Thursday, December 24, 2009


Graph Source: Charities Aid Foundation 2006

Over the last several years we hear more and more how stingy and greedy Americans are. The socialists and the United Nations repeat this mantra over and over in the media in an attempt to make Americans think they are the Ebenezer Scrooge's of the world. Yet America is the country everyone turns to in crisis for aid. The psychology of this is damning, exposing the socialists as rather like a spoiled brat who always throws a tantrum if he doesn't get more and more of what he wants. Which is exactly what they are and this is what they do. They lie, cheat, and steal, whine, and call names. The maturity level is really low, but the moral level is worse.

The reason I'm posting this message, on Christmas in particular, is to try my best to counter the demonizing of America and Americans. I also want to remind Americans that we can only be charitable within the bounds of our financial health. The more the socialists "redistribute," the less we have with which to be charitable. If we are soaked by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama with higher taxes, Health Care, Cap and Trade, and endless Stimulus bills, we will have little left to give. We don't need to listen to these naysayers and liars. Like all of the rest of their political games, calling Americans greedy only serves their purposes. America is absolved by the figures, shown below and the graph above, recounting the the truth of the matter...... Americans can hold their heads high and be joyful for all we have had and have given!! Now, if Americans can figure out how to save our liberty from the thieves of redistribution, maybe we can maintain our charitable place in the world. If not, we may become either like the rest of the countries shown, or we may become the target of charity rather than the source. If ever there was a case of killing the Golden Goose, Obama is by all accounts bleeding the Goose by intense hemorrage. The Goose is going to dry up and die. You cannot give what you don't have. Simple common sense. Unfortunately, that truth has escaped Obama who takes from some to give to others. He gives you will have nothing left to give. What a concept.

In the meantime, don't buy into the guilt trip and the lies. We know who we are. We don't need to be redefined by the political left and globalists who are salivating at picking us dry. What we need to do is flat out tell them...."no, you are not stealing from me to pay off SEIU, ACORN, or any of your other Marxists cronies or corporate shills." The new chant for Obama's ears.....NO YOU CAN'T....and NO YOU WON'T.

We need to redeem ourselves in the name of truth. Redemption and Salvation....the meaning of Christmas.

Hoven's Index for December 24, 2009

US charitable giving in 2008: $312.65 billion.

As percent of GDP: 2.2%.

Who gave (as percent of total):

Individuals: 75%.

Foundations: 13%.

Charitable bequests: 7%.

Corporations: 5%.

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