Saturday, October 27, 2012


 As I was reading around some of my sources yesterday, I came across this quote from Cicero, one I had seen before but seemed so apt for this moment in time. 

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

I am not so sure about surviving a nation of fools, but the rest of this quote describes our current White House occupant so distinctly, I could not ignore it.  I would also say the "he" in this quote applies to many of both genders in our halls of power today , but the epitome of deception is in the White House and has surrounded himself with like-minded deceivers.  I never thought I would see such a day in my nation.  But here we are....

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Silly question, I know.  The press is there, splashing around in its tank, pumping out all the same pro-Obama, pro-Big Government, pro-globalist agenda.

Still 12 days to go and I'm worn out from election news.  Wondering if you are feeling the same.  Maybe we've been at it too long.  Even an interested person as myself, who is watching and has been working toward this November 6 election, can get burned out.  Truthfully, I think this carries over from 2010 where I am concerned.  Or you could even go back to 2008 when the bottom dropped out of hope.  (Pun intended.)  These past few years have been full of searching out information and sharing it with readers.  Not for pay.  For love of America.  Spending every day focused on what our government is doing is not the way free people are supposed to live. The press used to do that job.  It was their mission statement, their call tag; "Government Watchdog." 

Once upon a time, back when Woodward and Burnstein were considered heroes of journalism, the press took up the verbal sword of exposing truth.  Or at least as much truth as they could find and publish.  Looking back on that Watergate scandal, I'm sure the ecstasy of taking down a Republican president was an over-riding emotion.  There is power in the press, to be sure.  A heady ego trip for those who are bending the public minds, or lack of minds.

At this point, I think even our warrior Breitbart would be exhausted, although his sites and his mission continues.  So what is it that is making me so spent?  It is the shear magnitude of information, I think.  TMI, as my kids would say.  I see headlines on the web that should be headlines on the front page of our local newspaper, but never make it there.  I wonder how Joe Neighbor next door will find out what he needs to know in order to vote?  I wonder how any of us are supposed to wade through the noise to find out exactly what needs to be known.

The bias toward the left in the mainstream media is a given at this point.  I tried to check some polls a while ago and finally just gave up.  They are all over the map or too close to call.  I couldn't tell anything from them.

Today, 12 days before the election, I can't find the pulse of the nation.  It has disappeared into the noise.  And that, in and of itself, says a lot about how little commonality exists in anything; values, truth, news, et al.  There seems to be no common pulse.  As Lincoln said, "A nation divided cannot stand."  I would add this; A nation that can't find truth in journalism, doesn't know anything. 

Benghazi should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation.  But it isn't on ours.  Fast and Furious should have been on the front pages for months, but wasn't.  The outrageous spending on "green" nonsense and welfare projects, spending that is destroying our nation, should be on the front pages every day with the attached names of Congress who took our money to pay for those failed and failing boondoggles. 

Locally, three different County Commissioners have, over the last year, expressed that they are only in charge of 15% of our county budget, that the State and the Feds hold 85% of our county budget under mandates.  You read that right.  We pay 100% of our county taxes into the county budget, but the commissioners in charge of that budget complain (or use as an excuse) that they only control 15% of that money.  I wonder how much of that is the commissioners' fault.  Did they agree to matching grants?  Did they agree to these "mandates?" Why have a county government? Why vote to affect only 15% of our money?  Who did this?  Why?  How did that happen?  I'm asking the questions....and I hope I get some answers.  Will let you know if I do.

Anyway...election fatigue.  I'm sure I'll be up all night on election night unless there is a swift and sure result.  How about you?  Are you tired yet?

Monday, October 22, 2012


 Check your latest "Regionalism" plans.  Check your local "Comprehensive" plans.  Do they say they exist to make you adapt to Climate Change or Global Warming?  Take a look at your corporate mission statement, too.  Has your corporate employer fallen in line with the lies of Sustainable Development?  What about your favorite non-profit?  Or your Church synod?  Better take a look.

The following is written by Juraj Vanovcan as a guest post on Watts Up With That, published today.

"As of today, climate models are the last realm where rise of trace concentration of carbon dioxide, vital gas for biosphere, causes catastrophic warming with all accompanying results. It cannot be forgotten, though, that these very models are a basis for regulations, taxes and restrictions imposed by policy-makers, developed countries destroy their own energy basis in environmental madness and media churn out apocalyptic prophecies on nearing end of the world in medieval style."

