Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Can you tell the election is over?  

Today, Eric Cantor pretty much said the President, the Obams, is happy to work with Republicans to find "compromises" on the tax question.  (to re-instate the Bush tax plan or to raise taxes.)  Compromises with Socialists.  

Today John Boehner said Obama and Republicans are looking for "common ground."  Excuse me, but I can't think of any "common ground" with Obama and/or Socialists.  But they will find some and Americans will lose some more liberties.

Today, the Senate voted for S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which pretty much gives Monsanto a global lock on seeds and food production.  If Monsanto wants it, what does it matter what Americans want.  Right?  If Monsanto and the U.S. government want to control our food supplies, what do we matter? 

So, I ask myself, what is the point of contacting congresspersons to object to bills when they completely ignore us?  What is the point of a sweeping majority in the House if Boehner is helping Obama look for "common ground" where there is none?

In December the FCC take over of the internet is due for a vote.  Do you suppose our protests on the subject have any weight? 

So, all of the hoopla about tea parties and bringing the country back to conservative Constitutional principles is a joke.  There is no point.  It isn't going to happen.  Now or 2012.  You can't stop them.  I can't stop them.  We can write until our fingers are bleeding, it doesn't matter.  We can sing to the choir and get some small media coverage for our efforts, but we are not making any difference whatsoever. 

The power of the American people is gone.  2012 will be more of the same.  RINOs still survive.  Socialists still have their huge deficit spending programs.  The Constitution is dead.....or near dead.  The elected and the non-elected in our government don't give a rip about either the American people or the Constitution.  They are going to do what they want to do and we, we are just sitting ducks.  Sorry for the bad news...but reality has to sink in sooner or later.  Reality hit me today, smack in the forehead.  

I'm all for making huge efforts for the cause if it mattered.  I don't see how it matters.  Scream, holler, donate, work on campaigns, write the truth, and pray someone is listening.   You can put the truth right in front of everyone.  You can point out the lies.  You can prove whys and wherefores.  You can say the sky is blue and grass is green.  No one cares.  You can lead a horse to water.....as the saying goes.

So business as usual is back to the usual and we are again left out of the process, as usual.  Let's all sing Kumbayah and smile about all of the PROGRESS the SOCIALISTS are making.  Ain't it great?  Ain't it grand?  By all means, let's find "common ground" with Socialists.  And THAT is business as usual.   And that is how we got here from 100 years of Socialists engineering America. 

Can you tell I've had it up to my eyeballs?  Can you tell we have made so little impact with our votes that we are back to business as usual less than a month after the election??  Is it going to take another 100 years to gain back what we have lost? Or never? 

Can you tell the election is over? 

Looks like I am not the only one in a bad mood thanks to the Republicans doing "back to the usual" politics yesterday.  KE Campbell posted this on American Thinker today

And this quote from Mark Levin: 
"...[the meeting] was a mistake and I'll tell you why...Is there compromise or negotiations over the EPA's efforts to impose "cap and trade" on this nation? [No.] Is there compromise or negotiation over the ObamaCare legislation going on today? No. How about over the progressive income tax, which is [straight] out of the Communist Manifesto? No, no discussion on that. How about the elimination of a single federal agency or department? No. [Instead] we're negotiating on tax increases...but what's to negotiate?...We have already allowed the statists to set the priorities. Why are we negotiating with a defeated president and a defeated party, defeated in a massive landslide, a historic election? Why are we negotiating on their terms on our issues...rather than on our terms?..."


I came across this video quite by accident the other day as I was thinking to myself, "Stop The World I Want To Get Off." Seriously, that line came into my mind (don't ask) and I googled it....and when I did, up popped this video. (Hat tips to Anthony Newley, the British song writer and singer behind the play, "Stop The World I Want To Get Off") I realize this song is directed at the British political system, not the U.S. (and the heavy British accents make it a little difficult to catch the lyrics, though if you watch it more than once you'll pick it up. The last line promises "free false teeth to all!" referring to socialized health care.) Nevertheless, it seemed so apropos to our current political class in the U.S. (and elsewhere) that I just couldn't resist sharing it.

The "opportunist candidate" in the video is Mr. Littlechap who, interestingly enough, remarks on the Chinese having the bomb and references Chinese laundry and Asian nights in our futures. That song was sung in 1966. Here we are 44 years later and I have to ask...is anyone surprised about the Chinese taking us down economically? Really? Is there anyone out there in America, finding nothing but Chinese and/or foreign made merchandise in the stores, actually surprised at the pickle we find ourselves in? 

Not sure if showing this video will make people laugh and contemplate our fate as it did me.  The video is from the 1960's, which tells me nothing is new under the sun.  Forty-four years ago politicians were just as smarmy as they are today.  The difference between now and then is probably exposure.  We have non-stop media exposure to the Rhubarb Rhubarb Yak Yak Yak. 

Wikileaks exposes the obvious.

The Chinese were moving in on our Western economies a long time ago, with our government's complicity.

The American State Department, over many years, has morphed into a spy agency to try to figure it all out.  It may have always been so, as we know the foreign embassies in America have acted in similar mode.

