Friday, October 29, 2010


Thursday I decided to go ahead and vote.  I had some time that afternoon and the weather was nice, so I headed to the local, easy to find, early voting office.  I parked my car and walked up toward the door when an elderly gentleman and his elderly wife came along the sidewalk.  He appeared to be in his eighties, maybe close to 90.  I stepped aside and let them go ahead of me into the door.  There was a line of about 10 to 12 people.  The elderly wife needed to sit down so her husband found her a chair just inside the door.  

Just then a "line facilitator" showed up and told the man his wife could not sit there, that she had to go across the room and sit on the opposite wall.  So the elderly man dutifully assisted his wife across the room to the other chair.  I was still standing in line when the elderly man was making his way back to the line.  At that point, I spoke up and suggested to the "line facilitator" that the elderly man get in line in front of me because he and his wife had entered the building ahead of me.  By that time a few more people had come in and gotten in line behind me.  As soon as I spoke up, a very loud voice behind me shouted, "OH NO YOU DON'T...YOU DON'T CUT INTO THIS LINE."  I turned around to see a black female around 38 or 40 yrs. old who was still mouthing off at me.  I politely said to her that the elderly man had come into the building ahead of me and that he was helping his elderly wife to the chair some distance away, so he actually belonged in line ahead of me.  "OH NO YOU DON'T, she yelled with an unmistakable 'chip on the shoulder' attitude.  "HE COULD HAVE VOTED IN THE DRIVE UP OUTSIDE IF HE WAS SO OLD AND WANTED TO."  "HE'S NOT CUTTING IN THIS LINE."  The facilitator, I assume not wanting a confrontation, completely ignored this interchange and escorted the man to the back of the line some 6 or 8 people farther back.  

The elderly gentleman and his wife were white.  The woman doing the yelling was black.  

I thought to myself this woman has no respect for her elders.  I thought to myself, that elderly gentleman was old enough to have fought in WWII to assure that woman's rights and her life in America.  I thought to myself, what kind of person would do that? I wondered what another 2 or 3 minutes would have mattered to her to allow that gentleman the courtesy of going ahead.  I thought to myself, she did that because they were white.  I wondered, if they were black would she have caused that kind of mannerless, disrespectful scene?  I turned back to face the front of the line and I did not look back at her again.  I was appalled.  And sadly, I also thought to myself, that woman was an Obama zombie.  Had to be.  No Christian conservative with respect for others would have done such a thing.  No reasonably mannered person would act so thoughtlessly about helping an elderly couple through the line to vote.  

So I voted.  I was glad to get that done.  But I came home feeling really sad that there are people in this country with so little regard for others and with such hateful chips mounted on their shoulders and "entitlement" attitudes engraved into their heads.  I could make and excuse and say she was too young to have a grasp about WWII and what that generation did for us.  But you know what?  There is no excuse for bad manners, or for showing lack of consideration for elderly people.  I'm making no excuses for that woman.  And I'm making no excuses for Obama either.  No excuses.  NONE.  Very sad indeed.

One good thing....I was grateful for paper ballots since I am hearing of touch screen fraud going on all over the state.  At least I manually filled in the little ovals and did my best to assure it was done correctly.  We'll see how many lawsuits hit the fan after this election.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Barack and his squeeze just cannot help it.  Being on the George Soros "Open Society Institute" payroll makes them do some seriously crazy things.  The latest is Michelle's planned téte á téte with "commercial sex workers" on their trip to India. 

"Adding to the Obamas’ busy schedule is Michelle’s likely visit to Kamathipura, where she will meet commercial sex workers on the invitation of an NGO. The highprofile visit is likely to inconvenience the citizens, as there could be a complete clampdown on traffic on some main roads of south Mumbai and sanitisation of buildings flanking them." News Here

So here is my suggestion for Michelle's speech. She is free to use this, in fact I encourage her to plagerize me all she wants!

"Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules today to meet with me.  I know it took you a lot of extra time today to dress appropriately for our intimate yet professional meeting. Your work is so important to the society of India that everyone has made a really big sacrifice to accommodate my conference with you.  I know there are customers standing by just outside who cannot wait to purchase your services now that you have come close to the First Lady of the United States.  You know, I have that Hot Momma kind of star quality that makes people think about sex the first time they see me.  And I do bare my arms at every single personal appearance so they can see at least some part of my naked body.

Now you might not realize it, but there is only one place in the United States where your type of work is legal.  Reno, Nevada.  The rest of the United States is either stuck in the age of the Victorians or is hiding in the closet with pornographic magazines.   We intend to fix that.  My visit with you will definitely legitimize prostitution for all of Americans and from now on you will be known as leaders in the new millennium sexual revolution in the West.  After all, Americans are paying out the wazoo for all of the consequences of promiscuous sex.  Money for aids, STDs and abortions is pouring forth from our ignorant tax payers who don't participate in random sexual encounters, but have to pay for them anyway through medical expenses and research.  So. you see, it is only a matter of time until they realize that as long as they are going to pay for it anyway, they might as well participate in all of the fun.

