Tuesday, February 28, 2012


“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.”

Vaclav Klaus
Blue Planet in Green Shackles

I wonder how it happened that some people woke up one day and decided that using energy to power our lives is a bad thing. That is what has happened. I sit here with the lights on, in my climate controlled house, typing away on my computer while my clothes washer is running, and wondering why some people think energy starvation is a good policy. I have never been anything but grateful for abundant and critical energy supplies. Those same people who despise energy will never do without light and heat and hot water or a car to take them somewhere. Yet they demonize energy sources and usage as if the masses are the blood suckers of the world for having affordable energy. The technocrats have figured out how to syphon buckets of money from the masses in so many ways for using energy, my head spins from trying to count them. Are we headed for the dark ages on purpose?

First, what do you call punishing people (with higher prices) for using energy while at the same time refusing to maintain and increase the energy infrastructure? Energy starvation. And what do you call it when you figure out how to profit from misery? Diabolical.

The American energy grid is not being expanded. It is being designed into something else; a device for controlling users of power and massively reducing the power available. Germany could be a lesson in what not to do, but our leadership is not listening nor caring about the consequences of energy starvation policies.

Energy Starvation Policy in Germany
"Energy prices are rising and the risk of power outages is growing. But the urgently needed expansion of the grid, as well as the development of replacement power plants and renewable energy sources is progressing very slowly. A growing number of economic experts, business executives and union leaders are putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of Merkel's coalition, which pairs her conservatives with the business-friendly Free Democrats (FDP). The government, they say, has expedited de-industrialization."

"The price of electricity is moving in only one direction: steeply up. For the Krefeld plant, the cost of a kilowatt hour of electricity has tripled since 2000."

"And there is no end in sight. When Merkel's new energy policy was introduced last year, says plant manager Behmenburg, planning for the future became virtually impossible. Behmenburg says that it is impossible now to know what will happen to the supply situation and the price of electricity in the coming years."

The entire article from Al Fin is a good read for anyone concerned about what lies ahead for our future.

Today, first thing this morning, I heard an abomination coming from the mouth of Art Laffer who said, to my disgust and shock, that we should start taxing carbon." For God's sake. I can't help but wonder who got to Art Laffer on that one. He's lost his mind or his moral compass....or both. I could not believe my ears. Who has promised him boatloads of money for selling his soul? This comes at the same time, Senator Inhofe has declared Cap & Trade dead forever. (Well, maybe Congress will not approve it, but it is being done anyway through totalitarian federal agencies.) So, one man tells us we can stop worrying about taxing carbon at the same time another one, who is supposed to be a Reagan conservative economist, comes out and says we should tax carbon?


We are heading down a very dangerous path. Green energy is a killer. The higher energy prices due to these starvation policies, the worse economic shape we will be in, more unemployment will come, costs for basic necessities will squeeze more people into poverty. And this is supposed to be saving the planet? For whom?

Green is the color of death. Death of economies. Death of peoples who will not be able to afford energy. Death of industrialization, therefore jobs. Death of affordable goods. Death of affordable services. Death of freedom of mobility.

All by design.

Similar topic: Why Smart Meters Might Be a Dumb Idea" from Consumer Reports I have to say there is no "might" about it. They are a VERY dumb idea.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I don't mind saying I am relishing every delicious moment that the Climate Change (Disruption - Warming caused by humans - or whatever they want to call it now) dogma is being proven false and fraudulent. The pace is picking up finally. God bless Lord Monckton for all he has suffered over the last years for telling the truth on this subject.

The latest revelation of the lies has come because one of the arrogant so-called scientists, named Gleick, has confessed to criminally accessing documents from the Heartland Institute Climate board. He is also being charged with manipulating documents to change their meaning in order to support the lies being spewed out of the corrupt Climate Science industry. The FBI has been called in Stories abound on three sites: Junk Science, Climate Depot, and WattsUpWithThat. So not only did this guy present a fraudulent identity to access the Heartland documents, but then went on to change them to prevent Heartland from getting the truth out there.

