Monday, March 8, 2010


There is little more dangerous than science in the hands of corrupt and evil people. Examples in history abound. One especially egregious example that comes to mind is genetic manipulation called Eugenics. Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans, with the aim of improving the species. This science was embraced by Theodore Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, both government officials who thought manipulation of the human race was desirable to obtain a more "perfect" world. The science of genetics transformed into eugenics and was thought to be the new wave of the future, creating a superior genetic set of humans and ridding the world of inferior humans. It was very popular during a world wide time of upheaval and "change." You would think this idea has disappeared into the bin with the tyrannical, maniacal, social manipulators of the past. You would be wrong. As you read on, you might find that the excuses for eugenics sound very familiar to the arguments today to enact health care, cap and trade, and nearly all of Obama's policies.

"The period from 1880 to 1920 was one of rapid social, economic, and political change in many Western countries, particularly the United States. It was the period of rapid industrialization, urbanization, the ascendancy of agribusiness over the family farm, and the growth of a militant labor movement. Urbanization increased the visibility of alcoholism, prostitution, and degeneracy. The period was punctuated by a series of major depressions roughly every decade from 1873 onward, and by a tendency toward monopolization. Industrial leaders could not predict and plan effectively because of the randomness of the cycles."

"One major response to these problems was Progressivism, a movement that began in the industrial sector. Its ideas were used to address the root causes of economic and social problems in all aspects of society. Eugenics fit perfectly with Progressive ideology. Eugenicists were scientifically trained experts who sought to apply rational principles to solving the problems of antisocial and problematic behavior by seeking out the cause, in this case poor heredity."

"Eugenics worked its way rapidly into college curricula, and remained there long after much of its basis had been discredited. This is but one of the processes acting to rigidify public perceptions of science despite contradicting scientific developments. This rigidity is at least partially associated with the previously mentioned tendency of advocacy groups to emphasize nominal facts over process."

So, a flawed scientific theory was incorporated into the universities' curricula and stayed there for decades. And, over time, as government, using taxpayer dollars, became a major financier / grantor to the universities, the grants followed the government mandates to support government theories and policies. The word eugenics fell out of favor, but environmentalism gained government and media support. Both flawed theories with similar goals, i.e. reducing the population and ridding the world of those supposed wasteful, ignorant, and unwanted humans. At the same time, public policies today are supposedly rewarding the poor and the disenfranchised in the name of redistributing the wealth. The facts don't support that with unemployment figures high and rising and the poor remaining poor, but nevertheless, the official line is that the government is redistributing to those in need. Meanwhile, Wall Street is getting richer, politicians are getting more corrupt, and the misinformation business is flourishing.

Should you think I am stretching credibility by connecting eugenics to the environmentalist's zealotry, there is evidence to show that eugenics is alive and well today. From: John Glad,who is a retired professor of Russian studies, having taught at Rutgers University, the University of Chicago, the University of Iowa, and the University of Maryland. He is also the former Director of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies in the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, in Washington, D.C. A Guggenheim grant recipient, he is the author, editor, or translator of twenty books, some of which have been honored in the American Book Awards. Future Human Evolution is part of his long-standing work on behalf of human rights, in this case of future generations.

In his book," Future Human Evolution," he says this: "Eugenics views itself as the fourth leg of the chair of civilization, the other three being a) a thrifty expenditure of natural resources, b) mitigation of environmental pollution, and c) maintenance of a human population not exceeding the planet’s carrying capacity. Eugenics, which can be thought of as human ecology, is thus part and parcel of the environmental movement."

Professor Glad's statement is warning us that eugenics is very much in vogue with Progressives today.

So lets take a look at some examples of Obama's policy decisions that fit into the eugenics model.

One of Obama's first picks was John Holdren as Science Czar. Holdren cites his mentor as being one Harrison Brown who wrote a book, "The Challenge of Man's Future," 1954 and reprinted in 1984. In this book, Mr. Brown states: "Priorities for artificial insemination could be given to healthy women of high intelligence whose ancestors possessed no dangerous genetic defects. Conversely, priorities for abortions could be given to less intelligent persons of biologically unsound stock." Do you ever ask yourself why Obama and the leftists are beating the drum of abortion so loudly, why they continually promote pro-abortion policies, why they insist on including tax-funded abortions in the Health Care bills? Do you think they are pushing abortion to rid the world of the culturally elite, the politically connected, the wealthy? I don't think so. But it is a way to rid the world of the "riffraff," is it not? Legitimizing abortion is nothing more than a back door to eugenics. Planned Parenthood is not Crisis Pregnancy. One promotes abortions. One promotes adoption and/or care of the mother and child. Which one illustrates the policies of Socialist control of the population? Think about it.

Another of Obama's picks is Kevin Jennings, the "Safe School Czar." Jennings is a known homosexual whose entire focus is promoting homosexuality in the public schools, K -12. This is beyond tolerance, as Jennings himself says, "I don't want to be just tolerated, I want to be celebrated." O.K. fine, but do you ask yourself why on earth is homosexuality being promoted so enthusiastically by the Progressive left and our government? Again, it is population control. Suffice it to say that homosexuals cannot propagate without some heterosexual involvement. So what better tool to get the population down, but to create the celebration of homosexuality and discourage heterosexual propagation than this? This is more than letting people be what they are. This is behavioral manipulation. Children are very susceptible to behavioral reinforcement by adults. I'll let you think about that.