"Then, other questions appear: if the models fail so blatantly to simulate the 20th century, how reliable are their projections for the year 2100? Is it possible at all, that these very models are a basis for economical central planning and distribution? How many years to watch the growing difference between the models and reality since 2002, until somebody admits the models are wrong? How long will be that circus paid by taxes of ordinary citizens? When apologize scientists, media and politicians for that three lost decades of pseudoscientific hype called “anthropogenic global warming“? Who will be held responsible for wasted billions, corruption with carbon credits, devastated environment and whole generations dumbed down by environmentalist propaganda? These are legitimate questions, and citizens in developed countries have the right to ask them and expect answers."

Mr. Vanovcan has asked the questions I want asked by every American of our leadership.  Since the science and scientists have been so badly corrupted by government money in order to create this fictional nightmare scenario for the expressed purpose of taxing and regulating the industrial world and the middle class out of existence, who will be ultimately held responsible for the devastation? 

When do we stand up against these lies?  And when do the liars become accountable to the public? After it is too late?  After the culprits have already robbed us blind?  After the fall?  After an epic fail of civilization?

The agenda is clear.  It has nothing to do with climate or warming or environmental protection.  It is entirely about money and control and depopulation.  The United Nations and globalist foundations have created their own monster.  The American government has played along, implemented the fraud as if the American people have no choices whatsoever.  We have not had choices.  We are told what to think and how to act.  We are paying taxes to support lies that hurt us badly.  Sorry to say, the EU has been sucked dry by these same lies.  Now the question becomes: Does America stand up and refuse to buy in any more?

I don't see Americans standing up.  I don't see real opposition.  Just money takers in local councils and commissions.   If you don't go to a Council meeting or a County Commissioner meeting and tell them the truth, you are putting yourself and all of us at risk.  If you don't speak up, who will?  If you are allowing the public school system to indoctrinate your children with climate lies, who will save your children from the coming tyranny?  
Hat Tips: 

“From greenhouse gas regulations to water guidance to the tightening of the ozone standard, the Obama-EPA has delayed the implementation of rule after rule because they don’t want all those pink slips and price spikes to hit until after the election. But President Obama’s former climate czar Carol Browner was very clear about what’s in store for next year: she told several green groups not to worry because President Obama has a big green ‘to-do’ list for 2013 so they’ll get what they want.  The radical environmental left may not need to worry but what about hard working Americans who will lose their jobs and be subjected to skyrocketing energy prices thanks to the Obama-EPA?"


While everyone is waiting with bated breath for tonight's debate on Foreign Policy, today I learned that   Secretary Salazar, of the Department of the Interior,  is establishing yet another Federal bureaucracy to rule our lives.  On our own dimes, of course. 

"The Obama administration is creating an advisory committee on climate change to advise the federal government on future operations.
The Interior Department announced the new bureaucracy in a recent federal registry notice along with a call for nominations by Nov. 19 to seat the 25-member board."
"The notice specifically states membership will be comprised of state and local government employees, non-governmental organizations, Native American tribes, academia, individual landowners and business interests."

“In addition, the committee may include scientific experts, and will include rotating representation from one or more of the institutions that host the (Interior Department) Climate Science Centers,” the notice said."
"The climate centers were created to provide scientific information to help land, water, wildlife and cultural resource managers to monitor and adapt to climate change on regional and local levels."

 Catch that?  "Monitor and adapt to climate change on  regional and local levels."  Did your City Council ask for this?  Did your County Commissioners ask for this?  You want to be monitored and forced to adapt to some UN dictate on the false and fraudulent basis of Climate Change? 
Each day brings a new announcement of a new bureaucratic layer upon layer to micromanage our existence.  It's as if we are living through the Hitler regime, the Soviet Union a la Lenin and Stalin, Mao, and all of the historic examples of tyranny all at once.  Amazing to witness.  Disgusting, but amazing. 

There is not one vote in Congress for this new Committee. A Committee is put in place and the special interests and like-minded sycophants get appointed, and ....TA DA!    And that is how all of it, Agenda 21, has been put in place over the past two decades.  The executive branch is just busy wrapping you up in chains, and no one is stopping them.  Hellooooo???  Where is Congress?   Where is the Justice Department?  Where is our representation?  Oh....don't answer that.  I already know.  Out to lunch and in the tank.  Patting themselves on the back.

