Tuesday, May 22, 2012


(This is a continuation of the Code Tsunami theme from a previous post...and a reflection on Angelo Codevilla's Ruling Class thesis.)  
The problem is:  You can see it coming, but you can't stop it from happening.  A friend of mine recently told me it is time to hunker down and just figure out how to survive.  I'm beginning to view political abuse of power as a hurricane heading straight at us.  You watch in awe and fear, but you can't prevent it from its destructive purpose.  I know that sounds terribly hopeless, but while I am engaged in Tea Party attempts to stop the hurricane, and I am supporting candidates who express restoration of the Constitution, at this point, I don't see the hurricane breaking up and dissipating.  The hurricane has gained strength and has kicked up enough flying shrapnel in the form of regulations to take out all of the surrounding countryside, bigger than anything a few serious minded Constitutionalists can fight.

Dick Morris recently came out with a book titled, "Screwed."  In it he describes the dangers of Obama and the Senate passing treaties with the UN before the election in November.  One of these treaties is called, "LOST."  It has been tried before and put down.  Now John Kerry is resurrecting it for Senate approval.  You can find out why this is a bad idea here  and here.  Suffice it to say, this is just one example of what the globalists have planned to further destroy our sovereignty.  

While we are fighting off insane micro-managing regulations at the State or local levels, the nation is under attack at the global level.  Who is doing this?  Is it Republicans?  Democrats?   We're way beyond that now.  The answer is both, actually.  As libertarians in the U.S. grapple with the third party dilemma, which isn't successful enough to solve the problem, we are seeing the entire political system merge into something called, "The Third Way."  
"...in a 'Third Way' society, private property must be allowed. Rather than government owning all property and the means of production, as in pure socialism, an alternative is used. In a 'Third Way' society, property and business is heavily controlled by government regulation, rather than government ownership.
"However, in a 'Third Way' society, the laws to keep us citizens in line come from the communist model of government -- which means complete government control of everything from womb to tomb. We are to have a semblance of freedom. But the working class people must never have enough freedom (or accumulative power) to interfere effectively in either commerce or government. The moneyed elite, however, work under the capitalist system, and capitalist rules, so as to continue generating wealth. The elite get the freedom, the workers get strictly controlled."

The American public knows nothing about "The Third Way."  It isn't part of our common political vernacular, even though Bill Clinton and Tony Blair spoke about it at some length.  (They still do.) 

"Blair said that the world's center-left parties had to put themselves at the forefront of managing social change in the global economy.
"The old left [communists] resisted that change. The new right [conservative capitalists] did not want to manage it. We have to manage that change to produce social solidarity and prosperity."
So there you have it: managing social change in the global economy to produce social solidarity and prosperity. Blair's explanation is a short definition of a political plan that has been in the works for quite some time. It started with the Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University and is now taught in select American schools, such as the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The perpetrators support a blend of the best of communism and capitalism. The captains of big business and industry are to continue receiving every liberty, freedom and privilege they have come to expect. In return, they are expected to produce products, generate capital and support the governing elite.
Government's function will be to control the people, and insure a ready work force. That will be accomplished through a myriad of laws, rules and regulations controlling everything in the lives of the people."

Is it any wonder that Americans don't know where to look for Constitutional leadership?  Both the right and the left at the top of the political parties are well schooled in "The Third Way."  The policies of "The Third Way" provide them with bread and butter / campaign money.  Global corporations and global banks cannot afford to ignore politicians who regulate global policies.  (Here I want to add that Agenda 21 is a handbook for "The Third Way," as it creates global standards for every economic, cultural, and social aspect of life for every human on the planet by combining corporate and governmental policies. You can see a microcosmic version of this with the EU and the failure that has become.)  Further complicating this insanity is that neither base from the right or the left want anything to do with the policies of "The Third Way."  Communism in Corporate clothing is not satisfying to either side.  The Hegelian Dialectic = synthesis is "The Third Way" method taught in Oxford and Harvard and other ivy league halls of elitists, but the real world is not interested in compromising their souls for the sake of either Communists or Corporations.  Americans especially are not interested in this because the entire thing is treason against our Constitution. 

I think this is way beyond the grasp of concept of most the American public.  That is why I think the hurricane is coming no matter who is elected in November.  Americans, generally, see the errors, but don't realize how the game is rigged, nor do they know what they can do to stop it.  Me included. 

Yes, I'll vote for Romney, if he is the Republican nominee.  But Romney doesn't seem to be the anti-Third Way candidate, especially with the Wall St. and global corporate backing he is getting.  My Ron Paul friends will say that Paul is the anti-globalist candidate, and they may be right.  But Paul did not garner enough to get the nomination. Will Romney slow down the hurricane?  Doubtful.  Could anyone? 


  1. I share your feelings and alas, the hand must be played that we have been dealt. History may recall that there were patriots that gave it a good fight.That will be us.

  2. Yes, Bunker...that will be us. !!!

  3. "I think this is way beyond the grasp of concept of most the American public...Americans, generally, see the errors, but don't realize how the game is rigged, nor do they know what they can do to stop it."

    Sadly, all too true. The only thing that can save America is if events force the "Ds" and the "Rs" to do what they don't want to do. There is a chance this will happen, but it is most likely to happen if Romney wins in November.

  4. You have more faith than I do, Jim, if you think Romney will reverse or repair much of the damage. We'll see. I can only hope you are right.