Monday, October 21, 2013


Birds of a feather flock together.  What do Common Core and Obamacare have in common?  Lots.  Both are huge programs that started out as ideological theories foisted onto the states by way of deception.  Governors were placed in the cross hairs to implement both of these monoliths of control over citizens' lives.  

Common Core came into the states with a bribe.  "Play our little game of winning grants called Race To The Top and you will win a Federal curriculum to be implemented in every school in your state."  The states who took Race To The Top money had to agree to this Federal curriculum called Common Core.  Sound familiar?

Obamacare was to waltz into the states with Federal Healthcare Exchanges (bribes) with the attached Federal spending on those.  Take the money for the Exchanges and your state can "win" by having more Federal monies for Medicaid.  Same methodology of bribes.

In both situations, governors of the states had to make a decision.  Go for the Federal money?  Or stand for state sovereignty and remain independent.  (North Carolina did not accept Federal Exchanges for Obamacare.  Thankfully.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, most citizens have been left out of the decision process and in the dark on what exactly Common Core and Obamacare are.  As usual, the devil is in the details.  And the Federal mob of money pushers don't want citizens to know exactly what is in these two gems being foisted upon them.  Americans are finally finding out "what is in it."  (as Pelosi would say.)

What else to these two giant atrocities have in common?  Data collection is at the top of the list.  The Federal government wants to know everything about everything about everyone's life.  As Mark Steyn said today on Rush Limbaugh's show, they want to know how many bisexual drug addicts you've been having sex with and if you own guns.  Can there be a good reason for this?  No.  But teachers and doctors are now being tasked with collecting data on you, your children, your family life, your sex life, your eating habits, your energy use, your transportation choices, ad infinitum. 

Both, Common Core and Obamacare, are illegal under the Constitution of the United States.  The Federal government has NO authority to compel curriculum for public schools.  In fact it is forbidden for the Federal government to do so.  They make it seem "voluntary" by wrapping it in Federal funding with poison strings.  Take the money..and bingo bango...they have you by the you know whatsits. 

On Obamacare, every aspect of it is illegal from the process of passage to the implementation of it.  The bogus argument that we are hearing from legislators and the media that "this is the law and we have to follow it," must be beaten down with the light of Constitutional truth.  

The other thing I would mention they have in common is reduction in quality and standards.  Both, Common Core and Obamacare, are intentionally designed to lower the quality and standards that Americans have been able to access.   Both programs have been rolled out without due diligence to the results.  Both programs have been designed by globalist factions who are determined to bring Americans down to the level of either European socialism or the third world.  Both programs are designed to force people to look to government for all of the answers in life.  And the answers both programs provide are illogical, unaffordable, and filled with Marxist ideology. 

Here is a difference in the two programs: 
In the case of Common Core, state leadership is key.  With Common Core, the legal authority is still there, with the states, to comply or not.  It is still slightly possible to avoid Common Core by taking your children out of the public school system.  However, the testing and materials in curriculum are gearing all toward Common Core.  It isn't easy to avoid, but it can still be done somewhat. 

In the case of Obamacare, Washington leadership is critical. In healthcare, we have only one choice and that is to get representation in Washington to call off the dogs.  Because Obamacare is designed to kidnap every individual citizen, we are at the mercy of our representation to get rid of it.  And you can see where that went with the debt ceiling vote.  So far we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  There is no escape route short of Washington representation.  I hope those of my readers are very busy working toward changing that representation to Constitutionalists. 

The same "progressive," "globalist,"crew of one world government is bringing both Common Core and Obamacare into America, no matter which political party is doing it.  These two programs are part of the same package.  We WILL get rid of them.  Yes, I mean the rid of progressives as well as their horrific programs.  If not, America bites the dust.  I'm not ready to bite the dust yet.

( Note:  In case you are wondering what is slowing down my posts again here lately, I am fine.  But I am busy.  I have been working hard, networking with our state legislators on issues.  Two issues in particular lately; Smart Meters and proposed toll roads.  I've been attending events for these legislators to continue to develop relationships with them.  We are very fortunate to have some locally elected legislators who are on our side and who truly are working hard for us.  Also, a Lt. Governor who is admirable in his efforts and his convictions.  I attended a 'meet and greet' fundraiser for our Lt. Governor Tuesday with Rick Santorum as guest speaker.  I've also been working with our Tea Party, creating resolutions and planning our work on local issues.  We have a candidates' forum next month for contenders in the race to gain the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Kay Hagan.  Last Thursday evening we had our Tea Party meeting and three of our state legislators came as well as two city councilmen and a candidate for sheriff.  I am proud of our Tea Party here.  It's tough work, all volunteer, and the people on our board are giving it the best they've / we've got.  The Tea Party is hardly dead where I live, thankfully!  All of this is hardly what I thought was going to be my job description for this time in my life....but here we are!  It never seems enough.  Am reporting this for Jim G., my buddy in he knows we are not giving up! )

Monday, October 7, 2013


Our local newspaper today printed and editorial lamenting the so-called "unintended consequences" of ethanol mandates in our gasoline supply. Surely, I thought, they have to be joking. Unintended? You would not have to be a rocket scientist to realize the impact to corn prices and, therefore, food supply chain reactions because of ethanol mandates and subsidies. Unintended my foot!  I'm not a rocket scientist and I'm pretty sure that if you deliberately reduce supply of a commodity to support food staples, whether for livestock or humans, the price of food "necessarily sky rockets!"