In America we have tanning salons and nail salons in every strip shopping center in every town.  Because of your inspiration, I know the next hot wave for commercial activity in all of our towns across America is commercial sex operations!!  And think what that will do for the commercial real estate industry that has slumped due to Barack's anti-business and industry policies.  And also, think of all of the commercial sex workers who can join the Chamber of Commerce!  Wow!  That should liven that group up quite a bit....those stodgy old farts!  The Chamber meetings will never be dull, that's for sure!  Instead of Chamber women being entertained with professional fashion shows,  we can have the commercial sex workers show up for the luncheons and pass around sex toys as favors!  How fun will that be!  (sex toys made in China will be all the rage! People will have lead exposure they never dreamed of!  And that will keep Kathleen Sebelius very busy implementing treatments through Barack's new health care program.  She'll be so excited!)

Speaking of commercial opportunities, I am salivating at the tax coffers filling up with, "Ka-ching," lots of money from the taxes we will charge for every hot, steamy, sexual encounter in the United States.  And just think of the wads and wads of green produced by the laundries who will be washing the sheets!  This is so scrumptious, I can hardly contain my libido!

After I finish speaking, I'd love it if you would all come to me, one on one, so you can tell me all about your successful techniques.  I'm sure Barack will be forever grateful and he will funnel even more money to you through George's Open Society Institute and the U.N.  We have primed the pump for just this sort of commercial enterprise in America for many years.  While Barack and I have Czars to enforce every conceivable abomination onto the American public, now is the best time for me to take your success stories back to the States and get those stupid Americans even more distracted.  As long as they are banging away on sex workers, they won't be banging away on their computer keyboards complaining about Barack's Socialist dogma!  You see what a great thing you are doing for the world?  I can't thank you enough.

Well, that is all the time I will take from your very important vocation in life.  Time is money in your line of work.  Your customers are waiting and, frankly, I can't wait one more minute for all of the tips I know you will give me!
Thanks, and I hope I can come again!"

P.S. from the writer...
I really am too ladylike to have said any of this in polite company.  But I'm hiding behind my keyboard and pretending my mother is smacking me in the head for being so brash.  So excuse me if I offended anyone. 


This may be a dumb question, but do you wonder who it is voting Socialists into our government?  I do.  I have been wondering this for quite a few years now but, since the run-up to the 2008 election, the question nags at me every day like a bad toothache.  The existence of Socialists in our country is not news.  The news is that Socialists have lied, cheated, gerrymandered, and bribed their way into the American government to such an extent now that they are brazenly out in the open.  America finds itself on the brink, at the tipping point, that Socialists have been dreaming about for years.  The march toward a complete Socialist take-over, which began with Wilson and FDR, has now reached the moment of so much dependency on the State that a large portion of Americans are takers instead of tax payers.  info here  "As recently as the early 1980s, about 30% of Americans lived in households in which an individual was receiving Social Security, subsidized housing, jobless benefits or other government-provided benefits. By the third quarter of 2008, 44% of the public lived in such homes."  The takers will soon overwhelm the tax payers by such a plurality, especially under Obama Care, that Socialism will have taken over.  Dependency is the cocaine of the Socialists.  Get them hooked and the power is yours.

There is a good side to that awful news.  The good side IS the brazen, open arrogance of them.  No longer hiding in the shadows, they are bragging and swaggering and talking out loud in public about just how powerful they have become.  Yes, folks, the McCarthy era is over.  It's over because the vindicated McCarthy died young, because Hollywood glamorized Socialist ideology, and because Socialists took over the school system and indoctrinated millions of students over time into anti-American ideology.  From FDR to Obama, Socialists have undermined the United States Constitution and the very fabric of American life with all kinds of supposedly "feel good" welfare laws and programs.  Like snake oil salesmen and saleswomen, the Socialists have played the American public like patsies at a rigged back room poker game. 

So maybe my question is a little off.  Maybe my question should be: why are so many Americans patsies?  Who, with the sense God gave a dog, buys into the Socialist dogma?   Even if you never had one lesson in American government, would it make sense to buy into "spreading the wealth around?"  Even if you never heard of the Founding Fathers, would you vote to force your neighbors or grandchildren to pay for your house or your car?  Even if you never heard of the U.S. Constitution, would you actually believe in the "free lunch" promised by the Socialists?  Did you really think your taxes were supposed to pay for abortions in Africa?  When  you lose your job, your health care, your house, and your small retirement investment, when it is obvious the government policies caused those things, do you then turn around and vote to have that same government steal from someone else to bail you out?  Who are you?  What sort of person does that? 

And if you have voted for Socialist dogma up until now, is it possible you don't see the destruction those Socialists are causing? 

