Friday, September 10, 2010


As we have drifted farther and farther from the moral compass of the U.S. Constitution and, as I have lived in what may become known as one of the least moral generations of modern civilization, I have had occasions to ask, "What in the world does anyone find inspiring in that John Lennon song, "Imagine."  I never liked it.  I always reacted to it with incredulity.  I have thought to myself, while listening to it, what on earth was he smoking?  What a damaging and hopeless message.  Why would anyone want a world with nothing to cling to?  Why would anyone want no heaven above us?  Why would anyone imagine no possessions as an ideal? 

The liberals around me would nearly swoon to that song as if it was the elixir to all the ills of the world.  Those same liberals were driving their SUV's and living in their gated community with lots of cherished possessions around them.  They loved money as much as the next guy, if not more. They renovated their houses and took trips on planes.  They spent tons of money on landscaping and home decor.  At the funeral of the husband of one of them, Lennon's "Imagine" was the featured music of the ceremony.  I thought, wow, now there is an empty soulless message to give the grieved on the occasion of someone dying.  Empty and soulless.  Depressing, to say the least.  It was sad and not in the least hopeful or uplifting.  Not a celebration of someone's life and all he gave of it to his family.  It conveyed the message that thoughtless drivel was the culmination of an entire life.  The only word I can think of here is Ugh.  Poor guy. 

Since Obama was elected, those same liberals do not count me as their friend.  I am relieved.  Sad for them, but steadfast in my beliefs and happy to have better friends than they.  Strange world...

I came across someone else's opinion on this today.  Here is his take: Dennis Prager

 "Lennon's utopia is our dystopia. A world without God to give people some certitude where all their suffering is not meaningless is a nightmare. A world without religion means a world without any systematic way of ennobling people. A world without countries is a world without the United States of America, and it is a world governed by the morally imbecilic United Nations, where mass murderers sit on its "human rights" councils. A world without heaven or hell is a world without any ultimate justice, where torturers and their victims have identical fates -- oblivion. A world without possessions is a world in which some enormous state possesses everything, and the individual is reduced to the status of a serf."

To live in a world without meaning, without goals, without individual justice, without rewards, without self-determination, without God, without America, is John Lennon's musically expressed dream.  It sure as heck isn't my dream.  It is my nightmare. 


  1. Dennis Prager first hit the radio scene here in southern CA many years ago on a show called "Religion on the Line." He's a good man, but as a Jew who does not accept Jesus he may wind up in the very hell Mr. Lennon would have him imagine away. Kidding aside, most of the sentiments in "Imagine" are a little too far out there even for an old 1960's liberal like me who is now a very moderate dem. However, I'm down with the "no religion" part. You can live a life with goals, individual justice, rewards and punishment, self-determination, and all the while believe in America as the great country she is. But will the fairy tales and make believe of religion really be the salvation of humanity in the long run? I can't imagine that.
    Regards, Michael in SoCal (

  2. For myself, it is unnatural to live without God's word. So "fairy tales" and "make believe" deny historical data proving the Biblical texts. Can people live a morally decent life without belief in God? Probably. But I'm not sure what the basis would be.
    Further, I do not equate "religion" with my belief in God. There are many churches preaching social gospel, preaching that has nothing to do with God's word. "Religion" is not faith. "Religion" will not be the salvation of humanity. "Religion" is man-made. So on that, I agree with you totally.
    I wonder if you have considered the basis of "Natural Rights" through God's laws as the foundation of the Declaration and the Constitution? Just wondering. I say that because I believe that is what makes America the great nation it is....or was until the incremental Socialist dogma came creeping into our government. "The 5,000 Year Leap" is a good book to describe this foundation.

    At any rate, thanks for stopping by and I am very glad to hear from you. My regards back to you! :-)