it all and he is greasing the skids to get it all.

This cartoon reminds me of a conversation I once had with one of those "useful idiots," a former friend of mine who LUVS Obama so much that she told me she could not speak to me anymore. This former friend explained to me that she didn't believe in charities because that's what her taxes were for. Her entire view on the subject was that she didn't want to have to think about other people in need, but let "Big Brother" take care of that for her. Evidently she has found her soul mate in the person claiming the Presidency. God forbid she would actually contribute something of her own volition to alleviate some need somewhere.

So there you are. The stress level from following the sad and frustrating news regarding the modus operandi in the Obama administration really got to me this week. Good thing you weren't within earshot for the grouchy words I have found myself uttering...not like me... yelling back at the tv, and grumbling under my breath, clenching my teeth and growling out loud. Are we having fun yet? How's that hope and change work'n out for ya all out there??

So today's latest is that the thugs arranged a force of some sort to yank advertisers from the Glenn Beck show. Chicago mob tactics, anyone?? How dare Glenn Beck speak the truth! Why, how dare anyone actually expose the 'community organizer,' and the gang leaders of arm-twisting creeps they really are! Indeed. The "Audacity" of it all. My My...we are playing hard ball now, aren't we Mr. Tingle up the Leg Chris Matthews? Kill the competition. Kill free speech...unless of course the speech flatters the socialist in chief. Then it's o.k.

The socialist in chief now has a new implanted into the FCC. This guy is figuring out how to tax conservative talk radio into oblivion. The plan is to take the equivalent of operating capital out of companies such as Premier Radio and hand it over to the socialist's only "fair" you know. The taxes of course are supposed to pay for NPR and other public sycophants. Can we call this economic rape? I think so.

No freedom of speech....OMG....Excuse me while I go get the bottle of ipecac again....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Consider the Source

This one qualifies as a rant...venting venting venting.....Go....

In my previous post I explained that "news sources" are not necessarily what they seem. As my very inner sense of outrage each day with this group of thugs running our government continues, I look for common sense and sanity across the internet to assuage my angst. Today I came across a site which contains a very concise explanation of the Health Care plans in our Congress today. Here is a link to this great site with all you need to know: Common Sense from a Common Man Please go there and read his is definitely worth your time. I appreciate it very much that this person actually read the bill and consolidated it into common language for all of us to see what these snakes are up to. The daily papers and the TV news are so full of twisted and biased reporting on the Health Care nightmare, that it isn't easy for every day folks to get real answers.

Another very enlightening blog post explaining the Obama-nightmare-care is from a great guy whose blog is linked on my side bar as Cranky George. This one is really good! To read more truth about what your "dear leader" has in mind for you...go here: Cutting Through The Fog

What do you expect when stupid people elect thugs and criminals and tax cheats into our government? The source of the current power grab in the Federal Government is brought to you by people who hate America. It was so easy to see prior to the election, yet utopian dreamers, who can't tell their butts from a hole in the ground, refused to take the Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, George Soros connections seriously. Stupid idiots elected this communist and his buddies into our government. Idiots. All of them. As Marx would say, "Useful Idiots!"

Believe me when I tell you, you must think the worst and know your thoughts are right on the money. Your worst nightmares have come to fruition thanks to the stupidity of Americans who got sucked into voting for Obamanazis and his henchmen. Between the Stimulus Charade, the Health Care Bills, Cap and Tax Schemes, the Bailouts, the Car Company take-overs, the corrupt media outlets, the STAGED press conferences and town halls.....the lies, lies, and more lies....I'm not feeling too optimistic for my childrens' futures..or my own for that matter.

I don't have a country at this point. My country is gone....replaced by some totally insane totalitarians. Worse yet, voted in by really stupid people. My Dad fought in WWII to save a lot of people from this very kind of tyranny. My son now serves in North Korea to keep South Koreans and the rest of us from an insane dictator. While he works to keep us "free," our country has been taken over by the same type of tyrannical godfather of control, a dictatorial regime, a leader who acts like a very egotistical used-car salesman. I wonder to myself what bullets and blades will save us this time. We are the ones in need of saving....and I can't see who, if not the freedom loving individuals among us, will step up to wrench this country back from the brink of complete disaster. We need a serious revolution here. FAST!

Monday, August 10, 2009

You Thought You Knew The News?

Vociferous voices on the left over the last several years have ranted and raved about the so-called corruption of profit making capitalistic ventures, as if the idea of making a living from a profitable business is evil consort with the devil. Those "evil profiteers" are just the scourge of the earth, as portrayed by such people as the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who recently proclaimed the insurance companies as "evil" for making profits. (Her family net worth is somewhere between $15 and $55 million USD. and she owns shares in energy co's. which will gain "profits" under the Cap & Trade bill.) How many times over the past several years have you heard the main stream media and congress bash the oil companies for making "profits?" (Fact you should know: Oil companies make .13 per gallon while government makes .58 per gallon in California. In other words, government is making 16% profit with no investment, while oil companies are making 3.7% profit and making all of the investment.)