I have an understanding that older Democrats seem to think the Democrat Party is some sort of savior from the Great Depression.  There are Democrats who are linked into farm subsidies and various other props of big government.  I am picturing the Joad family in the Grapes of Wrath who, during the Great depression looked to the Federal Migrant Camps to save them from desperation.  And even that didn't work out too well.  Steinbeck, in his novel, never addressed the government policies that led to the Great Depression.  He focused solely on the Joad family's attempt to survive the Dust Bowl and the migration to California.  These are the kind of Democrats who always look to the government to save them, while not seeing the same government, or their own bad choices, caused the economic disaster in the first place.  Without that understanding of government manipulations, a person cannot comprehend the fact that the game is rigged against them.  And if they can't understand that, then they keep voting for the same disastrous Socialists over and over again.  The Democrat Party, gradually and so insidiously, became the Socialist Party.  Even those from the old school Democrats didn't recognize the lies and were sucked into the game....repeating the anti-American un-Constitutional policies until we are at the brink of America off the cliff.

It is also a conundrum that some of these same people will complain about national debts for military spending, but think it is just fine to use their taxes for all kinds of insane projects.  (grants to study the drinking habits of Chinese prostitutes, to name just one absurd example)  Or, while they are complaining about military spending or corporate welfare, they will support the bottomless pit of money going toward streams of illegal immigrants who have no interest in assimilating into the laws and culture of our own country.  They will support endless wads of money going into subsidized housing,  buying into Cash for Clunkers, subsidized windmills and ethanol, greenways and parks, on and on.  But ask them to support the military necessary for defending our country and their eyes glaze over and they nearly pass out.  

We are one week away from possibly the final statement on America.  It is either the final statement of losing America.   Or it might be, at least, a statement of which Americans still "hold these truths to be self-evident."  I feel certain this election is going to be covered up with fraud from the left.  Some of the races are so close, a reflection of the takers vs. the tax payers, that George Soros' millions will be blanketing the polling places across the nation to assure the takers win the day.  Today we are already hearing of tampered voting machines across the country at early voting sites. With Acorn's newest incarnations, with the New Black Panthers hanging around, with buses taking the elderly and high school students to the polls, with dead people in Illinois on the rolls, this election promises to be the most contentious and worrisome election of our lives. 

I guess I know who.  I sort of know why.  People with scruples, morals, and who understand the U.S. Constitution will vote for the most ethical Constitutional conservatives they can find.  The rest of the voters are either on the take, want to be on the take, or lack the moral courage to defend their own country.  

Maybe I need better questions.  

How do you make them stop?  How do you fill Americans with the understanding of how precious liberty is?  How do you get people off the addiction of statist government dependency?  How do you stop voter fraud?  How do you cut the public schools off from Socialists? How do you get people to laugh off Soros and tell him to go fly his billion dollar kites somewhere else?  How do we eliminate government unions?  Etc.

Maybe that is the problem.  We know who.  We know why.  But do we know how? 

Thursday, October 21, 2010


 Our local newspaper published an article today touting the exciting revelation that the Carolina Thread Trail recently awarded $564,795.00 worth of grants to 13 community projects.  The Carolina Thread Trail is part of a network of non-profit organizations related to the Lands Conservancy and Land Trust organizations.  While the writer of the article was obviously excited about this announcement, I wonder if anyone reading the article would be interested to know where the money comes from.  If you are one person asking that question, here is the answer.  It is money from tax deductible donations (giving tax breaks to some) and tax money from all levels of government, making us all pay.  Can we afford to take land out of the hands of private ownership and place that land onto the public sector dole?  If we wish to continue to use taxes to undermine private property rights, why do it the slow way?  Why don't we just declare the entire country is a publicly held green zone and no one has a right to use their own land any more?

The premise of the Lands Conservancy groups is a scam.  First it is based on the lies of anthropologically (man-made) caused climate change.  And secondly, but worse, it is anti-private property rights.  In case you are not aware of it, the United States Federal government already owns thirty percent of all the land in the country.  (Should the U.S. default on its debts, our land could be "snatched up" by whoever holds those debts.  Speak Chinese anyone?)  That is just the Federal government.  Millions and millions of acres of land are currently being bought out at fire sale prices, using tax incentives by the Land Trusts and Land Conservancy non-profits in the country.   The confiscation of land by government supported Lands Conservancies and Land Trusts is using your / our tax dollars to take land out of reach for any private citizens' use whatsoever for all eternity.  Donations to these organizations are tax deductible also, so not only is the property tax on these lands lost, but the donation tax breaks are lost to the government.  Why?  All for the prospect of keeping land out of the control of private ownership, putting land out of reach for private purposes, and wearing silly green hats and badges for "green" causes.

"Oh," you say, "but what about the "feel good" opportunity to save our environment from those dastardly developers who wreck the landscape?"  Well, you can "feel good" all you want, but government grants coming out of your taxes means you are paying for property that will forever not be owned and controlled by private citizens.  The Carolina Thread Trail is just another avenue for taking private property out of the hands of citizens and using taxes to do it.  

Today's local newspaper article written by Amanda Memrick states it this way: "Scenic land that might otherwise be snatched up by developers and turned into subdivisions or shopping centers is being conserved, thanks to low land prices brought on by the soured real estate market."

