Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just some thoughts today....

What is it about "stealing" that the socialists don't understand? Or is it that they do understand perfectly well, but don't give a whit for the moral principle of not "stealing?" I can't think of any religion that promotes stealing. I can think of no moral tenets, religious or otherwise, that promote stealing. So Obama not only is the Liar (bearing false witness) in Chief, but is also the Commander in Thief. He was quite obvious about this. It isn't any big surprise, actually. He told us flat out that he was a thief when he spoke with Joe the Plumber. (God bless that Joe Wurzelbacher by the way. God gave him the moment and the strength to ask the question...and God used him for getting His warning to us. And God has such a great sense of humor, He used a guy who unclogs the sewer pipes! You know.....gets the s^&$# out of the pathway. I love God.) But some citizens who claim to be moral missed the message. Or didn't care.

So here we are these many months later and Obama has lied and thieved and bribed and turned our White House into the Chicago Mob Authority. Who knew? Some of us knew.

Simplicity is God's way. Confusion and chaos are the methods of the devil.

Next thoughts:
1. Term limits may seem like an answer to get corrupt career politicians out of office. But wait a second there, genius. Have you ever heard of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater?" Term limits would also rob us of the few great Constitutional congressmen and women who are in the fight to save our nation. We have "term limits." It's called "elections."
2. Amnesty will bring into our nation's electorate people who don't care or understand our Constitution. Amnesty will bring in people who are looking for a free ride to entitlements and handouts. Amnesty will bring in people who want the goodies that honest Americans have worked to pay for. Amnesty is Obama's trump card to create votes for socialism for infinity. We can't allow this.
3. The States are the answer to throw off Obama's Federal take-over of all of our lives. The States can fight back with the 10th amendment. The States can refuse Federal mandates by virtue of balanced budget statutes in the State's governments. If the Federal government is destroying the fiscal viability of the States, the States have the right to fight back and not accept the mandates. The Federal government does not trump States rights in all cases. The Health Care take-over is going to keep lawyers and judges busy for a damn long time.
4. Obama has handed Federal authority to unelected Czars to regulate everything from our light bulbs to our choice in doctors. This cannot stand. Unelected Czars are totalitarians who don't believe in individual rights. Obama doesn't believe in individual rights.
5. We can fight back. We can push back. We can get rid of these people through elections. We can take the country back. We can get rid of entitlements that are bankrupting the United States. We can refuse to comply. We are going to win back our country with time, effort, energy, and putting our money where our mouths are.
6. Our founders and our fathers fought to keep us free from foreign enemies. Now it is our turn to fight to keep us free from domestic enemies. We cannot fail in this.

Take a few minutes or an hour of your day today to research and find candidates who have the courage to save our Constitution. When you find them.....give them your support.

Man the lifeboats and row for the shore.......the shore being our God given blessings and responsibilities to save our country.


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I think the best way to solve this problem is to vote him out. If we all organized our voting 1/2 as good as ACORN we would have no problem! But even if this is done in 3 years and if the next adminstration seeks repeal I am not sure it will be able to be unraveled ( which this adminstration is counting on)At that time..if it comes..i think we cannot think of restoring the country as it was..only mitigating the damage that will be done over time...
    As I said before Cheryl I am very discourged by what we are doing now and have done over the last 10 years.. I wonder sometimes "where is our America" the one i grew up with..sometimes now i think it may never have existed as we were taught..But never-the-less we need to go forward..We need always to stand by our principles and pray for the best..
    Have a peaceful Easter Cheryl..I hope you are selling paintings and doing well..
    Take good Care

  2. Hi are so right that a whole lot of damage can, has, and will be done in three more years of this. We can only do our best to undo what has been done....and you are right again..pray for the best, stand by our principles and get behind some seriously constitutional candidates. That is what I am doing...
    Except, I am still so tired after losing Dad and the finishing up of the estate. I have only begun a painting that is commissioned and due the end of next week I am locking the doors, turning off the phone and getting down to it. I hope you are going to have a great Easter. Our spring here has sprung. Even the dogwoods are looking like they are about to pop. the daffodils are just about done, iris' and peonies are coming is too beautiful outside!
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!! It is a time of renewal and God's word...and with that we will prevail. It's time for a rebirth of our Constitution and God willing we will get this country back.
    You too...take care. I'll try to get back to writing soon.