Knowing these things after the fact doesn't change history or previous deeds, though it does give us perspective to stop repeating the same stupid mistakes.

The leftists and globalists in the American government have handed the Chinese the keys to take us down.  No, really???  Yes, really.

We have funded our own suicide.  No, really???  Yes, really.  (Just one example...cooperation with the Chinese and Russians and North Korea has allowed them to arm Iran, which threatens Israel, our only ally in the middle east.)  Why would we do that?  

Wikileaks shows us what American citizens have known in their guts for a long time, that our government has been inept and ignoring the U.S. Constitution for a hundred years.  

The question now is this:  What is the motivation for releasing the Wikileaks documents to the mainstream public?  Is the motivation to wake up America to get us back on the right track?  Or is the motivation to tear down any possible faith we might have that we can have a government that works in our best interests?  And if the latter is the motivation, which I think it is, who steps into the void?  The UN?  George Soros?  The Chinese?  The IMF?  In other words, is the Wikileaks release another manipulation of people...to make people  think what someone wants us to think?  If people cannot trust their own government, who do they turn to?   Mumbo Jumbo, Rhubarb Rhubarb, Yak, Yak, Yak.

(as an aside, I notice the pun of the letters U and N creating the UN-government.  It's a pun if you think about it.  It's a bad joke if you know what the UN is.....the ungovernment.)

Does mutually assured destruction, either with war weapons or economic weapons make you feel comfortable, give you peace of mind?  Are you more comfortable with a trade war or a trade system that ends in mutually assured destruction anyway?  One is fast and furious and ugly.  One is slow and methodical and ugly.  Power struggles are reality.  The question is how we go about them.  And while we go about them, are there principles of truth to keep us on the right path?  Is it possible to trade with other nations on the basis of truth?  Is it possible to conduct a sovereign government in a corrupt world on the basis of truth?  Do we twist our truth into lies to meet the corrupt demands of others in order to create what?  Mutually Assured Destruction? Who wants that? 

Wikileaks exposes the obvious.  It isn't pretty.

Reagan was right.  "This is the last stand on earth." 

Monday, November 22, 2010



Now there is a blast from the past.  That video shows what flying was like when I first flew on major airlines.  Just in case you have never had that experience flying, I thought you might enjoy seeing what it used to be like...and what it should be like.

I used to love to fly.  In past years I have flown from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, Ilinois, from Ohio to San Diego, California, from California to Ohio and back again, from North Carolina to Florida and to New York City, and to Colorado.  When I first started flying anywhere I remember the excitement of holding an airline ticket in my hand, the anticipation of soaring over the clouds, sitting in a roomy seat with flight attendants who actually made you comfortable, real meals served, and no fear. It was an event. People used to dress nicely to travel. Polite consideration was shown by all airline personnel to their customers. It sounds idyllic and could not possibly be true, but it is true. It used to be a great experience. I am sad that experience has disappeared and people can no longer have that enjoyable anticipation and feeling of flying in safe hands.  It was a part of a gentile society and, looking back, it was an example of what customer service meant.

Fast forward to 2010.  You would think I would blame terrorists for breaking our reverie.  But while they deserve all the blame for their assaults on America and others,  I blame our government for misusing terrorism to bully us and wreck our lives.  The same government that is supposed to protect our borders, is doing no better at protecting the flying public.  The government reaction to terrorism is directed at innocent people.  How cowardly is that?  When flying, now we anticipate fear. Fear of terrorists has become secondary to fear of our government "Transportation Safety Administration." If Osama Bin Ladin wanted to inflict agony on Americans, he certainly succeeded, with the help of our Federal government turning into Nazi jackboots. People who have no connection to airlines are now in charge of making your experience not just uncomfortable, but hellish.

We experience cramped seats with people crammed in like sardines, as airlines stuff as many people into a plane to try to make flying still a profitable business while fighting government regulations, the high cost of fuel, and the inept TSA.   Meals are a thing of the distant past..along with snacks, peanuts and the like. We experience airports so crowded that you only hope you can make a connection or get through a security line to make your flight. For the last few years we watch old people and tiny children taking off their shoes and shedding their carry-on bags for x-rays. We are herded like cattle through bureaucratic screenings, treated impersonally and lined up like those led to slaughter. Flying has become a dreaded necessity for those who must do it. Flying for vacations has become the worst part of the trip. 

And not one terrorist has been apprehended using the TSA screenings.  Not one.  Seriously folks, while the media and TSA put all of these techniques out there for everyone in the world to see, what terrorists is going to show up for the groping??  So, you might say, "Gee, isn't that a good thing?"  Or, "Gee, see how adept we are at preventing a terrorist from flying on our airlines?"  C'mon.  Really?  All this enhanced screening has done is target average everyday flyers who have no connection to terrorism.  And if we are serious about apprehending or ridding our world of terrorism, why are we not sending some trained killers to Yemen?  Not us.  No, we'll just make all Americans miserable, interrupt everyone else's life, traumatize children and people with disabilities, and pretend we are making the world safer.  

