Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Each of us is carrying around with us some hot button issue that hits at the heart of our core beliefs. Some of these issues are narrow. Some are more broad. A narrow issue might be something like the seat belt laws. But even that represents a broader issue at the heart of liberty. A broad issue might be something like Obamacare. This is a liberty issue on steroids. As the government (at all levels) has become greedier and greedier for power, the issues and laws have become incrementally, but lately expeditiously, more all encompassing and more broad.

One of my hot button issues is the " Anthropogenic Climate Change" hoax. It hits me at so many levels it is hard to describe the magnitude of my frustrations over it. The lie is so stunning as to make one's head spin. That deliberate lie on the basis of false doctrine is enough to send me into hives. The lie, taken to its full extent, presumes to cover every activity known to mankind. For instance, if you try to face down the proponents of light rail on the basis of economics or logic, and you dig deep enough into the proponents' reasons, you find they use "Climate Change" as the reason for light rail. If you try to talk sense into someone who proposes tracking recycling activities, you find that underneath the insanity of that is someone who believes in Anthropogenic Climate Change. (AGW) If you want to buy an appliance for your home, you are faced with salesmen pushing "energy star" products. Why? AGW. If you want to take a drive in your gasoline propelled automobile, you are made to feel guilty for doing so. Why? AGW. Buying groceries? Buy local. Why? AGW. Taking a walk? Better take that walk on a previously privately owned piece of property that has been taken for public use. Why? AGW. Want to live 'til you are ninety? Better not. Why? AGW. Heating your house? Don't do it. Why? AGW. Taking a shower? Better make it short. Why? AGW. Whatever you do is now under the cloud of a lie that has become so prevalent that you can't escape living without it? It is everywhere.

Right now we conservatives are vetting candidates for the Presidential race. Some of us are concerned about foreign engagements. Some of us are concerned about domestic policies, energy policies, immigration policies, and more. Some of us focus on employment. Some of us are concerned about privacy issues. Some of us see the big picture and are trying to find a candidate that solves all of the above.

While the AGW issue does not necessarily cover all of the foreign policy issues, it is used as an excuse for some of our foreign policy initiatives. ( We are using foreign aid to support green energy in other countries.) AGW does come into play in almost all of the other issues. It is that broad. So when Rick Santorum explained that he believes AGW is a hoax, my ears pricked up. Why? Because if he is smart enough to tag that as the lie that it is, and say so definitively, he gets my vote for honesty, If he is brave enough to stare the liars right in the face and say so, he gets my vote for courage. The AGW machine is huge and funded with billions of dollars. Santorum sounds willing to tell them to take a hike, get off the stage, take their lies and shove them where the "sun don't shine." That makes me very happy and relieved. We need leadership who is not afraid to tell the truth to the American people. This made me look at Santorum in a different, more favorable, light.

Romney has hedged on this issue. He knows there are buckets of corporate money to be had in this area. He is not about to face down the liars. In fact, Romney likes to embrace all sides of an issue and then pretend he is an honest broker. He likes having everything both ways. He calls Romneycare a good solution for Massachusetts, for crying out loud. If he doesn't resemble a chameleon, I don't know who does. This conservative writer is not a happy Romney-ite. If we are stuck with Romney, yes I will do what is necessary to get rid of the Communist in the White House and will probably vote for Romney. But not happily. While Romney says he will give waivers to all of the states on Obamacare, he does not address the issue that the funding is still in place and some states will continue on implementing pieces of it that no one wants. And Romney definitely does not stand for the truth on AGW.

(Just to make my readers crazy, I have not given up on Newt Gingrich quite yet either. If he lives up to his record from his Contract with America, I see a lot of hope for his candicacy. But he is going to have to get on board with me on with the AGW issue and show the country that he is willing to stand on his convictions for American freedom. He is the smartest guy in the room, as they say. His grasp of history could make him a great leader. Not just that, he has been around the block. He knows what it is like to play hardball with both internal and external enemies of our way of life. I'm hoping he can show why Romney is not the conservative we need.)

There may be hot button issues in your mind that drive you to one candidate or another. This election season is no easy task for choosing the best Presidential candidate. You just need to know that one of the worst is already sitting in the White House. Getting rid of the O is paramount. Replacing him with a Constitutionalist, someone who tells the truth, and someone with the courage to fight for the truth, would be my hope.

One thing is for certain. This election season is not dull.


  1. Looks like we are getting down to the bottom of the barrel,.. all without any primary. Oh a bit of a caucus..but the Dems could participate so how was that a GOP primary. In the end 99 percent of us did not get a chance at the democratic procress. This is no different then a banana republic. Santorum would not be that bad. IMO

  2. I know what you mean, Bunker. This primary process seems seriously flawed to me, when so few people get an opportunity to choose the candidate they want. I'd much rather that the primary was held in all states simultaneously and that would allow everyone who participates a say in the matter. I can see that would be just like handling a general election, though, and hugely expensive for the candidates. Maybe they should rotate the states from election year to election year, or draw each from a hat to see who goes first. Something else...

    I would like Santorum much more than Romney...bit that bad...with you on that.