So get ready.  Here come some more powerful bureaucrats breathing down your neck.  You didn't elect them.  You don't know them.  You just bow and scrape because they have the power to tax you and ruin your life.  
Here is a cute story from the French today.  Evidently the French just go straight for the jugular and vote the Communists right into power directly.  Looks like they are going further than just Smart Meters.  They are going to send in the "monitors" to your house so they can fine you for leaking energy?   Power Hogs Targeted By France in Big Brother Legislation

"A bill adopted by the lower house this month would set prices that homes pay based on wages, age and climate. Utilities Electricite de France SA and GDF Suez SA (GSZ) will use the data to reward consumers who cut power and natural gas usage and penalize those whom regulators decide are wasteful."
Smart Meters anyone???  Regulators?  And you thought those technocrats had the best of intentions, didn't you?  Sure.  They were just going to save you some money on your electric bills while they save the planet.   uh...guess again.

Meanwhile, the British are coming out with a new version of Les Miserables.  Bet the actors are getting paid handsome sums to promote that French Revolution fiction, while the American Revolution goes down in flames at the behest of the globalists.  

Another day.  Another fraud.  Another attack on the Constitution.  "Enemies, both foreign and domestic," folks....we are fighting on multiple fronts. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


That chart is what global warming looks like folks.  Non-existent for the last 15+ years.  Zero. Nada.  Zilch.  (Before that, in the '70's, it was all about the "Coming Ice Age" and where did that go?)  All the while the developing world has been cranking up carbon use for manufacturing.  And in the meantime?  We have energy starvation policies stuffed down our throats.  And a President, last night in the debate, going on and on about "Green Jobs," which are either non-existent also...or are causing bankruptcy eruptions all over the place.  Not to mention the dire straights he is putting people in with regard to the energy they need to survive. 

Excuse the unladylike word in my title, but the entire Al Gorebasm insanity is causing nothing but draconian, opportunistic, tyrannical thievery and controls over our very daily lives to the point of stark raving global madness.  You have been sold down the proverbial river.  Sent over the cliff. Robbed blind.  And screwed...totally.   Americans are supposed to be smarter than this.  I want to believe Americans are smarter than this.  But every day, in America, bureaucrats, planners, non-profits, corporations, and politicians are spending their time, and energy, and your money, to capture you...not carbon, but you.....into their schemes of control.  None of that has one whit to do with some conjured up fiction that you are causing the global temperatures to rise.  You aren't.  You never did.  But they won't let a little thing like the truth stop them from their central control of your energy use.

Some food for thought:

"Industries are already leaving Germany, and more will soon follow. The loss of energy and jobs will damage the German economy almost as much as the exploding cost of new infrastructure required to deal with the intermittent unreliables. And the cost -- THE COST!!! Hundreds of thousands of lower class workers in Germany already cannot afford to pay their skyrocketing power bills. That number will only grow larger."

"The shift to renewable energy is also taking a toll on family budgets. On Monday Germany's electrical grid operators announced that a special tax levied on consumers to finance subsidies for green energy would increase by almost 50 per cent." 

 The EU is going straight down the road to serfdom....again, I might add.  (Note Spain's 17%+ unemployment after converting to a "Green" economy.  Throw in a little Greece, Italy, and the rest...and what do you have?)  How many times in history have European nations been sucked into the central planning models of either Monarchs or Dictators.  I thought we fought and won a revolution to get out of that mold of ignorance. 

Hat Tip to: Townhall Finance

"Remember last summer- and the summer before that, and the summer before that- when droughts and tornadoes were pinned to global warming by a compliant media? Or when we were told that 100 million people would die in the next twenty minutes, or twenty years- is there really a difference?- because of global warming? And that of course women and children would bear the brunt of those deaths? Or last year when we were told about the wave of Polar Bear cannibals terrorizing the animal kingdom in the great white north?"

Too bad Candy Crowley never got to the Global Warming issue in the debate.  Too bad....
If Romney and Ryan have the facts on this, we might be saved from the economic devastation that Europe is facing right now.  God bless them both.  

Paul Ryan's speech - "Get off the path to European failures."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 I'm glad I'm not the one in Romney's position debating the Socialist in Chief tonight.

I told someone recently that opening up my computer each day for reading is like getting hit with shrapnel.  Every day.  A blast of shrapnel coming out of the computer and slicing me to bits all over.  You could call what we are experiencing "death by a thousand cuts."  I've heard the advice that if you just pick one subject to address and stick to it,  then you might be able to keep your sanity and make a difference in that one area of concern.  I've tried that to some degree by tackling the Agenda 21 issue, but only to find out that issue covers a thousand other issues; land use, transportation, energy, housing, economics, healthcare, education, et al.  So much for that idea.