So, who has paid the price of the acts of terrorists? The terrorists are laughing at this. Innocent Americans are paying the price for what some seriously insane people have done and are trying to do.  What is the solution to this?

Which brings me to two things. Justice and the Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

First, justice. In the name of justice, who is supposed to get punished?  Innocent bystanders?  Innocent victims?  Funny, I thought the perpetrators of crimes and wars were supposed to be punished.  Not innocent people. Has Osama Bin Ladin somehow convinced the leaders and politicians of America that the citizens of this good country should be punished for his deeds?  Wow!  Not only is he a terrorist using planes and bombs, but he managed to create a breakdown of psychological sanity in an entire country?  I can only conclude that the TSA gropes and scans are following the desires of our leaders and politicians and Bin Ladin has created a convenient excuse to sidestep the necessary justice which should befall every terrorist, thereby wrecking the peace and security of each innocent citizen in this dear United States of America.

Second, The Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights which reads:  "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

From that Constitutional guarantee I can only conclude that the leaders and politicians of our country have decided to completely ignore the Constitution in order to fulfill some unwarranted desire for power and for the expressed purpose of undermining the Constitution and our Justice system. 

Can you honestly say you prefer assaults on children and people with prosthetics, in order to secure a place on a flight?  Can you honestly say you think we are better off for all the money and effort spent to take away our liberties?  Who won this one, folks?  Hint: it was not the American people or the U.S. Constitution.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


What would make you want to have an ID chip implanted into your body, your arm, your hand, your forehead???

Suddenly the light dawned on me last night regarding the reasoning behind the x-rays and groping at the airport. The public is outraged. The 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights on warrant-less search and seizure is, once again, shredded and thrown into the trash bin supposedly for the sake of "public safety." So let's ask a couple of questions.

First, why would a private citizen willingly subject himself or herself to strangers groping their private body parts? Why, on the same score, would that same person willingly subject themselves to x-rays showing their complete naked body in front of strangers?

They wouldn't.

But now, if you want to fly anywhere, the government is forcing you to go through these demeaning procedures. So, what would a clever Socialist do to make people want to avoid this? What would you do to avoid this? And if you would like to avoid this, what will be the next solution? Government ID chips proving who you are to the TSA would be the Socialist answer to save you from the demeaning procedures they created? Get the implant and all you have to do to get on a plane is swipe your arm over a scanner. You won't have to go through all of the groping and unwanted exposure.

Socialists are very clever. They know how to make your life so incredibly miserable that you will do anything to avoid going through their hellish procedures just to survive. So they concoct regulations to make you give up and give in. Between the Health Care Bill, the Stimulus Bill, and now this TSA assault on your private life, they have you nearly sewed up into their diabolical schemes to control you.

Easy to see how the Health Care Bill does this. They are making Health Care a bureaucratic nightmare and an economic debacle. If you want to "streamline" your health care into the system to avoid the insanity, just bypass the more expensive personal attention by health care professionals and hand them the chip to all of your information.

Easy to see how the TSA regulations are doing this, creating yet another nightmare for people.  If you want to get on a plane without all the hassles of groping and x-rays, just swipe your arm.  (See if that solution doesn't come up sooner or later....I predict.)

But what about the Stimulus Bill? Wonder where the cities got the money to microchip your recycling bins? The Stimulus Bill. Microchip technology is all over the Stimulus Bill like a rash. Government funding for microchipping things and people is covered there. Funding from the Stimulus Bill is supposed to enhance the government's ability to implement the Health Care Bill.  The Stimulus Bill and the Health Care Bill are like evil twins from the same parents, the The Democrat Socialists of America.

"Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is a "implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information." The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as "claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary."

That was approved by the Ways and Means committee in 2004.  You might think this has nothing to do with the TSA, but you would be wrong.  The techniques being used by the TSA are simply mind control techniques.  You have to think like a manipulator.  Make the situation so uncomfortable that persons will accept your solutions to make the situation more comfortable.   

The ID chips planned for the public will not just carry health information, but economic information and citizenship information.  These chips will track your every move.  All you have to do is look at the gps technology being put into cars.  Look at the technology used to track your computer usage.   Look at the macro capability of technology....the tiniest chips that carry huge amounts of information.   These chips exist today The companies who want the government funding and the government mandates to buy and implant these chips are hard at work lobbying our government So enlisting the government to convince people to go in the direction of accepting implants of ID chips is in their interest and exactly what they want done.

When the Patriot Act diminished the power of the 4th Amendment to wire tap without warrants due to war time necessity, the left  (and libertarians) screamed bloody murder over the insult to the Constitution.  Now the left is hell bent for leather to rip the Constitution into tatters to promote their agenda.   

The steamroller has begun and we had better hang tough here. We are going to have to endure the assaults until we can vote out and repeal all of the insanity the left is creating in order to beat the American public into submission.  Call me paranoid, but there is something radically wrong with the TSA procedures.  Besides punishing innocent citizens for the crimes of terrorists, which is bad enough on its face, the TSA is working hard to create something much bigger than safety on airplanes.  Enemies both foreign and domestic are working very hard to take our country down.  Just my opinion.... 

