Saturday, March 7, 2009

How the Left Justifies Theft

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent value is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

The Liberal left wing of this country is very adept at leading people off of the cliff. Their favorite method of communication is demonizing the independent achievers in society while purporting to be the compassionate up-lifters of the poor and downtrodden. They target the rich, the successful, the farmers and land holders, the oil companies, cars and car manufacturers, Walmart, the smokers, the obese, butter, eggs, incandescent light bulbs, Krispy Kreme, on and on. They thrive on making people feel guilty about everything and anything that will gain them leverage. The Liberal ideology, recently re-branded as Progressive, is a psychosis that is pernicious and depraved. They have managed to convince multitudes of people that their American way of life is a blight on the planet. They have convinced people that living in America is something of which to be ashamed. They have convinced people that the Constitution was written by a bunch of horrible, white, slave owning, evil men. Turning the American dream on its head, upside down, is their hallmark. Group think becomes cover for immoral actions. Minorities become the tail wagging the dog.

So how do they get away with this idiocy? They use words to convince people they are bad people if they don't go along with their agenda. They use "feel good" rhetoric and spineless followers will do anything to massage their own egos. "Feel good" rhetoric includes things like, " We want all people to have access to healthcare," We are for saving the planet for generations to come," We think those rich folks stole their success from the little guys," We believe everyone should have the right to marry, "We want peace, not war," We are the ones," "Our time is now," etc. You get the gist. So a whole lot of people who want to "feel good" about themselves grab onto this nonsense as if it is the Gospel itself. This is a set up for power grabbing and greed of the political class, and the failure of our country, the likes of which I have never seen in my life time. Because so many people are ignorant about the reasons America was a successful country, compared to the rest of the world, these same ignorant people just jump onto a bandwagon and think they are giving themselves a big ego massage for fixing all of the ills of the world.

So, I have some questions for the people who voted this idiocy into our government. In what society, religion, or ideology is stealing acceptable? Since when is taking someone else's hard earned livelihood your ticket to paradise? Since when is living in America a cross to bear, an albatross around your neck, a jingoistic joke, a terrible burdon? Since when?

Yes, folks, it is as basic as that. While you go around thinking that you are correcting injustice, the truth is you have voted for theft by proxy. You haven't corrected anything. You have legalized stealing. You think that if you aren't holding a gun to someone's head in an armed robbery, then you aren't committing a crime. But if you vote for the force of government to hold a gun to someone's head to take away their earnings, then you are some kind of participant in saving people from poverty. You think you are taking the high road, when in fact you are voting for thieves who are destroying the U.S. Constitution and the opportunities for millions of people to live the American dream. You think you are absolved by good intentions. You walk around "feeling good" while you have legalized theft by proxy.

So when you look in the mirror and go to sleep tonight, maybe you could think about the gift you were given by being born into the country who is the only shining light in the world that gives real hope and opportunity to everyone. Ask yourself what you have done to dim that light and turn our government into power mongering thieves. How does that square with your "feel good" mentality?

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