The crazy thing is that I see the phrase "unintended consequences" all over the media lately.  I guess the authors of articles for mass public consumption want us to believe the government is made of really smart smart people, but the results of their policies are unintended?  Does the media want you to sympathize with the policy makers? Do they want you to think those brilliant geniuses didn't really mean to screw things up for certain people?  This is proof positive that media is convinced the public is too stupid to learn the truth, and / or media is deliberately dumbing down the public on purpose, which becomes a self-fulfilling, circular prophesy.

Here is an article headlined, " 100 Unintended Consequences of Obamacare."  Who are they kidding?  If you think any of the fallout from Obamacare is unintended, I've got a bridge in Arizona to sell you.

And now we have the Debt Ceiling argument and no one is talking about generational theft.  Well, actually some people are talking about it.  Before It's News  Obama HAS to raise the debt ceiling or the U.S. can't borrow enough money from future generations to pay for Obamacare. 

The image above is from an article written in 2009.  (ref. below)  So you think the Obama administration and the communists who put this thing in place didn't know what damage this was going to do to the United States' economy?  It looks to me that the implementation of Obamacare is going to cost more than Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid put together and strap the cost on younger future generations, our grandchildren and their children.  That is assuming the nation even has a chance of surviving this at all, which I believe it cannot.  So that debt is "unintended?"  Just another unintended consequence of horrific policies...just like the Social Security authors never projected or anticipated the shift in population equations?  Oh, poor geniuses.  They just can't seem to extrapolate the outcomes of their own creations.  OR...if they can, this entire current scene we are witnessing is completely deliberate...not "unintended" at all.  I pick both...dumb and evil.  Theft is always evil.  Putting dumb AND evil people in positions of authority in our nation is suicidal. 

Poor poor Obama was out there explaining away the online glitches of Obamacare this week, saying  the glitches were just some normal occurrence from opening such a large government run marketplace to the public.  Obama didn't really mean to triple insurance costs for most people. Nah. That is just an "unintended" consequence.  He didn't really mean to force so many out of work and off their current insurance plans. It MUST be unintended. Otherwise the public would realize the O in the White House would be a lying, mean, vindictive S.O.B.  we can't have that, now can we?  People might get a wee bit angry with the POTUS.  (They've got that covered with FEMA and DHS, so not to worry if things get a bit heated.  The intention there is to shut down any dissention...with intended  and violent force.)

From articles I've seen the past day or so, the shutdown has only shut down 15% of Federal government activities.  And those that are shut down are selected by the White House.  How's that for "unintended?" 

Friends, nothing you see is "unintended" from the Obama administration.  NOTHING.  All of it is intended.  Obama and the people running this government right now are nothing more than an extortionists / thieves, just like the mob. 

Image from Styner - Just Thinking blogspot

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


For the last year we have been watching private sector companies lay off employees, close facilities, stop covering health insurance for employees, and generally struggle to survive, if at all. The announcements are coming faster and more prevalent every day.  All of this is due to the devastation caused by government policies, and especially Obamacare.  Livelihoods gone.  Joe Citizen's or Jane Citizen's private sector livelihood was / is essential to him or her.  But the government enforcers don't give a rip about that.

Now, today, we finally ....finally...get to watch the same Obama government scream and holler about just being furloughed with pay?  Now we find out that 93% of the EPA employees are considered "non-essential."  John C. and Jane C. have been struggling to pay their taxes and bills, only to find out today that 93% of that EPA agency isn't even necessary.  Wow.  Now there is a revelation.  93% of EPA Employees Considered Non-Essential. 

According to Obama, the private sector is non-essential.  The only reason in his mind for the private sector to exist, if at all, is to prop up a larger and larger government sector, so for five years he has been sucking all of the life out of the private sector.  As he deliberately puts the private sector out of business, his prop can't possibly prop up his grand scheme of all government all of the time.  You would think that any living breathing human being in the middle kingdom with a brain could see where this leads, but no.  We have seriously demented idiots in this nation who have no clue, sadly.  Some of them still admit they don't care.  My hope is they will be made to care when they suffer the sorry fate of Obama's policies.  Meanwhile, the scales are over their eyes and they are blind.

Let the hew and cry come forth from the government employees who are suddenly facing ....what?  Paid vacations?  There is no justice in this.  Paid vacations?  Let's make these vacations permanent with no pay, shall we?  That would be justice.  The only other suggestion I have is to permanently rid ourselves of the current family that occupies the White House, along with all of the Congress members who have supported the unconstitutional government in place right now.  Permanently.  Meaning... not a lay-off or a furlough. 

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