And there lies the rub.  Let's say you pick transportation, you end up with some socialist policy about housing locations.  If you pick energy, you end up with 5th amendment privacy issues involving Smart Meters.  If you pick land use, you end up making the rounds with the environmentalist screed that the land belongs to non-human species.  Back to energy, you end up with environmentalists killing birds to force wind turbines on all of us.  So you look at solar and find out it kills any economic common sense due to its costs.  You pick education and you get mired down in busing for "equity" vs. neighborhood schools to cut down on transportation carbon emissions and costs.

So round and round we go...when at the bottom of it all is Marxism.   But then I've been told that you can't discuss ideology with the public because they don't get it.  (I've had a City Council member tell me to shut up about Communism, "because it turns people off.")  Just last night I went to a candidates forum where a state representative told me "a small group of loonies is co-opting "Sustainability" to attack it."  I said...."WHAT?"  "You have that backwards," I explained to him.  (Some of you remember I had the same argument with a County Commissioner several months ago who complained that we should keep the word "Sustainability" (Sustainable Development) because we can't let the leftists take such a good word (phrase) that means economic success.)  So there is the "Branding" of the leftists....taking over everything.  My state representative did, at least, listen to my explanation and said he would read the book, "Eco-Tyanny" by Brian Sussman, which I happened to have in my hands at the time, and he said he has that same book in his office.  .....We shall see if he reads the book and finally "gets it."

How can Romney get across all of these problems without getting into the weeds and yet let people know that he understands Socialist government is the noose around everyone's neck?  How do we know Romney "gets it."  

My daughter just informed me that her insurance policy is increasing by 42% this coming she struggles with which of three plans to choose for herself.  Does she lower her coverage?  Or does she keep her same coverage and pay the extra 42%?  Meanwhile my son tells me the entire military has been commanded to go "Green," so the costs of defending the nation are going through the roof.  His dept. was just forced to buy a "Green" American made vehicle which cost $80,000.... $50,000 more than the "foreign" alternative, even though most of the "foreign" alternative was assembled and sold in the United States.  (This involved some EU tariffs, shipping, and no service for the American made vehicle in a foreign nation...resulting in a security issue, but Obama wouldn't care about would he?)

Gas prices, health care prices, energy prices, land prices, transportation prices, food prices....pick anything and wonder what can Romney say in this debate tonight to assure people he will stop the flying shrapnel? 

Nothing is simple.  By design.  Crash the system through chaos and conflict and debts.  Obviously that is the case with the European Union, the Middle East, or even California. (Our version of Greece.)  How do you discuss the ideology with people who have no basis of reference for it?  How do you explain that your health insurance rates are going up because Obama destroyed what was left of individual choice in the health care industry?  Or that Obama's policies are costing you astronomically high prices to defend the nation....the same LIAR who said he would cut the costs of the military.  He is cutting them alright....turning them "Green" and then this "sequestration" policy of diminishing the military personnel and their support system.  And then, how do you fix an education system that exists only to socially engineer the poor people who are sucked into it.  

I wish Romney could just go to this debate and spell it out.  He could say, "Folks, this nation is going straight down the tubes in a Marxist toilet, and you are going to have to stand up and get with the program." "You, the citizens of this nation, are going to have to send every Socialist packing and get rid of every Socialist regulation, bill, program, and policy, and the politicians espousing such things."  And then let Obama hang himself.  

Well, that won't happen.  I can only dream that.  But we'll watch and see what happens. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I think this is the last of my four essays on "Know Thy Enemy."  The predicate is self-explanatory.  This one is the essence of all of it.  I feel we are coming to the crossroads with this upcoming election.  It's down to whether the arrogant ignorant continue their march of tyrannical rule over us, or the beginning of the turn toward the freedoms we are guaranteed.  That's it.  The bottom line.  Plain and simple.  One or the other.  Tyranny or freedom.

Arrogant ignorance ( also known as the Dunning-Kruger effect ), is at the heart of all we are facing.  Some arrogant ignorance is laughable. But the enemy we face today within our sovereign borders is hardly laughable.  Combine arrogance and ignorance with Marxism and you have a witch's brew of despotism whipped up to poison America forever.  (caveat, I include Fascism and Nazism as aspects of Marxism, because they all represent statist control over the ruled masses.) 

