Sunday, December 8, 2013


 Seventy years ago America was in the midst of an unspeakable war of horrors, fighting two enemies on opposite sides of the world.  One Japan.  The other Germany.  The German National Socialists, otherwise known as NAZIs, used terror to control and annihilate citizens into submission.  If the American history I was taught has any grain of truth to it, America lost nearly a half a million people in the effort to beat the tar out of enemies in WWII.  As has happened in so many places throughout history, oppression is often replaced with just another version of oppression.  But in the aftermath of WWII, America rejoiced in the victory over NAZI and Japanese terrorism.  America did not replace the governments of enemies with more oppression.  America was proud and gave honor to all of the sacrifices made.  Supposedly, the narrative goes, America had triumphed over evil oppressors and forever forward would reject the oppression of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and tyrannical government of all stripes.  America was the best of the best and the strongest of the strong.  America earned respect and admiration for freeing the slaves in the 1800's and Europe in the 1940's.  We did what no other nation has ever done.

Fast forward to 2013.  Nelson Mandela dies and all of the victories America has earned have been shoved in the dust bin.  Now America's twisted and lame leadership is determined to show honor to a terrorist who was known for "necklacing" opposition.  The so-called President of the United States has ordered flags flown at half staff for a man who is responsible for thousands of deaths and singing tributes to Communism and killing white people.  To throw salt in this wound, the American people are going to be forced to pay for a trip to South Africa for our so-called President and family to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela.  South Africa is not our ally and, I don't believe, has ever been one.  Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain was our ally, but our so-called President showed no such interest in her passing and no such respect to Britain when she died.  

Did America send up tributes to Lenin or Stalin?  Or Hitler?  Has America sent up tributes to Mugabe, Ghaddafi, Mubarak?  What the heck is America doing by gushing kudos and kisses to Nelson Mandela?  America has lost its leadership minds! 

Tributes to a Communist?  Just like putting a Mao Tse Tung Christmas ornament on the White House Christmas tree a couple of years ago?  Just like flying Islamic flags to honor Muslims during Ramadan?  The leadership of America has lost its bearings.  My / our nation is no longer standing on the solid and hallowed ground of protecting freedom.  The American people are insulted.  I am insulted.  I am appalled and disgusted.  There is something really wrong going on here.  I just wonder if the news media, and those kissing up to the Mandela mania market, have a clue what sick insanity this really is.  Even Fox news and Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee,  and others, are sending out messages of tribute and respect for Nelson Mandela, a man who had no respect for America.  Today we hear that Ted Cruz is going to South Africa for the funeral after paying tribute to Mandela on his Facebook page.  Really.  Such a slap in the face of American families and American history is beyond Orwellian. News flash to the media and those political opportunists who jumped on this bandwagon; Americans may be dumbed down, but we're not THAT stupid.  I don't imagine there is any substantial amount of Americans who give a rip about Nelson Mandela's passing from this earth. The up-coming South African photo ops for the O and family?  Send them to someone who cares....not here.


  1. One has to be of a certain age to understand how bizarro the world has become. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers. Otherwise I would think I am "A stranger in a strange land".

    1. Isnt that the truth, Bunker! Me, too, grateful for you and our friends with a perspective of wisdom .....oh wait...are you trying to say I am older than dirt? LOL. It is hard to watch this train wreck!

  2. It's a strange world we live in, Cheryl. People forgive Mandela his atrocious sins because he nobly stood against the oppression of South African blacks by South African whites. So noble is anti-racism to many people that a terrorist and muderer is hailed as another Mahatma Gandhi who, as it were, spent many years in South Africa protesting the policy of Apartheid. Yes, there is something definitely wrong with those pictures.