Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been away from here for over a week, but for good reason.  You see the "GREEN" bureaucracy never sleeps and its cancerous totalitarianism is infesting every nook and cranny of American life, even in this mid-size city in North Carolina.  Actually, it has metastasized into all of America, so we either succumb to the death throes of massive control over the minutiae of daily life, or we pick up our gumptions and stick this "GREEN" bureaucracy in the juggler.  That is what I have been trying to do this past two weeks.  (It's bleeding but not dead yet....explanation to follow.)  

Issue after issue keeps coming at us in a blinding blizzard of "RED" tape proposals....all for your own good, of course.  Now that I think of it, "RED" tape is the appropriate color for what pretends to be "GREEN."  There is a reason the color "GREEN" is used to describe sickness and moral turpitude.  "GREEN" around the gills."  "GREEN" with envy.  But on with the story....

The latest happening here is happening in every town and city in America.  It is straight from the "Sustainable Communities Initiative," contrived in a Federal partnership between HUD, DOT, and the EPA.  We have this under the radar layer of appointed "governance" in North Carolina called "Council of Governments."  (COG)  Every state has them these days.  To give COG a feeble semblance of legitimacy, some of the appointed are elected representatives from local councils and commissioners.  Added to that are some business, non-profit, and planning department appointments.  This little cabal is hell-bent to presume control over land-use, transportation, buildings, water, and all else they can get their grubby hands on.  The trick is that these COG cabals don't get that control unless our elected officials let them.  Lazy elected officials looking for money from ANY source are all too happy to bless the COG cabal if they think they can get money and also get out of actual control over their own areas of responsibility.

In walks the COG to both our City Council and our County Commission with an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding - read "contract') that creates yet another layer of bureaucrats in a fictional "region" spanning 14 counties and 2 states. This particular MOU represents a $4.9 Million Federal grant handed to this COG to implement "Sustainable Communities."  This MOU proposes a new CONSORTIUM to "plan" for land-use, transportation, buildings, water, and all else tangible you can imagine.  Gee...do we vote in all of those other counties?  No. Do we vote in a "region?"  No. Do we vote in another State?  No.  

Voters?  What voters??  Why do we need voters when we can TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN?

What plan does this new CONSORTIUM wish to impose?  You guessed it!  Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development - Smart Growth....including rationing of water resources across 14 counties and 2 States, all of the usual transportation schemes with bike lanes, walking trails, and mass transit, land restrictions requiring "open space" and high density development, "green" building only, etc.  In fact, the entire scheme is verbatim out of Agenda 21 and ICLEI (Local Agenda 21).  Our tax dollars hard at work.  Most of the major cities in this CONSORTIUM proposal are already members of ICLEI, just to put more nails in the coffin.  Charlotte, NC, member of ICLEI ...and location of the DNC.  Coincidence?  Nah.

Of course they didn't leave out the "Stakeholder" meetings.  You know, those cute little events where they invite people to come and get brainwashed with propaganda and refuse to allow any dissent.  Yep, that's in there, too.

I am not known for my public speaking skills.  Terror strikes me right in the heart when even thinking of speaking to a room full of people.  But I forced myself to do it, thankfully, with several wonderful other citizens and some Tea Party friends.  We went.  We spoke. And we managed to get the MOU tabled at both the City Council and the County Commissioner meetings.  Tabled is not dead, however.  Tabled is just delayed.  This means we are not off the hook and are going to be going through this ordeal of confronting the Council and Commissioners again within a month.  

So that is what I've been doing among other countless duties having to do with stopping our government from more of this over-reaching disenfranchisement of freedoms.  

If you are new to my blog, I am relaying to you that this "Sustainable Communities Initiative" is  part of the attack on our freedoms.  Warning you. There are many among us who are too stupid to recognize the "War on Carbon" is a complete fictional fabrication from would-be totalitarians.  It is this ignorance and the purveyors of it we are fighting, at the same time fighting off those who see this as an ego-stroke of power.  In case you are wondering why your votes don't matter any more, this is why.  Get after your local officials and stop them from implementing Agenda 21!!  Get out of "regional government" organizations!  Your way of life depends on it.

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Friday, August 17, 2012


I can't help but wonder what it means when a gathering of politicians today requires a police state to protect them from citizens.  Just philosophically speaking, what has transpired to make politicians so fearful of mobs of protesters?  Could it possibly mean that there are a lot of people upset about what politicians are doing?  