Sunday, November 14, 2010


 "Some years down the pike, we're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes. It's going to be that we're actually going to take Medicare under control, and we're going to have to get some additional revenue, probably from a VAT. But it's not going to happen now."  Paul Krugman

More sunshine revealing Fabian Socialists flat out telling you to your face that a government bureaucrat will be deciding your fate "some years down the pike."  Gee, and Obama said, "If you like your healthcare, you can keep it."  Who's kidding whom?  The exposure of the Socialist plans for America and her citizens is coming out in the open, the curtain has been once again peeled back, and voilá....what do we have here?  We have Paul Krugman, one of the promoters of the "death panels!!" Not only that, but an admission that "death panels" are all about government money.  You see, your life is just too damn expensive for the Socialists.  When they take control of your money, your money is no longer used to protect you or pay your doctor bills.  It is used to keep more Socialists in the pink with fat retirements and benefits.  But not you.  If you are old and your body is struggling to keep going in what ever ways old age has set upon you, these guys want you gone.  No more glaucoma meds.  No more arthritis drugs.  No more cataract surgery.  No more walkers or orthopedic shoes.  No more osteoporosis drugs. No more bladder control meds.  No more heart valve bypass surgeries.  Of course you will be paying into that system for how many years, but it isn't going to be used to help you.  It is going to pay for government union dues and Air Force One trips to Mumbai.  You can face death panels while the Socialists have a picnic on your money.

So, who is surprised???  Not me.  The only people possibly surprised at Paul Krugman's revelations on the ABC Sunday show, "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" would be those who either have their heads deeply buried into the sand or simply cannot comprehend reality when it smacks them right in the face.  The impact of his statement probably went right over the heads of the useful idiots anyway.  

I have a former friend (or should I say someone I mistakenly thought was a friend) who's favorite saying on this subject is:  "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"  Except when it comes to herself and her family.   For her it is Obama, government unions and programs all the way.  I guess she thinks the death panels won't apply to her, just those business owners and tax payers she despises.  In fact, I'm willing to bet she believes those death panels would never touch her life, but those other folks...you know, those Republicans or Tea Party types.  It's an ugly and selfish disregard for individual freedoms she carries around with her.  I can never understand how people like this wish to destroy their children with such a plan.  But I digress...

Keep the sun shining!!  Let them speak!  Let the curtains fall away and expose them for who they are.  And let those who love Socialism sooooo much move away from America to some other corrupt land where they can live out their nightmares using their own lives....not ours.  In fact, I'd vote to deport them to Socialist Europe or possibly Russia post haste.  (If we had a time machine, I'd suggest moving them to Stalin's USSR moment in time.) There is no room here for Socialists.  They truly don't belong here.  Since they really don't like America anyway, why are they here?  Why would someone live in a place one dislikes and disrespects? Since they want the nanny state government to take care of them, let them go where there is a nanny state and see how they like it.  And oh, by the way, the nanny is Nurse Ratchet combined with Freddie Krueger.  Won't it be fun?!! 

So thanks, Krugman.  Keep talking.  Run your mouth loud and often on all of the media outlets who will expose you.  I hope you and Obama (Pelosi and the rest of the Socialists in Congress) never shut up.....all the way to the moment when you realize that America rejects everything you say and for which you stand.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"Old time" Democrats live by the idea that Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved the nation by creating social programs to save the poor from the Great Depression. Those Democrats are having a difficult time understanding why Roosevelt's reputation isn't glorified by all Americans. They are also watching their Democrat Party evolve into a blatant anti-American, global revolutionary, welfare party. They are wondering why our country cannot get on its economic feet under the stewardship of their 'chosen one,' Obama. Those "old time" Democrats have relied on information which did not bring them the full truth behind Roosevelt's motives, his connections, and his commitment to Socialism.

One of the legs of the Roosevelt platform was Social Security, which now has an unfunded liability of nearly $15 trillion USD at this writing. What Roosevelt started is now part of what is bankrupting America. When that program and the country collapse, will you think of  FDR as a hero or a destructive Socialist?  What is the price of that to your children?  The title of his NEW DEAL was deliberately chosen so as not to alert the public to its Socialist ideology. He dared not call his programs "Socialist" because he knew the American public would rebel against them. "A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down" comes to mind. "Cloaks and daggers" also comes to mind.