Note the word, "SNATCHED."  The higher property taxes and other taxes become, more of these non-profit groups use tax dollars to "snatch" up privately owned land.  The higher property and estate taxes become, the private ownership of land becomes near impossible.  The worse the economy, the more opportunity for government to put "developers" out of business.  Who do you think is making themselves "feel good" about that?  The big government, anti-private property groups, Lands Conservancy groups, and the Carolina Thread Trail.  Mind you, government, non-profits, Lands Conservancies, and the Carolina Thread Trail do not pay taxes on the property they confiscate.  Instead, they use your money by force to support their agendas.  So, who would you say is doing the "snatching?"

The newspaper article also cites Randi Gates, Carolina Thread Trail community coordinator saying: "We see a rise in property values that are adjacent to trails."  

However,  to show you how manipulations of tax laws create a self-fulfilling prophecy, here is a quote from Land Trust   "An easement may confer federal and state income tax advantages. If property appreciates greatly heirs may not be able to pay the taxes. A conservation easement on land may reduce a property's value and thus reduce estate taxes allowing heirs to keep the property." 

First, I might ask, keep the property for what?  The Land Conservancies' uses are restricted.  And which is it?  Rise or fall of property values regarding Land Trusts and Conservancies?  I guess it depends on which side of the fence you are on. Tax payer or tax taker.  The taxes for heirs on property they inherit is reduced or eliminated, but the land sits there with no possibility of any control by the heirs. Maybe they somehow technically "own" the land, but they take tax deductions in trade for regulations and restrictions on what they can do with that land.  What is the point of holding the land?  You could sell it outright for someone to actually make a living off of that land, or you can sit there and get tax deductions for letting the land go to some public use that is no longer under your control.  As the government makes policies pushing land holding farm families out of business, the heirs have two choices: turn the land over to the land trusts and conservancies and get tax deductions for life, or sell the land to someone else who can use it for capital production.  Again, tax policies will punish you if you sell and make a profit or if you inherit the land.  Government policies are manipulating the outcome.  Which would socialists have you do?  Make a living off of the land?  Or sit on your butt and get tax deductions for doing nothing?  And who is paying for that?  As Margaret Thatcher wisely stated, "Socialism is just great, but sooner or later you run out of other people's money." But I digress.

Another assertion by Randi Gates was that the Thread Trail easements and greenways benefits include: "alternative transportation, environmental benefits of getting cars off the road and the health benefits of getting people to walk, run or pedal down a greenway.  She says, "this helps economic development." 

Excuse me, how does increasing taxes to pay for greenways help economic development? When was the last time lots of people took the greenway to work or to the grocery store?  When does taking a walk on a greenway replace cars on the road?  Yes, it's nice to have a place to walk, run, or bike, but is this the best use of tax money when the country is nearly 14 trillion dollars in debt?  We can take a walk in our own neighborhoods for a lot less money.  If you don't live exactly adjacent to the greenway, you have to drive to get there anyway.  How much sense does this make? 

A bad economic climate hurts privately owned business as well as residential property owners.  Government policies create our economic climate.  Government policies and taxes can keep otherwise expendable, and recreational, income out of the hands of the population, not to mention income for necessities.  So when government confiscates more and more income from citizens, privately owned businesses suffer.  When privately owned businesses collapse from these policies, unemployment goes up, property values do down, and higher taxes ensue so government will attempt to make up for the lost tax base.  And the whole thing becomes a downward spiral of declining abilities to thrive.  While some take advantage of tax deductions for purposes of Land Conservancies and Trusts, the rest of the population has to pay increased taxes to make up the difference.  We end up with lots of  regulations, plus parks and greenways maintained by public tax money, but the tax base is diminished.  Meanwhile the land is no longer considered privately owned property.   

All of this becomes an open opportunity for land confiscation by the non-profit environmental groups.  The legal creativity of the trust and easement agreements is wide ranging and covers all kinds of land use circumstances.  In this way, they have all of the bases covered.   They can "snatch" up property at undervalued prices.  They can hand out more tax deductions to those wealthy enough to donate and those who are struggling to pay the higher property taxes.  They can let someone live on the land with severe restrictions for the rest of their life and then the land falls into government hands.  And, here is the cutest part, the Trusts and Conservancies can market themselves as the "feel good" green cause du jour!"

Just remember this:  When you play this game of chasing down tax deductions for anti-private property rights initiatives, you are hitting your fellow Americans in the gut three ways.  First, while you ease your personal burden of tax debt you are placing that burden of tax debt on everyone else.  Second, increasing America's debt burden puts the entire country at risk.  Third, you are undermining the essential market principles of legitimate private ownership on which the country is founded. When government colludes with non-profits to "snatch" land rights using tax money to subsidize these land deals, we are all suffering the consequences from it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


 The U.S. Constitution guarantees equal rights under the law to each citizen. Period. As history would confirm, people in power skew the laws to enhance their own power, gain votes, assuage their own egos, and, in our last 250 years, try to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. In my lifetime I've seen the powerful in government distort law-making in ways that would make the founders throw up their hands and give up on humanity entirely.