Another buddy of Obama's is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel. This genius, Dr. Emanuel, has written a book called, "The Complete Lives System." Dr. Emanuel is front and center in the health care bills being considered in our congress. In his book he illustrates the cost effectiveness of limiting care of the very young and anyone over 50 as they are not productive enough contributors to the state. Eugenics anyone? Eliminate those who don't provide or cannot prove their monetary worth to the state. So Obama care cuts Medicare, cuts Medicaid, starves the poor and the aged of health care.

Now take a look at Obama's irrational adherence to Climate Change policies. His pick for Climate Czar is Carol Browner, who comes straight from Socialist International and its arm, Commission for a Sustainable World Society. The stated goal for that Commission is: "the developed world must reduce consumption and commit to binding and punitive limits on greenhouse gas emissions." Reducing the goods, services, transportation, and self-sufficient abilities of the world's population is another way of turning back to the dark ages. Now that we know the science on climate has been corrupted by government grants and unscrupulous scientists who were cashing in on lies, the premise of undoing the civilized, developed world is bunk. All this does is make life harder for everyone. Which is the ultimate goal of eugenics, to make the world seem too fragile to support a thriving population. This is top down destruction of the thriving middle class and hands over power to the political class, leaving nothing but a population of subordinates to support the government.

Obama, if he gets away with his health care, cap and trade, and financial initiatives, may well go down in history as our modern version of Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. He is determined to control every micro action of every American, using corrupted science in an attempt to convince us that he is benevolently saving the world. This has been tried before and ended very badly.

Tyrannical governments have historically created rules to manipulate and control their populations. This is more the rule than the exception. The political class has always wrestled with what to do with the unwashed masses. The exception to that rule is the brilliance of the original U.S. Constitution which gave power to the governed over the government. The question remains, whether or not the governed are going to sit around on their thumbs and allow the government to use corruption to eliminate humans and human rights.


  1. For more on eugenics and abortion I highly recommend a documentary called: maafa21 - check it our here:

  2. Thanks for the link, saynsumthn. I watched the trailer and appreciate the addition here. It is my greatest wish that this is seen as a human issue and not just black or white or any particular race. I hope your film opens the eyes of thousands of black people. I continue to be stunned that so many blacks do not recognize the socialist left for what they are. The Democrat Black Caucus, Obama, the Rev. Wright, Jackson and others who use and manipulate blacks and keep them in bondage, preying on them with racist divisiveness. Black youth have been raised on hate and have chips on their shoulders against the white civil world that shuns this atrocity. The world seems upside down. That said, I believe the hate that spawns this is way beyond race. Oppression and murder has happened to so many different segments of people, so we have to recognize evil wherever it strikes and try to stop it. Lenin and Stalin murdering the Ukraines, Hitler with the Jews, etc. It isn't just the blacks who have suffered. Tribal warfare of Africa has done as much damage to blacks as well.

    I think we are at a pivotal moment in history where we can stand together against the elitism of
    those who claim they are above the rest of all people. It is unAmerican, unChristian, and we have to stop them.
    Bottom line...I think the maafa project is a great thing and we should join hands and rid ourselves of the socialists who perpetrate this continual class warfare.
    Thanks for coming here! Good luck with the project! And God bless you!

  3. Good Morning Cheryl,
    Yes eugenics is a global concept and therefore a global problem. One most famous is Hitler's concept of the "superman".
    If i recall this has historcially been identified as a "progressive" ideal and has also been internationally Democratic.The trick of goverment is to convience their people that this is good for them and good for the country.
    Planned Parenthood is an example of this kind of social conditioning also China's policy on population growth,which incidently is supported by the people.
    Obama has buddies that make you shiver! I am quite sure we only see the tip of the iceberg.
    I get it! I 'm with ya
    Have a great week..

  4. Hi I am really concerned with what seems to be the inability for a large amount of people in our country to understand the goals of the Obama / Soros administration or the concept of freedom. It seems to me that there would be more of our elected representatives who would be fighting back against this "fundamental change" of our country. What a disappointment. But the same thing happened in Germany. They elected Hitler, for crying out loud. The only revolution in history that actually freed people was the American revolution. All of the rest of them were created by oppressors in the costumes of 'saviors.' Somehow our education system has created generations of Marxist apologists. We are in big trouble.
    I'm glad to know you...

  5. TGIF Cheryl :)
    We are calling like crazy here to stop this maddness in Washington. It looks like Obama is willing to sacifice himself to pass make his further the new world order and the "progressive agenda". He is playing a shell game and I think the same as you.."where is everybody" are their eyes open?? It is so frustrating to me. Always in my life I have been willing to give folks a hand up but this is so far over the is too craazy.
    I hope your week has not been too draining for you.Maybe you can get some rest this weekend. don't forget to take care of yourself as well..Listen to me doling out the advise! :)
    BY-the-way I'm glad to know you as well...

  6. Carl..
    I'm so glad to hear you and your friends are calling..I did fire off some emails this morning, but spent the rest of the day with my Dad. He is really fading fast it seems. We were able to skype my AF son and family in S. Korea this evening so they could see him, he could see his great grandchildren, etc. It was bitter sweet.
    Mostly I am really tired and may not be able to post again for a little while.

    Tonight's news indicated to me that the sob's in DC are going to get the votes through whatever means necessary. I am praying that doesn't happen. Keep calling and I will do what I can here. When the place falls in we are going to have to try to pick up the pieces somehow. I do believe it is going to collapse....(thank you George Soros.)
    I just hope they don't take the internet connections away from else would I meet nice people like you! :-)
    Be well and have a good weekend.