You need to know, I'm not the type to hiking around a government building or stalking politicians while carrying a sign or screaming slogans at tv cameras.  Not my personality...thank you.  And I grant you there are plenty of lunatics around.  That's obvious.  That said, there is reason for protest in today's heavy handed government environment.  People need to be speaking up. But I wonder if the politicians are getting the message.  People are not happy out here.  It seems a lot of people aren't happy our here.  Many of them coming from different angles of angst.  Some want more government. Others, like myself, want a lot less government. 

I have no idea what is in store for Tampa for the Republican Convention.  Probably much the same as what is happening in Charlotte.  What is happening in Charlotte?  I've heard from a reliable source that NATO will have troops in Charlotte, but can't find proof of it yet.  Nonetheless, here are some clues:

"To prepare for the DNC, the Secret Service has requested 2 miles of concrete barriers and more than five miles of 9-foot “anti-scale” steel fence. In addition, the federal government requested nearly 8 miles of lightweight metal barriers and portable barriers designed to withstand the impact of a 15,000-pound car at 30 mph.
The planned road closures will vary during the week, but are expected to begin at 9 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 2. Some could last for four days, according to a 19-page document released Wednesday morning.
There are three vehicle checkpoints for both areas surrounding Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Rodney Monroe says managing traffic “is probably our biggest test” during the convention.
Perhaps the biggest inconvenience is the federal government’s plan to close the John Belk Freeway from Interstate 77 and Independence Boulevard, for Thursday Sept. 6. That section of Interstate 277 handles 80,000 vehicles a day."

This from another Site
"With the help of the federal funds, Charlotte plans to add 2,400 to 3,400 officers from outside departments to its force of more than 1,750."

And this from yet another Site
"The U.S. Secret Service dictated almost every aspect of the security plan, and will do so again in Charlotte, reports the Charlotte Observer. "

 Meanwhile, I expect to see nothing and hear nothing from media on protests.  Nothing or very little...especially at the DNC in Charlotte.  Measures have been taken to keep protesters out of sight and out of the way.  Politicians and law enforcement are busy keeping protests way out of the way.  It's most likely that the attendees of both the DNC and RNC conventions will never lay eyes on or hear protesters at all. 

"According to legal scholars, one category of restrictions has mushroomed in importance in the last decade. Known as "spatial tactics," these restrictions literally divide the city into some sections where demonstrators will be allowed to gather and march and others from which they will be barred from doing so. In some cases, the tactics also impose other legal constraints on demonstrators within certain parts of the city, such as prohibiting them from carrying certain items, or changing the process through which they may apply for permits."

"The use of spatial tactics — such as exclusion zones and euphemistically-titled "free speech zones" have been the subjects of numerous lawsuits by groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union. Broadly, however, many of these tactics have survived constitutional challenge."

Well, I guess it's nice to have "Free Speech Zones."  I thought the rule was that unless you were yelling "FIRE" in a theatre, everywhere in America was a "Free Speech Zone," (I should say within limits of polite protocols in certain settings such as classrooms and church, for instance.)  But not being able to shout at a politician or be within shouting distance sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?  You've heard the phrase about "speaking to an empty room?"

And that's the point.  Defeating the purpose.  The political class is fast becoming the most isolated class in the country.  They don't want to hear it from citizens, I guess. I don't know where all of this is headed, but if Charlotte and Tampa are any indication, we are more than headed to a police state.  Now that we have drones permitted to hover over us conducting surveillance and the government beefing up every agency with millions of hollow point bullets, it does make one wonder.

Actually, it doesn't make one wonder too much.  It's plain as the nose on your face.  Politicians are running scared of people and enlisting law enforcement to keep people away from them.  People are becoming afraid to speak up for fear of being labeled a "terrorist."  An environment has been created where no one is safe and all are suspect. 

We can hardly be a "Free" country when all are under threat and free speech is stifled.  A police state is definitely emerging. And we are all going to witness the latest manifestation of that through the two political conventions this year.  

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/08/08/3439951/dnc-2012-security-plan-roads-closed.html#storylink=cpy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


During the last couple of days I've spent some time going over videos and statements by Paul Ryan, just to assure myself this Veep pick is the elixir for my deep concerns over our future.  I have to say, the more I see the more encouraged I am.  

Those who read my blog know that Climate Change lies, and all attached to them, really get under my skin.  So when I find the "progressive" leftists yelling and screaming about Paul Ryan's positions on the lies, my heart is doing a little dance!!  Let them yell and scream all they like.  They are done...stick a fork in them.