The Democrats use a form of twisted morality to justify their power. Instead of equal rights to each under the law, the Democrats are happily in the business of handing our exaggerated rights to certain classes of people, creating a class system to benefit Democrats / Liberals / Marxists. Democrats twist the great words of Martin Luther King about judging a man by his character and not his turning it into affirmative action, different legal thresholds for different classes of people, and making it special circumstances to enact a crime against someone if they are "protected." This is not what Martin Luther King had in mind. He was talking about "equal" under the law....not "special" under the law.

A recent example that sailed through the Democrat owned Congress is this one:
Sponsored by John Conyers, member of the Congressional Black Caucus, introduced his bill....

HR1913, previously introduced in Congress in 2007, seeks to expand upon the 1969 US federal hate-crime law by extending beyond federally-protected activities and towards bodily crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability, in addition to the current provisions of bodily crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived race, color, religion, and national origin. It would also codify and expand the funding and investigative capabilities of federal officials for aiding their local counterparts.

Folks, there is no reason for this nonsense. If law-makers and law enforcement would just follow the Constitution, i.e. equal protection under the law, then what could possibly be the reason for adding layers and layers of protections to certain people for certain other reasons??

The reason is this: Democrats are in the business of setting up "protected" classes of people in order to get votes and money from certain groups. They are also creating laws based on thoughts and speech so as to restrict more of our liberties. In other words, if you say something offensive to or about the "protected class" you are committing a "hate crime." Those in our midst who have made a career out of victim-hood love this sort of extra-constitutional law-making.

So here's the deal. I was born a red-head, Scotch-Irish all the way through. How many times in my life have I heard jokes and derogatory comments about red-heads? Lots. Believe me. Being a redheaded, freckled, sunburned teenager was not a lot of fun.  I wonder if it is time I get a campaign going to pay back all those mean people who kept me down by discrimination and who said those awful things about my genetic make-up. That's the ticket! Then if someone knifes me in the back, either figuratively or literally, I can take it up with the thought police and prosecute the perpetrator for a "hate crime." I can get reparations from the courts and stick that perp with double the punishment!! Great idea!! I think I should be a "protected class." Red-heads unite!!! Where's the rally?? Start making signs and march around the court houses! Congress just has to fix this discrimination against redheads.

Are we having fun yet??  The Constitution was precise.  "Equal rights," not "special" rights for homosexuals, blacks, latinos, muslims, or any other particular groups.  The Founders had it right...the same rights for all....redheads included.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This article is also posted at Pundit
There is now so much money being thrown at it, and so many politicians across the globe in on the take, that getting the truth out to the mass public on the fraud of "Climate Change / Global Warming is going to take monumental efforts. The massive dissemination of lies is beyond any scam that the world has ever seen.

Think of the perfect scam to pull in every citizen of every country.  What would it be?   Now think of something that effects everyone on the planet? What would that be? Go deeper. Think of something that effects food supplies and water supplies.  What would that be? Hmmm...maybe the world's climate?  Pick a substance in the natural science of the world that every living thing needs to exist and demonize it. What would that be?  Let's pick CO2.

Now, how could we control every living person on the earth? Create a crisis. What kind of crisis? How about creating a lie that people are ruining the planet by creating CO2, accuse them of killing the planet.  Convince them of this, not by real scientific facts, but by manipulating data and creating fictional graphs. How would you convince scientists to promote your lie?  You would offer them government and U.N. grants to prove your crisis. Scientists love money just as much as the next guy, plus they want money to fund their experiments at universities. Further, you can use every natural disaster to back you up.  An earthquake in Chile?  Must be too many cars on the roads.  A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico?  Must be too many factories.  A tornado in Kansas?  Must be too much dust from cattle farms.  An oil rig blows up?  It must have happened because people use machines that use oil.  A glacier melts and freezes again?  Must be too many pieces of bacon on the breakfast plate.  A tornado in Arkansas?  Must be those incandescent light bulbs people use. Floods in Pakistan? Must be the temperature of people' houses. From now on, every single event on the earth is due to who?   People.  People are to blame.  Your neighbors are to blame.  Industries are to blame.  The United States is to blame.  Australia is to blame.  Europe is to blame.  Dumb people are to blame and are wrecking the planet for the Royal Wizards of all things Environmental who want to be paid for the people's stupidity.

So what do you to with all of those shameful, thoughtless, stupid, and horrible people? You figure out a way to control them and make their lives miserable so they will no long proliferate on the planet. You take away their choices of light bulbs, regulate their thermostats, regulate factories out of existence, keep farmers from irrigating their farms, force car manufacturers to make electric cars, make them pay for giant windmills and solar panels, tax them for everything so they can't live in relative comfort.  Make them pay for their transgressions against the planet. The Wizards of all things Environmental will reap the financial rewards of controlling all of these people, who are now so indoctrinated with the lie,  they will pay you, the Wizards, to punish themselves. They will buy the whips and chains and regulations and devices of control for you to use against them.

In order for a scam to work you only need three components. A lie, a person or persons to tell the lie, and useful idiots to believe and become proponents of the lie.

The perfect scam would be to make people pay you to make their lives miserable.  Wizards are very clever.  And once they get power, they don't like giving it up.  The useful idiots who buy the lies are often so prideful that they can't admit they were duped.  This creates a self-perpetuating lie that is difficult to stop.

