Friday, November 30, 2012


Some days I think if I see and read the word "sustainable" one more time, I'm going to go into convulsions, throw up, and pass out.  The word has become so ridiculous at this point you could substitute the word "rubbish" and get the same meaning.  It has to be the most used and abused word that ever crossed civilized culture.  

Where did this modern abuse of the word "sustainable" come from?  According to Wikipedia,  it has come from the UN.  That's funny. I thought you had to be a tin foil hat whacko earth hater to believe that.)

The word sustainability is derived from the Latin sustinere (tenere, to hold; sus, up). Dictionaries provide more than ten meanings for sustain, the main ones being to “maintain", "support", or "endure.”

However, since the 1980s sustainability has been used more in the sense of human sustainability on planet Earth and this has resulted in the most widely quoted definition of sustainability as a part of the concept sustainable development, that of the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations on March 20, 1987: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

See, we're not so crazy after all.  Even Wikipedia agrees.

So the definition is something about "meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations to meet their own needs."  Boy, now there is a stretch.  I read someone else the other day (can't remember who exactly) mentioning that if the people of the 1800's were worried about using whale oil for lanterns because some future generation might need that whale oil, we would still be in the dark.  Extrapolating from there, if someone else in the future wants the land I live on, I should not build on this land for fear of disrupting some future use of it that I can't predict.  I dare not take down a tree for wood to build a house.  Some future unknown human being might want that tree for themselves.  OR...some woodsie owl might live in that tree someday, so I'd better not even think about using it.  This way, the land and the tree will endure forever.  Right?  Oh, wait.  What if there is an earthquake or flood?  Or the tree grows old and dies someday?  Anyone thought of that?  Even woodsie owl has a time limit.

I wonder if the American Indians thought that about buffalo hides.  Heaven knows they killed off hundreds of thousands of the buffalo over centuries to sustain themselves.  But maybe I shouldn't bring up the American Indians because that would be a politically protected indigenous group and one must not deride anything about them or their past practices.  Those tepees they lived in were made of animal hides.  Guess they weren't sustainable either.  

According to the "sustainabilists" nothing humans do is "sustainable" in any way that makes human life worthy of living.  Unless you are a "sustainabilist" and you are preaching about "sustainability" while riding your bicycle to the green building you work in, the one with the turf roof, solar panels and the windmill." Then you might be O.K.  If you are that person, you have given yourself permission to live.  After all, the "sustainabilist" knows how to down-size, do penance, and pretend his or her bicycle is made of cotton candy that will dissolve in the next rain.  Oh, but even then, that might pollute the rivers, so I guess that wouldn't work either.  What really is "sustainable?"

Ownership of anything is not "sustainable" these days.  You can't own anything because it might interfere with the needs of future generations.  Unless you are the government.  Then you can own anything and everything.  That would qualify as "sustainable" because you know the government is definitely going to make sure future generations have their needs met.  Sure, that's the ticket to paradise.

Meanwhile, from the minute I was born I was destined to die, leaving room for future generations.  Wait a minute.  I thought "sustainable" meant something would endure... and endure... and endure some more.  Hmmm....getting a bit confusing now.  Guess that "sustainable" doesn't apply to me.  I'm definitely not "sustainable."  And neither are you. 

Wonder if the wordsmiths will think of a new word to replace "sustainable" when they figure out the word they are using isn't "sustainable" either.  Bet they will.  They always do!

I think I must be channeling Andy Rooney tonight...I suddenly thought this little essay sounded like him.  Oh, I almost forgot, Andy Rooney isn't here anymore either.  Not "sustainable."  And here comes December 2012.  Bet that won't be "sustainable."  It will only last 31 days and we have to figure out what to do with  January 2013.

I'll be sure to turn out the lights before I go to dream of ....not sure what to dream of.  Nothing I dream would be "sustainable" enough.   Goodnight all!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Let's back up a minute...This may be repeating for some of my readers, but a reintroduction seems appropriate right now with new readers just getting here and also a backlash web page from the UN to try to contradict through media and propaganda what we know to be true.  Since Americans are figuring out the scheme, the UN decided to try to misinform the public and continue the lies with that page. 

I'm finding that a lot of people are not sure exactly why there is concern about the UN Doctrine called Agenda 21.  First, some people think it only has some vague connection to environmentalism.  That is, if they believe it exists at all.  Second, some people who just have just heard of it recently think it is ridiculous for anyone to think the UN is influencing our American government.  The second premise there is what feeds the "tin foil" hat connotations.  You'd have to be crazy to believe our United States would be controlled by a UN book of rules, right?  Anyone believing that must be a crackpot weirdo. 

Primer on what Agenda 21 is:

 While global environmentalism is used as a major excuse for Agenda 21, the Doctrine is "comprehensive."  By "comprehensive," I mean Agenda 21 covers every waking moment and every activity known to mankind.  Literally, no stone is left unturned.  The Doctrine of Agenda 21 is a user's manual for governments to control every aspect of life.  That is hard for free people to grasp...that some organization outside of our sovereign nation had the gall to put together a lifestyle manual for every human being on the planet.  Who does that?  I remember being taken aback on that realization, myself.  My second thought at the time was, how is our government involved and why?  Surely, I thought, our Constitution and our elected officials would not allow such a thing to take over our American lives.  That was the beginning of my losing my naiveté regarding our Federal government's complicit implementation of Agenda 21.  It does take some serious study to see the web being laid around us.  You can't just grasp it from one glance.  

Anyone in America can sense that something is going on that just doesn't feel right.  People attach that to whatever news soundbite they heard that day, or just blow it off as an ill wind blowing across the nation.  I wish it were that simple.  Comprehensive means comprehensive.  Not an ill wind, but a complete tsunami. 