Think about this. When all of the supposed science is proven to be false, what are all of those folks going to do with their little minds? Oh, that's right. They will think up another crisis. I was reminded this evening about the hullabaloo over the YM2K Millennium Bug that was going to take down all of the world's technology at midnight when we moved into the year 2000. Not to mention the hysteria in the '60s about the coming Ice Age. When the premises are found to be fraudulently false, do those who promote these false ideologies ever get prosecuted? Do they think they can just waltz away after perpetrating fraud onto the public? They have. And they will continue to do so, hiding behind "scientific theory." This, even though they have been adamant that their "theory" is bound in concrete data and we now know that the concrete data was fiction and manipulated rubbish. In short they are committing fraud against the public and never getting charged with it. What is being done is also called "racketeering." They should be brought up on RICO charges.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about all of the regulations and wasted money over the Climate Change nonsense. Not just the cost in the billions and billions of dollars implementing these idiotic schemes, but the cost of loss of productivity and time to our generations of people who have lost jobs cannot be calculated. The tragedy is larger than I can speculate. Spain's loss of employment due to the "green energy" nonsense is enough, but multiply that across Europe and our own nation and what do you have? A hole the size of Saturn blown in the economies of the most productive nations in the world. How do you calculate that?

Meanwhile, as if nothing ever happened, the global idiots, sycophants, and green greed grabbers are gathering their high carbon plane rides to go to Rio + 20 Conference in June. Obama Administration Joins in the Festival of Global Greenness

"Nevertheless, the long-term goal of Rio + 20 remains the same: to push the world as fast as possible toward a drastic reordering of social, economic and industrial policies, reorganize global distribution of food and water supplies, and engage in mammoth international financing exercises and new exercises in “global governance” to make the whole scheme work."

"One approach for Rio that the U.S. government is strongly backing is to engage as many people, institutions, businesses and governments as possible around the world to sign onto a “Compendium of Commitments” –in effect, a set of green goals of their own devising—that will create a groundswell of activity in line with the conference’s aims."

“These are voluntary, non-regulatory commitments that any party is willing to put forward,” a State Department spokesman who is knowledgeable about the process told Fox News. “It would not require a negotiated resolution on behalf of the U.N. community. “ It could be, say, a beverage company that promises to cut water usage over the next ten years.”

Right, and I've got a bridge in Arizona to sell you today. (send cash) As if the United States government is not going to continue or increase the tax manipulation policies of the Global Environmentalist / Social Equity crowd, and continue the un-representational funding of these evil schemes. Punishment for non-compliance will come in the form of regulations and taxes. There isn't going to be any "voluntary, non-regulatory" to this. Have no doubt. Just like incandescent light bulbs didn't get banned. Right.

So never mind that the science is bogus. Never mind that the entire premise of the Rio + 20 Conference is a fraud. They will just continue on as if nothing ever happened.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday I was trying to cheer up a friend who was looking at the current state of affairs and coming to the conclusion that the Tea Party has made no difference at all. I told him the Tea Party is still alive and kicking, but those people are working very hard on the grassroots level. I told him not to give up. Today I feel like giving up.

I've said it before. We are now living in a country that cannot commit to the simple definition of marriage being between one man and one woman. I might sound like Rick Santorum right now, but I can almost envision the devil himself laughing maniacally at his incredible success. "Court Finds DOMA Unconstitutional" Of course that would a Federal judge in San Francisco.

I have heard those trying to say that social issues should not be raised in a political debate. I've heard them say the social issues don't really matter compared to the fiscal issues or should not be applied to political policy statements. Really. Who out there doesn't understand that social issues impact fiscal issues? Huh? And aren't the progressives (Malthusians) the ones who are always pushing social issues into the arena, from abortion to gay marriage to so-called social equity?

Frankly it has become more sad than ludicrous. It used to be ludicrous. Now it is just sad.

From Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker Mr. Marcus tells the story of his father, who is a minister, is being told by Bishops in his denomination of faith that they have decided not to protest a same sex marriage law in Maryland. The father is relaying the message that several of the ministers support the law of same-sex marriage. Really.