Responsible environmental stewardship is a valuable thing to teach our children.  Telling them lies which will ruin their lives to make some very evil Wizards rich is a travesty against our children and I believe is child abuse.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes it is amusing to watch the schemes of the Socialists implode.  Actually, it would be a lot more amusing if they would take the consequences of their own disasters, but what always happens is they have set things up so you and I get to pay the price for their insanity.  So if you could step outside of the pain and failures, you could laugh.  But as it is now, we can't step outside of the pain and failures because we are suffering the brink of economic disaster due to Socialists in government here and abroad.  My continuing goal is to figure out how to get out of this mess and make the designers of the crises pay for their handiwork.

One of the more recent coups of the Fabian Socialists was the financial crisis of 2008. The mortgage implosion and derivatives debacle was the perfect moment for the Fabians to step in and get control of the United States economy.  We are not yet out of this part of the financial crisis.  I think the general public still cannot wrap their minds around what happened.  The only wealth distribution that has happened is the American public has gotten soaked while the big money players such as Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson, George Soros, etc. are rolling in wads of riches.  Keep in mind as you read this that Bernie Madoff went to jail and has his assets stripped for defrauding the public with his financial schemes.

For a more extensive explanation of the mortgage crisis GO HERE to the American Spectator


Long ago in the 1970's there was a misguided and economically ignorant President of the United States named Jimmy Carter.  Being from the South and carrying around some kind of guilt over slavery, he was pushed by the Democrat Black Caucus to come up with some kind of national reparations.  His genius answer to this was to invent something called the Community Reinvestment Act.  The CRA used the force of government regulations to force banks into lending requirements for poor black neighborhoods and to give low mortgage rates to those poor blacks wanting loans.  In order to make this palatable to the banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were set up as "affordable housing" lenders of more of the loans.  The percentage of these loans required by the banks was kept somewhat small in the beginning, but nevertheless Federal regulations were forcing the banks to take on risky loans.  The banks and Fannie and Freddie all had to take on the risks.  Fannie and Freddie, by the way, are backed by our Treasury.  So, for all intents and purposes, Jimmy Carter put you and me on the hook for these loans.

Flash forward to Bill Clinton, the "First American Black President."  In order to put himself in favor of the blacks and, thereby get the black votes, Clinton put the CRA on steroids with regulations and had Fannie and Freddi underwriting the low income loans.  Fannie and Freddie, between 2005 and 2007 bought $1 trillion worth of low income loans.   Keep in mind that Fannie and Freddie are guaranteed by our taxes.

Where the banks are concerned, the Federal laws were drawn up so that the banks could not erect an ATM or merge with another bank or conduct normal business unless they complied with the Federal regulations of taking on high percentages of CRA loans.  Force of federal law, all put in place so that Jimmy Carter could assuage his guilt complex plus buy black votes... and so Bill Clinton could buy black votes.  


Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the banks decided this was too much high risk debt to take on and the outcome would wreck their balance sheets for shareholders.  Having legal fiduciary duty to their shareholders, the banks decided to bundle these loans with other loans and sell off these loans as derivatives to investment houses all over the world.  Goldman Sachs was one of them.  AIG, Lehman Brothers, and other huge financial investment firms were loaded up with these risky loans.  (Evidently Lehman Brothers didn't play ball with the henchmen, so our government did not bail them out and off into investment purgatory they went.)  Even with selling derivatives, the banks and Fannie and Freddie were, and still are, holding tons of these high risk CRA loans.  The laws have not been reversed and the banks are still on the hook for taking on these loans.  For this you can thank Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, the henchmen on the Banking Commitee in congress.  Plus, the gutless politicians who are scared out of their wits to stop the CRA for fear of being called racist, bigoted pigs.

Meanwhile, short sellers and hedge-fund managers could see this as a disaster in the making, so in 2008 they started to sell off the risky loan derivatives to the tune of billions of dollars.  The ones who made the sales, such as George Soros, made buckets of money.  Voilá, instant money crisis in the U.S. Treasury, the banks were about to fail, and the big investment houses were screaming, so the economic power brokers of the United States jumped in and used our good names and bank accounts to bail out the banks and investment houses.  In other words, they put you and me on the hook for bailing out the financial institutions which these same people put at risk with our money.  The hot potato always lands in our laps while these government manipulators and profiteers go merrily skipping down the road with their sacks full of money.  While they say the bailouts were loans and are being paid back by the offending parties..the laws have not been changed and the mortgage crisis continues today with more of the same policies. 


I'm not sure there is one.  Here we are almost three years later and the country is fuming over an economy that has been leveraged to 13 and a half trillion dollars of debt and a government that is completely out of control.  There are many reasons for the Tea Party movement, but this financial / economic situation is one of the big ones. 

The jig is up.  More people now see the game that has been played and know that they were given a bum hand.  But most Americans are still shaking their heads and wondering what in the heck happened.  Most Americans are working their tails off while seeing their hopes for the future sent straight down the tubes. 

