Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why? Because We Can.

I've discovered recently that rules don't matter anymore, especially with regard to those with a predatory agenda. The rule of law doesn't matter. The Constitution doesn't matter. Politicians in general don't care about either the rule of law or the Constitution. Rules to live by, all gone out the window.

I learned this in a microcosm. A small organization that I belong to has non-profit status and is set up officially with by-laws. The by-laws have worked to the benefit of the organization's members for years. All was well until recently several of the people who established the organization have aged up and out, hoping to leave the group intact and operating under an established and beneficial structure. Newer people have moved in, which you might think would be a good thing in order to bring new energy and passion to the organization. But the new people weren't educated in the structure of the by-laws, have separate agendas, want to use the organization for other purposes than it is intended, and generally flout the rules as not relevant. The organization has, in this way, been co-opted and no longer represents the original intent of the established group. Funds are being misdirected to fund things the group does not support, and the organization no longer functions for the purpose it was intended. The new people in the group, when confronted with the misdeeds, just roll their eyes and generally take on a laissez-faire attitude. "Who cares? The rules don't apply to us. We can do whatever we want to do. We have the steering wheel and we can run the thing right off the cliff if we want to. Those old, strict, conventional types aren't in charge anymore. The world has changed."

Sound familiar? Out of the microcosm and into the larger sphere of our nation come the newer, disrespectful, careless mobs of misanthropes. Our country has by-laws. The U. S. Constitution, our by-laws, was written by people with a sense of history, high intelligence, and experiences that gave them wisdom. These by-laws were carefully constructed in order to protect our country, our individual citizens, from just the sort of insanity that is happening today. Yet these by-laws are being distorted and ignored for the whims of a powerful and predatory bunch of thugs in government positions of power. Mob rule is the order of the day. Whipping up the public into frantic waves of revolt against established rules is the new order.

"Off with their heads," has become the media mantra. Hate of successful people is spilling into the streets. Vilifying executives, businesses, people of principles, founding fathers, military endeavors, is the new creed. Forced resignations of business executives through government intervention is the new rule. Taxes, your money, now being used to pay for mortgages and car payments for some "chosen" segments of the population. The productive and successful are now marginalized and plucked clean, like the feathers off a chicken. Bureaucrats, who produce nothing but red tape and legal entanglements, are now in charge. Nevermind the Constitution. "Who cares? We have the power and we can do whatever we want. We can change your lightbulbs, your cars, your thermostats, your Dr.s. We can take away your salary and your property. We can elect a President who is not even eligible to be President by virtue of the Constitution. Why? Because we can."

Besides the Founding Fathers, Ayn Rand and George Orwell were visionaries who saw this danger coming and warned us. Well, I should say, they warned those of us who could read. Evidently there have been many in our midst who didn't care about our country or had the capacity to read. Those who are illiterate and uneducated, or who wish to benefit from un-Constitutional policies, have voted for the power mad thugs who now are running our country. Wisdom has been thrown under the bus.

Those of us who can read and do care about our nation are being beckoned to action, to write letters to newspapers, local and state politicians, congress, the White House, the Supreme Court. We need to take this country back by demanding that the U.S. Constitution must be followed on every level. We have the right to demand this, thanks to that very same Constitution. In fact, we must do this to save our nation for our children. Ask the question, "Where is that in the U.S. Constitution?"

"Why? Because we can."

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