Saturday, May 19, 2012


Many years ago, when my daughter was in junior high school, we went to the library for a school project she had.  We picked up a book of old old poetry, and there we found a poem written by an African American woman long ago.  It began with the words, "Be who you is, Don't be who you ain't."  I'm frustrated at the moment because I can't find it anywhere online or in my house, but I've thought of that poem often over the years.  It came to mind again today because of the debate on Obama's mysterious past...a debate he thrives on and has created himself.  At this point, he might as well be from Uranus.  He is alien and hostile to the American experience. Where from whence he actually comes is anyone's guess.  And who his father is, is anyone's guess.  And if his father is who he says he is, the original country of that father is Kenya, a British protectorate.  Which makes the man who calls himself president, completely ineligible to hold the office.  

It is no surprise that Obama would use a false biography to promote himself.  Selfish people do what works for them, without a thought of the truth or others.  It appears he has used different names, different social security numbers, different birth stories, and mostly done this out of expediency to whatever goal he had in mind at the time.  If it sounded good to get what he wanted, he said it.  He still does this.  Lying about Dr.s amputating feet in order to sell his Obamacare debacle, for instance.  Lying about the efficacy of green energy in order to steal our tax money to shut down the fossil fuels industries, for another.  It is what he does.  That is what Barack Obama is good at.  Fraud and misrepresentation of himself and his agenda. 

Next to the Virgin Birth, I'm not sure we have ever had such a prominent world figure whose genetic history is so unknown.  Have we?  I guess there have been usurpers to the throne in medieval times.  I began watching the series, "Pillars of the Earth," by Ken Follett this week, coincidentally. The lesson there is that corruption hardly started here and now, in our era.  At any rate, I find today's mystery usurper just as evil and corrupt as seen in the past.  He lays the groundwork for untold future harm that we will be suffering and paying for, for many decades to come.

So he missed the poem, I guess.  Instead, steeped in Marxism and Alinsky's Rules, where the ends justify the means, Obama has learned his lessons well.  A fraud from the get go.  We can be mad at the media.  We can be mad at our fellow Americans who refused to see the truth or even look for it.  We can be very mad at our legislature and courts who refuse to take on the fraud, prosecute if for what it is.  And I am.  Mad at all of them. 

But here we are, days after the Breitbart revelation on the book promotion where Obama is Kenyan born, and still, no one is taking it on.  I don't hear anyone from the legislature saying it is time to act.  We have no defenders against this fraudulent man who holds the White House and Justice Department in his grimy, thieving, Communist hands.  

I have to say, one does not pull this off without sycophants and complicit background support.  Sickening though it is to know there are guards around this fraud, I can't help but wonder how many of them can be prosecuted.  They will all plead ignorance...except for his wife, Holder, Soros, and Ayers, all of whom absolutely have to know all of this. 

Will it all ever come out in the wash?  That mystery continues.  So far those who have gone against the fraud have been ridiculed, vilified, or found dead.  

"Be who you is, Don't be who you ain't."  Otherwise, it never works out well..... 

Hat tips:  Mark Steyn  
Big Government


  1. I searched your quote.. All I could find was a short continuance "If you ain’t who you is, then you is who you ain’t.”

    In the case of Obama he defintely is who he ain't. I am still amazed that the American people were taken in by this hustler. And still 45% still think he is a nice guy. Even Romney says "Obama is a nice guy who is in over his head." It makes me sick that so many people can not see through this fraud. Our first black Marxist Muslim president has to be our last.

  2. If Romney goes down the same road that McCain went down by trying to play this "nice guy" meme with Obama, we quite likely will end up in the same soup as we did last go round. I can't for the life of me figure out how you can say Obama is a "nice guy in over his head." This is like saying Stalin was a "nice guy." There is some heavy threat hanging over anyone who speaks the truth...and Romney doesn't want his family Jim, it seems no one has the guts at the national government level to go after this fraud. It's all a charade from what I can tell.

    Hope all is good with you and yours!!