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Is there a legal scholar out there who can help me with the issue of: Can the states, counties and cities implement an international treaty without the authorization of Congressional ratification? If you are out there, I'd love to hear from you.

As I have been trying to figure out the key to stopping the insanity of Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development - Smart Growth, a reader sent me an interesting proposition regarding the illegality of implementing these Agenda 21 / Rio Climate Treaty tenets without the ratification by our Congress. The reader asserts that because the Treaty was never ratified, the states, counties and cities are illegally adopting the Treaty anyway. I agree. However, I'm not sure what legal standing the people have to stop this insanity.

There is a modern, recent, term called "Soft Law." Basically, "soft law" refers to regulations that are not founded in Constitutional law, but are put in place arbitrarily without formalization by the voters. An example of "soft law" is the adoption of a "Vision Plan" to regulate citizen activity without referendum and without the knowledge of the voters. "Soft law" is giving legislators the power to go around the voters by using "stakeholder councils," corporations, NGO's, and activist groups as evidence of some sort of consensus. Consensus is not a referendum on a ballot. The consensus achieved this way is invalid. Consensus, in this scenario, is merely achieved by putting some like-minded people in a room with a facilitator to create a false idea of what "people" want. But it is just a few people and the outcome is always what those few people want...not a representation of the voters at large. What happens then is the outcome is presented to local councils and commissioners, and even state legislators, to convince the elected officials to enact a rule or regulation that the actual mass of the voting public doesn't want or never even heard of. This is an abuse of power and an attack on the rule of law in America. It is crony politics at its worst. And the voters are left with losing liberties by the boat load while the "stakeholders" get the cream off the top of everything.

"Soft law" is exactly how Sustainable Development is being forced on the public without consent or knowledge. "Soft law" is Smart Growth zoning and regulations which completely impede the free flow of commerce and property rights. Hard law is what our nation bases our rules upon. Hard law is being ignored and, for all intents and purposes, being removed from our governmental structure.

Article from Canada Free Press On Constitutional Powers
"So! Does The Constitution grant to Congress the power to make laws respecting the reduction of carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, etc. “emissions”? Is transferring
wealth from Americans to “poor” nations to compensate them for our “past emissions” one of the enumerated powers of Congress? Does The Constitution grant to the Executive Branch jurisdiction over carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor?"

My questions for our legal scholar are: Are the cities, counties and states enacting an international treaty without ratification by Congress? And if so, isn't that illegal? And, if illegal, how can the voters stop and annul the offending regulations? As above, does the Congress have the power to regulate redistribution of our money on the basis of natural animal emissions or water vapor? (the majority of CO2 is water vapor)

Write to me if you have some answers for this!
I'm hoping we can stop the madness through the rule of law, assuming anyone here in America still holds the Constitution as the basis for our laws.

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  1. "Is there a legal scholar out there who can help me with the issue of: Can the states, counties and cities implement an international treaty without the authorization of Congressional ratification?"

    There is. She blogs at Publius-Huldah. She is a lawyer and an expert on the constitution and the Federalist Papers. go to her site where you will find her e-mail address. Send her an e-mail stating your question and I assure you you will in a few days receive a thoughtful response. She has help me on three or four occasions. Here is the link:

    You can even tell her that I suggested that you should contact her. Tell it was Jim at Conservatives on Fire.

    Good Luck!


  2. Wow....thanks for this contact. I'll give it a shot and see if I can get some help on this.
    Mucho Gracias!!

  3. So, did you get an answer. I took an inernational law class and from what I can remember I think NO, they cannot enforce a treaty that has not been ratified. Not the law of the land. But knowing what you and I know today, do you really think they need any type of treaty to make laws, to legislate from the bench? Treaties dont mean anything, international law is often unenforceable. No matter how you call it, agenda 21 is here to stay. SICK!

  4. Not yet, Nina. I hope to hear back when Publius has time to answer. I think you are right, but it seems the devil is in the details, through changing the names of things and using the executive order instead....
    I think I'm going to drive myself crazy trying to find a way to undo this thing...get rid of it. Watch Huntsman and Romney talking about "climate change" and you know they are on board. Lunatics..or crazy as foxes.