The culprits are not being brought to justice.  The culprits own the Justice Department and the Democrat Party, so how likely is it that they will investigate and put themselves on trial for demolishing the U.S. economy?  NIL. NADA. ZIP. ZERO.  And to be honest on this, George Bush saw the problem coming and did not or could not stop it.  This implosion was not a huge surprise to those in power who knew the balance sheets.

This is not a tale of good intentions paving the road to hell.  This is a tale of schemers who should have known better, probably did know better, and did it anyway.  This is a story of Presidents who, out of purely selfish reasons, put our lives on the hook for their own political gains. Economic manslaughter?  Premeditated economic destruction? 

My big problem with this is that the American public is not to blame and should not pay the price of corrupt politicians.  We deserve better than this.  We deserve economic justice, and that does not mean wealth redistribution.  It means just the opposite. It means fiduciary responsibility and asset based loan acquisitions.  It means thieves pay for their thievery.  It means the deliberate destruction of our economy should result in jail time, not just going forward, but retroactively against those who did it.   It means charges of treason.  And no one I know of has the courage to say that or do it.

The only hot potatoes I want would be sitting on my plate at dinner, smothered with butter and sour cream.

Monday, October 4, 2010

NO PRESSURE - 10 10 Society Video

Some of my former friends refused to believe that the Global Warming ideology is a scam.  They refused to believe that people would create such a hoax for power and money.  Some of them just swallow every leftist viewpoint because it is under the Democrat Party umbrella.  Some of them think they are such good people because they are "saving the planet," though these former friends' lifestyles haven't changed and they still drive their SUV's and fly all over the planet.  None of them do any research on the subject, but rather they just listen to sound bites and swoon over the 'saving the polar bears and alligators' tripe.  None of them are walking or riding their bicycles to the grocery. 

This post is for them.  They do not know they are playing on the devil's playground.  I'm sorry for them, but I am also hoping they will wake up before it is too late for all of us.  When the smart grid devices are forced upon your house, and manipulated inflation makes your wallet too small to buy necessary goods, when windmills take over all of our prairies and farmland, when young people are taught the ends justify the means,  when our youth has nothing but bleak and dire life ahead, when you wake up everyday with the realization that the planet is still here and your stupid compact fluorescent light bulbs didn't make any difference whatsoever, when Ezekiel Emanuel's / Obama's  "complete lives system" starts eradicating the aged and infirm in our society,   ......then will you shake your heads and ask, "Where did we go wrong?"  People who are sucked into a scam are often too proud to admit they've been scammed.  "Pride goeth before the fall."

The ad above was created to show to children.  You cannot watch this ad without knowing who our enemies are.  These people would kill us all in the name of "Saving the Planet."  Except they think they will be saved and then have the planet to themselves without the rest of us slimy, nasty, blights on Earth.  And there lies the sick joke.  Who do you think they are saving in the end?  And what do you think this ad teaches children?  It's O.K. to blow away anyone who disagrees with you?  What a great message for our next generation. 

Below is a list of the companies and NGO's supporting and funding the ad.  Notice Sony is one of them. The ad was produced in the U.K.   After the hew and cry went up against the ad, the 10 10 Society tried to pull the ad from the airways.  But not before it went viral on the internet.  I'm showing it here for those who have not yet seen it and are unsure of how vile the environmentalist Marxist movement has become.


Eaga is the UK’s largest supplier of heating and renewable energy and is at the forefront of the low-carbon economy
Kyocera Mita is a leading provider of environmentally friendly printing and copying solutions. Read all about their involvement here


O2 is the UK’s leading provider of mobile phones, broadband and SIMs. O2 is partnering with 10:10 as part of its Think Biginitiative and will be selling 10:10 Tags in its shops across the UK


Sony is one of the world’s leading digital entertainment brands, with household names such as VAIO™, Cyber-Shot™, BRAVIA™ and Walkman®. Sony is sponsoring 10:10 to support its staff’s efforts to go even further on carbon reduction

Sony website

More sponsors below, or click: HERE

The Ashden Trust

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Wates Foundation
Wates Foundation website
The GD Charitable Trust
Jam Today

The Guardian

National Magazine Company


Leading over 1,000 schools on the way to 10%

Campaign for greener healthcare

Indefatigable decarbonisers of care, and coordinators of the 10:10 Health programme

Carbon Trust

The last word in organisational carbon reduction

Degrees Cooler

Supporting 10:10 universities and colleges
Energy Saving Trust
Purveyors of peerless carbon-cutting advice for individuals and families
The Great British Refurb
Helping you live in a low-energy home that’s more comfortable, cheaper to run, and massively reduces your carbon emissions

The broadband channel for environmental films

Olswang LLP

Keeping us out of jail, free
People and Planet
Keeping 10:10 students ticking over

Public Interest Research Centre

Climate policy superheroes whose work inspired our 10% target and the Lighter Later campaign