Why is Marxism ideology arrogant and ignorant?  Ignorant because it exchanges a Monarch for an army of bureaucratic Monarchs.  All it does is create another privileged class of rulers.  Arrogant because it assumes that a bureaucratic class is somehow more equipped, mentally or otherwise, to rule over their fellow human beings. Instead of an educated self-ruling citizenship, we have an entire group of people in America who have been force-fed that witch's brew in the public school system for decades.  And look what we have...a lot of arrogant ignorant people with giant egos who think they are the "Ruling Class" and the 47% that Romney referred to as the dependent class.  Angelo Codevilla's Ruling Class

If you wish to make yourself indispensable to the masses and rule over them, you must clear your path of obstacles, obstacles like educated intelligent people.  You can't have educated intelligent people or they may wish to rule themselves and rise up against you.  You can have a lot of Dunning-Krugers, but not actually smart people.  If there are any educated intelligent people, you must get rid of them. 

In France, before the Revolution, the Churches owned the schools.  See Age of the French Revolution  Robespierre could not allow that and hold power, so he proceeded with the Reign of Terror, killing and pillaging.  He created the "Committee of Safety" and proceeded to guillotine 17,000 people, mostly nobles and priests.  Another 20,000 were imprisoned or killed without trial.  Robespierre justified the Terror by using Enlightenment principles, although some of the Terror's victims included influential Enlightenment figures. 

Please note the "Committee of Safety" and "using Enlightenment principles" in that last paragraph.  Can you see the correlation between International Code Councils and the supposed global "enlightenment" of Sustainability?  Statists are the same no matter what era of history you choose to study.  I use the French Revolution here because it a precursor to European ideology that led to Karl Marx.  The propaganda was much the same as you see today.  Code Councils are the new Committees of Safety.  The Enlightenment, i.e. Global Environmentalism is being used to control people and will be used to starve them out.  The French Revolution resulted in the tyranny of Napoleon and after Napoleon evolved into statist control in an attempt to achieve a common Social Justice, as Europe appears today.  

For those of you who are not aware of the fine points of the French Revolution compared to the American Revolution, I am posting the following: American vs. the French Revolution

"Unlike the American Revolution, whose philosophical ancestors were the English liberals, the French Revolution was fundamentally fathered by the French radical philosophers, especially Jean Jacques Rousseau, and inherited the faith in reason engendered by The Enlightenment. Reneé Descartes' trust in geometric-like reasoning and Rousseau's belief in the common will and sovereignty of the people framed the conception guiding the French Revolution. This conception is mechanical. Government is a machine, fueled by coercive power, and driven by reason; and its destination is Social Justice. Government is thus a tool to reach a future goal -- improving man. Those in charge of the State would therefore use reason to apply government to further and create Social Justice."

"This conception is clearly different from that of the American revolutionaries. For the Americans, interests were the guiding force; for the French, reason. For the Americans, Freedom was to be preserved against the State; for the French, the State was used by reason to achieve Social Justice. For the Americans, individual rights were essential to protect interests; for the French, the collective, the sovereignty of the people, the general will stood above rights. Finally, for the Americans, no one interest could be entrusted with the State -- all interests had to be limited and balanced by their opposition; for the French, the State was a tool that should have no limit so long as Social Justice was pursued according to the common will."
"(The principles of the French Revolution) underlie the revolutions of 1848 in Europe, the first stirring of socialism, the writings of Marx and the birth of communism and democratic socialism. The French Revolution was defeated but the Revolution was victorious. Infesting intellectuals everywhere, its ideas eventuated in the successful Russian Revolution. "

(If all you know of the French Revolution is the popular, romantic Broadway play, Les Miserables, you are far away from the critical knowledge of why the American Revolution and consequent establishment of our Constitution is superior to the French.) 

So here we are.  Marx is dead.  Engels is dead.  Hegel is dead.  Rousseau and Napoleon are dead. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, all dead.  But, the failures of Marxist ideas live on and keep being repeating like Bill Murray's movie "Ground Hog Day" ...until we get it right.  The inheritors of Marx and forebears in like-mindedness are still working their wiles behind the scenes of our government.  We have wrought the brazen, outrageous, fanatical, Fabian rule by those ideologues in power for the last 100 years now.  Is it time for an American Revolution redux?  I think so.   

We got it right in the beginning of this nation.  November 6th we will find out if Newsweek in 2009 was right, that "We Are All Socialists Now," or we begin a march of our own, en masse, toward the America we were given by the Grace of God and His leadership.  
Know thy enemy.   

Monday, October 8, 2012


Planners.  You don't elect them.   You likely don't even know them.  They sit at desks in your city and county government buildings.  They sit on bureaucratic boards you didn't elect and you don't see.  Higher up in the echelons are the unelected planners and enforcers in Washington.  They are appointed for their political ideology....which just happens to be far left Progressive Socialism.  Surprise surprise.  Planners like to plan and Socialists like unelected planners.  And since Progressives have been ensconced into our government and schools, the packs of planners have continued to grow in numbers and in power.  As long as they all sing from the same song book, i.e. global Marxism, they get to plan your life to their hearts content.

