Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sigh. Think. Exhale CO2. Type. Inhale. Exhale CO2. Type. Type. Exhale CO2. Lights on. Air-conditioning on due to 95 degree heat. Type. Type some more. Exhale CO2. Make a cup of tea, using water, using tea packet packaged in paper, using microwave oven. Think. Computer search pertinent subjects. Make some toast using bread, baked in ovens, wrapped in plastic bag, using electric toaster. Type. Exhale CO2. Type some more. Wipe hands with paper napkin so as to not mess up keyboard with buttery fingers. Inhale. Exhale more CO2. Think. Type some more.

How guilty are you for your nasty despicable carbon habits? You are sooooo bad. Even worse if you are a greedy (and especially American) user of energy. Ooooohhhhh, you are soooooo bad. Exhaling all that CO2. Having toast and tea on a hot summer day in air-conditioned bliss. You can't be worth your salt on the earth if you are using carbon based energy. Of course salt is bad, too, so that can't be worth much. All of your recycling efforts were not enough to satisfy 'their' desires for paradise. The trees you planted didn't get 'them' what 'they' wanted. The hybrid vehicle you bought did not buy you out of your guilt. You will pay for your terrible, most disgusting, evil, indiscretions. You are a plague upon the earth and 'they' will punish you for your evil ways. 'They' know you can't achieve carbon neutrality and still be alive. 'They' have figured you out, you selfish, undeserving, pimple on the planet. You are the cause of all that is bad.

'They,' who are so much smarter than you, have blitzkrieged the country with propaganda to mold your mushy minds and assure submission to their plans for you. 'They' are using the Churches to push their environmental agenda. 'They' have told your children how bad you are. 'They' have made your children believe that human beings are a scourge that must be reined into environmental submission so the Earth can survive. 'They' (Franklin Raines who scammed Fannie out of 90 million dollars while letting the company go broke) bought the patents for carbon tracking devices for your home using your tax dollars through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The President's cronies own the Chicago Carbon Exchange which is set to rake it in with carbon offset trading when cap and tax rules are in place. You know, the environmental shake-down money you will have to pay to use your toaster or heating your house. The same buddies are owners of Shore Bank in Chicago, where 'They' promote micro-lending to Kenyans, who can't pay back the loans, while the bank gets bailed out with your tax dollars.

'They' know who you are and where you live. They' will find you and make you suffer for wrecking their terrestrial utopia. 'They' are planning their revenge against you and you can't stop them. 'They' are taking every piece of land they can get their hands on through eminent domain, lands conservancies, greenways, and walking trails, so you will no longer despoil their Earthly perfection with your home or industry. (The Federal government already owns nearly 30% of all land in America.) If you can't stop yourself from driving your car, cooking in your kitchen, heating and cooling your home, exhaling CO2, then 'They' will charge you fees you can't afford. 'They' have set up unelected local authorities through the EPA who have no accountability to voters and who will decide who uses what resources to 'their' ends. To insure your submission and compliance with 'their' vision of utopia, 'they' will place Smart meters on your home, gps devices in your car, tax you for your non-compliant appliances, take away your incandescent lightbulbs, tax your airline flight, tax your tickets to entertainment venues, tax and cut your water usage, tax your hair-dresser, tax your nail salon, tax your local deli, tax your (exhale CO2) dry cleaner, anything that moves, or doesn't. 'Th(e)y' will be done on earth.

Think. Inhale. Type. Exhale CO2. Sigh.

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Just for fun, below is a video of how carbon trading works. Unfortunately at the end you will see, these brilliant two young Brits who created the satire in the video evidently still think there is some stupid Global Warming problem, but I hope they will get their minds right on that as well. Aside from this, the video is terrific. Here is their clever website:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND used to be. Most of Americans are clueless about an international land grab using our complicit elected officials which is eroding property rights and literally taking American land out of our sovereign domain. Some foolish "do-gooder" Americans, who think they are on the side of the environment, are giving themselves brownie points for helping Bambi and Crocodiles when in fact they are handing over United States territory to the crooks of the United Nations. If you want to know who has been responsible stewards of the environment, you have only to look at the American people. If you want to know who is bastardizing the use of the environment and raping the resources, you need only to look at corrupt governments both here and abroad.

I bring this up because it was the United States government who told BP to drill 5000 ft. down in deep water instead of in shallower or safer areas. It is the U.S. Federal government who stopped Bobby Jindal from protecting the Louisiana coastline immediately after the explosion. It was Obama who rejected help from those countries and businesses who could have stepped in immediately and stopped the oil from spreading further. It is Obama who took more campaign money from BP than anyone else. It is Obama's government who forced BP to drill farther out and deeper than safe limits. It is Obama who is now declaring the gulf off limits to oil drilling, putting thousands more Americans out of work and causing an energy shortage on the horizon. Nevermind that Obama has committed 2 billion dollars to Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, for deep water drilling and that Petrobras just happens to be a pet investment of Obama's benefactor George Soros. Obama and Soros. Do you think for one minute either of them gives a rip about the environment? What a pair of evil bastards. Am I allowed to say that on blogger? I hope so. And I mean it, sincerely.