Just for the fun of it, I'll make a list of some of what it covers:
Food / Agriculture
Shelter / Housing / Building
Transportation / All varieties
Land Use / All Land
Property of any kind
Historical Reference Places
Water Sources
Water Usage
Domestic Animals / livestock and pets
Energy Sources
Energy Usage
Monetary Policies
Planning at all levels of government
Education / All levels
Healthcare / All Medical Care
Reproductive Policies / Sexual morés
Private Industries / Business
Non-Profit Involvement
Religious Institutional Involvement
Climate Change / Global Warming

If I left something out, someone can tell me.  There are 40 long and in depth Chapters discussing what is permissible in all of those things.   The basis for all of it, top to bottom, is Communism mixed with Fascism.  If you were Karl Marx wedded to Adolph Hitler wedded to Mussolini, hanging out with Margaret Sanger and the rest of the Fabian Socialists,  you could not do more to control people than Agenda 21 does.  And it isn't just for America.  It is being put in place globally, in every nation, in every nook and cranny of the populated earth.

So, no.  It isn't just some handbook for environmentalists.  It isn't about environmentalism.  It is about micromanaging everything. 

Within each of those headings come sub-headings upon sub-headings.  It doesn't just describe what is allowable or not, but also describes how governments shall implement the entirety of it.  Surely, you say, just as I did, our government is not about to let the UN tell us how to run our lives?  Guess what?  Our government is all to happy to use Agenda 21 as the basis for running our lives.  Did they forget to tell you?  And did they forget to tell you the whole premise of it is anti-Constitutional?  Must have missed that memo, eh?

Every single certified APA (American Planning Association) planner in this nation, as of this moment, is completely indoctrinated to sell Agenda 21 to every locale in America. (You will find it under the name of Smart Growth or Sustainable Development.)  The United States Green Building Council is completely covered up with Agenda 21.  The Chamber of Commerce, chasing after government largesse, is pushing Sustainable Development, aka Agenda 21.  Your state Councils of Governments are swimming in the same pool of rubbish.  The National Council of Mayors and the League of Cities, both pushing the same Doctrine.  Those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Every Federal Agency is pushing nothing other than Agenda 21 today.

Now you might say to yourself, if this is so horrible, why would our dear beloved government be putting this in place?  Two things there:  One is that our government is not at all the dear beloved benefactor of all things good.  It wasn't meant to be such and this UN Doctrine surely is not good and benevolent.  Second, there was something called the "Human Rights Treaty," signed by Harry S. Truman in 1949.  Everything the UN is trying to take over comes under their propaganda of "Human Rights."  These rights are not God given, but granted by the UN and governments.  The God given ones are thrown out the window and replaced by Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 replaces the U.S. Constitution.  The two cannot co-exist.

Put on your Tin Foil Hat:  

So we know Agenda 21 exists and is being implemented in the U.S.  If you believe your own eyes and try to alert your fellow Americans, you wear a "tin foil hat."  Or so they are trying to say.  Which is really funny because the UN - Agenda 21 website is right there for anyone to read.  And the documentation of how it is being implemented can be found on my sidebar or accessed in my search bar.  Please go for it.  Read for yourself.  Agenda 21 - UN website

 Who did it? And why?

Here is where the Tin Foil Hat really gets attention.   The most named player in the UN scam is Maurice Strong.  You can google his name and get all the history there you want.  He is the author of the plan, starting with a previous treatise called "Our Common Future."  There are others involved.  Someone named Gro Harlem Brundlandt.  A lot of the ususal suspects: Ted Turner, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Clintons, the Bush's, and lots more.  Where there is a scam, there is seed money.  You hear about Soros all the time, but not so much in relationship to this UN scheme.  He's with it all the way, but is busy buying up agriculture, oil, and financing socialist programs throughout the world.  

As I was reading today, I found something will have everyone wearing a "Tin Foil Hat."  Ah yes, let's bring up the Rothshchilds while we are at, why don't we?  Today I came across something called the GEF.  The paragraph below   is just one source of information on this, but you can find other sources for this same information.  (Since this report, Edmond Rothschild has died, but his fortune and extended family heirs march on the path to take your family's way of life away.)

Edmund Leopold de Rothschild banker for Global Warming Scam
"After Edmund [Leopold] de Rothschild’s statement, without basis, at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987, that CO2 is the cause of a non-existent global warming – and that combating it needs money (our money), he founded the World Conservation Bank for this reason. In 1991 its name was changed to The Global Environment  Facility (GEF).
The purpose of this facility is to lend money to the poorest countries, printed by the IMF out of thin air, and with the guarantee of our governments. The facility takes wilderness areas with mineral riches as security. The GEF money is then to flow back to our governments as reimbursement for paid loans. I.e. We give away our tax money. For what?
When a country cannot repay loans to the GEF it must give up a piece of its territory to the Rothschild banks (GEF, IMF, World Bank) – up to 30% of the Earth are meant. If land cannot be offered as collateral the country must starve (Haiti, Argentina and others).
Rothschild´s  stroke of genius was that he had his GEF smuggled into the UN system at the Rio UN Summit in 1992 by his friend, Maurice Strong. So now high-ranking ministerial officials from 179 countries (note: now up to 182 countries) are in the the council of the bank – blessing Rothschild grabbing the world!"

The interesting thing about the date 1992 is what happened that year.  Just prior, in 1991, George Bush I signed onto the Rio Accords at a UN conference where Agenda 21 was introduced.  Then in 1992, Bill Clinton enacted an executive order for the President's Council on Sustainable Development, adopting that phrase straight out of Agenda 21 and Our Common Future.  Since then, our government agencies have been very busy enacting every piece of Agenda 21 into our policies, using our own tax dollars to build this insidious trap for Americans. 