I am coming to the conclusion today that my friend came to yesterday. We're done. There is no coming back. People have lost their way, their moral compass, and their minds. When clergy in the United States is so destitute of moral character that they would turn their backs on the Word of God, I don't see any hope for a recovery of our nation. Both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are being dubbed irrelevant by relativists who suffer no shame or consequences for turning their backs on either.

My personal feelings are that those who participate in same-sex relationships have to answer to no one but themselves and God. But that does not translate into a mandate for societal blessings for their activity in my opinion. Let alone blessings from clergy.

A nation that cannot agree that the definition of marriage is between one man and one woman is not going to survive. Just one more sign that we're done. So done. Stick a fork in us.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think back a few years before the daily onslaught of climate crisis headlines. Were there some tornadoes or floods now and again? Were there hurricanes and snow storms? If you weren't in the direct path of these acts of God, were you able to go on with your life?

As long as I can recall, people have been very adept at overcoming the elements. Heat, light, and shelter at the top of the list of giant accomplishments of mankind. (add mechanized farming equipment and smarter crop management, not to mention transportation. ) I grew up in a colder clime from where I now live. Ohio in the '50's and 60's was COLD. I remember my parents buying an electric under-sheet for my bed so I wouldn't freeze at night. I remember ice-skating on ponds. I don't remember people being hysterical over weather events, but vigilant and hard working to overcome what the planet could do at any given time. I remember people being helpful and compassionate to people in areas hit by storms. I remember our family stories of a river flooding my great-grandmother's house up to the second story. The hardship of efforts to save what furnishings they could and the triumph of no one dying; those stories stick with me today.

Fast forward to the age of hysteria today. Who caused this mass hysteria?

It has long been common knowledge that bloody frightening headlines sell. The media industry has long operated on the idea that people love to be scared out of their wits or love to read about mayhem. So take a public figure who is predicting the collapse of the world, รก la Al Gore, and the mainstream media sees that as $$$ signs for selling to the public. Who wants to read that Mr. Smith down the street was able to pay his heating bills this month and therefore his family lived comfortably for the last 30 days? Who wants to read that there was a bumper crop of vegetables this year? Or that dairy products have given us stronger bones and teeth than any other generation in history? I suppose that is just too boring for anyone to care. But send out the doomsday purveyors of climate hysteria and sales are booming.

The latest news of one of the Climate Scientist Gods is revealing. FEBRUARY 20, 2012: Earlier this evening, Peter Gleick, a prominent figure in the global warming movement, confessed to stealing electronic documents from The Heartland Institute in an attempt to discredit and embarrass a group that disagrees with his views.

The real crisis is moral, not Climatic. It always has been. That someone would sell their soul to tell lies and deceive in order to further the Climate Hoax should wake up even the most devout, Kool-ade drinking, sycophant. The moral collapse is a two sided coin. You have to have the weak minded in order to sell the lies. It takes both, the corrupt liar and the weak-minded believer. The hope is the weak-minded believer wakes up and realizes he has been duped, therefore turning away from the liar. And I might add that there used to be an ethical responsibility element in the profession of journalism, at least to some to degree. Perpetrating lies to the public should be viewed as fraud. (I think it used to be so.) Somewhere along the way, journalists stopped worrying about fraud. Now we see that Climate Scientists have also stopped worrying about fraud. Peter Gleick.

But who decided to make Climate Scientists the Gods of the Copybook Headings? The media is culpable. They sell mayhem, even when there isn't any in this case. The media LOVED this ongoing crisis story, allowing the well-paid Climate Scientist liars to lead the charge. I still see it nearly everyday in the papers, laying guilt trips on the masses for ruining the planet. The Climate Hoax needs to die a miserable death. Preferably at the hands of a truth squad. And here.

It is entirely false political ideology, not Climate Science. It always has been fraud. I look forward to the prosecution of all who have perpetrated this fraud upon Americans and the World.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


What is that saying... about those who would choose security over freedom, deserve neither?