It is our government who sets energy policies that misuse and force the land out of shepherding private hands, into the hands of corrupt NGO's or corporate bribers, so the government can control and gain from the rape of resources and disallow anyone from actually making a living off of the land and resources. This is at once an assault on three fronts: one, private property rights, two, U.S. sovereign territory, and three, freedom bought and paid for with American blood.

Just as it is Obama's Federal government, who now wants to stop Arizona from protecting its citizens from illegal immigration, it is the Federal government who has orchestrated and manipulated the gulf oil spill into a crisis for an excuse to starve America of much needed energy. If you are looking for villains, they reside in Washington DC, the Capitol, the White House. You know as well as I do that Americans are being used and abused by national and international manipulators who wish us ill. The success of Americans has been a target since the American revolution. Our fight is not yet won. We will keep fighting.

So last week the Feds blocked Americans from access to a 3500 acre National Park on the border with Mexico, stating it is no longer safe due to illegals' activities, drug trafficking, etc. Hmmmm...instead of protecting the park for Americans, let's just prohibit Americans from setting foot into their own National Park. Not a big deal, you say? This is but one of thousands of Federal prohibitions on what used to be OUR land to which we no longer have access. Those who died in the Mexican-American war have to be rolling over in their graves.

From the Redwood forest to the gulf stream waters...this land belongs to the United Nations Wildlands project, Obama's minions, Al Gore, George Soros, The Lands Conservancy barons, and everyone else but those of us whose families fought and died to protect our country from just this sort of tyranny. Below you will find the United Nations map of the United States of America. How much of it do you think Americans will have left before Obama is out of office? How much energy will Americans have left to power this country? How much money is going down the drain to power the Globalist / Socialist in Chief?

The ultimate goal of Wilderness advocates is implementing the United Nations Wildlands Project to make over 50% of America off limits to human use.

Areas in RED would allow little or no human use. In the West the majority of the areas not in Red would be highly regulated buffer zones.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If every time you stand up you are slapped down, soon you will no longer stand up. If every time you speak up you are ridiculed or ignored, soon you will no longer speak up. If every time you vote, your votes are ignored, pretty soon you will lose interest in voting. Is this apathy? Not really. It is a psychological discouragement to act. It is a twist on Pavlov's dog theory where encouragement begets action. In the case of the voter, it is the discouragement of action. Pavlov's training works both ways: action or non-action. When voting becomes a waste of your time and effort, why do it? Why bother to research the issues? Why bother to look into a candidate's qualifications? Why bother your little head to consider voting at all? Votes don't matter, so what is the point? Referendums have become a joke. Or a token crumb thrown out there to make the public think they can have some say in the matter, when in fact the public vote carries no weight with arrogant politicians. As politicians continue their march to arrogantocracy (see definition below), the public loses motivation to vote. And this discouragement of a despairing electorate only serves the politicians who play more and more to a narrowing group of special interests. People are not apathetic. People have been trained by politicians to stay home, sit down, and shut up because their votes don't matter. Good little lap dogs.

This is the lesson the public is being taught time and again, over and over for the last several years of our elections. The turn out in the recent primary election was pathetic. Is it any wonder?

Today we learn that, in spite of the votes against the parks referendum, the City Council and the Mayor have decided to borrow more money, committing the voters to more interest payments for what these politicians want. A park. In an economy where people need jobs and are struggling to make ends meet, by all means let's put them further into debt, tax them more, and renovate a park. And using a low voter turnout as an excuse, they say the vote didn't really reflect a true majority. So those who did take the time and effort to vote can be batted away as if their votes were null and void. If low voter turnout is some plausible reason, then couldn't you use the same low voter turnout to remove the same politicians from office? Those politicians who are elected in less of a majority of the entire electorate cannot operate with authority because they did not achieve a true majority. Using Mayor Stultz's logic, the election is not valid due to low turnout and must be ignored. Well, that makes me wonder what the percentage of electorate turnout was when she was elected. Maybe we should look into that. Do any of the past recent elections in this country reflect a "true" majority of the people? When Mayor Stultz was elected in 2007.... A little more than 17 percent of the county’s registered voters came out to the polls during the last municipal election in 2007, down from 19 percent in 2005, according to the Gaston County Board of Elections.">Reference

Like the arena referendum in Charlotte, politicians ignored the vote. Just as Obama ignored the fact that well over 63% of Americans do not want his Health Care Reform, he ignores the will of the people. If you wonder why, over the past years, the public has become either disengaged or angry, you only have to look at our own local government for the answer. Politicians at all levels of government have rigged for themselves too much power and no accountability to the electorate. "Nice work if you can get it" comes to mind.

Sooner or later the public will be angry enough to stand up, speak out, and get rid of this arrogance in government. Sooner would be better than later.

This definition is by Michael Dingake, columnist who was referring to Zimbabwe and Botswana at the time.

"It is a new term, which defines a peculiar shade in a government, particularly in so-called democracies; generally the phenomenon manifests itself in parties who have been in power for a long time; invariably such [parties] become arrogant, conceited, too self-confident to imagine they can ever be disposed by earthly means."