Ongoing UN interference through treaties:

For those who think the UN is not a threat to the sovereign laws of the U.S.  and rights of Americans, below is just one little example of how our leadership is tossing us into the rubbish heap of the UN: 

The United States Senate is threatening American sovereignty. Earlier this week, Harry Reid declared the Senate would consider yet another flawed treaty conceived by the United Nations. Like most international treaties, it has a nice sounding name that obscures the very real possibility that it would infringe on American sovereignty by allowing an international committee to intrude into U.S. policymaking.

The so-called United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities would not advance America’s interests abroad, nor would it improve the rights of Americans who suffer with disabilities. Instead, it would only serve to empower a "committee of experts" based in Geneva, Switzerland to make demands that fall well beyond the scope of the treaty and conflict with the legal, social, economic, and cultural traditions and norms of America.

That report just came in from the Heritage Foundation."  Whether you like the Heritage Foundation or not, the report is fact. 

Don't get bogged down in the minutae of whether or not you wish to support people with disabilities.  That is not the issue.  As always, the issue with the UN is dictating how sovereign nations operate within their borders and doing it with the assistance of our own leadership.  We have the LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty), the Small Arms Treaty, the Biodiversity Treaty, this treaty and that treaty....all stemming from the 1949 Human Rights Treaty, hell bent on destroying sovereign nations for the sake of central control by scheming globalists through the UN.     
And that is the point of Agenda 21, i.e. micromanaging every movement of every living, breathing, human being.

Our entire government is being hijacked by Americans who have no understanding or concern of our Constitution, sovereignty, self-rule, borders, economics, or what being American means.  It is these useful idiots, not just in the general population but in leadership positions, who are helping the UN lead America straight off the cliff into hell. 

If you are one of the patriots wearing a tin foil hat's off to you.  Keep up the great work.  If you are new to this knowledge, spread the word and help save our nation. 

End of primer.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Dear Kermit,
I'm Smokey the Bear and I've been around a long time.  You may have seen me on TV commercials.  I want to give you some information, so you will know better how to conduct yourself in the future.  Sending messages to children is a serious business.

You see, I started this whole thing about forest fires a long time ago, before you were even conceived.  My message made sense.  It still does.  My message is to snuff out a campfire and not to throw lit cigarette butts around where a fire might start and burn down our forest home.  My message was to children and adults to be careful with fire.  It's a lesson any sane adult would pass along to their children.  Not complicated.  Easy.  Any caveman could understand it.

Well, Kermit, a strange and curious man showed up on the scene some years ago and, all of a sudden, taking care of our forests and wildlife became something totally bizarre.  The man's name is Al Gore.  He decided to tell everyone that humans are responsible for killing everything on the planet.  I think he must have talked to the folks at PBS, your employers, because they started doing some shows saying the same thing.  Then you came along and announced, "It isn't easy being green." Hmmm....Telling children that "green" isn't easy is preparing them for what?  I mean, you're cute and all that, for a guy that hangs out with a lady pig and a big yellow bird.  But your message is a lot different than mine.  

One thing about us, you and me, is we are fictional characters.  Someone made us up.  We aren't real.  However, the messages we send are very real and directly impact children.   Your message has been about asking them to make sacrifices. Your message of difficulty in "being green" tells children that their lives must be downsized to accommodate your "green."  Right?  My message is just about being careful with matches and various sources of fire.  I didn't tell them to never light a fire.  I just told them to put it out when they are done with it. 

Some bad people, like Al Gore and the liberals at PBS, are using you, Kermit.  Now they are saying that, in order to be "green," humans have to give up driving cars, living in nice homes, using energy to heat and cool their homes, stop having babies, and generally just stop doing anything.  Those things didn't hurt you, Kermit.  But this Al Gore guy...he wants people to think so.  He wants you to tell all of the children who listen to you to think they are a plague on the earth.  Is that what you think of the children who watch and listen to you?  

The funny thing about this Al Gore fellow, he doesn't actually live the way he tells everyone else to live.  He has multiple homes and goes to get massages frequently..... and he flies around in a big jet plane. He's getting rich by telling little frogs like you to make everyone stop living well, even though he lives like a king!  For years he has been preaching about some scheme to tax people for using any energy.  And this tax scheme will make him rich, but will make your young friends a lot poorer.  And when they are poorer, they won't be able to buy your songs or books or afford to watch your show on cable TV.  They probably won't even be allowed to have a house in which to grow up.

My message doesn't make anyone poorer, Kermit.  You see, I want humans to live well and have forests so they may make their homes, and furniture, and books!  Forests do more than just provide a habitat for you and me.  They also support humans.  Plus, forests renew themselves with good management from humans.  In fact, we have more forests today than existed when Columbus discovered America!

So Kermit, why don't you tell your human advisers that you are not going to send these bad messages to your young audience anymore?  We need humans, you see.  They are the reason we exist.  Without humans, we are out of work.  Who will laugh with us or think we are cute?  Who will buy our commercials and TV shows?  Who will need us for anything?

Another thing to worry about is telling children something that isn't true.  What will they think of you when they figure out that heating their homes is not really killing the planet?  Or that their Moms driving them to school in an SUV doesn't hurt anyone?  They'll think you are a good-for-nothing frog who sold the truth out for your career.  Now you don't want children to grow up and realize you lied to them, do you?  You could go down in history as Kermit the Lying Green Frog.  I don't think you want that!