The voices on the left want you to think that they are taking the "profits" out of government and decimating those dastardly special interest groups who "profit" from government. They want you to think they are doing this for your benefit. This is a blatant lie and I blame journalists for throwing away their ethical obligation to bring you unbiased news reporting. But journalists have been bought out. In fact, the whole category of main stream journalism has been completely usurped by leftist profiteers and their message has become so corrupt that the public is sitting there in the dark, not knowing whom to believe.

So who is corrupting journalism while making profits from news which lies to the public? I would point to the most obvious perpetrator, GE, who owns MSNBC. By lying to the public to get Obama elected, GE is getting government contracts and various other gratuities to build green energy facilities and make huge profits from the government. Great, you say, because that must be better than Haliburton making money from wars. If you say this, you are missing the point. The point is, you were lied to in order to insure another segment of government is playing the corporate corruption game. On the one hand, Haliburton was outsourced by the U.S. to defend the nation. On the other hand, GE is outsourced using public money to make your energy prices higher and higher. You may not care about defending the nation, but do you care if you are lied to in order to enrich a corporation to make your energy prices unaffordable? The Cap and Trade energy policy, benefiting GE, will just make life harder for everyone, including the poorest among us who won't be able to pay the higher energy prices. Your high and mighty environmentalist arrogance just made poor people even poorer. And you just made a corrupt deal with the devil, journalists on the take, who lied to you. Did MSNBC explain that to you?

Yet another example of who is behind this journalistic bombast of lies is a profiteer couple named Herbert and Marion Sandler. You may not have heard of them because they are part of the "behind the scenes" funding operation behind the Democrat / Socialist Party. The Sandlers are former CEO's of Golden West which they sold to Wachovia for $26 billion USD. They personally made around $2.4 billion from the deal. The subsequent near failure of Wachovia is blamed by analysts on the Sandlers mortgage policies which mirrored the failed policies of the CRA (Credit Reinvestment Act). The Sandlers made their billions from the Fannie and Freddie government policies constructed by the left with your tax dollars. Recently the Sandlers have donated to and operate a non-profit journalistic venture called ProPublica, supposedly an investigative journalism organization. They have committed $10 million USD to ProPublica and Mr. Sandler serves as chairman. The Sandlers are major donors to the Democratic Party and are top funders of ACORN,, the American Civil Liberties Union and other far-leftist groups like Human Rights Watch. Along with George Soros, they are among the top three contributors to the Democrat Party.

So what, you ask? The Associated Press has announced that it is allowing its subscribers to publish, free of charge, work by ProPublica and three other leftist organizations. 1500 American newspapers are subscribers to AP. Folks, AP used to be a respected news source. Now AP has decided to give you more left-wing bias and more unethically bent reporting by people who are Socialists. Why would you believe anything you read in any AP report from this day forward? You know from the outset that it is coming from the Democrat Party, Soros & Co., John Podesta,, ACORN, and others who have no interest in ethical reporting in journalism in America. Their interest is in twisting the truth to make you believe their lies. Their interest is in eliminating the United States Constitution and national sovereignty, replacing it with global interests and your taxes going into their pet projects from which they make "obscene" profits from our government policies.

Oh, and that sweet fella, Al Gore? He is just saving the planet for you and your children, right? He left the congress with under $1 million USD in 2000. He is now worth in excess of $120 million USD , thanks to (brought to you by George Soros and the Sandlers) and the media reporting his lies on Global Climate Change, formerly known as Global Warming, formerly (way before that) as Global Cooling. His connections to are common knowledge. Now do you see who is "profiteering" from our government and your taxes? Now do you see who is lying to you to further their own selfish agenda? And do you really think this is some altruistic, utopian, Democrat Party who is just doing such great things for you and your life? Can you believe AP? Hmmmmm....I don't think so.

So while you are wondering why the media is attacking Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, ask yourself why? An uninformed and misinformed public is the best friend of the left. Live it, love it, eat it for breakfast with your morning newspaper. Read Marx's "Communist Manifesto" for lunch. And read Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" for dinner. Read George Orwell and Ayn Rand before bedtime. Keep the U.S. Constitution with you at all times. You will see things a lot clearer. Unless you are lazy and you really don't care what disasters are lying ahead for your children.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Curious Case of Mr. Bing

Before I get to Mr. Bing...I want you to read this quote:
Norman Thomas, the six-time Socialist Party candidate for U.S. President, said the following in a 1944 speech:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.... I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform."

Just wondering about that gorgeous jet that brought the two "so called" journalists back from North Korea yesterday. It occurred to me if that this was supposedly a state department operation to retrieve the two women from the clutches of Kim Jong Il, why was the plane not a U.S. military plane? A new name popped up when I went looking for the answer: Steve Bing.