The very wealthy Roosevelt family, with two Presidents to its name, was well connected to Fabian Socialism. FDR was close friends with H.G. Wells, one of the more famous Fabians.  His economic advisor, Stuart Chase, was a Fabian who wrote a book called "The New Deal, which originated the phrase.  He followed the economic philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, another Fabian Socialist.  The Fabian Socialist Society was formed in Great Britain the same year as Karl Marx's death, 1884. Not wishing to see Marxism fail, they decided to take a new approach to implement Marx's Global Communism. They continue to exist today under various organizations such as the Democratic Socialist Party, the Communist Party, George Soro's Open Society, and thousands more. They infiltrated American universities and government agencies and more. They now own the Democrat Party in the United States. They are known for such elitist control policies as eugenics, economic redistribution of wealth, evolution / Darwinism, central planning, control of the masses, and the like. They use governments and money to create power structures and manipulate populations. Fabian Socialists in Europe in the early stages preferred the name Progressives, but in the U.S. the socialists took the name Liberal...that is until Liberal became unpopular, so they have now also picked up the "Progressive" label. The word Progressive is supposed to make you think Progressives are forward thinking, however, their basic ideology is nothing more than Marxism from the 1800's re-branded. No matter if you use the word Democratic Liberal or Democratic Progressive, the true definition is Marxist Socialist. The Democrat Party has now become the Socialist Party for all intents and purposes. They are more brazenly proud of this as time goes on. And the sooner the public realizes that fact, the more realistic our national debate can become. And the sooner the public realizes that Socialism is Marx's stepping stone to Communism, the destroyer of American prosperity, the clearer our debate will be. Hopefully, before the nation is lost to the Fabian Socialists, we will have an opportunity to choose to be Americans again.

Barack Obama was elected with the backing of the Fabian Socialists. His main funding source is George Soros, who also backs Hilary Clinton, a "proud Progressive." Besides Obama and Clinton, our Congress now openly claims 80+ members of Socialist and Communist organizations. The Progressive Democrats of America claim 6 House members, the Congressional Progressive Caucus claims 74 House members, the Congressional Black Caucus claims 43 House members, the Democratic Socialists of America claim all of the above members. Source These people have the keys to our treasury, our White House, our State Department, and our Justice system.

The Fabians have cleverly co-opted blacks in the United States to further their central planning power. "Equal" rights is a total contradiction to Fabian Socialism. Instead they use the sugarcoated phrase, "Social Justice," using laws to funnel money to and promote special classes of people. By pitting economic and racial classes against each other, the Fabians gain more and more power as the public looks to central government to fix the class problems the government created in the first place. (This is one of Marx's tools to take power.) Using the civil rights movement and affirmative action, Socialists have ironically put blacks in the position of promoting inequality by government fiat. The purpose of this is merely to tear down the "equal rights guaranteed by God" of the U.S. Constitution. That is all it is. It isn't some altruistic reparations idea based on white guilt. It is a tool to make people dependent on government programs and central planning. It is a way to make blacks dependent on Fabian Socialist government programs and, at the same time, make other classes of people pay for this, just as Roosevelt made the elderly dependent on labor contributions of the younger workers. The ensuing resentment from this causes inner strife and destroys cohesion between citizens and, eventually, destroys the United States Constitution. The more resentment, the less cohesion, the sooner the country collapses, the more people look to the central planners, the sooner the Fabian Socialists take over. "Unlike Marx's open and violent revolutionary agenda, the Fabian's agenda was to quietly infiltrate and re-direct established governments." Here is a website with a short description

 As Margaret Thatcher once wisely said, "Socialism is just great, but eventually you run out of other people's money."  Probably the most effective tool of the Fabian Socialists is to bankrupt a country in order to step in and take power.   Unfunded liability for the Prescription Drug Bill is, at this writing, $19 Trillion USD and for Medicare it is $77 Trillion USD.  I'd say they have been very successful in bankrupting the United States. 

Why does this matter? It matters because your children have had their future stolen.  It matters because Socialism is completely antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. Socialism is un-American at its very core. The United States has always been a thorn in the side of the Fabians. Our Constitution in which God grants rights to the people is against the Socialist mindset. The Socialist believes only the State / central government has the right to control the lives of the people. It matters because the Democrat Party has been so successful at forming Socialist planks in our government that they no longer can cloak their Socialist ideology with euphemisms without the public catching on. It's right out there for the public to see, plain as day. It matters because you can't debate sugarcoated rhetorical pretenses, but now you can debate the reality of who and what the Democrat Party has become. And you can connect the Democrat Party with the global Socialists who are funding them, since their sources have been exposed.

I love clarity. I love sunlight. I love seeing reality instead of having to dig under layers and layers of subterfuge that confuses the public. This is good for the country. After years and years of under the radar infiltration, now we have real contrast and concrete examples in front of us to discuss while choosing the direction of our future, for ourselves and for our children.

My aim in writing this is to enlighten the "old time" Democrats and blacks so they may better understand why the Democrat Party no longer stands for what they thought it was and does not represent them.  Dividing us up into classes and victims does not make us a stronger country or society.   The Democrat Party is not a champion of the people, the poor, the elderly, or the disenfranchised, but a stooge for global Socialism by Fabian Socialists who wish to control all of the resources of the world, the United States fast becoming a ripened plum to be picked due to the economic failures of our leadership.  Being American means trusting in and reestablishing the U.S. Constitution and rejecting the Fabian Global Socialists who wish to destroy America.  It means rejecting the handouts of dependency from rampant, out of control, Socialists who use that dependency to control your life.  It also means towns, counties, and states need to return to their autonomy, rejecting the Federal handouts and programs with strings attached.   It means taking a hard look at the consequences of Socialist policies. 

