Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I was thinking this morning that this current generation is going through what we went through regards to war. (Fewer dead, thousands maimed, vividly painful just the same.) Liberating Southeast Asia from communism, liberating the Middle East from terrorism. Yet communism (under whatever ideological tag ~ fascism, socialism, communitarianism, etc.) and terrorism are both thriving, merrily rampant, here and abroad. The globalists are laughing all the way to the bank.

We freed Europe from Nazism-Socialism (WWII).....what do you see there? Socialism.

But, wait....it is so much worse than that.  Now our military is told their mission is to fight Global Warming? Really? America was the last place on earth...falling fast, taken over by inches .....over decades of dumbing down, culture rot, and centralized power.

If you are sitting there thinking this (globalism - "we are the world" rubbish) is for your own good, or this government has the answers for peace and prosperity, you haven't been watching. I guess you will just tell your children you sat this out, played golf, went to the mall, didn't get involved. It was too much trouble to stand up or do the hard work of looking under the slick, shiny, marketing schemes to see what is really being stolen from (us) them.
And now we have a foreign invasion on the southern border with our own government orchestrating it. Today U.S. Embassies worldwide are flying the gay Rainbow flag to celebrate homosexuality.  While Common Core indoctrinates our school children with that same flag.   Hip hip ....isn't that great?

Yep...sovereignty is dead. Long live the globalists!