What I hoped would be a productive and somewhat sublime time in my life has turned into an age of daily shocks to my freedom loving core. Though I have watched the National and International news for years with great concern, I felt there were enough people in our country who understood the connection between security and freedom, that without freedom there is no security. And I believed that the reason to secure our nation was to preserve freedom. I have believed that the U.S. Constitution stood between me and tyrants. It did. And it should.

So what brings me to the appalling realization that #1. the U.S. Constitution is no longer guiding our leadership, and #2. I am no longer surrounded by people who believe in the same tenets in that founding document? The first one there is easy. Obviously we are subjected now to a dictator in the White House. This dictator has set up a national politburo. A Soviet model of governance has taken over our land. But even so, I have had hopes that freedom loving, Constitutional believing, Americans would not stand for such destruction of freedom.

I've been hoping for something that I now believe has left the planet. The Faith of Our Fathers has died with them. We have people in this nation who hold zero understanding of freedom and zero respect for the U.S. Constitution. And these people are not just in D.C. as I had hoped.

We are down to the nubs, folks. The "Code Enforcement" department in our fine small city has come up with an ordinance requiring RANDOM SEARCHES of people's homes. In studying the ordinance, I have discovered the section on random searches comes directly from the State of North Carolina, a statute that authorizes any City Council to direct random searches upon the residences and commercial buildings in the city. Why random? To avoid discrimination lawsuits. Hmmmm....does that sound familiar? Political correctness? Heaven knows we cannot appear to be discriminating in our judgment of which areas of blight we target, so we will just subject the entire city to random searches. Oh, did I remember to say these searches are without warrants?

This is not about terrorism, though we have some in our city who want the power for that reason, too. No. This is about cleaning up blighted poor areas where criminals live. The police department here is frustrated by getting complaints for the same houses over and over. So instead of arresting and jailing the perpetrators of the disorderly conduct or crimes, the police department has gone to the City Council for help. The "help" turns out to be: a new program to teach landlords how to deal with disorderly tenants, random searches and seizures without warrants, fees placed on landlords (which are really fines, but the authors of the ordinance evidently don't know the difference between a fee and a fine), and arbitrary judgment of City Council members to decide which areas shall be targeted.

Who in our NC State government has the audacity to write such an un-Constitutional legislative directive? I don't know, but I continually ask myself "who are these people and where in God's name did they come from?"

The State statute is this: § 160A‑424. Periodic inspections.

Part of it reads as follows:
In conducting inspections authorized under this section, the inspection department shall not discriminate between single‑family and multifamily buildings. In exercising this power, members of the department shall have a right to enter on any premises within the jurisdiction of the department at all reasonable hours for the purposes of inspection or other enforcement action, upon presentation of proper credentials.

(b) A city may require periodic inspections as part of a targeted effort within a geographic area that has been designated by the city council. The municipality shall not discriminate in its selection of areas or housing types to be targeted and shall (i) provide notice to all owners and residents of properties in the affected area about the periodic inspections plan and information regarding a public hearing regarding the plan; (ii) hold a public hearing regarding the plan; and (iii) establish a plan to address the ability of low‑income residential property owners to comply with minimum housing code standards

It does say something about "reasonable cause" such as "violations of safety hazard codes, unsanitary conditions, substandard conditions, etc. But nowhere in the statute is the requirement for a warrant to enter someone's privately owned property. And is anyone concerned that a City Council should be given the power to order targeting of areas for unwarranted searches? I don't know about you, but I've known some City Council members who would target people for all sorts of untoward reasons, none of which have anything to do with safety hazards or blight.

So try to take a flight somewhere, you will be subjected to random searches. Stay home and you could be subjected to random searches. The State of North Carolina says that's just fine with them. Our City Council inadvertently passed this ordinance without knowing what was in it. (Nancy Pelosi disease is evidently running rampant.) Now the problem has been brought to their attention and the ordinance will be re-visited and re-done. But were it not for some vigilant citizens bringing the problem to their attention, this would be the law of our fine city.