The way forward is clear, the choices are clear, the disastrous policies of the Progressives are in plain sight for all to see.  Let the sun keep shining!

(One caveat to this article: There are Republican Progressives thrown into our political midst today as well. They are no better for America and must be exposed as well. It is vital to research each candidate and not vote for a Party label.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Retribution is his, sayeth Obama.  There is a psychology behind this President that turns talking heads into bobble heads.  Before and after this election, I've heard the media wagging on, speculating about Obama's reaction to the voices of the people.  They go back and forth on whether he will move to the center out of pragmatism, a la Clinton.  Or whether he will double down on his communist ideology, dig in his heels, and go harder in the direction of coerced socialism to the detriment of his election to a second term.  I am betting on the latter.  Not because Rush Limbaugh says so.  Not because Glenn Beck says so.  But because Marx, Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Lenin and Stalin, and Soros are woven into the fibers of Obama's brain cells.  And also, because I think Obama is a spoiled brat.  

What happens when you tell a spoiled brat he can't have whatever it is that he wants?  A temper tantrum ensues and the spoiled brat figures out another way to get what he wants.  You won't see the temper tantrum.  You will just see him sneak off to the back rooms to go around the American people.  Obama's mission is to take down America.  And he is not going to take "no" for an answer.  If he only gets the next two years to do it....so be it.  In fact, at the rate he has been going, I think he can do it in that short time.  He doesn't need eight years.  The damage is already so great, it may take us decades for us to climb back from the abyss he has created.  But I digress.

How, you may ask, is he going to proceed in his destructive mission when the American people have come roaring back to tell him, "NO."  He has put the structure in place to go around every obstacle.  The American people are like irritating flies to him...hardly enough to bother about.  The Czars will do a lot of the dirty work.  His two communist Supreme Court Justices will do some of it. The corrupt media will still carry water for him.  The 70+ members of the Democratic Socialists in Congress will continue their unConstitutional ways.  And, he has the keys to the Federal Reserve.

He has just choreographed the Fed's dance to devalue the dollar, i.e. quantitative easing to the tune of six billion dollars injected into the money supply.  I could get into the weeds with that, but suffice it to say that Obama has sucked all of the money supply out of circulation for redistribution and needs more moolah to pretend we are still a rich country.  The politicos keep saying there is plenty of money but that the corporations are just sitting on it and not spending it.  If that is the case, the money supply is not the issue.  Government tax and regulation policies are the issue.  But Obama wants more taxes and regulations for his redistribution, so he is not about to ease up on those tax and spend policies.  

The illusions (or should I say delusions) of the Obama puppet master, Soros, continue behind the scenes.   More dollars....more bribes to hand out, more Wall Street hype, more happy banks, more pretenses that we have sooooo  much money.  Why, how can you say that America is suffering?   Nevermind that our dollars are now worth a whole lot less.  What does Obama care?  He doesn't.  It's all monopoly money to him.  All he has to do is follow Soros' directions and he can "manage the decline of the American dollar."  Soros' Plan for Globalism

Soros: "It is in our interest to reform the system"
Soros: "China will replace the US as the motor of the world economy"
Soros: "we will have a managed decline of the US dollar"

So Obama can turn around now and say, "See, I gave you 6 billion more dollars to work with, so you can't say you don't have enough money!" And for the leftists who don't like the banks and Wall Street, he can say, "It's O.K., I'll just make sure all of that money gets funneled through regulations into government programs to hand out to my best buds."   Lots more money, but money that doesn't make it to the American business sector or buy what it used to for middle class Americans.  That's orchestrated inflation folks.  The poor get poorer with inflated money supplies, but the rich get richer.  So tell me...how does that jive with Obama's populist messages?  It's all about illusions and monopoly money.  

Obama is not about to change his stripes.  Those in the media who opine about whether Obama will slide over to the center to get reelected are kidding themselves and the rest of us.  The global communist is so entrenched into Obama that he is not capable of moving to the center.  That is not to say he won't throw a few crumbs out there to try to schmooz people into thinking he's going centrist.  He'll lie through his teeth to the American people to try to make himself more appealing.  The spoiled brat will do anything to get his way.

We are about to get slapped even harder.  We, the American people, are just like that fly.  No more than an annoyance he must destroy to prove his global power and show the world how he has put America down.  The hole that Obama and Soros are digging grows deeper by the day.  And Hilary is waiting in the wings to take the next eight years further into Soros' hole after Obama does all his damage.  It's going to be the fight of our lives to keep standing back up and sending them packing.  This is not a small skirmish.  It's more like the hundred years war.  

So in this election we gathered back into the government some political warriors who will help us and that is a GREAT achievement.  This election was a glimmer of light.  But the fight has just begun.  Prepare for the slap back and keep standing up.  