Finally, please give my best regards to Miss Piggy.  The "green" movement has her on their target list for eradication.  I think you will sorely miss her if she suddenly disappears.  You see, her cousins help feed the world and Mr. Gore doesn't like that idea, so he's trying to tell everyone that pigs are very bad for the diet.  Besides, he and others want to use the feed for livestock and humans to be wasted on engine fuels, which is another way for Mr. Gore to get rich and get rid of the humans he considers a plague.  Such a kidder, that Gore guy.

Anyway, I wish you luck and hope you don't croak anytime soon.  Just please reconsider what you are telling our little friends.  

Your buddy,
Smokey the Bear



Note to my readers:  I realize the last three posts have gone from Santa Claus to Humpty Dumpty to Smokey the Bear and Kermit the Frog.  My only excuse is that I think my Mommy mode must have kicked in and I am going for protection of our children at this point.  Since the fraudulent re-election of the O in the White House I am even more concerned about the loss of opportunities and freedoms for our children and grandchildren.  I don't count myself in the '60's crowd in power who are on this rampage to ruin the country, even though I am chronologically in that generation.  I didn't raise my children in this nation in order to deny them the understanding or realization of all that we were given.  My advice is to beat the drum loudly, teach them gently, but firmly, and get those little ones out of the indoctrination centers called public schools. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There is a lot of talk right now about the Republican Party being fractured.  From what I see around me this is very true.  The fracture I see is between three factions;  progressives (RINO's), Christian conservatives, and libertarians.  Let me see if I can wade through the mess.

Social liberalism, aka libertarianism, is a strange animal.  I have some libertarian friends who I really like.  That makes it harder to argue against their philosophies.  But like them as I do, I find them just as frustrating as the extreme leftists.  To me, both leftists (Progressives) and libertarians lead to the same place, fiscal and moral destitution. 

Both the Christian conservatives and the libertarians are fed up to their eyeballs with the RINO's.  Totally fed up.  And no wonder.  RINO's are the fascist branch of governing.  They want to marry up with global corporations and bend the laws to benefit their crony financial supporters. They sell our souls for money.

Both the RINO's and the libertarians are fed up with the Christian conservatives because the RINO's and libertarians think Christian morals are just passé, dumb, unachievable, and a waste of time.  This leaves the Christian conservatives stuck pretty much alone with no where to turn for support.  The RINO's and the libertarians would throw the Christian conservatives out with the snap of fingers.  While the Christian conservatives are trying to figure out some way of bringing the strays back to the fold....evangelizing the Constitution as the basis for freedom under God.

Is there any hope of bringing these three factions together? 

First of all, the Republican Party doesn't survive without the donors.  Christian conservatives are not Daddy Warbucks.  Neither are libertarians rolling in dough.  So the RINO's have the money.  But the Christian conservatives and libertarians can't stomach the sell out of principles for money.  It's a matter of integrity.  

Secondly, the Republican Party does not survive without a base constituency.  The argument lies here; who is the base?  If the money for fascist cronyism turns off the other 2/3's of the base, the Republican Party just shot itself in the foot and goes quietly into the annals of history as a failure.  If 2/3's of the base is made up of Christian conservatives and libertarians, where do those people go?  

I'm going to divide this up into 3 parts: Social, Economic, and Defense (Military). 
On the social aspect, Christian conservatives are never going to swallow gay marriage.  It isn't going to happen.  Libertarians are on the opposite side of this fence, promoting gay marriage as a "choice."  Libertarians want government to legalize (support) drugs and prostitution.  I can't see Christian conservatives getting on board with those two things either. 

Christian conservatives are anti-abortion, but for the most part, want government to get out of it all together.  I doubt there will ever be a reversal of the amendment on this.  However, using Christians tax dollars for abortion is not ever going to fly with them.  Same with drugs and prostitution.  Gay marriage is different from these, however, due to the impact on children.  Family law for Christian conservatives involves protecting the Christian traditional structure of marriage and children.  There is no compromise on this.

On the economic aspect, moral depravity and weakness always ends up with social spending.  I don't know how else to say that.  Libertarians put government spending and regulations in charge of drugs, prostitution, abortion, and the ramifications of gay marriage.  Christian conservatives are not going to support that position.  Christian conservatives believe in individual responsibility, but do not believe government should support depravity. 

Christian conservatives are supporters of a strong military and defense.  Libertarians are military isolationists.  Their idea of a military defense would stop at our borders.  I understand that, but given the geo-political situation we are in, I'm not sure that is possible.  Especially due to the Ron Paul influence of standing down in the face of Islamic terrorism and blaming America for that.  (Please don't argue this with me in comments or messages.....I'm not in the mood and I frankly don't think we can go back over decades of huge mistakes by our government in this matter.  I am not going to waste my time defending those mistakes.  I'm just saying the reality of the situation does not permit isolationism at this point.)

Meanwhile, back at the RINO Ranch, the RINO's don't care about any of that as long as they keep the gravy train of corporate money coming in.  

Here is the conundrum.  All three of these factions are up against a Democrat Party who is taking over all of it, Social, Economics, and Military...and going in a direction that will destroy the entire nation under Socialist / Fascist rule.  As a Christian conservative, I don't see where the Republican Party can find a base with these three factions, as much as I would like to see the Republican Party strengthen to fight off the Socialist Marxist Fascist Democrats.

I don't see room for Christian conservatives within a Republican Party that is part RINO, part libertarian.  I don't see room for libertarians within a Republican Party that is part RINO and Christian conservative.  And I don't see the Republican Party surviving as just the RINO Party.
 Let me say that I think we need the Republican Party.  We need the Republican Party to provide the opposite of what the Democrat Party is doing.  A third party is not likely to succeed, but will simply continue act as a spoiler to future elections. 

