Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Christmas holidays are upon us.  And because of this time of year, so full of hugs and well wishes, it's a bit more difficult to focus on the misdeeds and inappropriate acts of our government.  I would rather just focus on decorating our tree and saying nice things in the Christmas cards to our friends.  I would rather plan a party and listen to Christmas carols.  It would be nice to ignore Congress right now.  In fact, it would be nice to be able to ignore government and politicians at all levels today.  But they won't let us ignore them.  It's hard to ignore those persons who are deliberately sticking their middle fingers up at us, their thumbs on their noses, and their asses bare in our faces.  Trust me, I'd much rather be dreaming up Christmas dinner and anticipating my family's Christmas celebrations.

For my Christmas present to my readers, I thought I'd write a Christmas letter with examples of the presents that the left has already stuffed into our stockings, put on our Christmas trees, and is planning to force down our throats.  (We'd be better off with coal.  At least you can burn it for heating and energy.)  I give you Malaprops for Christmas!  For the purpose of understanding left-speak, I first give you the definition of "malapropism." 

–noun act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, esp. by the confusion of words that are similar in sound. instance of this, as in “Lead the way and we'll precede.”

Dear Friends,

It's been a very interesting year.  It has been snowing twisted language from our politicians all year, language that has been used to bring wonderment and awe upon the American landscape.

Nancy Pelosi promised "Ethics and Transparency" in the House.  By ethics and transparency she meant: Rangel gets a slap on the wrist and we don't "know what is in the bill until we pass it."  "Transparency" means only until they throw Julian Assange in the fireplace with the wrapping papers and finish buying off all that remains of the press.  Bells will be ringing!

Bring on the "Net Neutrality" regulations.  Hmmmm...where "neutrality" means you cannot use your blog to relate criticism of the government without competing pop up windows from leftist writers who want their views to override yours.   What this means is "neutralize the enemies' message"...enemies being you and me.  Think about it....."neutralizing" someone is not usually a friendly phrase.  Eggnog, anyone??

Next, lets contemplate Barack Obama's idea of American "Energy Independence."  This is where he shuts down all of our drilling and exploration of oil so we can pay through the nose for foreign oil, and keep subsidizing ethanol, windmills, and solar panels, all too expensive for middle class and poor people to keep up simple lifestyles.  "Independence" for and from whom???  Certainly not for you and me.  More lights on the tree this year?? Just wait 'til he decorates your house with Smart Meters!!  Now that should cut down on those joyful Christmas lights.

While we are on that subject, let's look at the "Green" energy policies which cause all appliances to be unaffordable unless subsidized with tax rebates, and cause housing construction prices to go through the roof.  Yep, green means you pay more.  The use of the word "green" is very in green dollar bills.  "Green" is what "they" get, while trying to convince you that you are a slug on the planet who doesn't deserve to keep what you earn and must pay "them" for their ability to create scarcities of resources. "Green" is what they get when you pay boatloads for a box of Corn Flakes while they subsidize corn based ethanol.  See?  Green means money.  And you thought it meant that pretty "greenery" you use to dress up your mantles for the holidays.  Silly you.   

Next up is "Social Justice."  This means that laws will be in favor of certain classes of people who thrive on making people think they are victims.  Racial justice, gay justice, minority justice....all meaning "justice" which can be had only in favor of particular groups.  It isn't 'justice" at all, but reparations being paid by people who did nothing to the supposedly offended class of so-called victims.  You owe something to someone because someone else in some other century did something bad to someone who died two or three hundred years ago.  Or, you didn't happen to hire a gay person or a brown person for whatever reason, but you should pay for that.  Or, more brown persons are in prison for crimes they committed, but they should not be punished because fewer white people are in prison.  Get it??  Justice?  I don't think so, but Webster's dictionary is being "transformed" for purposes of political favortism. Think of it as a Christmas Cookie Swap, where the left gets what someone else made, but didn't bring any cookies to swap.  Nice deal, eh??

"Health Insurance for pre-existing conditions!"  Now there is a star for your Christmas Malaprops tree.  Insurance is a risk based endeavor you purchase.   Or was.  Now, thanks to Obama, "insurance" is a mandate and an entitlement.  In Malapropsland, insurance means, "pay for this or I'll shoot you."  Actually, they'll garnish your wages and wreck your credit rating or seize your house, or take whatever else suits their greed.  Definitely a shining star at the top of your Christmas tree...placed there by a mostly Muslim guy who says he is a Christian, but bows to the Saudi Princes.  

Snow?  Did you say it is snowing??  Snowing in Malapropsland??  Indeed it is!!   I'd better go see if I can find some more "green" to pay for all these new ornaments on our tree this year.  

In closing, I hope you all manage to find lot of "green" (as in money),  and boxes of Corn Flakes, and reasonable insurance, and individual justice, and the free flow of information, and most of all, blessed independence from the Kings and Queens of Malapropsland.  

Merry Christmas to all.... and to all a free pocket Constitution!!! GET ONE HERE!
Best wishes and love,

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