If you want to see the yelling and screaming, HERE you have it from the Soros lackeys at "Think Progress."  If you want to see many reasons to vote FOR Romney - Ryan, that article lists all of the votes Ryan took to kill the draconian insanity of energy starvation and more...including voting to rescind that stupid light bulb tyranny.  

More good news from Politico:  
"A fiscal blueprint passed by Ryan's House Budget Committee in March called for “Ending Cronyism and Corporate Welfare.” And it said it would “immediately terminate all programs that allow government to play venture capitalist with taxpayers’ money” — a clear shot at programs like the one that aided Solyndra.

"The budget resolution from Ryan's panel said its strategy “scales back spending on government bureaucracies that are seeking to impose a job-­destroying national energy tax. It assumes increased revenues from bonus bids, rents, royalties, and fees as a result of lifting moratoriums and bans on safe, environmentally responsible exploration for domestic energy supplies. And it allows private development of all American-made energy, including nuclear, wind and solar."
There are more articles in this vein at Climate Depot

I'm not saying the man is perfect.  I still have some serious quibbles with him on some other votes.  I have big quibbles with Romney, too.  (Mostly on Romneycare and gay issues.) But, we can vote for Romney - Ryan and hope this nation moves toward rational thought, or we can allow the Communist in Chief to continue on the path of complete annihilation. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm trying not to get too excited.  My libertarian friends will be picking at Ryan's voting record and I share those concerns.  As I look around at responses to putting Ryan on the ticket, I am seeing some really derogatory opinions from the Ron Paul crowd.  I wish those people would somehow realize that Ron Paul is not the person most Americans have chosen to lead this nation.  I also wish those in the Ron Paul camp would realize they have had an impact in this election cycle and have pulled the Republican Party somewhat toward more Constitutional fervor.  That is a good thing.

I think Romney made a good choice today.  As I watched Paul Ryan in the Healthcare Symposium with Barack Obama a couple of years ago, I remember thinking at the time, "This guy has both the smarts and the guts to speak truth to power."  When Paul Ryan speaks about fiscal policy, I believe he has a real handle on it and is not giving up on fixing the debt problem.  When Paul Ryan talks about the future of our children, there is something about his expression of care for his own family that makes me believe him.  Not the way Obama panders to the "Julia" crowd, where government is the nanny state.  Rather, I believe Paul Ryan speaks about the future in a way that respects individual opportunity for everyone who will get in the game and work toward that.  He believes in free enterprise.  He believes in our rights coming from God, not government.  From what I have seen of him, he truly believes in the Founders' vision of America.

Here are just two quotes that might get you excited about Paul Ryan:
On the erosion of liberty:

“Freedom is lost by degrees, and the deepest erosions usually take place during times of economic hardship, when those who favor expanding the sphere of government abuse a crisis to persuade free citizens that they should trade in a little of their liberty for empty promises of greater economic security.” 

On the incompatibility between big government and individual rights:

“Rather than increasing the size and scope of central administration, let us champion an agenda guided by the American Idea of equal rights under law. Let’s begin to remove the hurdles that government has erected. Legislative reform should empower people, families, and communities, not bureaucrats and their cronies.” 

 The rest of that article is good for your spirit!

The others who were bandied through the press as VP maybes, were not nearly at the level of class, energy, and intelligence as Paul Ryan.  Chris Christy is a loud, unattractive, declassé politician who has had some "bully pulpit" moments, but did not convince me to be someone I would want to represent our nation.  Rubio is handsome and charismatic, but has a "qualification" problem due to his parents' citizen status when he was born.  I don't want to go through that again, thank you. And besides, picking Rubio would seriously seem like pandering to Hispanics, legal or not.  Frankly, I'm not in the mood to go through the same type of pandering to select groups that Obama has been doing over the last 4 yrs.  Portman.  Don't know anything about the guy except he is from Ohio and that Ohio is a crucial state for the election.  I just don't think he had any kind of name recognition and would have lost the election for Romney on that count alone.  Jindal.  I like him, but do not think he has the economic substance that Ryan has.  Again, I'm not sure of his parents' citizen status, so that might have been a problem, too. There were a couple of others.  Not stellar.  

So is Paul Ryan a stellar pick for Veep?  I think so.  And I hope so.  I also think his age brings in a youthful exuberance for young conservatives who need leadership and inspiration.  I'm glad for that.  I see many young people who are so confused on the principles of American government, that Paul Ryans' leadership will be invaluable to them.  You see, our government isn't about old, dead, white men.  It is about freedom for individuals.  Obama, and the last few administrations, have nearly put out the fire that burns for freedom among young people.  Regulating and forcing us into indentured servitude is what the "Progressive" infiltrators in our government are completely committed to do to us. That is a morally destitute message they have handed young Americans. That is not the message of Paul Ryan.  To the contrary, he is so clearly opposite of that, I think he is the right voice at the right time to wrench our nation back from the brink.  