Three factions within the Republican Party do not appear to have enough common ground to pull it all back together.  I am very much for creating some kind of platform on which that these factions can agree.  At the moment, I can't find it.  If you can find that actual platform of common ground...I'd like to see it.  Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again?

Monday, November 19, 2012


Is Karl Marx the dark version of Santa Claus?  
"From each according to his ability."  
"To each according to his need."  

 Since Rush Limbaugh has been talking about Obama as Santa Claus, I started thinking about Karl Marx as the Jolly Old Elf.  Obviously, Karl Marx can't be Santa Claus because Karl Marx is a thief.  Santa is not a thief.  But the handout from an anonymous stranger idea is similar.  I think Rush is onto the "fundamental transformation" of Santa Claus. 

Is Barack Obama the reincarnation of Karl Marx?  If he is, he is a hybrid version of opportunistic fascism and communism.  Interesting, but lethal.  Santa is not lethal.  But Karl Marx is.  When I think back to Barack Obama's famous line about "Fundamentally transforming the United States of America," I remember the dread and chill down my spine at the time.  (unlike the thrill that went up Chris Matthews' leg...mine was more like a ghost walked over my grave.)

Obama's  "fundamental transformation" means there is no longer a United States of America.  And now Obama has become Santa Claus.

I finally watched a video that has been out for a while called, "Dreams From My Real Father."  I hadn't sought it out, but someone loaned it to me to watch.  I had thought it was probably just a stab in the dark, some remote concept that "might" have some few facts in it.  I was wrong.  It is extremely plausible.  More than that.  I believe it is true.  After watching it, I believe the author is right on target.  Barack Obama is a red diaper grand-baby and was groomed from the very beginning to implement Communism with every lying fiber of his being.  His childhood story is not necessarily leading up to what you would guess would happen, winning the Presidency of the United States.  But it did. 

There is a very brief scene in the movie where Obama is walking on the sidewalk in DC, apparently right around the Capitol area.  He is walking next to a much shorter man in a suit who is smiling and looking up at him.  The shorter man seems very pleased to be conversing and walking with Obama, smiling and looking quite cheerful.  That shorter man is my Republican congressman.  That brief moment in the film sent chills down my spine....again.  That congressman went to school with my children.  I've known him a long time.  The scene of him smiling and seeming to be so happy to be in Obama's company was disappointing, to say the least.  I instantly felt terrible for him, but worse for our nation.

By the end of the movie I found myself almost in tears.  I had known a lot of the facts presented already, but to see them sewn together in that cohesive manner was a bit overwhelming.  (If you can take it, I highly recommend watching and owning this video / movie.  Your children will one day want to have this history lesson...God willing.)

Back to the red diaper baby theme, Karl Marx's followers have been taught how to psychologically manipulate the masses.  The Saul Alinsky method of collapsing the system has been common education to  Ivy League law students and political students for decades.  Hillary wrote her thesis on Alinsky and is in the Cloward and Piven camp to this day.  Not satisfied with wrecking America,  Obama and Hillary are busy crashing nations.  Today they are both in Myranmar promising to hand out goodies to those Asians who will tow their line.  I'm sure that will end well.  (ahem.)  Santa and Mrs. Claus / Marx.  Lord only knows what they have stolen from us to give to the Muslim Brotherhood.  We know what they have stolen from us to give to the UN and to their cronies in global businesses.  We know what they have stolen from us to give to the welfare state and wreck the healthcare system here.  We know they are stealing away our America.

As the Marxists in America are now driving the public school system, the Christian Holidays are becoming taboo, but the Federal government is promoted as Santa Claus. (I've noticed lately that Thanksgiving is being turned into "Harvest Day" so children don't feel obligated to thank God for their blessings.) So here come the Holidays...but not the ones you think.  The Holidays are being "fundamentally transformed" along with everything else.   

Barack Obama, the Marxist, pretends to be Santa Claus to win elections.  Jingles are written about him.  Parades and celebrations created for him.  His elves (read Czars) have in past years decorated the White House trees with Mao ornaments.  

Karl Marx, aka Barack Obama pretending to be Santa Claus, is in the White House wearing a red diaper?  Looks like it to me.

Happy Holidays...Here Comes Santa Claus!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The idea behind keeping your moral integrity intact if you are in the military is that, if you don't, you could be blackmailed into endangering the security of the United States.  Right?  So the FBI steps in, getting a sniff of General Patraeus' extramarital affair some months ago and starts investigating him and his paramour.   The fear is that the paramour could blackmail the General, or that someone else might blackmail the General for national secrets, threatening to tell his wife of the affair.  Got that so far?  If you are in the military, you don't cheat on your spouse. It is part of the military code of conduct.  Simple and straight forward. 

But General Patraeus is no longer in the military.  He has been serving as the CIA Director and had retired from the military.  I don't know positively, but I would expect the CIA has similar conduct rules on this subject.   No one I've heard says so, though.

Time goes by and no one exposes the General's conduct to the public.  Does the FBI tell the President?  Does the FBI tell Leon Panetta, Defense Secretary?  Probably both.  But it is inconvenient to reveal General Patraeus' unbecoming behavior before an election.  And besides, there is a little gun running scheme by the CIA going on in Libya, something the General knows about and is likely handling for the President's plans.  He knows too much about something which the public knows nothing.  