You would think to yourself that these are Americans and they live among us, so surely they can't be that bad.  But you would be missing a core problem.  They don't think for themselves.  And they are living on your money.

Who dreamed, for instance, that the American Planning Association would be co-opted by Bill Clinton to create a master planning book for the entire country, a planning book you either use or you don't get Federal money.  The American Planning Association is the non-profit organization whose credentials you supposedly must have in order to get a job in planning.  It's like the American Institute of Architects in that same way.  If you want a job drawing up architectural plans, you are a member of AIA. (That is a story for another day.)   So if you want to plan a town, city, or county, you belong to APA as an accredited member or you don't get the job.

So let's say you are Bill Clinton and you want the entire nation revolving around your global Socialist plans.  Who do you go to?  Not Congress.  Congress may turn you down.  So you go to the American Planning Association. You promise them a few buckets full of Federal money to draw up the UN global vision for the nation / world.  They take the bait and the next thing you know, every planner in the country is parroting what the UN has commanded for planning.  (Sustainable Development)  Pretty good deal, eh?  Then you create an executive order requiring all Federal agencies to operate on that same plan.  You definitely don't go to Congress.  Much easier to go around them.  Voil√°!!  UN plans in place.  Federal agencies get funding. No sweat.  Walk in the park.  It was all too easy.

Now, since Clinton laid the groundwork, Obama steps in and doubles down on the whole plan.  Obama grabs the rural areas with another executive order called the White House Rural Council and another executive order establishing the Sustainable Communities Initiative which is a partnership between all Federal agencies to bribe the small towns, suburbs, and farming communities with more buckets of Federal grants. 

Where do they send the money?  To your local and/or regional planning departments, or Councils of Governments, or some non-profit, all of whom work with planners or are planners.   These planning departments are all too happy today to bring in grants and subsidies to implement whatever the APA tells them...and whatever HUD, the EPA, DOT, DOE, Fish and Wildlife, et al.  When they waltz in with grants and subsidies, you see, they are justifying their own existence.  "See how valuable we are?"  "We bring you money from the Feds!!"

Lest you think this is all the fault of these two Presidents, the planners, and the UN....  I want you to know that Congress could have done something to stop this, but hasn't.  I think the funding could have been stopped.  I think a directive could have gone out from Congress to cease and desist on all activities associated with Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21.  But they sat there on their thumbs, looked the other way, and did nothing to stop the most comprehensive and insidious take over of local autonomy and states rights that has ever taken place in my lifetime.  So it isn't just the perpetrators. The firewall is broken.  

The next time you read the local paper to find another grant has been handed out to your area, take a look at what program or project is being funded.  Is it a greenway?  Is it for a "multi-modal" transit center?  Is it for bike lanes?  Is it for a mixed use inner city project located close to public transit?

When planners once again learn to actually think about and plan your local area without using the cookie cutter, one size fits all plans from the APA, the UN, the International Code Council, the US Green Building Council, and all of the other Federal agencies who are implementing Agenda 21, that will be a great day.  Meanwhile, know thy enemy.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sunday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET

Hosted by Bret Baier

A Fox News investigation exposes rogue regulators at the EPA and a United Nations-inspired 'sustainability' program that some say aims to dismantle America's capitalist system. Bret Baier travels coast to coast to investigate the radical roots of President Obama's environmental agenda and its impact on the U.S. economy.

Read more:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yesterday the Daily Caller brought forth a video of Obama from 2007 that had not been shown to the mass public.  There are two major points that most sites are emphasizing.  One is the very racially oriented bent of Obama regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  The other is that he profusely praises his infamous Pastor, Rev. Wright, known for his "G-d Damn America" rant.  

But I want to focus on another part of the speech.  The part where Obama so blatantly criticizes spending for roads to and in the suburbs. 

The Daily Caller also highlighted a segment in which Obama questions federal priorities in transportation spending.
"We need additional federal public transportation dollars flowing to the highest-need communities. We don’t need to build more highways out in the suburbs. If we have people in the cities right now who want to work but have no way to get into those jobs, we've got to help connect them to the jobs that exist,” Obama said. “We should be investing in minority-owned businesses, in our neighborhoods, so people don’t have to travel from miles away.”