What's the moral of this story? The United States Constitution is being slashed and burned. We have people in government in this country and in our State who are creating a system of government we don't recognize and don't want. If they can sneak it by us, they will do it. And they are. While you are working your tail off to keep up with the price of the necessities of life, there are people among us who are working just as hard to destroy the nation...and the world.

That's my little story today....wondering what you think of it.

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The psychology of propaganda is very clever. Think about what makes you want to do something or buy something. And think about the psychology of people who want to make themselves feel good about something. What makes a person feel good? And if doing that something is running around telling everyone to cut their heat down, buy a smaller house on a smaller lot, or get out of their cars, what made them feel good about that? If someone feels good about the 1.5 gallon toilet they own that needs flushing 2 or 3 times, they can go about their daily lives with their ego on cloud nine? Or if they think they are saving the planet by using the inferior light from a CFL... all the better? Right? And if someone feels really really good and superior to other human beings for doing such things, is that addictive?

What causes addiction? Usually it is something that a person does that makes him or her feel, at least temporarily, totally wonderful! (Sex addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addictions, etc.) So how do you get an entire population of scientific numbskulls addicted to a flawed science that will make them do whatever you want them to do? Propaganda. Indoctrination. Money. Behavioral manipulation. Positive or punitive responses. (Pavlov's dog)

Just in case you think our nation is not under a psychological attack, I want to suggest you take a look at the American Psychological Association. Yes, that's right. The American Psychological Association has signed onto a concerted effort to convince the American public of the dire importance of "Climate Change." Article here

A task force has been set up by the nation's psychologists, under the President's direction, to address how to convince the population of the importance of compliance with "Climate Change" doctrine. Copied below from the APA announcement of this:

"The task force’s report reviews a wide range of research and practice relevant to climate change, including work in environmental and conservation psychology, studies of human responses to natural and technological disasters, efforts to encourage environmentally responsible behavior, and research on the psychosocial impacts of climate change."

Among the topics addressed in the report are:

  • Perceptions of global warming and climate change risks, including people’s tendency to discount the likelihood of future and remote events and the role of culture in how people conceive of and respond to risks.

  • Human behavioral contributions to climate change, such as population growth, energy use, and consumption, and the psychological and contextual drivers of these contributions.

  • Psychosocial and mental health impacts of actual and perceived climate change, including stress, anxiety, apathy, and guilt, and interventions to promote coping, adaptation, and healthy responses to climate change.

  • Social and community impacts of climate change, socioeconomic disparities in climate change impacts, and ethical and social justice implications of climate change.

  • Psychological barriers that limit individual and collective action on climate change.

  • Empirically-based approaches to understanding the nature and determinants of behaviors that affect the environment and the development of interventions to alter such behaviors.

I personally believe the people I know who are participating in this hoax, no matter at what amount, are addicted to an ego trip. The appeal is multi-faceted. First it makes a person think they are doing something heroic by sacrificing all kinds of things; money liberty, comfort, time, energy, etc. Secondly, it makes a person adopt a superiority complex by making them feel they are so much better than others for doing these so-called heroic things. Thirdly, when added to a group of like-minded people, it appeals to the herd mentality and makes people think they are part of something BIG (really important).

Americans have been particularly ripe for this sort of propaganda picking. They have had 30 to 60 years of indoctrination in the public schools, for one thing. They have been told for how many years now they need to feel guilty for having a prosperous society, that Americans are too rich compared to the rest of the world. Americans like to think of themselves as strong and willing to do good in the world. The last two generations haven't had the positive feedback for saving the world, as the WWII generation had. Just the opposite. We've been told how greedy and uncaring we are, in spite of "policing" the world and handing out the most foreign aid of any nation on the planet. No. We've been told we are very bad people. So what do folks need to make themselves feel better? "Save the Planet" works for most...even though the entire set up is a monumental lie.

Who would know this better than psychologists? I would further point out that psychologists are not immune to propaganda and the same ego addictions as the rest of the population. Their systemic (excuse the word) insanity in this case is evident for all to see. It is worth reading a resolution put forth by this group HERE.

