Friday, April 26, 2013


I was thinking of writing something else today on the abuse of tax dollars, but that took me to another larger perspective about how government doesn't recognize any limits on its power and controls over others.  The further I delve into public policy issues, the more I find that government entities at all levels are abusing the limits with taxing powers.  Limits?  What limits?  Did I say limits?  That may be a "duh" moment to most of you.  It's just that I am finding it is worse than I thought.  

Locally we are learning that different cities in our State are taking in taxes, fees, and funds to be used for specific purposes, but instead they are throwing those taxes into some other pot and frittering the money away.  No one stops them.  No holds are barred.  I've read that Charlotte, NC has been taking money out of the Airport pot of money and used it as a cash cow for other projects.  I learned today that Asheville, NC has done similar things with water and sewer monies.  Well, why wouldn't they think this is just fine since the Federal government has been doing this type of money juggling for years?  Didn't the Social Security money just magically disappear into the swamp? Who set the standard?  It's just the way things are done now, eh? 

The other cute game played by Federal and State governments is a language game. The leftists love language games.  Transportation taxes and fees collected from cars and trucks were established to be used on roads and bridges for cars and trucks.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  Transportation was redefined to mean walking and bicycling and hopping on a trolley car or light rail.  Those modes of transportation obviously do not pay anything for roads and bridges.  But the drivers over roads and bridges all of a sudden were co-opted into paying for walking, bicycling, mass transit, greenways, and other subsidized modes of getting around.  Transportation means mobility now. And the pot of money going into "educating" the public about how "sustainable" it is to do this is huge.  Millions paying for "educators" and training sessions.  Car owners / drivers can now pay for "educating people about how great it is to add bike lanes, crowding those cars right off the roads.  How clever is that?  Any kind of mobility?  Maybe they should add skate boards and scooters.   How about roller skates?  Segues?  Where does this end?

It doesn't.  And that's the reason that a sales tax was added to the sale of a house to pay for Obamacare.  There are no more restraints on taxes and the abuse of them.  The people in government have given themselves carte blanche to tax anything for the purpose of anything.  Ta da!!  Presto Change-o!  You think your property taxes are going to pay for your local services and schools?  Not so much.  You think gasoline taxes are paying for the road you drive on?  Not so much.  You think your utility fees are going to pay for utilities you use?  Well....maybe not.  Yes and no.  It's all up for grabs.

You might think education money would be used for school buildings, teachers, and text books.  Now education money is being used to grill children about their families' personal lives under the edicts of Common Core.   Education money is being used to buy equipment to track that data.  This is called "data mining."  Would you allow your children to be "data mined" by the Federal government?  This is data that will be used to feed the insatiable government appetite for information in order to control people.  Same same with Obamacare money.  A great chunk of it is going into data collection technology for the Federal government.  In what stretch of the imagination does the Federal government have a right to collect data from either students or from healthcare patients? 

And now we are talking about taxing internet sales?   News flash.  We already have internet sales taxes if you sell within your own state.  But now it will be a Federally run program, policed by the Federal government.  This time, taxing sales to other States.  You already pay shipping fees to a shipper who pays transportation and income taxes.  You already pay State and Federal income taxes.  And now...let's add another sales tax to the mix?  Another bureaucracy will be added.  Maybe it will just merge into the IRS?  Oh good!  Can't wait til all of that happens.  This has to be just great for intrastate commerce.  Right?  The excuse this time is.....wait for it..."fairness?"

I wonder if there is a system of government that restricts government from this bait and switch game.  Oh...maybe that was the Constitution.  Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...? 

No boundaries.  No limits.  Would you say some people are out of control?  Or as Ross Perot used to say about Mexico, can you hear that "giant sucking sound?"  Only this time it is from all levels of our own government and bureaucratic NGO's.  The biggest sucking sound is coming from Washington DC, but I'm finding this limitless thievery of money and of personal information is going on in every little nook and cranny. America is sucking itself dry. 


  1. As long as the majority of "We the People" have their heads in the sand or somewhere else, why would those in power push the limits of what they can get away with? The saddest thing is that I don't a clue of what it would take to get "We the People" mad enough to take their government back.

    BTW, Cheryl, I have tried three times to comment on your previous post, with no luck. Itried three different I.D. options before I let loose with an expletive, which I won't repeat. This time will try "Name URL" and see what happens.

    1. Glad you got through this time, Jim. !!! I always look forward to hearing from you! I have no idea what might have happened. I haven't blocked you ...that's for sure. I did have some spam on my art blog and marked those. But I don't know how that would have done anything to you...hope not.

      I am trying really hard to wake people up. So is our Tea Party group. I am also working with a friend in Charlotte on a slide show about Agenda 21..we are scheduled to debut next Monday. Lately I think one of the biggest hurdles we have is the entrenched / established Republicans who are fighting against the grassroots. It's going to take a huge effort and some time to throw those bums out. I see a big effort to do that in North Carolina. So....we are trying. Some days I don't think we can get there soon enough...the damage will be done by then. Then other days I think we might be getting through ...just enough to keep me going.

    2. Whenever I feel likgiving up on my fellow Americans, I think of you, Cheryl. You give me hope!

    3. :-) I saw a melee in the Venezuela parliament on a quick clip on Fox News yesterday...or maybe it was the day before. Thinking of you, too, Jim! I think we can add the word circus to your asylum....It's the Circus Asylum!! Clowns and wild animals everywhere!
      Smiles to you...