Then, Sept. 24th, there is an attack on the CIA station and American Ambassador in Benghazi.  Four men are left high and dry by our defense department.  No one lifts a finger to try to help the men who are under attack.  Someone, we don't know who, demanded our military stand down and do nothing to save those four men.  At the same time, the Obama administration goes public saying the attack was caused by a stupid, homemade video.  Our UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, is commanded by the President to appear on 5 different news programs and announce the video was the problem and that the attack was likely just a spontaneous mob action.  Even Patraeus says the same thing.  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State goes public with the same lie.  The entire administration proceeds to  commit a public fraud by lying about this attack and subsequent murders of the four Americans in Libya.  But Patraeus knows the truth.  He knows the attack is a planned terrorist attack.  And he knows who told the military to stand down.  He has the goods on the administration.

So the FBI has the goods on General Patraeus.  Conversely, General Patraeus has the goods on the President and his cohorts in crime.  Obama, being a mobster from Chicago, and who has the ethics of the Coreleone family,  knows how to play this game.  The thing to do is discredit Patraeus before the General has a chance to blow the whistle on who let our Americans die at the hands of terrorists without so much as a fly-by random shot.  Kaboom...two days after the election we get the announcement that General Patraeus has been having an illicit affair and is resigning as Director of the CIA.  He's done.  He is discredited.  No one could possibly believe him now.

We have a lying President, a lying Defense Secretary, a lying UN Ambassador, and a lying Secretary of State.  We have a General with a checkered spot on his uniform and a mistress who is leaking information.  Now today, we have a Lebanese set of sisters in Florida who have supposedly been the source for the FBI on the Patraeus affair.  But the Lebanese set of sisters are in debt up to their eyeballs and could very well be targets of blackmail by the FBI or the administration as well.  

With me so far?  

Bottom line.  We have a snake pit for a government with cheaters and liars in all of these major positions of power.  All of them could be blackmailing each other.  The really bad joke is President Obama recently talking about "trust" being a major function of governing.  If it weren't for four dead Americans and the complete loss of American trust in governing officials, this might be funny.  At the least, as so many are pointing out, this could be one helluva great HBO series, novel, or movie. 

Who is blackmailing whom?  Seems to me they are all blackmailing us.  They are still on salary with the American taxpayers footing the bill.  The House of Representatives, our representatives, and our Senators are scratching their heads and wondering what to do with this debacle.  Well, if they don't know what to do....some of the American people could tell them what to do.

Meanwhile there are petitions from all fifty states to secede from the United States of America.  These actions may not end up in secession, but surely to heaven someone is noticing that people are not happy out here.  Do you think?

Saturday, November 10, 2012


If the book of life is written by God, as I believe it is, then the books of the anti-Christ are the mirror opposite image of what God intended for each of us personally.  And the books of the anti-Christ are proliferating as the centuries wear on.  Satan is locked into the competition by his arrogance against God.  According to the Bible, he is the most beautiful creature, alluring to all who are tempted by his charisma. 

So if you are a believer, what do you think Satan would do to compete with our everlasting Creator of heaven and earth?  Obviously Satan knows a little bit about human nature.  He knows that people love to cling to a faith in something greater than themselves.  He knows people are vulnerable to false prophets, leaders who lie and cheat, bribe and love power over others.  He knows that Jesus has been missing for a long time.  He knows that the God who spoke with Moses has been absent from our earth for ages.  He knows he has free reign here on earth to test the Lord's people as much as he wants.  

Satan is a multifaceted creature who, for lack of a better phrase, knows all the tricks in the book.  Back to the book,  I speak of the Bible that describes all of the tricks.  The major trick is deception.  Once you catch on to Satan's major trick of deception, the challenge for believers is finding the truth.  When Satan has captured so many deceivers who live among us, he has managed to divide those deceived from those who know and search for the truth.  And here we are, living among millions of the deceived and wondering if God is finally going to step in and save the day.

You might wonder what sent me in this direction today.  It was THIS about Climate Change Hysteria 

"On Thursday, outgoing Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) told MSNBC that the Republican Party suffered at the polls because of its "abysmal stupidity" on climate change. "

Isn't that nice of ole Barney.  Calling the Republican Party "abysmally stupid" is a trademark of the Alinsky left.  The Republican Party in its national platform this year rejected Agenda 21 and all in it that is based on "Climate Change."  And thank God they did.  Agenda 21 and Climate Change aren't at all about environmentalism, and if I may turn the tables on ole Barney, only the "abysmally stupid" would believe that it is. 

A little history here:  The Global Socialists weren't managing to get control of our lives fast enough.  They were growing impatient with freedoms and Christians who believe God's words.  "Something must be done about it!"  You can almost put yourself in the room with the cabal and hear them saying, "What must we do?"  "Those damn Americans are doing too well and stand in our way!!"  "Aha," says Maurice Strong as the others in the room bent closer to hear his fantastic great idea!  "We'll unite the whole world by making people feel guilty about using the world's resources for their prosperity."  "Americans are mostly Christians who thrive on guilt for their sins anyway, so they'll buy it, lock, stock, and barrel!"  "I," Maurice Strong, "have lots of money and hold the keys to the UN in my hands."  "If you will all chip in, we'll hand out grants to the scientists to prove we are right!"  "I'll convince the UN to come up with future environmental disaster scenarios caused by prosperity (specifically prosperous Western civilization), and they won't be able to deny their terrible sins against the planet!!"  "Great idea!"say David Rockefeller, Michail Gorbechav and the others. The rest of the participants in the room raised their glasses to cheer the brilliance of the idea!  Such was the deliriously happy little Club of Rome on that day.  The plan for a global deception was put in motion.

Off to the presses goes Maurice Strong to begin the New Testament of the Planet.  He wrote the first Chapter in 1972 called, "The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind."  He didn't stop there.  In fact, he hasn't stopped at all yet.  If you google "Maurice Strong, Club of Rome, environmental publications," lots and lots of information is out there.  His disciples include the likes of Ted Turner, who recently said he was glad to hear that U.S. servicemen were committing suicide.  That sounds really Godly, now doesn't it?  He would be just one of the cabal, though.  You can find them if you look.  Prince Phillip wants to be "reincarnated as a deadly virus" so he can kill off as many of us as possible.