P.S. From Al FIN yesterday 
"Expect some very interesting times ahead, with two diametrically different visions for the future -- one backed up by billionaire George Soros, public sector unions, leftists in academia, billion dollar lobbyists and hangers-on, etc, and the other mainly led by a grass-roots Tea Party movement that did not exist two years ago."


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The election is over, save a few pending counts.  The House is ours.  The Senate is not.  The people have spoken.  If the House of Representatives is the voice of the people, then the people have stood up and shouted down the Socialists, big government, spendthrifts.  We have fired Nancy Pelosi.  And that is worth a little dance around the room.   The people have spoken out for freedom from the Nanny State, and from Nanny Nancy.  Hip Hip!!!  Cheers all around!!!

Remarkable things happened here in North Carolina.  Two in particular: the first Republican woman State Senator was elected, and our State legislature is now a majority Republican for the first time since 1870.  The campaign I worked on, with and for Kathy Harrington for State Senate, was successful.  She is strong on principles, energetic, well spoken, and an advocate for conservative government.  I am happy and proud to know her and to have helped her get elected.  (Heretofore, I have not been much of a political animal, but since the ship started going down, I felt it was time to step up and start rowing in some effort to save us. Her campaign was my small contribution to the cause this year.)

The majority party in our state gets the privilege of drawing the district lines for future national races.  I have no experience in that matter, but the importance of those district lines has come to the forefront of my awareness due to the national implications.  This is why all politics is local.  This is why Constitutional conservatives all over the country, from here on out, must get with the program and start pulling their weight.  If we could get rid of gerrymandering districts, not just in North Carolina, but all across the country, our chances of survival would be much better.  It is gerrymandering that has put 70 Democratic Socialists of America in our Congress.  Count Them  (Reminder...Mel Watt was reelected from a gerrymandered district and is one on that list of Socialists)  So ridding our country of the practice of affirmative gerrymandering is one answer to a lot of our problems.  Gerrymandering used to be illegal. It still should be illegal, but racial quotas in the form of affirmative action have somehow, mindlessly, taken precedent over our laws against gerrymandering.  Creating districts to put Socialists into our government is a big problem and must be disallowed again.  I can't say that emphatically enough. 

So here we are with Nevada's Harry Reid still in position to do more damage.  California is down the rabbit hole again with Moon Beam Brown as its governor.  There are not enough pyschologists who could ever explain California.  The place truly is off the planet.  We're still waiting on Alaska for the Miller / Murkowsky debacle.  Russ Feingold is gone!!  Alan Greyson is gone!!  Hip Hip!  

Now it is Nov. 3rd,  the day after.  Really it is the day we should realize how much difference we can make when we stand and fight back.  We made some healthy steps toward restoring the nation.  I'm still holding my breath, but maybe I'm feeling just a little more hopeful.  Just a little.

Rand Paul won!
Marco Rubio won!
Pat Toomey won!
John Kasich won!
Nikki Haley won!

To all the conservative, tea party, candidates who won, congratulations and thank you!  And now you must get to work!  We are counting on you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bated Breath

Like everyone else, I am completely full of anticipation for tonight's election results.  I'm watching polls and hoping for the best.  There are few races in North Carolina that are gathering national attention in the media.  But history will be made in North Carolina if Republicans take the State House and the State Senate.  That will mean for the first time in 100 years, Republicans will hold state congressional power.  I hope that means all that I hope it means.....but we will see.  

They say all politics is local.  This year, all local politics have national implications.  There are a few critical races I am watching more closely...here they are:

Rand Paul in Kentucky
John Kasich in Ohio
Marco Rubio in Florida
Sharron Angle in Nevada
Tom Tancredo in Colorado
Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania
Carly Fiorina in California
Nikki Haley in South Carolina
Joe Miller in Alaska

I wish Christine O'Donnell could have pulled it off in Delaware, but at the moment the chances look slim to none for her.

But the one I will be up dancing and celebrating about is Sharron Angle over Harry Reid.  I expect fraud to be rampant in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, so I have no idea if she can overcome that corruption.  Acorn and SEIU are swarming the place and doing all they can to keep the slimy Reid in office.  If prayer works....I am praying he gets thrown out to the dumpster where he belongs.  I wish he and Pelosi could don orange jumpsuits and put their corruption to work on the inside of some Federal prison somewhere.  But my wishes are not likely to happen on that score. 

The one most appealing aspect of all of this is the national rejection of Socialism.  I suppose I should be thanking Obama for exposing the rats in our Congress and in our entire government who have been salivating over unprecedented power by anti-American, anti-Constitutional ideology.  Those rats have been ever increasing in our government for decades and it is high time to weed them out and put them in the dustbin of failed history with all other Socialists / Fascists / Communists. 

Anyway.....I hope you are all out there at the voting booths, if you haven't voted early.  I'll be up late tonight....and so will most of the country, I think. 