This statement by Obama confirms the recent writings of Stanley Kurtz titled "How Obama is Robbing  the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities."  From National Review

This (I believe illegal) President, who said there are "no White Americans or Black Americans, just Americans," has been deliberately and methodically destroying the middle class for his entire tenure, a middle class that, for a large part, live in the suburbs. The hate this man reveals for the American way of life is palpable.  He foments division and covetousness more than any public figure I have ever witnessed.  But I digress....

Locally there is controversy and bad blood over a Federal grant called Sustainable Communities Initiative handed out to an unelected Council of Government NGO.  This Federal grant, established by Obama in 2009, is bribery money to funnel money into the inner city and away from rural suburbs.  It says so in the Sustainable Communities Initiative grant.  This is not conjecture.  It states that transportation money is to be spent on walking, biking, and mass transit.  Not roads.  Roads are for people who drive cars.  Obama doesn't want people who drive cars to have transportation money, even though the majority of transportation money is taken from drivers via gasoline taxes and other car taxes.  He wants your money to pay for his inner city buddies and his environmentalist buddies who hate cars and trucks.

So I have some questions.  Who has made cars more expensive to buy?  Who has regulated cars and cafe standards to make cars more unsafe and less affordable for the middle class?  Who has created a GM - Chevy Volt, that catches on fire and is subsidized to the tune of $49,000 per vehicle....using money from those middle class taxpayers? Who loaned American taxpayer money to Fiskar to prop up a foreign car manufacturer connected to Al Gore?  Who has insisted on turning food into bio-fuels?  ( I grant that one was not his original idea...been going on for a while now, but he ramped it up.) Who has taken transportation money and blown it on bike lanes and greenways?  

The United States of America is under attack by domestic enemies.  Obama is just the most prominent public face of these domestic enemies today, but hardly the only one.   There are many in our government.   Just remember this November 6th.  Know they enemy. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The Obama administration wasted billions of dollars on supposed "Green" or "Clean" energy stimulus programs.  States and utility companies took the bait.  The economy and consumers took the hit.  The nation suffers.   It is as if a suicide pact has been made, only you and I didn't agree to it.

 A case in point would be Maine.  From Watts Up With That

 On September 26, 2012, the Maine Heritage Policy Center and Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research released a study which found that Maine’s current Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) Law, which mandates the minimum and maximum amount of energy consumers must purchase from various sources, will raise the cost of electricity in Maine by 8% in 2017. This 8% increase amounts to approximately $145 million in statewide consumption costs, and would cost Maine approximately 995 jobs, $85 million in real disposable income, decrease investment in the state by $11 million, and increase the average household electricity bill by $80 per year.

North Carolina also has an insane law requiring a percentage of so-called  "renewable energy" usage in our State.  Multiply this across each State in America doing this and imagine the damage to our economy from Obama's energy policies.  From The Manhattan Institute"

"Motivated by a desire to reduce carbon emissions, and in the absence of federal action to do so, 29 states (and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) have required utility companies to deliver specified minimum amounts of electricity from "renewable" sources, including wind and solar power."

"There is growing evidence that the costs may be too high—that the price tag for purchasing renewable energy, and for building new transmission lines to deliver it, may not only outweigh any environmental benefits but may also be detrimental to the economy, costing jobs rather than adding them. "

How did this happen?  Obama handed out stimulus money.  New York Times 2009
“It’s an investment that will double the amount of renewable energy produced over the next three years,” said Mr. Obama, who also promised that the bill would help “transform the way we use energy.”

The text of the bill is posted by the House Appropriations Committee here. This detailed summary is particularly helpful.
The provisions include:
* A large sum for energy efficiency, including $5 billion for low-income weatherization programs; over $6 billion in grants for state and local governments; and several billion to modernize federal buildings, with a particular emphasis on energy efficiency.
* $11 billion for “smart grid” investments.
* $3.4 billion for carbon capture and sequestration demonstration projects (otherwise known as “clean coal”).
* $2 billion for research into batteries for electric cars.
* $500 million to help workers train for “green jobs.”
* A three-year extension of the “production tax credit” for wind energy (as well as a tax credit extension for biomass, geothermal, landfill gas and some hydropower projects).
* The option, available to many developers, of turning their tax credits into direct cash, with the government underwriting 30 percent of a project’s cost
The Democrat Governor Perdue (of "suspend the elections" fame) came up with an executive order for Offshore Wind Power.  Evidently, the "executive order" disease is not just in the White House.

"Gov. Bev Perdue (D-NC) signed an executive order to create the Offshore Wind Economic Development Task Force, in conjunction with her veto of Senate Bill 709, which would have pushed the development of offshore oil and gas, as well as onshore gas fracking."