The chapters and books keep proliferating, authored by those who like to think they are in on the "New World Order."   The media has all been brought and bought.  American schools are now indoctrination centers for the globalist agenda.  Corporations are pulled in with government bribes.  Economic punishments akin to the medieval Catholic indulgences are being forced on all of us.  You WILL pay for your sins against the cabal and the earth.

Agenda 21 is a 40 Chapter treatise from the UN to implement Maurice Strong's and his buddies' version of the New Commandments for Gaia believers in the New Testament.  Trust me, "free will" is not to be found here.  Rights given only by our Creator?  Nah.  Rights restricted, not granted.

This story is long and riddled with unfathomably wealthy people who, instead of just using their money and influence to improve man's lot in life, spend their days trying to figure out how to get rid of "too many people" and destroying Judeo-Christian beliefs in the world.  Sounds like a backward mirror image of God's word to me.

That is my Sunday contemplation for today. Americans bought more of the deception in last Tuesday's election.  

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Hat Tips: 
Founded in 1968, the Club of Rome self-righteously describes itself as "a group of world citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity." Its membership includes current and former Heads of State, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, environmentalists, economists, business leaders, influential bureaucrats and technocrats from around the globe.
Many of the pernicious ideologies and concepts now plaguing the world come out of this "non-governmental," "non-political," "Think Tank." Thus, for instance, the insidious concept of "environmental sustainability," which is the bedrock of the Radical Environmental Movement, was first aired in the Club of Rome's viscous little 1972 book entitled "The Limits to Growth." It is a book considered to be the most successful environmental publication ever produced and whose "radical and forward thinking" and influence was such that it propelled the Club of Rome to its current pre-eminent position in the Radical Environmental Movement and as a major "consultant" to the United Nations.

Article by Alan Caruba on Maurice Strong

This just arrived from another source...evidently the UN is now producing commercials to promote Agenda 21 showing old people who seem ready to kick the can by saying, "I have lived a good life."  Time to give it up, I guess. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


That title of that song came into my head this morning.  You know, the Bonnie Raitt song from the '90's, "I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't."  America is a living, breathing, system of life that has just been rejected by half of the people who live on this land.  As an American, I feel jilted.  Teased, lied to, economically raped, and jilted by 50%+ of the people who live here.  I may be reduced to using the phrase, "Those people."  "Those people" do not love America, do not love freedom, do not love this nation of opportunity.  "Those people" have bought into dependency and deceit, corruption and power over others.

In 2008, when Obama was elected and the Republicans put up the worst possible candidate ever, I remember thinking, "This is some kind of a bad joke."  Well, the joke is bad, not funny, and is not over. 

You are seeing what happens to freedom when communist ideology is taught to our children for multiple decades, when masses of illegal immigrants pour into America with no allegiance to our Constitution, when the argument for freedom is obliterated by false premises, and when the lessons of history are lost. 

Barack Obama represents the antithesis of the American Constitution.  And evidently 50%+ of the voters in this nation are just fine with that.  Astounding.  But "get used to it,"  I tell myself.  The tipping point came and went.  We just went over the cliff.  The glimmer of hope that was the Romney-Ryan ticket was just that, a glimmer.  But it wasn't to be.  No light at the end of the tunnel...even a glimmer was rejected.

Twice now.  The past two election seasons the Republicans have put a "moderate" left-leaning candidate up for election.  And twice now the nation has rejected them.  My opinion is that the "moderate" is no substitute for the real thing.  The "moderate" is nothing more than a cheaper version of the Democrat.  What is the point?  I don't know if there were conservatives who stayed home and didn't vote for that reason....or if there are just not enough conservatives to matter anymore.  I do know the left defined Mitt Romney.  In fact, George Soros early on said there was basically no difference between Romney and Obama.  What does that tell the Republican leadership?  Or were they even paying attention to that. One thing I might add here is that "neo-cons" are not winning these elections.

I'm hearing from family and friends who are more than disappointed.  More like being hit in the solar plexis.  Gut wrenching pain.  I hesitate to say that when I know it makes the left jump up and down with glee.  The feeling I have today and had in 2008 is just like the rejection I have felt from being jilted by a lover.  Gut wrenching pain.  I love my America.  I loved my fellow Americans.  Now what? Who are "those people?"

The Dow is down 315 points as I write this.  The pain is not going to stop today.  It is just beginning.  The cure for that pain is to take a different path, get a new attitude, thank God for the lesson, move away from those who mock you, stick to who you are, lick your wounds, but pick yourself up and keep going.  Learn you are not powerless.  Live your life the best you can under the circumstances.  Don't "get over it."  Take the lesson in.  Realize "those people" do not love the America you love.  They don't even know what that means. 

We have maybe three choices.  #1. Just go along to get along and learn to play the dependency game.  This involves swallowing your principles and just soak the government (and your grandchildren) for all its worth.....which is not my recommendation.  #2. Keep on fighting for what we know is right.  #3. Hunker down and try to ride it out.  The last two choices may be combined somehow.  I'm working on that as I write.

Other bad news:  Mia Love lost.  Allen West lost.  (?? Update: Today, Nov. 9th, I am hearing that one is in recount and may go to court.) The Senate continues to be held by Democrats.  Elizabeth Warren, for God's sake?  Really?  The lying, self-aggrandizing, all government all the time, Elizabeth Warren?  That alone is so disgusting as to make you realize there are idiots in Massachusetts.  All in all a lot of thugs won and some very good and decent people lost.  

