Saturday, December 31, 2011


The one who is asleep here is our Bosley. The one above is Wilf the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. You can see why I think Wilf is adorable....because there is some resemblance to Bosley.

I have another political essay forming in my mind, but instead of writing on the dismal state of oppression coming at us, because it is New Year's Eve, I just have it in me today to share with you a precious blog about a dog. My New Year wish is for all good dogs to be loved. You see, I own a rescued mutt. His name is Bosley. I love Bosley and we love life with Bosley. He makes us laugh, he makes us happy, he interrupts me all day long when I am trying to write, and he keeps us on our toes when warning us about the squirrel family is raiding our bird feeders. In short, Bosley is just the sweetest and most adorable fellow who takes his job very seriously. Because I love Bosley and have had three great dogs in my life, I take notice when I see other adorable dogs and how they are loved by their families.

So for a little New Year cheer, today I am going to share another blog with you about a dog named Wilf. Wilf is owned by Angus (Which may be a pen name... I'm not sure.) and his wife who is called "the font." The family has a housekeeper named "Madame Bay." There are lots of other characters who light up the stories with Angus' writing skills. The family lives in a small town in France. Angus is a superior writer and has chronicled Wilf's and their lives with amusing and charming stories about the town and events in their lives. Some time ago, Wilf lost his brother, Digby, to cancer. And then, Wilf, himself, contracted cancer. But with incredible care and tons of love, Wilf has been saved a miserable death and goes on making life wonderful even though he is now blind. Whenever I'm down and feeling lousy about the world, I go to Angus' blog about Wilf and get lost in his stories of life in the little French town with their dog, Wilf. As you will see when you go to this blog, Angus does a great job of photography to illustrate his stories, too. I have fallen completely in love with Wilf and his owner's delightful journal of their lives together.

Here is just a little piece of Angus' writings from Dec. 9, this year:

"Seven thirty am . Amid a crashing of gears and a beep-beep of its asthmatic horn Madame Bay and her gold metallic ' Wild Child ' voiturette arrive at the front door . This morning our saintly cleaning lady is dressed in pulse quickening orange and purple . The tout ensemble crowned by a paisley patterned turban and a cascade of lemon chiffon .

This jarring vision of loveliness is the cue for Wilf and Angus to head off to the little cafe under the arcades . While the family fellow savours his half croissant , Angus reads the paper . Overnight there's been yet another European Union summit so the headlines are full of unseasonal doom and gloom. This is intermixed with a healthy dose of Anglo-Saxon bashing . The failure to reach agreement blamed on '' our friends the British " . A phrase liberally spread across the pages with relished bile. For a moment Angus thinks of joining the beer and absinthe set in a pre-breakfast tincture .

Dogs of course are untroubled by such things . They have an attitude to life that asks : " Will this matter tomorrow ? "

So here it is: Wilf And Digby Go read and have a HAPPY DOG NEW YEAR on me. It's back to politics the next time!


  1. I meant every word of it!!
    Happy New Year, Angus and Wilf's family!!