Thursday, September 29, 2011


Let's face facts. Obama is not going after "the wealthy" to pay their fair share. The elitists, statists, and the greens are not attacking the poor or themselves. The object of their hatred is all aimed at the middle class. They can, will, and have controlled the poor. In fact they've been doing that for 100 years, since Wilson and FDR. Statists believe they have conquered those in the lower economic tier through welfare programs, unemployment insurance benefits, social services, public education, housing subsidies, and whatever other give-away programs they have used as bribes. And I could not argue their success. The poor, with their hands out, are not in a position to fight back.

Having accomplished their goals with the poor, they now are laser focused on the middle class. And it is this middle class who is giving them a fight. Blow back is coming at them through the tea party movement, through independents, through home-schoolers, through formerly employed manufacturing laborers, through small businesses, and through the middle class people who love the freedom to choose their own lifestyles. The middle class is still the group closest to the Constitution. The middle class is the group who has sacrificed the most lives in wars and defense of the nation. The middle class is the group who produced the goods that made the country self-sufficient. The middle class is the group of citizens who are outraged and appalled at the assault on the nation from within by the elites. So who does Obama perceive as his enemy? Who is the next victim class of the elite and statists? The middle class.

How do you kill the middle class? You eliminate their income potential. You kill their jobs. You destroy manufacturing. You make their lives miserable with regulations. You make their energy so expensive they cannot function. You ridicule their cultural and moral codes. You promote things to undermine their family structure. You tax them to death. You take over their communications. You attempt to track all of their activities. You humiliate them in airports, schools, media, and through their health care. You call them names. You inhibit their mobility and use their tax dollars to limit auto traffic, telling them they must walk or bike. You limit their food. You limit all of their independent survival abilities and micro-manage every aspect of their lives.

The middle class has become the enemy of the state (statists). It is only the middle class stopping the complete Communist takeover of the country.

Yes, we hear Obama going on about making the wealthy pay. But what is he actually doing? What he says and what he does are never the same thing. He's giving GE carte blanche to operate without taxes, and he is regulating the middle class out of options. He's handing out waivers to his favored few, while forcing the middle class into submission. He's funding more regulations than any one President has ever done. He's funding the takeover of rural America through his newly minted White House Rural Council. He's putting in place tracking devices through Federal funding. (the misnamed Smart Grid and more) He talks about responsible fiscal policy and has spent us, the middle class, into oblivion. All he says about making the wealthy pay their fair share is a joke. A very bad joke.

The wealthy are connected to the political class and so entrenched at the moment that, literally, they are untouched by the destruction. Obama is not changing that. Obama is living off of that. While his treasury secretary, Geithner, blamed his tax negligence on Turbo Tax, the rest of us would have lost our shirts for missing a tax payment. Nothing Obama plans to do will change that. In fact, his Obamacare debacle hires some 150,000 new IRS agents. You don't think those IRS agents are going after the likes of Geithner, do you? No. They will be going after the middle class.

The American middle class has been the envy of the world for most of my lifetime, that is until Obama came along. I would go further to say the American middle class has been the lifeblood of the country. Middle Americans, up until Obama's election, have had a better life than the majority of the planet, and for good reason. Americans earned it. This standard of living, up until recently, has been protected by the U.S. Constitution. The thorn in Obama's side is the U.S. Constitution which protected the individual rights of the middle class to live their lives, go about their lives in whatever lawful way they needed, and to practice their life skills to the best of their abilities. Obama has done more to undermine the U.S. Constitution and destroy the middle class than all of of the previous presidents combined. If he could, he would "transform" both out of existence, the Constitution and the middle class.

For all of these reasons and more, it is now up to the American middle class to save the country. The poor won't do it. For all intents and purposes, the poor are part of the statists creation and will not budge. The wealthy will not do it. The wealthy, also part of the statists creation, like their favored status so much that they will not let go of their power and influence. So who is left?

This is why the Marxists, the Michael Moore's, the Al Gore's, and the sycophant media are hell bent on destroying the middle class. We stand in the way. We are the enemies of the elitists, the statists, and the green Marxists. We are right now stuck, being squeezed, between the poor and the statists. We are the obstacle to Obama's "transformation." The question is, will the middle class stand up, fight back, say not just "No," but "Hell NO?"

(By the way, will someone please tell the progessive statists there WILL be an election in 2012, after which they are toast?! I'm sure Beverly Perdue, governor of my state, North Carolina, will be very disappointed about that.)

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  1. The main thing wrong with socialism, and Obama's plans are socialism in their purest form, is that you run out of people with jobs to pay for it.

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