Now that sounds really hopeful and no doubt puts too much weight on that young man's shoulders.  But I'm impressed.  And this VP pick gives me a reason to vote for Romney.  A reason that certainly Romney wasn't giving me.  This referendum on Obama's Communism is about to enter a new level of discourse in our national debate.  Finally we have someone who can articulate the goodness of American principles and explain why Obama and all of his ilk are all wrong for this country, don't belong in our government, and actually should leave on the next boat to China.  (Good thing I'm not in charge.  I'd have the whole lot deported permanently.) 

I'm looking more forward to this election now than I was just a few days ago....and my attitude is because Paul Ryan is on the ticket.  So my optimism has returned, if ever so cautiously.  I wonder if others feel as I do on this.  I'd love to see a really big rout in November.  Paul Ryan's presence just may bring it on.   

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The other day I had a rare experience of meeting with our DC Representative.  (Republican)  As with the norm, these things are short.  He gave our local Tea Party board just under an hour to meet with him.  He brought two staffers.  There were three of us from the board.  He's looking for support for the Nov. election, running against a left-wing looney who lives on Kool-ade.  I did my homework.  I took notes with me.  I tried to hit some issues I thought were critical to us.

Backing up for a second....I happen to have known and watched this young man for a long time.  He went to school with my son and daughter.  He was locally known in the early days as a firebrand conservative. Was a nice young man.  Now he is around 37 or 38 yrs. old.  Still young, but has been in this political arena his entire adult life.  Now he is a career politician.  

During this interview, he rather off-handedly said to me, "I want to get us off oil."  This was in the middle of my telling him I was not happy about the Smart Grid and Smart Meter incentives, grants, and federal force taking away our choices on energy.  I was so taken aback that I didn't know quite what to say for a minute...and then the conversation was flying all over the place with the others at the table and the moment fled.  I remember thinking to myself, "What was that?"  And then I thought, "That is too large of an issue to even try to approach in this short venue."  So I followed up and emailed him later.  There has been no reply.  Which is also typical.  I rarely hear back from elected officials these days.  

So getting off oil?  I have no idea where that came from or what possessed him to say such an idiotic thing.  I suspect the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are both going in the same direction of green energy.  And I suspect this is due to the heavy lobbying by green environmentalists and the green energy corporations funding campaigns to skew the money their direction.  I see it happening all around us locally, i.e. the two parties moving toward "sustainable" hell. 

What on earth is causing people to move in a direction that is so completely detrimental to our national sovereignty, our economic health, and our freedoms?  A "Green Dragon?"  Seems so.

I just read two articles proving the idiocy and economic damage caused by this green energy insanity.  One article is from Britain.  The other is from Germany.  

First from Britain, is THIS one.   Snippet here:

 "The Government’s ideological obsession with wind power is inflicting ever greater damage on Britain, driving up our energy bills and ruining our countryside. Brutalist, expensive and inefficient, wind farms are nothing more than vast monuments to political vanity. They contribute little to our electricity supply, yet they cost us all a fortune."

Then Germany chimes in:

"The public discussion about Germany’s green energy transition has taken a new direction. The rise of electricity prices in Germany is suddenly no longer blamed on the billions spent for building solar and wind farms, biomass plants and power grids.
Now it is “the industry” which is being blamed for its lobbying which has resulted in a variety of financial reliefs, compensations and tax exemptions and for abandoning the ‘community solidarity’ of this ‘national effort."

Back in the states, also at Junk Science, came this from Nevada:
"As U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid prepares to host his fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit on Aug. 7, a Nevada Journal examination of Nevada’s renewable energy sector shows that over $1.3 billion in federal funds funneled into geothermal, solar and wind projects since 2009 has yielded and is projected to yield just 288 permanent, full-time jobs. That’s an initial cost of over $4.6 million per job."

Whoa....$4.6 million per job?  That is a lot of kilowatt hours for some folks who could use them.  Divvy that up and imagine what great things could be done if that money had stayed in the private sector.
I don't know about you, but I'm seeing the handwriting on the wall.  When a former firebrand conservative comes home to talk with his constituency and casually states he wants to "get us off oil," I have to conclude that a very large Green Dragon has threatened, cajoled, bribed, extorted, and breathed some heavy duty Global Warming fire on some formerly sane people.