Monday, November 1, 2010


Trade policies are tricky.  They are geo-political chess games.  But they used to be determined by simple supply and demand basics.  If you needed spices from India, you bought spices from India.  If you liked Irish crystal and linens, you bought Irish crystal and linens.  Conversely, if India needed steel, Pittsburgh supplied it.  The U.S. shipped grains all over the world from our mid-west.  Trade was like a hand-shake with countries not at war with each other.  When conflicts arose, trade policies were used as incentives to solve conflicts.  Trade with belligerent parties was frowned upon, though allowed, sometimes to our detriment....as in the case of pre-WWII trade with Germany.  And in that case, trade made no difference in the placation of enemies.  

I believe we are trading with enemies of the U.S. now, but worse....we are trading to the extent of destroying all of our own ability to be a self-determining nation.  Trade policy manipulations have taken the place of colonialism.  Instead of colonizing a nation to supply resources needed,  world leaders are using trade policies to reconfigure our geo-political status.  It was up to our government leaders to create trade agreements which benefited the U.S. and assured our survival.  Instead, our political leadership has played chess with our livelihoods and failed us miserably.  By intention.

And if you ask me about "protectionism," I will tell you that is a canard.  Every viable nation protects its own economic survival.  Trade is essential and when it works to everyone's benefit, it is a great thing.  But when trade treaties become weapons or tools to take down a nation, it's time to rethink the trade policies and replace the leadership who sold out.  Trade may not be at the top of the list in this current election directly, but indirectly it is at the heart of our economic and employment malaise.  So it is a big part of the picture and part of what has gone very wrong.

I remember Nixon opening the trade door with China.  It was 1972,  before China owned huge amounts of our debt.  The political spin of the day was this:  "If we trade with China, the Chinese will see the error of their Communist ways and come to join the rest of the civilized Western civilization, their human rights violations will stop, and the Chinese people will forever love America."  Isn't that so nice and warm and fuzzy?  The idea sold to the American public was that China was a large consumer base who would buy all kinds of wonderful American products.  And when they did, they would see how deliciously wonderful it would be to more like Americans.  I wonder even now.... what was Nixon smoking at the time?

Well, Nixon was a little crazy on several levels, but that one really did it for me.  I didn't buy it then, and it's obvious now why this has not worked out as billed.  Now, looking back, I think this initiative with China was part of the "Mutually Assured Economic Destruction" theory.  Good intentions pave the road to hell...remember.  And it was 1989 when the world watched the Tianamen Square protests that ended badly in China.  So seventeen years after Nixon opened the door, we saw that Communist China had not come around to the freedoms of the West.

So now we have annihilated manufacturing in the U.S. and handed over manufacturing to China at unbelievable levels.  America ended up being the consumer....and the consumed.  While China has ended up laughing all the way to the bank.  "Free" trade policies have cost the U.S. losses in self-determination, national security, and economic independence.   The geniuses who cooked this up certainly didn't have the best interest of the United States at the forefront of their minds. 

The American public truly has had no part to play in this geo-political chess game.  The American people were not consulted and did not give permission for the trade policies that have undermined American sovereignty.  The American shopper cannot find products made in America anymore because American products have been priced out of the global marketplace.  Partly due to unions in collusion with politicians, partly due to politicians who sold us out, and partly due to outside forces who bought off our politicians, the American public has been run around the chess board as pawns to the Kings and Queens.  

And the biggest slap in the face of all is this spin:  "Americans are so rich but want to buy cheap, so they are the consumers of the world, but Americans are bad because they ruin everything for everyone else through their greedy consumption."  The prevailing philosophy is that America will become / is becoming a "service" based society and can live just dandy without manufacturing.  In other words, the geo-political genuises have determined that Americans can play the role of consumer of the world, while the rest of the world does the manufacturing with cheap labor and lower environmental standards. 

Did anyone ask the American guy who was making his living in manufacturing if we should import steel?  Did anyone ask the American shopper if they wanted to support mercury pollution in China, re: compact fluorescent  lightbulbs?  Did anyone ask Americans if they wanted to sit around at computers, wait tables, or lose their jobs because Americans are propping up manufacturing  in some third world country?  Did anyone ask Americans if they wanted to import staple food supplies from foreign countries?  

American Food Production Shutting Down  "Last year, 45 percent of the nation's corn crop went straight to your gas tank in the form of ethanol. This year it will be more. It's happening because the government requires it and may soon even require more." "William Bailey, director of the school of agriculture at Western Illinois University, said recently that the livestock industry may soon follow textiles, electronics, furniture, and home appliances and soon begin locating offshore."

So, what exactly does "Free Trade" mean to Americans?  Our own government taking away our ability to survive is what it means.  Dependency is what it means.  Nothing in it is reflecting supply and demand, or self-determination, or American independence.   "Free Trade" put a lot of politicians and corporations in the driver's seat, while Americans in many walks of life were tossed down the pipes.   What is ironic about this is the collusion between the unions and the Democrat Party.  The other irony is the collusion between both Republicans and Democrats with global corporations.  Both Democrats and Republicans have played this game and Americans have lost their literal shirts. 

When your children can't find work or put food on their tables or clothes on their backs, we know who to thank.  Our own corrupt politicians who sold us out to the mantra of "Free Trade."  Both Democrats and Republicans have done this.  And to the American public there is nothing "Free" about it.

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