Today is not the day to pick yourself up.  Today is the day to lick wounds and absorb the bad news.  I think some inner healing will have to take place before we can gather our strength again.  Meanwhile...get the message:  You can't make someone love America if they don't.  You have to overwhelm "those people" who don't love America and remove them from power.  We are in an ideological war.  A psychological war.  An economic war.  And the war is forced upon us from enemies within our nation.  We know who they are.  Slaves of the Federal government.  They want to be slaves?  They want you and your children to be slaves right along with them.  Idiots.

I'm not sure what small little treasured experience comforts you in bad times.  But whatever it is, do it today.  Hot chocolate?  Fried mashed potato cakes?  A long hot bath?  Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  A hot fudge sundae at Dairy Queen?  Well...I just mentioned a few of mine.  Whatever it takes for you, do it. 

I think we are done.  Stick a fork in America.  At least today, I have to say that.  I am also spending a good bit of mental energy wondering what God has in mind.  That is to say, we have not been raptured and we are still here, so I will be spending some time reflecting on what to do next.  Same with you, I guess.  We'll talk again soon.....I hope.

Friday, November 2, 2012


 Has righteous indignation made a comeback?  If so, hallelujah!  It's about time. 

I was just reading an article about NHS in Britain regarding denying health care.  The writer made the correlation between NHS and Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board. NHS Plays God  What struck me was the cold and calculating disengagement from individual needs and precious life.  The Progressives in leadership positions are hell bent for "denying" care, defense, or any actions supporting life.  What struck me is how much like the Benghazi situation the Obamacare set up is.  How so?  Denial of help and care to save lives.  There is a common thread. 

Last night I heard a caller on the Jason Lewis Show (radio) say that "Obama could have eaten a live baby during the debates, and the press would not report it and cover for him."  I thought that sounded about right.   I just read someone commenting on another blog that "Hillary could have taken a gun and shot our people in Benghazi herself and she would walk away unscathed, being untouchable by the press." I thought that sounds about right, too.

Today we hear that the King of New York City, Mayor Bloomberg finds the NYC Marathon event more important for generator use than helping the people suffering from Hurricane Sandy just a mile or two away.  Maybe just blocks away.  The stories of suffering in the area are becoming really dire. He is denying help to the suffering in order to promote the NYC Marathon.  BUT, Bloomberg today is all to deliriously happy to endorse Obama for a second term as President.  (and there is the exact reason I have not donated to the Republican Party in years...refusing to support RINO's such as the King of New York City.) 

Money and power have trumped caring for our fellow human beings.  Welcome to Fabian Socialism, a la George Bernard Shaw from the last century.... and Ted Turner, currently, who says it's a good thing that our soldiers are committing suicide. 

Are you as outraged as I am? 
Image below is a Benghazi time line of pleas for help and the actions of our dear leaders. Actually, it is too small here to read, so click on the link and go to Director Blue to read through it. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I'm tempted to write nothing but Benghazi reports until forever, until the Traitor in Chief is brought up on charges of treason.  I'm not a war or military reporter or expert, so I'm a bit handicapped in that area of expertise.  That said, I am disgusted and appalled by what our so-called president and his staff have done to those men who lost their lives in Benghazi...and further disgusted and appalled by the media who are covering for the liars in the White House.  My son is career military.  Fortunately he is not on the front lines in a war zone right now.  But it takes nothing much for this military mother to make the leap into the shoes of the families in that circumstance.  The thought is never far from my mind and heart. 

I'm on board with defense.  I am not on board with appeasing enemies.  The deliberate orders to stand down and not even try to protect our Ambassador and the other three brave men who were trying to save him is, without a doubt, the most despicable action by a Commander in Chief that I have ever seen.  The underlying information we are getting about arming Al Qaeda in that area ...gun running for our enemies, needs to be in front of Congress investigations immediately and exposed to the American public.  

There are those who are promoting this Traitor in Chief as great for America's foreign policy.  The media is touting that as a selling point for the election of Obama. Who, in God's name, are they kidding?  Tell that to the families of the military who have been sacrificing their lives for the sake of appeasing our enemies.  Tell that to those 4 families who just lost husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers.  

Benghazi is the truth about Obama.  He hates America.  He will do nothing to defend America.  He should be brought up on charges of haste.  I hope God is running this show, because I am just not understanding the compliance of media, idiots, and sycophants in this nation.  Is there a lesson being learned here?  I hope so....

Now to the local news.  Our newspaper does it again.  On the front page of the Hometown Section we are celebrating a bakery business for GREEN initiatives.  And to make it all the more delicious...the name of the bakery business won't believe it...."Bimbo Bakery."  Yep.  I can't make this stuff up.  Here's the scoop  So Bimbo Bakery is putting in a cistern to gather rain water....and then using the rain water to sustain a small garden plot on their property.  All of this is to supposedly save the world from rain water runoff that is killing the planet.  Really.  I'm not kidding.  This brilliant idea is brought to us through ....yep, you guessed it....our tax dollars in government agencies.  North Carolina State University and the Gaston County Cooperative Extension office are advising the owners of Bimbo Bakery to prevent storm water runoff by gathering water with a cistern and watering a garden right there at their business.  WOW.  Can points and awards be far behind?  Next we will see the CEO of Bimbo Bakery at the local Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony and the Mayor will be handing out ribbons!!  

Meanwhile, the same newspaper has not one word on Benghazi.  Not a word.  Zero.  Zilch. Treason in the White House and the newspaper skips that little tidbit of news, but provides nearly half of a front page to the Bimbo Bakery Green Initiative Project. 

Who are these people and what are they doing in my country?