And since that is likely the case, and there is no great substitute candidate for whom to vote, I'm feeling the breath of that Dragon on the back of my neck.  Maybe that is why people think there is Global Warming when there actually isn't.  It can get very hot in hell with Dragons hanging around. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Everyone has weighed in on the Chick-Fil-A phenomenon of last week, so there is not much I can add personally except to say, "Hallelujah and pass the chicken!!"  I loved to see the outpouring of support for free speech.  And even if you look at it as an outpouring for traditional marriage, I'm all for that, too!  It was some kind of victory for American values and voices.  Hip Hip Hooray for good folks standing up for two things they truly believe in, free speech and traditional marriage.  I was glad to see it.  I only wish the elections were so clear cut on the issues, instead of half measures and people we can't trust.  But that's a subject for another day.

I was looking at an American Thinker article by John C. Greene on the Chick-Fil-A event and came across some great comments that I want to share. It's a good article... but it was so fun reading through the comments...I thought you might like them, too!  So here are some I picked out for you:

*"All my life, I was born in the Sixties, I have been the target of "change." My parents, with good reason, wanted to change me. Teachers, coaches, and mentors wanted to change me. The Hippies wanted to change me. All Liberals wanted to change me. I grew up in a culture of "change," confusion, "transformation," devolution, anti-Americanism, illogic, irrationalism, and general stupidity. Even women want to change me. I believe I am writing for many others: BACK THE FFF OFF--thanks, please come again."

*"..........what the left says and does in attacking conservative and or any other group of independent minded enlightened individuals that do not support subscribe to their liberal marxist ideology, are exactly what radical Saul Alinsky says to do, and how to do it, when to to do it, and so on.. to demonize, polarize, ridicule, mock, insult, traumatize, especially projectionism, to make their presumed position to be the perception position of the will of the majority of people, when in fact they are the minority and are not represent the will of the people, but are doing everything they can to force their will upon the rest of us, via these radical hate filled insidious vitriolic repulsive tactics and strategies.. But that's why they are radical marxist ideological idiots..
The left is a cancerous toxic ideology, and can and will completely destroy a civilized society of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, and the Truth, in a blink of an eye.
Liberals use their pretense of tolerance and inclusiveness as a ruse to be intolerant, controlling, and even violent to anyone they wish to, and pretend that the law is only what they say it is, and is only applied to who and what and when they say it does, excluding them of course.
Their indoctrination of fraudulent and delusionary world of illogic, irrational, hate filled views is aimed directly at the people to make the insane sane, the lie the truth, and what they say as law, which is all based and derived from their leftist anti-Democratic anti-Freedom Socialist Marxist ideology, who which aligns itself with anything that promotes, advocates, and implements that view verbally, in print, and in action.
This is why the far left will always be the aggressor, the instigator, aka the problem. Thus is why conservatives will always be the defender of Freedom and Liberty, of Equal Justice, of the US Constitution, of Democracy, and of Truth and Righteousness."

*"I don't eat much fast food and have never eaten at Chick-fil-A and never participate in things like 'Appreciation' day. But this time, I just decided I'm going to find a Chick-fil-A in my town and go."

*"I have many gay friends that I haven't spoken with since November of 2008. They don't see the forest for the trees. They don't see the deforestation of their economy and liberties because they are too involved with saving their particular political tree--gay rights (or black rights, or women's rights, etc. ad infinitum).
They refuse to see the $16 trillion debt for what it is. They refuse to prepare for the crash of the entitlement programs within their lifetimes. They are not emotionally prepared for a total meltdown of their faux economy, based on afirmative action and political payback and handouts."

*"The gay community is simply a vehicle for the progressives/socialists to employ in their quest to CONTROL every facet of society. They really don't give a twit for the well being of the gays."

*"The American Communist Party is a party of orcs. When one falls, another quickly takes its place. They are multiplying faster than we can get rid of them. We are being pitted between Commies and Mussies. But, we have the God of creation on our side, and we have the truth on our side. Keep praying, keep your eyes open, keep your powder dry, and keep the faith, baby."

*"It takes a lot more to beat a bunch of Commies than waiting in line to buy a sandwich and then saying you've had enough. They're relentless, Godless and demented and they will not have had enough until someone is destroyed, and they've still got Dan Cathy in their sights."