"Therefore it is resolved that APA recognizes the role of psycho-social processes in perceptions and beliefs about global climate change that can potentially hinder public understanding of global climate change."

"Therefore it is resolved that APA supports psychologists’ involvement in research, education, and community interventions in improving public understanding of global climate change impacts and psychological contributions to mitigation and adaptation efforts that address both environmental and human, including psychological, impacts of Global Climate Change."

So there you have it. I could go on for a long time on the psychology of propaganda using sources from and about tyrannies in the past. But staying on the subject of "Climate Change" as the subject du jour, this time we face a global tyranny, not just a national one...though our nation is in this up to its eyeballs. I find it extremely disappointing that so many fellow Americans are easily duped and vulnerable to such an addiction to propaganda as this. If you doubt me, try to tell someone participating in the madness that they are wasting their money and time buying that Chevy Volt or those stupid CFL's. Good luck with that. Like any addict they will turn on you, growl, and call you every nasty name that comes into their Kool-ade soaked mind.

Other Sources:
Education indoctrination and Announcement of Obama's "Presidential Task Force On Psychology and Global Climate Change"
Suffering from Mass Delusion

Thursday, February 2, 2012


One...just ONE Presidential candidate has told the truth about the insanity of "Climate Change" AKA Global Warming. Here is what Rick Santorum said: "I believe the earth gets warmer and I also believe the earth gets cooler. And I think history points out that it does that and that the idea that man, through the production of CO2 -- which is a trace gas in the atmosphere, and the man-made part of that trace gas is itself a trace gas -- is somehow responsible for climate change is, I think, just patently absurd when you consider all the other factors." video here

Hallelujah! Unfortunately the bureaucrats in government are not listening. It's as if an army of robots have been unleashed on the American public, all of them carrying the memo that we will do what they say, "OR ELSE." And they all use the excuse that we are a plague on the planet so we better get in line. More on that in a minute.

To be fair, I asked Newt Gingrich at a town hall in Rock Hill, SC about Sustainable Development and he said he repudiated the methodology and would get rid of it immediately if he were President. He is one smart guy, so I am figuring that he knows that Sustainable Development is based on "Climate Change" insanity and therefore doesn't believe in the hoax either, in spite of getting sucked into that ridiculous commercial with Pelosi some time ago. (He has said that was a huge mistake.) There are videos of Gingrich saying he opposes all things Agenda 21. I still want to hear him say just what Rick Santorum has said. And as long as I am on the subject of Newt, I might as well put it out there that I would vote for him if North Carolina had a primary tomorrow. I also have some respect for Santorum and would like him to stay in the race. I could live with either of them, actually.

Back to the robots. They must be getting paid well. There are a lot of them and they descend upon cities and "regions" in droves with reams of literature on why we should all be packed into high density areas with mass transit and energy star appliances. Our CCOG (Centralina Council of Governments) has been handily equipped recently with our tax dollars, nearly $5 million from HUD, to waltz into our local city government and lure our elected leaders into compliance with Smart Growth and Sustainable Development methods to control our lives. How many times are you hearing that our lifestyles are not "sustainable," that we have to get out of our cars, live smaller, take rapid transit, stop watering our cattle on our own lands, stop eating meat, turn over our land to conservancies, et al? And all of this rubbish, while based on the UN Agenda 21 doctrine, is cloaked in the most insane lies and twisted language that the world has ever seen. The industrial age has not wrecked the climate of the Earth.

Climate Depot has a great Article describing the truth of the matter. What is really tragic to me is that so very many people are swept up in the fervor of these lies that the rest of us who know better are suffering from the idiotics of the green economic disasters the liars perpetrate.

At least two Presidential candidates on the right have said something of the truth. One is Santorum by repudiating the false premise. And the other is Newt Gingrich by repudiating the implementation of Sustainable Development. Either one of them is light years better than Mitt Romney who I would trust about as far as I could throw him.

The primary process for Republicans this year is the biggest fiasco I think I've ever seen in my lifetime. And now today we have Trump making it an ever bigger circus.

Are we having fun yet? Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!!