Sunday, May 31, 2009

Truth from Pravda!

Oh, the irony! To find a Russian columnist who has more honesty than all of the Western mainstream media and the guts to tell the truth. And not only that, but publish it in Pravda. I am astounded and amazed. I am also somehow comforted to know that there are some very smart people in the world who see what is going on here and not afraid to say it.

MUST READ: Mat Rodin's Amazing Truth in Pravda I have also placed a link on the right to Mat's blog for more insights from this very astute writer. I thank him for sharing his views and his research with the world.

Aside: I've not been writing or painting for the past two weeks because of the work involved in placing my Dad into assisted living and closing out his apartment. Those of you who have been through this know what it takes. He is 91plus, a WWII vet, and getting very fragile physically. Mentally he is very "with it," and for that we are grateful. Plus, I have had the immeasurable help from my dearest husband and my daughter! So thankful to them!! I am hoping that as this week goes and he gets settled in, I will have more of my own time back for painting and writing. Meanwhile, keep up the good fight, read Mat's writings, and try not to give up on our dear country. We have to keep talking and letting people know we are not sitting here twiddling our thumbs while Rome burns..(I can't play a fiddle or I would have said,"fiddling!") :-) Stay tuned!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Killing the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs

There comes a time when there is so much wrong that you don't know where to start to try to correct the situation, when language has been twisted, morals have been distorted, thought has been turned into indoctrination, and intellect has been traded in for political correctness. There is a wonderful childhood story entitled, "The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs. I want to get across to you that America was full of Geese who laid Golden Eggs. Individuals who rose, out of whatever circumstance they were in, to contribute whatever eggs they laid to support their families, their employees, and their communities. It was a country full of these Geese that created a thriving, successful, creative, superior manner of existence for all of us. The government allowed these Geese to prosper and, thereby, a lot of golden eggs arrived. This formula worked fine until the government started meddling and stealing the eggs. And that stealing began in the 1920's with the Roosevelts. Wanting more, the government gradually has and is now in the process of killing the Geese.

Now,in the case of a cake recipe, when it fails, you throw it out and start over with a recipe that you know works. In the case of catastrophic policies, when they fail, you throw them out and start over with policies that are tried and true, that you know will work. In the case of bureaucrats and politicians, when they are ruining the country and tearing apart the fabric of common sense, you speak up to them and throw them out. In the case of teachers who are teaching anti-American, anti-family, anti-reason to our children, you should step up and demand they get out of our school system. When the government continues to pile on, day after day, un-Constitutional laws and the use of force against our freedoms, families, and businesses, you need to yell at the top of your lungs, "Stop it already!!!"

Obama and the Socialists in government are killing the Goose that laid the golden eggs. A few of us have been yelling at them to stop. A few of us are trying very hard to enlighten the indoctrinated. But the indoctrinated don't want to listen. They want to get part of those golden eggs that they didn't earn, so they are happy to let Obama kill the goose on their behalf. And there are those who have been seduced into thinking that life is so unfair that Obama is salvation for some misplaced collective guilt. They actually think that when the goose is dead, there will be any eggs to grab. They are seduced by the lyrical lies of the politically powered machine that is going to be dining on that goose until every shred of the flesh is gone. And then what?

How do I come to this strange analogy between the Goose with Golden Eggs and the Government? I heard Barrack Obama's speech at Notre Dame over the weekend. I listened to him admonish his audience to give up "self interest," to reject "crass materialism and greed." At which point, I thought, this guy is co-opting the language to suit his own desire of greed to kill the goose. I also thought to myself that he is talking to college students who, because of socialist government policies, now hardly have opportunities to find jobs except in the government sector. Think of yourself as a graduating college senior and the message you get from the President of the United States is this: Forget your own self-interest, forget your aims to gain financial independence, forget your desires to live in a nice house surrounded by useful furnishings, forget your wish to support your own family, put aside any ideas you have had to succeed in commercial endeavors.....your goals are now only righteous on behalf of the government and what the government wants from you is to support IT. This President is telling the graduating class of Notre Dame that their only worth is collective, to give to those who do not produce. Only dead Geese allowed in this country. Plucked to death and then necks wrung for roasting. Excuse the phrase, but HOLY MOLEY!

So, if you were a gosling, growing up dreaming of laying golden eggs, you might as well forget it now. You have been deemed a "greedy, selfish, materialistic Goose and your eggs belong to the government bureaucrats. Your Goose is cooked. In Obama's world, you exist for his produce eggs for his collective healthcare, his collective manufacturing of cars and transportation, his collective energy system, his collective education system, his collective mortgage and banking system, his collective everything.

UNLESS....and UNTIL you decide the U.S. Constitution is worth defending and you can vote out and fight off the politicians who are in the business of killing, the former Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.

P.S. Please feel free to send this to all of the people you know who could use a smack of truth or who can explain to their children that this illegitimate President is stealing their futures.