*"So remember, its not their fault! When dealing with a progressive understand that you are dealing with an addict every bit as 'high' and dangerous as anyone else with a monkey-on-their-back."

Friday, August 3, 2012


History lessons give us accounts of women who have stepped up in the past to support liberty.  Thinking about Rosa Koire today, I was inspired to take a quick look around to see what I could find on some of the women who worked hard to bring forth American liberty.  I came across a review of a book HERE.  It is a well written review and looks like a great book.  There have been some outstanding women in the defense of liberty.

Rosa Koire qualifies in this category.  Yesterday she made a guest appearance on the Glenn Beck Show to speak out against Agenda 21.  This is far from my first exposure to Rosa's works.  In my own quest to fight off Agenda 21 policies in my area of the country, I came across Rosa's website some time ago.  There is a youtube video of a SPEECH.  she gave in 2011, too.  (There are more than that one on youtube, if you want to look her up.) As I recall it is over an hour, but very worth your time.  Rosa lives in California and, because of that, she has been on the front lines of Agenda 21 attacks on liberty hitting her city and state over the past years.  If I may make some suppositions, I think she arrived in this fight because of her career in real estate appraisals for eminent domain which led her to see the insidious infiltration of Smart Growth and Sustainable Development (other names for Agenda 21).  I also expect that when she went looking for explanations, she did what I did and kept asking, "Where is this coming from?"  Research led us both to the same answer.  Agenda 21.  Because of her knowledge on the subject and her determination to share that knowledge, her message has moved forward in other parts of the country now.  She is doing speaking engagements and advising other freedom fighters on fighting back.  My hat's off to Rosa and her willingness to get out there and educate the public on this tentacled monster that is strangling our freedoms. 

As Rosa explained on the Glenn Beck Show yesterday, this is not a "right vs left" issue.  This is a liberty issue.  She further explained she is a "Liberal Democrat," but not a "Progressive."  She said she did not vote for Obama or McCain.  She voted for the Libertarian candidate.  I readily admit that I don't agree with Rosa on some other issues.  I don't support government sanctioned gay marriage, nor am I "pro-choice"(the euphemism for government sanctioned and paid for abortions).  I have to step aside my beliefs on those issues for this one over-reaching tyrannical monster that we are fighting. So I do.  But, she is a great voice for Constitutional limits to government and keeping it that way.  She also explained that much of Agenda 21 is coming at us through unelected boards, boards who have no accountability to the voters. This is part of the frustration.  Without elected representatives who will stop the unelected from regulating us out of existence, we are "up a creek without a paddle," to use the colloquial vernacular for it.  In fact, when anti-American unelected drive the elected off a cliff with all of us in the vehicle, using our money to buy the fuel for the vehicle, we are literally doomed.  And when the elected commit dereliction of duty, as well as treason, and vote for this tyranny, they should be arrested and or thrown out of the country.  (I would go for that.  Seriously.)

This fight against Agenda 21 is not just about women, to say the least.  Another great patriot on the front lines is Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute.  Henry Lamb, who passed away recently, gave all he had to this fight.  Randall O'Toole and Wendall Cox write lengthy and erudite dissertations on the insidious nature and damaging policies of Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, a k a Agenda 21. 

All of these people have realized the attack on the United States is coming from infiltration through our government agencies.  In great part it is coming from the American Planning Association into the EPA, HUD, DOT, DOE, HHS, NEA, and more.  But other organizations are involved, lots of lobbying organizations including the USGBC (US Green Building Council), AIA (American Institute of Architects).  Agenda 21 is so invasive, it is doing exactly what it proposes to do...and that is control every aspect of life.  The past week brought our household a survey put out by our local hospital including all of the Delphi technique questions of Agenda 21.  Questions like: Do you think we should do more to protect our air quality?  Our water quality?  Do you think we should have more walking trails and bicycling paths?  Do you think we should more access to housing for the poor?  Or, how about more energy options for everyone?  Mind you, this came from our local non-profit hospital.  And so it goes.  Even our hospital is complying with Agenda 21 command and control of every aspect of our lives.  The reason given was they were forced to do this survey by the IRS in compliance with Obamacare.  So realize Obamacare is just another avenue of Agenda 21.  In fact Chapter 6 of Agenda 21 is on healthcare.  They left no stone unturned. 

I am appalled.  That any red-blooded American could even begin to docilely bow down to this sort of tyranny is beyond my comprehension.

Cheers and encouragement goes out here today from me to Rosa Koire, today's voice for liberty. You can find her website <="w.democratsagainstunagenda21.com"> HERE