So who is Steve Bing? According to American Thinker, Mr. Bing is one of the wealthy elite backers of the now Communist Democrat Party. You can read the entire article here: American Thinker But here are some excerpts for you....

"He provided the airplane that flew the Clinton team in and out, with the journalists in tow on the way back."

"Steve Bing is heir to a large real estate fortune who produces forgettable, inane movies. But, more importantly, he is (along with George Soros) one of the prime funders of 527 groups in America. These are often partisan groups posing as "activist" groups-and contributions to them are tax-deductible (though they should not be when such groups engage in politics; the IRS has never scrutinized these groups-and they certainly will not do so under Barrack Obama who relied on them to win the Presidency). MoveOn.Org is a 527 group, for example."

More on Bing from Discover The Networks:

"Today he is a close friend and associate of the billionaire financier George Soros."

"A notorious playboy and tabloid magnet, Bing is deeply devoted to the Democratic Party and its affiliated causes. In 1998 he ranked as the 13th leading campaign donor to the Democrats. Beyond contributing $759,000 to assist individual Democratic candidates in the late 1990s, Bing provided $1 million to help bankroll the party's 2000 national convention. During the 2000 election cycle, he gave $200,000 to Democratic nominee Al Gore's presidential campaign. A report by the Center for Public Integrity further found that, between August 2000 and August 2004, Bing wrote checks totaling $15,382,555 to pro-Democratic "Section 527 organizations," tax-exempt activist groups unofficially allied with the Democratic Party (for instance, the MoveOn Voter Fund), making Bing the third leading contributor to the Democratic party behind George Soros and Progressive Corp Chairman Peter Lewis."

You can also find out more on Mr. Bing at: Discover The Networks

So friends and patriots....who actually owns the United States of America today? The Democrat Party is a front group for a Shadow Government. David Horowitz wrote a book not too long ago exposing this take-over of our country. And, no, I haven't started wearing a tin foil hat. However, I might be proud to be called a "bitter clinger." We have suffered what is known as a "bloodless coup." Soros & Co. own the Democrat Party. Soros & Co. money bought the media. Soros & Co. money has infiltrated every branch of government. Unions and communists have taken over the public schools. (and you wonder why the schools are producing such unintelligent students.) The left wing political elites now own the banks and the car companies. They are in the process of trying to grab our health care and our energy supplies. I am not sure at this moment how we are going to get our country back, but please be aware that we are up against some very wealthy un-American power mongers. The front men are Obama and his czars. But you need to keep asking, who is behind this and why. And you need to keep asking your friends if they are willing to fight for our Constitution and win our country back from these diabolical snakes.

The Democrat Party is not who you used to think they were.
The Democrat Party has long leaned toward Socialist ideology and now, after years of infiltration, it is completely off the charts into Communism, Collectivism, Marxism, Fascism, and all things un-American. And yes, I do mean un-American. The rights of the individual are assaulted on all fronts by this government. The Constitution is a mere memory. The freedoms we used to know.....slipped away by gradual erosion for years....and now, poof!!....gone in 60 seconds by one very corrupt election.

So now you know whose plane brought back Al Gore's flunkies. What you don't know is what quid pro quo was exacted for their release, what America paid to prop up Kim Jong Il in the process.

Even Ian Fleming couldn't write this stuff.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Fantasy Vacation

Our Grandbaby Pays for O's Vacation

(and everything else O does)

The O family is spending our money on their vacation in a high rent neighborhood on the Cape, so we decided to stay home this year. You see, it's only patriotic of us to use our money on their vacation instead of our own vacation. The rent for their vacation dream house is between $35,000.00 and $50,000.00 per week. And we really do think it must be the American dream for the worker class, everyday citizens to pay for our President's family vacation...especially when our country is out of money with no real hope of getting back on its financial feet. Seems Imelda Marcos had nothing on the Obama's. Is this the "Change" you were hoping to get when you voted for this guy?

I guess to be more specific, our grandchildren are the ones who will be paying for O's vacation. There isn't any money available for his vacation this year. O and his minions have already spent us into oblivion, debts we will never get out from under. The O's are going to the Vineyard on the country's credit know, the one you and your family will be paying for for generations. (Please don't forget to add the interest onto this debt.)

Oh, say we are only paying one third of it. third of O's vacation probably could have sent a whole lot of people on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. Or possibly fed several families for an entire year. Even the vilified Pres. Bush vacationed at his own place. There was no rent involved. Yes, we paid for the secret service security detail, but we weren't paying for the Bush family to vacation at one of the most expensive places in the country in a recession.

So, this year you can take your vacation vicariously. As Peter Sellers famously said in his movie "Being There," "I like to watch." You will get the glossy magazine pictures of the First Family having the vacation of your dreams while you hope you can make the mortgage payment this month, or you hope you still have a job next month. It's only fair.....right?