Pure360 Email Marketing Solutions

The email marketing geniuses powering our supporter mailouts
The Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) brings together a diverse range of local, national and international organizations and social movements in a bold and effective initiative to mobilize civil society and galvanize public opinion to avert catastrophic climate change and support the adaptation efforts of communities most affected by climate change, through national and international policies, corporate commitments and individual actions. The GCCA and 10:10 Global are working closely together around the Global Day of Doing, 10:10:10.
10:10 has joined forces with – who last year pulled off 5,200 climate protests in 181 countries – to coordinate the biggest-ever day of local climate action, on 10th October 2010, also know as 10:10:10. Find out more about 10:10:10.
Climate Neutral Network
The Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) is a high profile platform for companies, civil society organizations, cities, and even states, to present to the world their strategies for reducing their carbon footprint. Through an interactive website, and regular networking events, CN Net is a dynamic forum for exchanging knowledge and sharing practical experiences. Participation is free.
GreenMyParents is a revolutionary program to help young people teach their peers and parents how to work together to seed the green economy, earn over $100 at home for their family, and save the Planet through simple, everyday actions. From Earth Day 2010 to Earth Day 2011, GreenMyParents Champions will recruit 1 million youth to save over $100 million through energy efficiency and conservation as part of the “$100MM Kids Campaign.
GreenMyParents and 10:10 Global have united forces to spread the word about how to cut down on carbon emissions to the youth of America.

Good Planet is a foundation created in 2005 to raise public awareness of environmental protection and to bring concrete solutions to the Earth’s ecological crisis. The foundation is chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. GoodPlanet is rolling out 10:10 in France.
Solarcentury is the UK’s largest, independent solar company and a trusted supplier to government, industry, schools and thousands of homeowners.
Do Something
Do Something aims to create positive social and environmental change. Jon Dee and Do Something! are rolling out 10:10 as ” The 10% challenge” in Australia.
WiserEarth helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances. Since its 2007 launch by visionary environmentalist and author, Paul Hawken, WiserEarth has expanded to represent 112,000 organization in some 250 countries and is currently available in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish
2degrees, is the world’s leading community of practice for sustainable business which provides peer-to-peer problem solving, innovation and knowledge sharing services to its members. The 7,000 plus sustainability practitioners who make up the membership (growing at about 400 a month by invitation or application only) are organised into working groups to provide focus on issues that are important to them.
Four Years. Go
Four Years. Go. is not just another organization. It is a growing coalition of organizations and individuals with deep commitments to producing a transformational shift for humanity—one that sets us firmly on a path to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future—within the next four years. Make your declaration now at

Waterfall Survivors
Waterfall Survivors was founded in July 2008 to explore, preserve and clean-up polluted waterfalls in Malaysia. In 2009, Waterfall Survivors joined with to mobilized 350 participants for their “Save Our Waterfalls” campaign.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The real impact of the upcoming election is to find out how much power we, the electorate, still have.  NGO's (non-governmental organizations) have been set up to regulate without our authority, the government at all levels has ignored our Constitution, global and corporate power brokers have usurped our authority, Congress has become a bad joke, academics with no practical experience are imposing ideologies we don't believe in, crises are being manufactured in order to manipulate the public, etc.  It is a very different place in which we find ourselves.  The question remains: Can America survive this?  Is this moment in history a perfect storm that will destroy America?  Or is this the moment in history when Americans take back their own legacy of freedom and prosperity?  Are there enough Americans aware of their own precious legacy to even understand the weight on their shoulders?

For decades now, while the American public school system has been dumbing down students and using them for social engineering laboratories, academics in universities have been concocting a globalist, socialist, ideological view that is antithetical to the foundations of our country. The 'ruling class' academics think of themselves as above the ordinary American.  They think they are bigger in brainpower and understanding of the complex world we live in.  Through their arrogance, they believe they know better than the average American voter.  

Democracy to the 'ruling class' is a weapon to fool people into thinking they have some say in matters, but in reality to divest people of a real say in government.  That sounds like a dichotomy, but if you look at the inferior choices we have had in past elections, and the melding of corruption in both major parties, you can understand that dichotomy.  Most countries of the world do not have primaries where citizens can put themselves in position of being elected.  Most so-called democratic countries have power structures which choose who will be elected or not. 

We are fortunate in our country to have primaries, where our citizens elect candidates for political offices.   Yet, when it works to elect candidates the people want, as it did in this past primary season, look how the 'ruling class' elitists howled at and ridiculed the people's selections.  Look at the media hysteria over Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, for instance, who is going up against a devout and admitted Marxist.  The people in Delaware chose O'Donnell over a Republican who voted with Obama on most of the big government socialist programs.  Republicans rejected Obama's agenda and voted to put up a real conservative against a Marxist.  It's a clear choice in Delaware, thanks to the people's voices.  But the 'ruling class' booed and hissed. That is just how far left the 'ruling class' in America has gone. 

This is a telling moment in our lifetimes.  In this election and the next, we are about to find out if we are in charge of our own destiny, or if we are pawns of a broken system created by 'ruling class' elitists who could care less if our Constitution survives or not.  We are about to find out if NGO's  and socialists are going to continue putting us on the "Road to Serfdom," taking away every last vestige of our liberties, or if our American spirit will prevail.   We have the burden, the privilege, and the blessing given to us by our Founding Fathers to give it our best, and hopefully not, last shot.