In case you are clueless as to why this is going on and who is driving this unconscionable madness, a commenter on Watts Up With That helped me out with the list of quotes below.  Read them and KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

* “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” – Obama, POTUS

* “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe” – Steven Chu, Obama’s Energy secretary

* “A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the United States” – John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar

* “Isn’t the only hope for this planet the total collapse of industrial civilization? Is it not our responsibility to ensure that this collapse happens?” – Maurice Strong, UNEP Director

* “My goal is to destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness… returning throughout the world.” – David Foreman, Earth First co-founder

* “In my opinion, these CEOs of fossil energy companies should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature.” James Hansen, NASA Goddard

* “We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.” Gene Hashmi, Greenpeace communications director 

* “We have wished, we ecofreaks, for a disaster… to bomb us into the stone age, where we might live like Indians with our localism, our gardens, our homemade religion.” – Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Catalogue

* “In the history of mankind we witness Nature’s desperate struggle against an error of her own evolution…. If there were a button I could press, I would sacrifice myself without hesitating if it meant millions of people would die,” Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola

Monday, October 1, 2012


I opened the newspaper today to read an AP report: 

"As of Monday, Medicare will start fining hospitals that have too many patients re-admitted within 30 days of discharge due to complications."  

The article goes on to say: 

"About two-thirds of the hospitals serving Medicare patients, or some 2,000 facilities will be hit with penalties averaging around $125,000 per facility this coming year, according to government estimates."

According to AP: 

"The penalties are part of a broader push under President Barack Obama's health care law to improve quality while also trying to save taxpayers money."

"Improve quality while trying to save taxpayers money?"  Who is AP fooling?  You better have a good supplemental insurance policy folks, because hospitals will not be financially able to admit you on a second health episode within 30 days if you are on Medicare.  That is assuming the hospital you go to will allow you to just use your supplemental.  And that your supplemental will be allowed to cover whatever the need is under the Obamacare rules.  And that the hospital will even take a chance on admitting you at all.

So who is pushing granny off the cliff in a wheelchair?  Do you think it is Paul Ryan?  Obama claims he is "saving Medicare?"  Sure.  Saving it by fining hospitals or forcing hospitals to not allow a re-admittance for the elderly?  

What is the hospital supposed to say to patients?  "Oh, sorry."  "We can't let you in our hospital because ....because....well....hmmm....because Lyndon Baines Johnson set up a socialist program that ruined medical care in this country...and oh, by the way, Obama won't let us take care of you because Johnson's program is another failed socialist program."

This is all very nice since the Federal government requires you to sign up for Medicare at age 65.  You don't sign up, they take your first born child or some disastrous such penalty will be paid.  So they force you into a system you may not want in the first place, and then you are facing the mercy (lack thereof) of the Federal government punishing your hospital for taking care of you.  How does that work, folks?  

Let's say you are 70 yrs. old and admitted for surgery.  They send you home.  15 days later you are battling an infection from the surgery, because you are 70 yrs. old and your immune system is just not quite as great as it used to be.  Let's say your mom is 80 yrs. old and comes down with pneumonia.  They treat her at the emergency room for breathing difficulties and send her home.  A week later the pneumonia is not cleared up and she relapses.  She needs more care.  Hmmmm.....what do you think the hospital will say?  Sorry, lady, Obama won't let you back into this hospital?  There are any number of scenarios you can imagine with this.  The bottom line is that Obama has decided the elderly are not worth the care under Medicare.  

In case you missed it, please go look up Ezekial Emanuel's book, "The Complete Lives System."   (Yes, that is Rahm's charming brother who advises less or no care for the very young and the elderly.)  Ezekiel Emanuel wrote a large part of Obamacare.   Below is a chart showing Emanuel's level of spending per age of patient.  And look what happens as the patient arrives at 60 yrs. of age. 

Quoting the article:  "Dr. Emanuel concedes that his plan appears to discriminate against older people, but he explains: "Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocation by age is not invidious discrimination. . . . Treating 65 year olds differently because of stereotypes or falsehoods would be ageist; treating them differently because they have already had more life-years is not."

 What did he just say?  What planet are we on?

We are being ruled by evil in the United States of America.  Lying evil.   And to those former friends of mine who voted for this evil....good luck with your parents and yourselves when you need hospital care.  You asked for it.  You got it.  Pure evil.  The only thing I wish is that each of you would pack your bags and move right now, immediately, to socialist Europe where you belong.